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THE Grand Lodge of Masons of
the District of Columbia will
meet Friday evening at 7 o'clock
for the election and installation
of officers for the coming year.
All blue lodges scheduled, ordinarily, to
meet on that day have their communi
cations automatically called off. Ti»e j
only Masonic body which has reported
degree work for the week is Capitol
Royal Arch Chapter, No. 11. which an
nounces the Mark degree for Friday eve
On Christmas day all the Knights
Templar Commanderies of the District
will assemble, each in its own asylum, at
noon for the annual Christmas observ
Almas Temple of the Mystic Shrine
will hold a ceremonial next Monday eve
n’ng, December 30, at 7:30 o’clock, in
the auditorium of Masonic Temple, j
Thirteenth street and New York avenu„
- It will be preceded by a buffet dinner in )
the banquet hall for the nobility at 6:30
* o’clock.
A monthly tournament for members
of the Scottish Rite will be inaugurated
Tuesday evening. January 7, and be
continued thereafter on the first Tues
day of each month. The games to be i
played will include chess, billiards, pool
and bridge and there is to be a grand
finale in May. All members of the Rite
have been urged by the executive com
mittee to take part in the various games.
Kallipolis Grotto; Mystic Order of
Veiled Prophets, nominated the candi
dates for office for the annual meeting
and election Thursday, January 3. The
nominees follow: For monarch. Henry
Stein: chief justice, C. F. Howell; mas
- ter of ceremonies. Oscar A. C. Oehmler;
treasurer, L. Whiting Estes: secretary, E.
W. Libbey; sentinel, Charles H. Corby;
trustees, John H. Shreve and Nathan
Weil. The nominations are equivalent
to election in view of the fact that no
opposing candidate was named for any
A dinner, entertainment and dance is
to honor Grand Monarch and Mrs. E.
W. Libey January 15, in which much
interest is reported on the part of out
of-town grottoes, several of which are
certain to be represented. An elaborate
program is promised for the occasion.
St. John's Lodge, No. 11—Master,
George B. McGinty; senior warden,
. Theodore C. Lewis; junior warden,
Chester R. Draper: secretary, Robert A.
Daniel, past master (re-elected); treas
urer, Allen Bussius, past master (re
, , elected); senior deacon. EarleL.Keeler;
-junior deacon, Paul J. Bergh: senior
steward. Major H. Robb; junior Steward,
Georgs Fenton Cramer; marshal. David
A. Pine; chaplain, Thomas H. Watson;
tiler, Clifton G. Clarridge; trustees,
George R. Davis, past master; Joseph
H. Milans, past grand master: Stanley
D. Willis, past master; representative
Masonic and Eastern Star Home, Need
-ham C. Tumage. past master; repre
sentatives Masonic board of relief,
Clarence A. Chism, past master: Wil
liam M. Angelo, past master: repre
sentative St. John's Mite Association,
Stuart M. Angelo, past master (proxy,
John J. Barnes, jr., past master);
finance committee. J. Marion Castell,
past master; Charles H. Graham, past
master: John J. Barnes, jr., past master.
Harmony Lodge. No. 17—Master. An
drew Stewart: senior warden. Louis H.
Hamm: junior wardrn, Carl H. Claudy:
secretary, Johnston R. Zimmerman for
the seventh term; Orange S. Firmin.
treasurer, for the forty-sixth term; as
sistant treasurer. George M. Evans;
senior deacon, J. Walter Humphrey;
junior deason, Arthur F. Johnson: sen
ior steward, Willis D. Wine; junior
steward, H. A. Bauer; tiler, Norman R.
Grant; chaplain. Rev. Clyde Brown;
lodge trustee for three years, Maurice
D. Rosenberg; representative of Har
mony Lodge to the Masonic board of
". relief, George M. Evans: representative
of Harmony Lodge to the St. John’s
Mite Association. H. G. Tegeler; repre
sentative to the Masonic and Eastern
Star Home, Guy F. Allen; representa
tive to lodge room No. 1. Russ W. Pear
son; editor of the Bulletin, Carl H.
Claudy; choirmaster. J. Walter Hum
phrey; instructor, Louis H. Hamm;
finance committee, C. Vaughan Darbv,
chairman, H. G. Tegeler and L. W.
