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D. A. R. Activities
Descendant* of '7l Chapter was en
tertained at Its December meeting by
Mts. Stephen J. Murphy, assisted by
lte. D. J. McCarthy, Mrs. P. E. Rus
sell and Mrs. C. A. Kinsley. Mrs. Con
stance Goodman, regent, presided. Re
ports of officers and committees and
chapter representatives on State com
mittees were given.
Mrs. Holzberg. delegate, made a re
port of the recent caucus and State
executive meetings, including an ex
plahatlon of the budget plan. She gave
an account of a meeting of the Sons
an l Daughters of the Republic at Peck
Cl tpel and the presentation of a flag
to; Peck Chapel. Mrs. Tarring reported
on| a recent meeting of the Chapter
Hdfise Corporation and announced a
capd party to be given at the Wjllard
He el February 6. Further correspond
eo e was res* from OAKSfintatn school
to *TT™ vWie chapter is spon
aoi ng the education of a young girl.
R< >ort was made of a box of clothing
soft by the chapter to this school. Two
new members were admitted into the
Chapter, Mrs. William H. Topping
made a gift of 20 glasses of orange
marmalade to be sold for the chapter.
A report was made of the sale of Christ
mas cards. The regent gave a poem
conveying Christmas greetings and
Hew Year wishes.
' Army and Navy Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution
celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary
by a reception at the home of Mrs.
WUliam H. Carter, widow of MaJ. Gen.
* William H. Carter. The regent. Miss
Sophie P. Casey; the vice regent, Mrs.
George W. Mclver, and Mrs. William
H. Carter received the guests. Mrs. W.
D. West and Mrs. Ralph W. Griswold
made the introductions.
•Conspicuously placed in the drawing
room was the charter ot the Army and
Navy Chapter in an inlaid frame of
Wood taken from the U. S. S. Con
stitution. Mrs. George R. Cecil pre
sided at a table which bore the large
birthday cake with its inscription
"Army and Navy Chapter, 1894-1929’’
and 35 candles. Mrs. David Shanks,
Mrs. David J. Rumbough, Mrs. J. V.
White and Mrs. Whltcome presided at
ti the table.
President Monroe Chapter was enter
tained at the December meeting by
Miss Hurley, assisted by Mrs. Brown.
Miss Laura Ruff, the regent, presided.
After the opening exercises reports
were made by the officers of the chap
ter and the work of the various com
mittees was discussed. Miss Easta
brook continues to receive gratifying
contributions toward paying for the
chair which the chapter has pledged
to Continental Hall. Mrs. Richards of
the commimttee to choose an inscrip
tion for the chair said that as the
markers were to be sent to the engraver
Immediately there had not been time to
wait for a meeting, but .hat a simple
Inscription stating that the chair was
given in honor of the President Mon
* roe Chapter had been decided upon.
Miss Ruff read the Christmas message
of the president-general. Her exposi
tion of some of the aims and benevo
lences of the D. A. R. stimulated among
, those who heard the message a desire to
co-operate as fully as possible in the
activities of the national organization.
In order to do this, and in order to carry
on all the work of the chapter in a
more effective manner, it was voted that
a benefit for the replenishment of the
treasury should be given. A birthday
party early in March was tentatively
decided upon. Members were requested
to give the details of this party their
especial consideration and to make their
suggestions at the next meeting. At
that time committees will be appointed
to make all arrangements.
Gov. Thomas Welles Society. Children
of the American Revolution. —Mrs.
Richard Owen entertained the society
Saturday evening at her home in Mor
rison street. Robert Wilson, vice pres
ident. was in charge. Natalie Schneider,
registrar, stated papers were filed for
Marion Denson, Beatrice Mullen and
Jessie Harden. Richard Reidel was
transferred to the S. A. R. Amy Veer
hoff gave a reading. Mrs. A. W. Barber,
to whom much praise is due for the
restoration of the 40 boundary stones
surrounding the District of Columbia,
made an address and was followed by
Col. Alonzo Gray, president of the S. A.
R. of the District.
Montirello Chapter held its Decem
ber meeting Tuesday evening at the
home of Mrs. Amy Hammond. The
regent, Mrs. A. E. T. Hansmann, pre
•» sided. In the absence of the chaplain
Mrs. Hammond opened the meeting.
This was followed by patriotic exer
sises, led by Mrs. Frank B. Whittaker
and the regular patriotic exercises. The
minutes of the previous meeting were
read and approved. Reports of officers
V and committees were given.
Mrs. Hansmann reported her activi
ties as regent, having attended several
card parties and meetings. She also
read a letter from the State regent,
Mrs. David Caldwell, accepting an invi
tation to be present at the January
meeting of the chapter. Mrs. s B
Woodbridge reported a meeting of the
library committee, speaking of the set
of American Biography which is to be
bought for the D. A. R. library and
asking for funds for the work of the
committee. Mrs. Hammond was elected
delegate to congress in April, with the
following alternates: 1, Mre. 8. B.
