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A A O/u Palais Royal A A
all the holiday festivities «, Gift Gloves for All Ages 3SSr>i
yLnt I / // TV hat ever TJcr N’ eed— ill J
Jl Ah • / Afternoon & Evening \ French Kid Gloves Imported Sueded Fabric / &■ / Here s the Proper Coat
v __ \.y ®| 3.50,3.95,55 Gloves, 1.50,1.95,2.50 jj / Dmadpl/dli FI voce v I
LIreSSeS \v\l «loves»n,.n y new..ttr,ctiv«cnf!.t y l.. anTsTUsUy i'Sfil 7n" fff fc \/#
V' V' \\\\l with a var,ety of »PP ,l( l” e tnms and all the popular new styles; pull-ons,’plain ///// O' J W,> V<a<r 1
\y \' 1 stitchings. In these popular shades: and with novelty straps. Tailored cuffs, / y/ /ft jp I
For misses and women t' \ waffle, brown, rose tan, mauve Etchings." An colons. /fiSJjjj tO - |4
1 Kangaroo Glace and Children’s gloves, in all styles and 1111/ f /(ill f illiihkfe^ra!
vs I Vi f®\\\\ Gapeskin, 3.50, 3.95, $5 materials, in all sizes from tiny tots’ 1111/ J / !i/ I
/X l-/\ UKAV Smartly tailored kangaroo glace and fine to misses’ and youths’. IJjj / (JJ /nH j
IL lam Ikll mg U \WM capeskin. Plain and novelty pull-ons. Kangaroo glace in tan and blonde, Lr /1F if
*P I MsJU m r\ ■■ Strap and aacque wrists, bandalette wide 1.95. Broadcloth is THE coat fabric W^mlKSk
-JL J rn ( vclt and l-clasp gloves. Pique, P. X. M. Lined kid 1-clasp, plain and with fur UjM this season. And you’re seeing #/! —JBB
\m\" Reverly," creole, tops and furred puU-ons. 1.50, 1.95 I/■■■l
$00.50 \\V the wood browns, and black with white. sued, fabric ? .ov„, S ,c. »o richly furred,' s o be, VHI
A7 v\ R G!.« d 2*X d . l „d2 , S“ i .«*»*«* jifll
Their chif./i ts apparent as soon as %\ vjiatc, 6.70 aiiu 6->oU Infants lined kid mittens, with fur >. caracul, coney, lapin, man- fIR)
you see them, and when you try Semi-tailored cuff styles, turn-back, tops. 1.25. churian wolf. In misses’ and wlßmSrrul
them on. Vhu’re delighted. For thov m\\\\ straight and reversible, attractive trim „.„„i • _n .« X women’s sizes. IlftftcftHftß
mold your figure in accordance with \\\\\ and stitchings, self, two-toned and con- Childrens wool gloves, in all the \»V. \ IW
fashion's decree—they have flowing, \U\j trast. All wanted shades, including the popular styles — double wrist, 1- jn. ( . jj. . |IH9
long skirts—they have lovely, un- V>Y* popular browns and black with vhite. I clasp and gauntlets. 59c, 75c and $l. I EVetlttlg Wraps Itl
sleeve ,or nocklin " a '" l palais Fioer T wo Versions, 49.50 ll&l
For evening __ woven with bright red, green,
2r2Si»af3fc.fci;«; Last Two Days in Toy Town V^j
blue, orchid, Hack. J A A S' '' A1 hare, and i, so partly rat th.t W] / /
U. A Great Assortment of Wonderful Toys Still Here! gwJSiiJ'UX / /
ror atternoon li ii »ti Note the Marvelous Values Below gv —r placed flares, in ail suitable / / /
Taffeta . chiffon , satin , Doll Carries $3.75 Steam Shovels, 2.95 , " nßtllS ' / ( /V
georgette, moire—in navy blue , ,Mr 11 1.25, 2.94, 3.95, 5.75 Great big heavy type. «E»K / / A l A
Independence blue, dahlia, 111 Plush Dogs. Rears, and Cats, $1 jipsy Kart, 50c / Sports Roadster //V7 /SA
brown, beige. M rolled 1 f. . h . *. \* Vl Price struction. /\ I Coat $25 L**
And charming Spring prints f I Rocking Horses, at reduced price.. Orlglially sol'd Vi’s" P Portable. W >Vlien you feel the deep, soft pile of the fabric, you get some
cj.ae 14 to 44 .r** 1 * hri,t Rank. 39c Tots’ Bike. $1 / ’ dea °f ' ts warmth, but when you wear it on a zero day, then
// A /lK\ y ° U Disc Wh *^ ls - rubber tired, heavy WA/ is when you’re really grateful for its comforting snugness. In
PALAIS ROYAL—Third Floor A ? chocola e. rubber pedals. brown and tan.