Carver. The following proxies to the
Grand Lodge were appointed: For wor
shipful master. J. Walter Humphrey;
•' for the senior warden. Arthur F. John
son; for the -junior warden. Willis D.
- Wine.
J Cathedral Lodge. No. 40—Master,
Robert C. McCullough; senior warden,
J. Webster Manning; junior warden.
A. K. Parris, jr.; secretary. John K.
Hillers; treasurer. Henry N. Brawner,
jr.; senior deacon. Godfrey L. Munter;
junior deacon, John W. Hardell; senior
* steward. Theodore C. Uhler; junior
steward. Edgar N. Brawner.
■j Trinity Lodge. No. 41—Master. B.
Brooke Nyee; senior warden, Russell
M. Brown; junior warden, A. Rea
Williams: secretary, Clarence J. West,
.past master: treasurer. Frederick L.
Haller, past master; senior deacon, Bert
Robertson: junior deacon. Walter W.
Duffy; senior steward, E. M. Wallace;
junior steward. Chester Warrington;
master of ceremonies. George L. Ran
kin: St. John’s Mite Association. James
Warden: Masonic board of relief. Yan
cey D. Meriwether: Masonic and East
- era Star Home board, Conrad Prae
torius, past master; trustee, E. M. Wal
- . The past master’s jewel was present
ed to the retiring master, Clarence J.
West, by Past Master Haller, and a
suitably engraved watch by Past Master
Masonic Veteran Association of the
District of Columbia—President. Allen
Bussius: first vice president. William
H. McCray; second vice president, |
Charles H. Bradley; secretary. Ben
. .Coombs McQuay: treasurer. Charles W.
Pimper: almoner, David James Roberts;
marshal, Benjamin F. Larcombe; tiler.j
- Edward Kem; auditing committee. H.
Clyde Grimes: stewards, Charles W.!
Pimper. Charles E. Baldwin and Ben
C. McQuay: entertainment committee. I
Charles F. Roberts, P. G. M.: Mark F.
Finley, P. G. M., and Benjamin F. Lar- j
The association is arranging to cele
brate its fiftieth anniversary at its an
nual dinner January 23, St. John the
„.«T. lonic Masonic Club —President. C. i
- Earl Grantham; v c president, John K. 1
Willis; secretary, John L. Bateman tre- j
- elected); treasurer, F. W. Alexander |
(re-elected); marshal. E. R. Nagle (re- i
-elected); doorkeeper, Clarence H. Green.
Officers of St. John’s Ixxige Chapter
, were installed December 16 by Past
/ Grand Matron Gertrude Milans. assist
ed by Past Patron Theodore C. Lewis,
■' with Past Matron Eleanor Watson as
marshal and Past Matron Mary Mc-
Coach as chaplain. The following offi
cers were installed: A. Linda Pollitt,
matron; Peter W. Pritchett, patron;
Mary E. Rowe, associate matron;
Charles M. Franklin, associate patron;
Clara Davis, secretary; Leila J. Cooke,
• treasurer; May Mason, conductress;
Margaret Wood, associate conductress;
. Rachel Steltz, chaplain; Agnes Groom,
marshal: Iva E. Hockenbcrry, organist;
; Eva C. Ruff, Adah; Evelyn Greenawald,
Ruth; Freda Footer. Esther; Ruth Pen- i
' nington. Martha; Edith Altman, Electa,
T Laura Bell, warder, and Thomas F.
Davis, sentinel. Distinguished guests of
the evening were Past Grand Matron
- Gertrude Milans, Past Grand Patron
Joseph H. Milans and Past Grand Pa
-- tron Gratz Dunkum. The next meeting
' will be held January 6, at which time
-a reception will be tendered to the offl
; cers.
The following officers were installed
. Friday evening in East Gate Chapter by
Past Matron Lillian E. Armstrong, as
sisted by Mrs. Beatrice F. Hart, mar
shal, and Mrs. Gertrude S. Runyan,
chaplain: Matron. Mrs. Rose Vierkorn;
patron, Luie L. Hayes; associate ma
tron, Mrs. Pearl M. Rupp; associate pa
tron, Raymond W. Murphy; secretary,
. Mrs. Anna S. Castell, P. M. (re*elect
i ed); treasurer, Mrs. Elsie H. Hays, P. M.
| (re-elected); conductress, Mrs. Anna L.