Woodbridge; 2, Mrs. Maud Bowman; 3,
Mrs. S. E. Kramer; 4, Mrs. E. C. Sas
nett; 5, Mrs. Charles S. Grandle; 6,
Mrs. Frank B. Whittaker; 7. Mrs. P. E.
Mac Neil; 8, Mrs. F. W. Carden; 9, Mrs.
A. H. Ulm, and 10, Mrs. J. Roy Pipes.
The chapter voted to hold a luncheon
January 10 at the home of the regent,
Mrs. Hansmann. It went on record as
supporting Miss Helen Harman’s ticket
at the State conference in March. After
business Mrs. Hammond gave an ac
count of her trip to England, France
and Spain. While In Spain she at
tended the expositions at Barcelona and
Seville. Her talk was followed by a
pleasant social hour. Two members
were welcomed, Mrs. Frank Fuller and
Mrs. Ashmun Brown.
E Pluribus I’num Chapter held the
» December meeting at the home of the
historian. Mrs. Theodore M. Knappen,
2935 Tilden street, with Miss Lander
and Mrs. Sinnott assistant hostesses.
The meeting was opened with a bugle
call given by McFarland Knappen. 'Hie
regent gave her report of the State
executive meeting, at which the pro
' posed State budget was adopted. Re
ports of officers and State committee
representatives were given. The request
of Mrs. Curry for certified copies of
family Bible records for the genealogical
research committee met with hearty
response. They will be turned over for
use of the library at Memorial Conti
nental Hall. Mrs. Sinnott, chairman,
gave a detailed report of the recent
card party which proved both a finan
cial and social success, a goodly sum
being turned over to the treasurer for
the patriotic and educational work of
the chapter.
Announcement was made of the card
party to be given February 6 at the
Willard Hotel for the benefit of the
Chapter House Corporation. The cnap
• ter: formally indorsed the candidates of
\ the administration caucus for the State
officers. The State vice regent, Miss
Helen Harman, gave a talk on State
budget and origin of the two caucuses
of r the District. Mrs. Wagner, State
chairman of magazine committee, ex
plained the National and State prizes
for the magazine.
Christmas carols were sung ,by the
members, led by Mrs. William C. Teub
ner. Mrs. Knappen, Miss Lander and
Mrs Sinnott were the hostesses.
Daughters of 1812. —District of Co
lumbia Society held its monthly meet
ing Saturday, December 14, in the New
Willard Hotel. The meeting was called
to order by the president, Mrs. Mary
Logan Tucker.
Miss Margaret C. Beer, chaplain, led
the opening exercises.
| Reports of various officers were given.
(Mrs. C. W. Sheriff, chairman of tablet
ccmmittee, submitted a drawing of the
Francis Scott Key tablet to be placed
in the Washington Cathedral. Mrs. Sol
Danaburgh, chairman of entertainment
committee, reported the card party
given at the Willard Hotel was a finan
cial success. Mrs. Francis A. St. Clair
tendered her resignation as registrar
and it was accepted. Mrs. Frederick
Femald was appointed by the president
to take up the work of the registrar.
The name of a new member was pre
Col. John Washington Chapter held
its December meeting at the home of
Miss Prances Washington Weeks. Mrs.
James H. Stansfleld, the newly elected
regent, presided and officially welcomed
the eight new members reported by the
registrar. Miss Falba Johnson. Miss
Johnson also announced that genealogi
cal papers for 10 more new members
are being considered and It is hoped
they will be ready for action at the
next National Society executive board
meeting to be held in January. The
regent reported sending a Christmas
box to the D. A. R. School fdr Southern
Mountain Children at Crossnore, N. C.
She also stated that at this school the
N. 8. D. A. R. has erected a $12,000
building, entirely paid for by the pro
ceeds of rummage sales of old clothes
sent to the mountains by city D. A. R.
"Employment is given to women in
the preparation of these articles of
clothing for Immediate local usage.
Likewise mountain cobblers are em
ployed to repair all kinds of slippers
and shoes which find their way into the
thousands of bundles and bags annual
ly donated to the mountaineers by ur
ban Daughters of the American Revo
Mrs. David D. Caldwell, State regent,
D. C. D. A. R., guest of honor, spoke
enthusiastically about the amount of
work accomplished by the D. C. chap
ters, and commended the officers of Col.
John Washington Chapter for their re- 1
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quirement that each member commit
to memory "The American’s Creed.”
Mrs. Eli A. Helmick, former national
officer, reviewed "Sinister Bhadows.”