$2.50 Mack Dump Truck, 1.94 $lO Erector Aeroplane, $7.50
Heavy steel frame, rubber tires. A construction set. PALAIS ROYAL — Third Floor
PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE " r — You’ll be proud to give these
Boys’ : Holeproof Ho^
All :" o,)l .. SUitS Pointed Heel Hose, $155
i'- Regularly $9.95 ill C |. £ & M 3 pairs, $5.70 ' < ~hsVi
■■§ Monday and HOC 1 111 illlßg hllpperS Ior GlftS Iff]
. Tuesday Only J • MJB Daniel Green and Other Makes 1 SUfto! he.u. ]ff\ j
Taken from regular stock and reduced just for T vEKtm lp| In Our Second Floor In Our Downstairs Sm I,s °* , /// I j
this sale...which means that the suits are I ■ ■ .• WMjk >» pairs, us /// IT
Palais Royal's usual fine boys’ suits at a saving \ f f W ’ S» with Slipper Section Service-weight hose with pointed heel. /// J »
0i “ Y^C ‘. • c . „ . 11l l padded sole and heel^Boudoir Men’s Felt Slippers, with padded i ion /-4 / iiv
4 pieces, consisting of coat, vest, two f| I K. shades. 1.50. soles and heels. 79c and $l. W 1 3 pars, 3.90 /Jm J
pairs of plus-4 knickers; all nicely tai- M - h.(\ Men’s Best Ever Slippers of Tj , nthpP wnrett ! All-silk chiffon hose with French tai- Afif /1/T
7° r to iS vears “ P ° intS Stra ’ n ' ® and SHppV.s wUh Sr'soKd yQ!Sr H lor ' d htd ’ . f „
' Daniel Green D’Orsay SHppers iubber-top heel. 2.49. PALAIS ROY at m
of quilted satin with leather sole Women’s Rayon D’Orsay Slip- Afar KOYAL "fain Floor
_ WJ&PmL Xs. and heel. 4.50. Same style In pers. with soft sole and wood Ml
Boys’ ‘‘Germania Chinchilla ’ Navy Blue \ Ks sat,n ta shad “ heel 100 W ! !
' ns. ) Quiited satin slippers with pad- ***** j A Any piece would make a dainty gift
F\Tr/M*r*/Ar»4-0 ded sole and heel, in boudoir ded sole and heel. 98e. gijt
DVCrCOaIS | | Plain Satin Mules with colored boudoir O '\7'/ r "\ T Isln a £Dit*l A
For Young 3to 10 Regularly $l5 -A. -L *W M » slippers, quilted \ 011 I^lll^ollo
Monday and Tuesday Only fIL satin with leather sole and heel. trimming* MocCM,ns - P lu * h \
It Is all wool and wool lined in addi- W> Women's Leather D'Orsay Slip- Children’s Felt aiinners in rol- fl/I I
j g y *hle Daniel Green Mules with feather Children’s Wool -
|\\ / //I Wi nH hr Pfl k pr«! ' 1 W Men’s pother with Children’s Red and Blue Felt A iff /'H med in wbr. tr ' m * 't
l\\ b<if\ vvinabreaKers • h >saL— 800 t,,,. .... L _l«jr /. J\ Friv.k», lhh. d«c, s.<. for y<)u „ s VV-'W--!