Lambert; associate conductress, Mrs.
j Florence M. Weckerly; chaplain, Mrs.
Malinda E. Gates; marshal. Miss Grace
I. Hayes; organist. Miss Marv E.
Bumpus; Adah. Miss Doris White;
Ruth, Miss Esther L. Linger: Esther,
Mrs. Eva V. Rose; Martha. Miss Stella
K. Rauch; Electa, Mrs. Ruth E. Gray,
warder, Mrs. Minnie S. Dale; sentinel,
James E. Payne; trustees. Mrs. Lottie
R. Sener. P. M.; George F. Tucker,
|P. P.. and Mrs. Gertrude s. Runyan,
and representative Masonic and Eastern
Star Home, Mis. Pearl A. Henderson. 1
Cathedral Chapter will install officers I
December 27 at Scottish Rite Ca- j
thedral The officers are: Matron,
Ethel F. Martin; patron. Bert Bair;
associate matron, Alice Taylor: asso
ciate patron. Ernest Shaw; conductress,
: Phoebe Lightner, associate conductress.
Pearl Keck.
At the last meeting of Good Will
Chapter the following officers were
Elected: Florence Walters, matron;
Rufus Tucker, patron; Pearl Armack,
associate matron; Samuel Hawkins, as
sociate patron; Eunice B. Mars, secre
tary, re-elected; Edith Lusby, treasurer.
I re-elected: Carolyn Okey, conductress;
Mary E. Porter, associate conductress;
Ninoth E. Nussbaum, representative to
Eastern Star Home; Boyd E. Ingalls
and Nell Wilkinson, trustees. They will
be installed December 27.
The following officers of Hope Chap
ter will be installed December 28 by
Grand Conductress Amy C. Hollander,
assisted by Past Matron Louise Lin
thicum, grand marshal; Past Matron
Lucille Fogle, grand chaplain, and
Amanda Humphries, grand organist:
Bertha M. Lynn, matron; Charles O.
Millar, patron; Marion S. Levy, asso
ciate matron; C. Bertram Gelston, as
sociate patron; Esther P. Towers, secre
tary; Jemmie M. Gregory, treasurer;
Hester T. Maschmeyer, conductress;
Annie L. Fish, associate conductress:
Blanche Keafauver, chaplain; Florence
Morsell. marshal; Laura Payne, organ
ist; Ruth Baujan. Adah; Lillian
Hastings. Ruth: Mary E. White, Esther;
Emma Jones. Martha; Myrtle Cohill.
Electa; Grace Dodge, warder; Francis
M. Weadon, sentinel.
The following officers of Congress
Lodge' Chapter were installed Monday
evening: Laura B. Davis, matron; G.
Barre Giles, patron; Ethel M. Bell, as
sociate matron; Charles Soule Lawren
sen, associate patron; Clara Scott, sec
retary; Grace Langford, treasurer;
Dolly George, conductress: Bernice
Lawrensen. associate conductress: Helen
elevens, chaplain: Ella V. Everett, mar
shal; Onys O. Everett, organist; Aurelia
Thomas. Adah; Beatrice Davis. Ruth;
Esther Lawrensen. Esther: Edith Smith.
Martha; Mabel Ernst. Electa; Jennie
Simons, warder; S. Bailey Everett, sen
tinel. The installing officers were:
Grand Lecturer Mrs. Mary E. Teachum.
marshal. Mabelle Hagen; chaplain,
Audrey C. Gregory: organist, Mrs. Bell;
vocalist, Ethel Martin. Musical num
bers were rendered by Miss Catherine
Thomas, accompanied by Miss Marie
Miller, and Leonard Davis, accompanied
by Miss Kay.
The following officers will be installed
at the meeting of Miriam Chapter to
morrow evening: Helen M. Rowen, ma
tron; I. J. Dalstrom. patron: Iva L.
Pickett, associate matron: Clyde H.
