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The Street Floor Is Replete With Happy Gift Suggestions
' **.9S WoDMB’i Swlu
$5.00 Military Sets $5.00 L. \\%jL****! «, ** Handkerchiefs «.« e n
New Evening Baas Three and tour-piece Traveling Sets \ Photo Frames Sheer Swiss handker- _ , _ _
Os Uny whit? pTafu. tSSti?? Jm’hS. *?.ad v For the collage boy- ' ™ ..Wr Ptetwsta tel with £“! Real Slone Jewelry
finely cut steel beads t^hHoht 8 vu« X rhrf^ y ot c °hra and pigskin . ?P Q e m f- f hif 686 b * autt * al loped edges’ plain hem- A S lft she wiU always
and glistening rhine- mo? r f»i^i n ,oK^nv C grain cowhide, with AA i^ esgiv , ln s i - stitched B hems and em- cherish—a lovely ring,
stones new pouch m?i«h — black tooth and shaving brush SI.OO p lail ? designs, platlum broidered comers Three a pair of earrings, a fes
shapes, silk lined and or natu 8 r t ?J« t • holder, comb, hair brush n , „ . . , ”" l f he H d u?? wlth felt in a box-makes an at- 40011 necklace, a pend
with metal frames and and shaving cream Boxed Costume Jewelry covered bottoms. tractive gift ant or a bracelet with
Ch,lnJ - ru. r holder -.S2s c Li rbrown - You’ll recognize many ol these pieces SSj’tblS?’i? p *s«2 r
sCI. ' as d “P llcatM o' higher priced ones-ear- /V tSSnSSS? ,11™,?™
/ \ | l-| rings, bracelets, brooches and lovely neck- / \ x te a h“' ab,e chromium
~r\ C- 3t\ j- i m n Arrt laces. Orotto blue. Jade, black and white, ’VIC / V -cil sett ln gs.
ans ”b an d ! S ' mUlated S ' 4rls ’
C.rlf. S«. mwwco y .h' ’! Til, Til—, ,5.95 .m -hit, iL
ga?tete and i f.™ te.n.rjf'ntv.', »TZ -knd a package of any ' " JSfeaW 8-Pc. Toilet Set.
uii"™ ®na a large ie&tures, never rips, for hr Anri rifrarpttp* fnr thp Rimiiiot*H omh«r mifh rolled hems, corded and
ch iron dance handker- there are no stitches! smoker Keenl clear- npSrf tape borders, and a fii 0 0
chief, packed in a gift Places for new and old Ses neat-25 tobl?m rt ™ f£- smart colored Initial In _ # l,uu
box—a gift for every money, permit, stamps f rAm f a iiw d outin Si&MiSr* iwiSSBR r« r one comer—some with Sterling Rings
feminine name on your and cards. £L° k S **““* out in SHttSSLiE tt-inch hem - aU white. Including fan c v
list! Pastel evening street ruer poexet or eludes all the necessary , street Floor _u7_-* mg a n . c y
shades. ** w pieces for her dressing /■ v rhinestone dinner rings
street neer use nn table. // \\ —and Jade, onyx, sap
jp/U «>J.UU street rioer // \\ phire and camelian col-
Boys’and Girls’Wrist Watches x-x 7/ \\ - o^lanc^mountings^cS
J &f )a" * Remember the way you wished for a vTW c / ' \\ sterling silver.
XX/nf JWV/ / qf watch when you were young and make \ \ \ X . street rioer
ji some youngster Christmas
rnfnr a th. j- /3ft 13 ]| Irish linen with the neat
oa Poinsettias, holly, mistletoe’ B // WW* |1 |f| 'W -inch hemstitched
39c geraniums, silver sprays, B fi ry Ql ji hems men like. Give fisJEj
•Pearl Necklace. SSST™ “ d ”“ ny 83 00 M II i A S ±d«” b m "group him . half dozen tU. 99999 PP
1 cSth wuh'a tao't te* K»nl R. ..f 3 ' 00 On Illy of aU - allk umbrellas «, or
’.ol h.uH • - /\ __ . »I.V^
white and flesh-colorS || 4 -""=1 Umbrellas CBsA Iff IS Sf r ]! te xV 1 2t qua i rtz . Whitting and Davis
beads, with a beautiful -vii , •- For particular men— HflUr f ° lorS Wth sf\\ Mesh Bags
pearl lustre. Special truism l,m. " , of black'cotton Gloria, fancy borders. SJ \V \m . ,
reduced price—wonder- with guaranteed rust- - „ st,e *‘ rl#,,r / I \\ If / m«h th t« fi
ful values! proof frames, steel rods $1.00““51.95 / I \\\ 11 // II mesh in the newest
street iieer and attractive Prince _ . A / I -\V |l [ II an(4 color con |J-
of Wales handies. Renaud s Irresistible Perfumes VC J \ :ff ,/ y^o«+ m< f«Z
nn Nothing would please the fastidious /M jWXj . Spring. With metal
vl*W woman more than a flacon of Renaud’s V £A /'a) I frames and link chains.
