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Naval Conference Envoy Is
Revealed as Keen Judge
of Men.
Mr. Dwight W. Morrow, Ambassador
Mexico, delegate to the London Naval
•onference and prospective Senator
~om New Jersey, made a remarkable
jeech yesterday to the Washington
rwspaper organization called “Overseas
’Vriters.” but, since the rules of “Over
"as Writers" forbid the printing or re
lating of anything said by anybody
• ho addresses the club, the reporting
f Mr. Morrow's speech of yesterday be
omes quite a problem.
This writer has decided to solve this
roblem by reporting a few things that
Ir. Morrow did not say to “Overseas
i riters," but that this writer has heard
im say on previous and other occa
ons. By this method some light will
? shed anyhow on Mr. Morrow's char
ter and disposition as a public man
i the numerous capacities to which he
as attained.
To begin with, it remains an aston
hment that this New York lawyer and
inker continues to be so completely a
beral and so completely a believer in
holly popular government. Mr. Mor
>w, in praise of the American states
lan, John Adams, long ago said:
“For the divine right to rule, whether !
aimed by King or Parliament or party, i
:>hn Adams substituted the divine, in- i
right of the people to grow.’’ |
There is barely a doubt that Mr.
farrow in the Senate will classify as a j
beral. Just as clearly as Mr. Grundy
f Pennsylvania will classify as a con- j
Will Favor Deliberation.
It seems further quite certain that |
Ir. Morrow in the Senate will not be ]
imong those demanding changes in
enatorial procedure for the purpose of
nacting legislation without debate. On
he contrary, Mr. Morrow during the
.eague of Nations debate in the Sen
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ate was one of the few pro-League
Americans to stand up and say that the
subject was an enormously compli
cated and difficult one and that the
Senate ought to take its full time to
debate it thoroughly. From this prece
dent it may be safely calculated that
Mr. Morrow will turn out to be a
rather old-fashioned American Senator
in the direction of wanting complete
senatorial deliberation before putting
legislative ideas into the statute books.
Further, as a delegate to the Lon
don conference. Mr. Morrow, it may be
safely anticipated, will go in very heav
ily for personal persuasion and not so
heavily for wTitten argument. This
writer recollects that, when Mr. Mor
row was about to depart for the first
time to Mexico City, he remarked to
a friend:
“I never met a Latin American law
yer who, in written argument, couldn’t
argue himself all around me or anv
other lawyer from north of the Rio
Grande. When I get to Mexico I’m
going in for personal conferences and
not for notes.”
Keen Judge of Men.
That certainly showed a keen judg
ment of the qualities of the people with
whom Mr. Morrow was going to nego
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■ I who themselves are pretty good at per
■ sonal conference, will find in Mr. Mor
row an expert.
One final remark of Mr. Morrow's,
> which he did not make at “Overseas
Writers,” will further indicate his con
ception of diplomacy, whether in pri
vate or in public life. This WTiter
heard Mr. Morrow once say:
“It is not a formula, it is a person
ality, that makes success in anything
Eloquent Speech "Lost.”
Mr. Morrow is a man who Is short,
1 with very small hands and very small
i feet, and a large body and a very
large head. The contrast between his
diminutive hands and feet and his
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“All Over Town”—The Better to Serve You
■ powerful and forceful head and face is
• startling. He made today one of the
most eloquent speeches of his career, not
, one line of which will ever be printed,
and it is only appropriate that some of
his wisdom from other should
at the same time be recorded.
(Copyright. 1929.)
Bulgaria Feels Quake.
SOFIA, Bulgaria, December 21 (/P). —
An earthquake of some severity was
felt in Bulgaria at 11:20 p.m. last night.
Due to rupture of telephonic and tele
graphic communication, nothing was
known of effects of the shock in the
Speeches Outlining Work in Capital
for Next Decade Will Be
Addresses delivered in the auditorium
of the United States Chamber of Com
merce last April on various plans for
development of the Capital will be
printed in document form by Congress.
Publication of such a pamphlet was
assured yesterday when the Senate, on
motion of Senator Vandenberg, Repub
lican of Michigan, approved a resolution
previously acted on by the House. Sen
ator Vandenberg explained that the
document would represent a summary
of the improvements planned for Wash
ington during the next decade. The
April meetings at the Chamber of
] Commerce were arranged by Secretary
of the Treasury Mellon for official
- •
When a talking picture in a foreign
language was recently presented in
Budapest, Hungary, theater directors
informed the public authorities that if
permission was again given for pres
entation of films in a foreign language
they would close their theaters.
Capper Measure on Guardianship
Follows Uniform-Law Model.
Chairman Capper of the Senate Dis
trict committee introduced a bill yes
| terday recommended by the United
States Veterans’ Bureau, to amend por
tions of the District code relating to
guardianship of incompetent veterans
and dependent minor children of vet
The measure also would serve to |
make uniform throughout the country ;
the laws concerning incompetent vet- |
erans and the minor dependents of t
veterans who are receiving benefits
from the Federal Government.
The bill embodies the features of the
uniform veterans’ guardianship act, as
proposed by the commissioners on uni
form State laws, and approved by the
American Bar Association, the Ameri
can Legion and other service organisa
Yonngster Is Clever Swimmer.
MADEIRA (N.A.N.A.). —Amphibian is
j a mild word for the 3-year-old
! wonder of Madeira. He is almost a fish.
I He does every kind of stroke, breast,
; Trudgeon. crawl and the rest, and a
I swallow dive from the topmost diving
| board.

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