Hogan, associate patron; Marie Kim
mel, secretary; Abbie M. Gates, treas
urer: Eileen H. Dalstrom, conductress;
Annie I. Hartline, associate conductress;
Helen Hogan, chaplain: Mamie Bra
shears, marshal; A. Naomi Cooper, or
ganist; Lillian Higdon, Adah; Ruth
Rook. Ruth; Elsie Wood. Esther; Marie
Linthicum, Martha; Helen F. Seiler,
Electa; Pearl Ferber, warder; Henry
Leman, sentinel. Grand Lecturer
Mary E. Teachum will be the install
ing officer, with Past Grand Matron
Bertha G. Hudson acting as marshal
and Past Matron Celia M. Hines as
chaplain. The matron and patron en
tertained the officers last Saturday eve
ning at the home of the matron, 4107
Thirty-eighth street. Gifts were pre
sented to each officer, followed by re
freshments and dancing.
The Matrons and Patrons’ Associa
tion of 1926 held its annual oyster
roast recently at the Capital Yacht
Club. Guests of the association in
cluded Grand Matron Pearl Watt Gibb,
Grand Patron John C. Proctor, Past
Grand Matron Gertrude B. Milans,
Past Grand Patron George Plitt. Esther
Bernstein. A. Maude Proctor. Elizabeth
A. Plitt. Theodore C. Lewis. Mabel Lewis
and Rebecca Meiners.
The association will hold its annual
banquet January 18.
Areme Chapter installed the following
officers Wednesday: Matron. Kathryn
Harvey; patron, C. E. MacCloskey; as
sociate matron, Selma Klein; associate
patron. Richard D. Gibbs; secretary,
Grace I. Barr; treasurer. Helen L. Bra
shears; conductress, Irene Schmidt; as
ciate conductress, Mary J. Langlev:
chaplain, Anna Nalley; marshal, Hetty
Silbert: organist, Maybelle Hagen; Adah
Ethel Dameron; Ruth, Mary McCarroll;
Esther, Edith Poindexter; Martha,
Marion Mitchell: Electa, Myrteen Sis
son: warder, Minnie Bochs, and sen
tinel, Maynard P. Twitchell.
The installing officer was Past Grand
Matron Bena Barnhart, assisted by Past
Grand Patron William J. Dow, with
Past Matron Maybelle Hagen, acting
grand marshal; Past Matron Grace E.
Preston, grand chaplain, and Past Pa
tron Theodore G. Freeh as grand or
ganist. The first regular meeting in
1930, New Year day, has been called off.
At the meeting of William F. Hunt
Chapter December 12 the following
officers were elected: Virginia Rench,
matron; Robert M. Estes, patron:
! Blanche Bailey, associate matron;
I Theodore Otte, associate patron;
Bertha Smethurst, conductress; May
j S’abridge, associate conductress; A. j
i Maude Proctor, secretary; Ethel Rich-,
ards, treasurer; Mary L. Hunt, re
j elected representative to the Masonic j
and Eastern Star Home. Installation.
I will be held December 26.
At the meeting of Chevy Chase
I Chapter December 17 officers were in
stalled as follows: Mrs. Anne Mayo
Northrop, matron; William M. Imiay,
patron; Mrs. Bess B. Pierce, associate
j matron; J. Benson Thomas, associate
j patron; Mrs. Britomarte Jones, s?cre
i tary; Mrs. Marie S. Kolb, treasurer; ,
: Mrs. Henrietta Cole, conductress; Mrs.
Claribel Thomas, associate conductress;
j Miss Grace Chandlee, past matron, ;
chaplain: Mrs. Genevieve Meese, mar- j
shal; Mrs. Edith Wallack, organist;
Mrs. Gladys Foggo. Adah: Mrs. Ruth 1
Reynolds. Ruth; Mrs. May Purcell,
Esther; Mrs. Ella J. Meyer, Martha;
Mrs. Viola Snyder, Electa: Mrs. Bessie
Burch, warder, and E. Emerson
Snyder, sentinel. Associate Grand Con
ductress Edith A. Williams installed
the matron, marshaled by Isabel V.
Collins, and Past Grand Matron Nellie
E. Fletcher installed the remainder of
the officers, marshaled by Past Matron
Jessie S. Post of Columbia Chapter.