1V l / ,***■ f /M Tweedroy and VNool Plaid Daniel Green Bridge Slippers of Daniel Green Slippers for chU- 7® '/' R ,rls - , s \‘ 1/ * I
A V y/° Regularly 56.98. Monday plain satin in boudoir shades. dren, fine assortment. 1.50 to 2.25. qfijgj Teddies that abound in frothy lace and IV V/ ’v |
■ViffliA Tuesday Only ... Daniel Green Felt Juliets with marabou trimmed, with - •’Chemises, daintv lace and emhrnid-rv V / / 11,11
fV/ Reversible even to the pockets on both # leather sole and heel. Colors are sol’s and wood - covered heels. Here's a sale of imnortanr. tl ‘ ' Vrv\ / ; ill
ftJEtm. VT7f 1/sides. Here s something you can give wine, brown and black. 2.75. Something new. 2.98. toJ/L' 1 .LL . r P < , I hc - v \ \ / f
ro a that will be one of the most Danipl G reen Strap Mules. 5.00. patai<t ROYAL ? f a r quality of rayon that \ \ \. f \
" rvlceable th J nRS , he r. nS „ BHBBBV PALAIS ROYAL-Second Floor Don*stain Ztire m'lZ bea V I t,fl ' lly and t,u '
I Gray. Brown, T»n. *l»*» « to 1* yr»r«. | j delicate pastel tones Will charm you. WX I 1
Sale of Roasters A wonderful gift for mother - sister > I A New Colonial
a oiir hoii<iay cooking re - CABINET-MADE CEDAR CHESTS Lamp, 6.9.5
fka *l 30 different styles of walnut and red I^Models include art moderne, console and eon- [MXJLj
” Delivers Any Chest, Bal- v S.^rK.,^i'\ !^?r' , finish ; d * i " ,D ”' o A. r g ” rr J|
WmmX 4 ance on Our Club Plan coLu'j
$3.98 Savory Roasters 2.94 AH chests lined with a minimum of % solid cedar lpW ; — I amber gla\s A
$1.79 Nesco Roisters, grey Cedar Cheat, 45-inch a^rhann!ng a re-
T . e r\Ti ed r •*'. » ; ,ze ’„ dV/5/f • Cedar Chest, 48- l production of the candle lamp of
Lisk Make Im^ena^ Roasters......1.49 roomy ’ in- «ke, solid wood 34 olden days.
Aluminum Roaster, oval shaped niiied design P *....."f." 29.50 WXv--’ ~ === ~%Tl a Suggestions
PALAIS ROYAL—Fourth Floor ® W*th Sh d
Waffle Irons, 11.95 S— ‘ : m ~ • I itdiiTcSitol^mp
would be usually $ 15.00 If' , M . _ »* fY.tSFgit'Zfl <t) ® With Shade, 5.95
„ . , , , . , V^ No ’ / , 1 1 0; « e . d I . enne ” ee *, ‘ 29.50 #No. 6439; Walnut Cedar Chest, 48- Georgette Red I Amn
Chromium plated, cast aluminum grids, heat Cedar, 36-in. size. Ex- ofa on leg*... 47.ii/V/ Yy In. B | ze> window seat T i vjcurgtlie 1/eu Lamp
indicator, batter bands, silk cord—all the sea- ceptional value O.uU - Tufl type 2.98
found in a much more expensive ivaffle A . tIW . j •. .
iron. At this price only while the quantity All chests bought Monday or Tuesday will be delivered in time for Christmas. For sale only on Second Floor. vanity Camps
lasts. PALAIS ROYAL—Second Floor Complete, Pair. 2.38
All purchases, made up to closing time Monday night, for suburban delivery, will be delivered on Tuesday

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