Federal City Chapter, D. A. R.— The
regular meeting was held Tuesday at
Neighborhood House, 470 N street south
west. Miss Nettle Herrick was the
hostess. Routine business was attended
to, and all arrangements perfected for
the annual card party which will be
held at the Burlington Hotel, Tuesday,
January 21. 1930. There -will be special
mlaes besides a prize for each table.
The budget was discussed at length and
the members present expressed them
selves freely. Mr. and Mrs. Neligh took
pains to show the new studio and other
wise make the evening pleasant. Fed
eral City Chapter presented a silk flag
mounted on a staff surmounted by an
eagle to Neighborhood House to be used
in the kindergarten. The members fur
ther discussed ways and means for rais
ing money.
Deborah Knapp Chapter, D. A. R.—
Mrs. Gertrude W. Moser, assisted by Mrs.
Robert Ferguson and Mrs. J. Edsen Myer,
entertained the chapter at its December
meeting. The meeting was attended by
18 members and three guests, Mrs.
Davis, Miss Schell and Mrs. Thomas R.
Henry. Committee reports showed the
good work done in the chapter’s under
takings. Thirty-one trees were reported
planted during the month by members.
Although the new budget does not go
into effect until next year, Deborah
Knapp Chapter has adopted Its use
this year.
Through Mrs. Errett Wallace, chapter
historian, a message from Mrs. Grove
was delivered asking If the chapter
wished to purchase a marker for the
grave of Mrs. James M. Willey, former
State regent of the District of Colum
bia, to be placed on the first anniversary
of Mn. Willey’s death. On motion of
Mrs. Moser, seconded by Mrs. Myer, It
was unanimously decided to procure
this marker. The chapter met Decem
ber 19 at Rock Creek Cemetery to place
a memorial wreath on the grave of
Mrs. Willey. State officers who served
with Mrs. Willey were also present.
Mrs. Harry C. Grove, Btate historian,
assisted by Mrs. Errett Wallace, chapter
historian, placed the marker. Mrs. Da
vid D. Caldwell, State regent, paid a
brief tribute to Mrs. Willey, and Mrs.
Constance Goodman, former State
chaplain, concluded the exercises.
Capt. Wendell Wolfe Chapter held its
December meeting at the home of Mrs.
W. A. Folger. The occasion being the
semi-guest meeting, there was a large
attendance, both of members and
guests. The guests included the State
regent. Mrs. David D. Caldwell; State
vice regent, Miss Helen Harmon, and
Mrs. Howard L. Hodgkins. The regent,
Mrs. Ad* Mills Payne, presided. Busi
ness Included the usual reports of
committee chairmen. The delegate,
Miss Frances Shirley, gave an interest
ing report of the last meeting of the
State executive. Miss Eva Luke of the
ways and means committee reported
nearly SSO on hand from the sale ot
Christmas cards. Mrs. A. S. Boles, rep
resentative on Constitution Hall finance
committee, was unable to be present,
but sent a report of the last meeting
of that committee, in which she stated
that It had been decided not to hold a
card party, but to raise money by some
other means. She also reported that
the District is fourteenth in contribu
tions toward the bronze doors. The
‘ regent, Mrs. Payne, gave a donation
■ of $25 to be applied on the purchase
’ of these doors. Miss Elizabeth Barnes,
■ representative on the girl home makers’
; committee, reported that groups have
> been organized for work, but that it
• is difficult to find a suitable meeting
> place. Mn. J. Earle FOuts, representa
' tive on Ellis Island committee, an
l nounced that at the January meeting
. donations for Ellis Island would be re
, ceived.
Mrs. Frances Roundy, representative
. on the Sons and Daughten of the R*»-
. public, announced a Christmas party
. at Peck Chapel for the children,
i The program consisted of a splendid
paper on "George Mason and a Trip
to Gunston Hall” by our historian, Mrs.
i Blanche McCrory. Virginia Wilson,
daughter of Mrs. Ralph Wilson, gave
two readings. A sketch of the back
ground of District and National D. A. R.
was given by Mrs. Howard L. Hodgkins.
Following the program greetings were
extended by the State regent. Mrs.
David D. Caldwell; the State vice
regent, Miss Helen Harmon, and by
Mrs. Griffith of Livingston Manor
Chapter. The next meeting will be
held on February 26 at the home of
Miss Mary Terrell, 1511 Crittenden
Capt. Molly Pitcher Chapter held Its
December meeting, with Mrs. Edward
Graves and her sister. Miss Gore, en
tertaining in their apartsfient at the
Wardmain Park Hotel. Reports were
received from standing committees.
Mrs. Charles Kappler described the
origin of the Manual for Immigrants.
Traffic has Just been opened on the
new Nanking-Chinkiang Highway in
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