Past Matron Florence V. Hoskins of
Unity Chapter, assistrd as chaplain
and Past Matron J. Ethel Richards of i
I William F. Hunt Chapter as organist. |
i Past officer’s jewels were presented to :
I the retiring matron and patron by!
Past Grand Patron Charles S. Shreve I
and Past Grand Matron Nellie E.
Fletcher, respectively.
La Fayette Lodge Chapter at its last
meeting elected the following officers:
Blanche H. Enterline, matron: Howard
E. Griffith, patron; Loretta C. Rabcn
horst, associate matron; Samuel L.
Young, associate patron; Helen B. Hall,
secretary (re-elected); Lillie V. C.
Myers, treasurer (re-elected); Margaret
E. Smith, conductress; Gladys J. Thomp
son, associate conductress; Laura M.
Dyre, representative to the Masonic and
Eastern Star Home board; Hugh W.
Smith, trustee (re-elected for three-year
term). Installation will be held De
, cember 28. Matron Laura M. Dyre and
• Patron Hugjt W. Smith entertained the
1929 officers with a dinner dance on
December 6 at the Y. W. C. A.
Temple Chapter will install officers
tomorrow evening as folows; Matron, A.
Larrimore Schramm: patron. A. Kenneth
Armstrong; associate matron, Eva C. Fu
trovsky; associate patron, Martin Smith;
conductress, Sarah Peden; associate
conductress, Mildred Steiner; secretary,
Fannie E. Abell (fourth term); treas
urer, Nora H. Henry (twelfth term);
representative to Masonic and O. E. S.
board. Louise Hoskinson: trustee, Henri
etta Becker (re-elected for three years),
and the appointive officers. A program
has been arranged. Services at the
Eastern Star home today at 3 p.m. will
be conducted by Rev. Joseph T. Kelly,
pastor emeritus of the Fourth Presby
terian Church.
At Ruth Chapter’s meeting Decem
ber 16 .the retiring matron. Mae E.
i Felka. assisted by Irene Deuterman, as
I marshal, and Marie Reichman, as
| chaplain, installed the following ox-
I fleers: Susie Broadhurst. matron; Hei
bert B. Nevius, patron; Ella M. Reea.
associate matron; Henry Althoff. asso
ciate patron: Ruth B. Ivers, secretary;
Margaret Polen, treasurer; Edna x.
Harris, conductress; Pauline Loveless,
associate conductress; Mildred Mc-
Aleer, chaplain; Leah Sando. marshal,
Lucy Hopkins, organist; Icie Keachu,
Adah: Marie Ervin. Ruth; Nancy Moi
rett. Esther; Augusta Butler, Martha;
Lillie Denekas, Electa; Ruth Bonnette,
warder; Edward Stull, sentinel.
Songs were rendered by Lucy Hop
kins and Harriet Wagner, assisted at
the piano by Margaret Carothers;
solo, by Mrs. Emma Schulze; reading,
by Miss Gordon of Adah Chapter,
Hyattsville, Md. Little Peggy Plantz
gave a bouquet of roses to the new
officers from Patron Herbert Nevius,
while Philias Randall, assisted at the
piano by Edith Reed. sang. The next
meeting, January 6, will be a reception
to the new officers and dance.
At the meeting of Takoma Chapter
December 13 the following officers were
elected: Georgia T. Hendrick, matron;
Joseph Austin, patron; Coila Maholm,
associate matron: Albany D. Grudd,
'associate patron; Lilian Dickens, secre
tary: Annie E. Langley, treasurer; Inez
C. Burrows, conductress, and Ruth
Buckner, associate conductress. The
officers will be installed December 27.
The officers of Joppa Lodge Chapter
were installed at the last meeting by
Past Grand Matron Fletcher as install
ing officer, assisted by Past Matron Ma
bel S. Boyd as grand marshal and Past
Matron Scott as grand chaplain. The
officers are: Elvira Magdeburger, ma
tron; Fred E. Blood, patron; Lena Bo
dell, associate matron; Charles Gable,
associate patron: Past Matron Mamie
L. Greenstreet, secretary (re-elected):
Past Matron Ruth Eskridge, treasurer
(re-elected): Mildred Conway, con
ductress; Helen Sea vers, chaplain;
Helen Shipley, marshal: Grace Free,
organist; Katharine Copenhaver, Adah;
Virginia Gibson. Ruth; Kathryn Woltz,
Esther: Irma Mehlfelt. Martha; Vernie
Leith. Electa; Julia Hartranst. warder,
and Charles O. Greenstreet, sentinel. A
Christmas party was held. It being the
birthday and wedding anniversary of
the matron, she received several gifts
from her mother, father and husband.