iBV 1 m'"9m Etchings celebrated perf ime! A non-leak trial j[9 fX\/. /7<a L&&**** Btr * et n##r
InCfflM. Distinctive hiark or size bottle for her purse—or drop-stopper JT /'ZrX.Z/A*'*
mmmSSHhi black and gold framed bottle for her dressing table—in a choice £F\ 3 for $ I
* . skwd»d r NSteh^ clud,ng p “’ 4Tfiot '
Coty s Perfumes g 18.95 In delicate shades—one
The Louvre gift pack- # Diamnnrl Wntolioa i |OT cl oi he lon ß cr *P c Bcar l ß / / \// \ \
age, which is unusually # uiamona watenes bright designs or a / J \J / \ \ d>lTO
nice this year! Handsome 14-kt hand-pJinUidtMe ><6\ 7 \\ r . J 81795
ounce L’Origan, Paris, white - gold Wrist J street noor \ v / • \ Fitted Cases *
Emeraude or Chypre watches, set With two \ /*' \ 4 ‘ / T _ > . . ,
perfume—four feminine diamonds and either >ev \ •*. "■• X a choice of several
favorites! sapphires or emeralds; *V, \4‘ 4X\ / grains in black, brown
street Fleer eo very fine, engraved j/MSfk \ f X or tan cowhide, with or
Wallet Case Sets case s: guaranteed 15 \/ a i it 2 l . out 4 tra ?4 a "
A smart wallet for the jewels. fn*ma?yp C ffpSn P Ar t hinl t
■' m new money—and a key * n • 2Q5 in maiz e. green or blue.
case to match of ostrich, Women’* Linen * #r
E!S f& stcerMde 10-Piece Toilet Seu _C™«chl.fV w?th
brown or tan, some with OJj Xf~~ A gift for her boudoir is surely a gift /IBS S2i?sl-^^ pa } ch „ or em_ /w^T
■ -Ui hand lace trim. Neatly appreciated! This smart and attractive [J2jB
packed in gift boxes. toilet set is of amber with simulated pearl f ay *y f /p
streei Floor in just the shade to match her boudoir. SP?, 14 , n ?« r P ie L* ...X /
r^CSrh^'^°™ySCl^ ors ' fl bUtt ° n h 0 Crepe Triangle. . nenu. B><>)
complete manicure set— $5.00 . , 1 Women’s Hankies
from polish to nail R awe Automatic Lighter ' «\ (( > J\VJdJ] 1 \V-4,\\ II x 3in a hox—of <?hper
brush packed hi a __ To set on his desk or m /C-—lff M Swiss beautifully em
beautiful and unlaue Handsome pouch or reading table. Press a 50c ,—, j — t y j ,
*«• v,-, arasyasraff!; sjux mMi\ jMmztJ yth’* Si* 0 " h V'#7‘ i
dmmW W • no^ r ; h x rn
alining, inside purse and
Nationally Known Perfume Sets smau^they* 1 ?? S^an 0 5
W Sets Hudnut Perfume buflw, 11 T''/ /l X
Ilf Various size sets $2.50 to S2O anti eme^’bowd 86 S C \ / / /
jflf ■SySB consisting of per- Sets designed in the rio.r \ / / ' jff ]h
MB/ fume, compacts, pow- unique and unusual \(fv <k. / '3 J' %
fm a%-m ,wv Jff ders, talcums, toilet Hudnut manner—in-
A,uu t? 1.00 waters, etc., of Djer eluding toilet water,
Atomizers Children’s Books 55.00 Kiss Mavis, Narcisse face powder com-
Low ones—tall, grace- World-famous classics Men’s Umbrellas and Melba ' ? ac & “ p sticks a d G,fts W,U • Box of 3, $1 ** 89c
ful ones—conventional that will take children A very masculine urn- Perfume Seta sacnets. Women’* Initial Rubber Anrons
ones novelty ones— Into another world—one brella patterned after 2 eto Cotv’a Gift Sets Be Nicely 7®i nuuuer Aproni
there’s a spiendid as- of romance and adven- the one the Prince of $2.50 to S2O 2,® ifie Zi3?l I SSK2S e iP of We imported these for
sortment of atomizers ture! Including “Child’s Wales carries- gloria „ . . , $3 to sls Boxed Unon ? e !Ji llne 2 w l th the modern housewives!
here! Colored glass, Garden of Verse,” “Alice’s covering with two-inch Such lovely ones World-famous Coty noxea upon small Initials and six- In a score of clever de
trimmed in gold plate; Adventures in Wonder- tape borders; never-rust M Kar . ess - Fi * perfumes, sachet, p pn „ M . bcma ;. A Bi ßPs and styles with
with silk-covered bulb. land” and dozens more. frames. Black only ance. Evening of compacts, toilet Request handkerchief suitable frilled edges and novelty
street Floor Book*—street Floor street rioor Paris, Rubenstein, waters and nowders lor tne business woman. trimmings. ;
Yardley, April Show- in i/Origah? Pari ttrmH n - r street n..r 5
ers and C a ppi—beau- Chypre, Emeraude,
■ ■ ... tlfu lly boxed. L’Aimant and Styx.
Street Floor U ** ' ' —*——L—'■•i 11 11 i —————
7th, Bth and E Sts.—GLORIFYING THE CHRISTMAS GlFT—National 9800
/ . I

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