Jewels were presented to Junior Past
Matron Blood and Junior Past Seavers
by Past Matron Mamie L. Greenstreet.
Unity Chapter at the last meeting
elected the following officers: Matron,
Mrs. Minnie Rabbitt; patron, Charles
H. Miller; associate matron, Miss Mil
dred Hicks; associate patron. Thomas
R. Dobson; secretary. Miss Lilia Hicks
(re-elected); treasurer, Mrs. Mary E.
Steiner; conductress, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
Titus; associate conductress, Miss Elsie
E. Chamberlain: representative to home
board, Mrs. Margaret Wiedemann;
trustee for three years, Mrs. Jennie T.
Weber. The officers will be installed
December 27.
Grand Lecturer Mary E. Teachum in
stalled officers of Acacia Chapter last
Tuesday, as follows: Matron, Bertha
Wealthall: patron, Arville L. Ebersole;
associate matron. Freda Tuttle; asso
ciate patron, John W. Young: secre
tary, Mary A. Watts; treasurer, Jose
phine Hamacher; conductress, Kath
erine Mansfield; associate conductress,
Elsie Stewart: chaplain, Anna Mayer;
marshal. Leah Ebersole: organist. Min
nie Burdine; Adah. Hattie Hansen; Ruth,
Bertha Nebel; Esther. Madeline Cashell;
Martha, Edna Beachley: Electa, Isa
belle Allnut: warder, Mary Michaels,
and sentinel, Robert Watts. Mrs.
Teachum was assisted by Past Matron
Leona Helwig, acting as grand mar
shal; Past Matron Elizabeth Davis, as
grand chaplain, and Mrs. Barber acting
as grand organist. Mrs. Ethel Martin,
matron of Cathedral Chapter, was the
Mizpah Chapter met Tuesday and in
stalled officers. The installation was
performed by Past Matrons Emily Rose
mand, installing officer; Elizabeth Mc-
Neal, marshal, and Bessie Short, chap
lain. The officers are: Bertha Eaton,
matron: Raymond L. Reynolds, patron:
Ethel D. Jones, associate matron;
Stephen Porter, associate patron: Lottie
Bamforth, secretary; Katie Waters,
treasurer; Marie A. Morris, conductress;
Florence Bell, associate conductress:
Lydia Grauss, chaplain: Elizabeth
Bunch, marshal: Ruth Little, organist;
Margaret Reynolds, Adah; Allie Lee
Wheeler. Ruth; Mary Garrett, Esther;
Mary B. Ham, Martha; Thelma Weaver,
Electa; Lillian M. Reynolds, warder, and
Brawner Legg. sentinel.
The following presentations were
made: Amelia Lilly, past matron’s jewel,
by Past Patron Charles Sebastian; silver
forks from her officers by Associate Pat
ron Stephen Porter; silver from the Mu
Delta Sigma by Gladys Freeman, and
a silver service from the Junior past
patron, Raymond L. Reynolds. A past
patron’s testimonial to the junior past
patron by Past Matron Grace Rosen
busch; silver forks from his officers by
Associate Matron Ethel Jones, silver
from the junior past matron by Past
Matron Bessie Short, and silver from
Mu Delta Sigma by Virginia Lake.
Matron Bertha Eaton was presented
with a gavel and a lavallier from her
husband by Past Patron William Dow
j den; an atomizer from Elizabeth Bunch.
I gloves from the bowling team by Past
i Patron Ernest Fowler, and red roses
, from the Mu Delta Sigma by Elizabeth
* Eaton. Past Matron Ruth Little pre
j sented the marshal with an evening bag.
I The matron and patron were con
, ducted to their stations in the East
through the court of honor, formed by
girls of the Mu Delta Sigma. A solo
was rendered by Grace Balser. accom
panied by Esther Balser at the piano.
Past Matron Mildred R. King sang, ac
companied by Associate Conductress
Florence Bell at the piano and William
! Brashears on the violin.
. George Bell .entertained the chapter
I as Santa Claus and presented the offi
: cers with gifts from the matron and
j patron, also all present with a box of
candy. •
At the last meeting of Harmony
Chapter the following officers were
elected: Ruth V/. Zeitler, matron; Fred
Zeitler, patron; Grace Walker, associate
matron; C. Chandlee Pidgeon, associate
patron; Isabel Ricketts, secretary;
Emily Hughes, treasurer; Ethel Water
field, conductress, and Angela Cook, as
sociate conductress. The retiring ma
tron, Ethel M. Pidgeon, was elected as
representative on the board-of directors
of the Masonic and Eastern Star Home.
The ret ring patron, John Hardgrove.
■ was elected trustee for three vears. In-
I stallstion will be held December 26 at
! 8 p.m., with Nellie Fletcher as installing
i officer. Mat;on Ethel M. Pidgeon en
; tertained her officers with a luncheon
at the Y. W. C. A. December 3, at
which time Grand Matron Pearl W
Gibb, Grand Patron and Mrs. Proctor
past grand officers Nellie Fletcher and
Charles Shreve were special guests.
The grand master has called for a
conference of the installing officers ' i
meet with him in the office of the grant,
secretary December 30 at 8 o’clock. 1
The joint installation of the four en
campments of this city will occur ;
January 8 in Odd Fellows’ Temple. Fol- ;
lowing the installation ceremony a pro- i
gram of entertainment has been pre
pared and an address will be made by I
Representative Gregory of Kentucky,
who is a past ffirand mast* and grand
representative from that State. All!
members and Rebekahs are invited.
Eastern Lodge at the meeting iast
Wednesday voted to meet on the second
and fourth Wednesdays of each month
instead of weekly. Embert A. LeLacheur,
installing officer of Eastern Lodge, had
a rehearsal of his official staff prepara
tory to installing the officers of Salem
Lodge, January 3.
All Grand Lodge committees are re- !
quested to submit their report to the
grand master as soon as possible.
The grand patriarch, Ernest L. Lov- j
ing, called a meeting of the committee !
of the birthday anniversary of Thomas ,
Wildey. The following officers were
elected: Chairman. William L. Ford; 1
secretary. A. L. Hjortsberg: treasurer. !
Mrs. Guy F. Glossbrenner. The follow
ing committees were appointed; Pro- I
gram. Edwin J. Robb, Albert Dobbins, •
Miss Emma T. Strobel; entertainment,
William F. Becker, Miss Ellie Allen,
Miss Mary L. Wininger. The celebra
tion will be January 24.
Rebekah Lodges.
Brightwood Rebekah Lodge will meet
Tuesday evening. There will be elec
tion of officers. This lodge will hold
joint installation of officers with Martha I
Washington Rebekah Lodge.
Dorcas Rebekah Lodge has elected |
officers. At the visitation of Miriam |
Rebekah Lodge, Robert Southworth, i
captain of the canton, recommended
the decoration of chivalry be given Mrs.
Abbie M. Gates of Dorcas Lodge. In
stallation of officers will be held Jan
uary 2.
At the last visitation of the assem
bly officers Thomas Mettler, in behalf
of the Grand Lodge officers, presented
a clock to Mrs. E. Pearle Windsor,
president of the Rebekah Assembly.
Esther Rebekah Lodge will meet to
morrow evening. There will be election
of officers.
JR. O. U. A. M.
Liberty Bell Council met December
14 in the Northeast Masonic Temple,
with Councilor C. D. Hild presiding.
The first nomination of officers was
held. Recording Secretary H. B. Mal
lory read letters from Senator Capper
and Representative Robsion. This coun
cil paid Woodrow Wilson Council in
Kenilworth a fraternal visit Tuesday
and Cabin Glenn Council in Cabin
John, Md„ on Friday. The speakers
were National Committeeman Skinner.
State Councilor E. G. Beck, State Vice
Councilor F. C. Mangum, State Outside
Sentinel Wax, State Inside Sentinel
Garrett, Past State Councilor G. W.
Ackerman, Deputy State Councilors
Mueller, Dahler and Hild and the fol
lowing past councilors: McClung, Mc-
Culloch, Schorr, Franks, Hughes and
Warden Anderson.
Star Spangled Banner Council met
December 13 in the Junior Order Hall.
Election of officers was held. A Christ
mas party will be held January 3. The
families of the members of this council
are invited and an open meeting to
them to witness the installation of offi
cers. Those who made addresses were
State Councilor E. G. Beck and Deputy
State Councilor Crismond.
Potomac Valley Forge Council met in
the Junior Order Hall Wednesday, with
Councilor W. L. Goldsmith presiding.
One application for membership was
received. State Secretary John Prender
secured emblematic jewelry for the
council and presented them to the
members. Those who made addresses
were State Councilor E. G. Beck. State
Secretary John Prender. State Press
Representative Allan C. Witherite, Past
State Councilor Smith and Past Coun
cilor Talbert of Washington Council.
Woodrow Wilson Council was called
to order Tuesday by the councilor.
Officers were elected. State Councilor
E. G. Beck and members of Liberty
Bell Council were received.
Independent Council met Wednesday,
with Councilor Tiffey presiding. There
was an election of officers.
At the last meeting of Osage Tribe a
committee to serve with the great
sachem for a class adoption was ap
pointed. Great Sachem Baker and the
board of great chiefs presented to the
tribe the prize for having the largest
percentage of its membersh* > present at
all of the visitations.
Red Wing Tribe met Monday and
received three applications and ap
pointed a committee to act on class
Capital Castle, Knights of Nemder,
conferred the degrees on two candidates
and elected officers.
Idaho Tribe met Tuesday and were
entertained with musical selections by
Past Sachems Kunza and Hoffman, ac
companied by Past Great Sachem Hei
Analostan Tribe met Tuesday evening
and elected officers. The meetings of
December 24 and 31 have been dis
pensed with. Past Sachem Algate gave
an account of his recent trip to the
Rock Bottom Club.
Logan Tribe met Thursday in Red
Men's Hall with Sachem Harry Thomp
son presiding. Nominations of officers
were held and musical selections were
rendered by the sachem.
Seneca Tribe met in Jonadab Hall
with Sachem Martin presiding. The
tribe nominated officers.
Mineola Tribe met Friday in Ana
costia Masonic Temple, at which time
several applications were received and
the degrees conferred on three candi
dates. Annual election of officers was
Powhatan Tribe met in Pythian Tem
ple with Sachem Barr presiding. The
adoption degree was conferred on one
candidate and three former members
were reinstated. Officers were elected.
White Eagle Council met in Red
Men’s Hall and conferred the degrees
on ceveral candidates. Annual election
of officers was held. The annual chil
dren’s party will be held tomorrow
night. Santa Claus, with his pack, will
be there with prizes for all.
B. P. O. ELKS.
The Boys’ and Clown Bands enter
tained the children of the employes of
the Interior Department in their build
ing last Friday evening. The band will
give a concert and entertainment at the
Palace Theater next Friday morning
for the benefit of the orphans’ party.
William Keefer was presented a cigar
lighter by the lodge for being the out
standing member of the lodge for his
work in the interest of charity.
James L. Feeney will deliver an
illustrated lecture on Los Angeles and
Southern California next Sunday at
8 p.m.
Nathan Weill, past exalted ruler, has
been appointed the chairman for past
exalted rulers’ nights, which will fea
ture an initiation and a social session
early in February. Past Exalted Ruler
Fred Merscheimer will act as his chief
Chairman John E. Lynch of the
Christmas relief committee announces
that the more than 500 baskets and
toys w'ill be packed for delivery tomor
row night. All members of the lodge
are requested to assist him.
At the semi-monthly meeting of
Washington Camp December 12 the
following officers were elected: Vener
able consul, William March’ adviser, E.
A. Hyde: banker. Dr. Roy Taylor; es
cort, C. E. Haas; sentry, Owen Layton;
watchman, S. C. Griffin; clerk, P. E.
Beach; trustees, C. D. Jenkins, E. R. S.
Embrey and C. N. May. Installation
will be held some time in January.
Company A, Ist D. C. Battalion of
Uniformed Foresters, is drilling each
Wednesday night at its headquarters,
101 A street southeast. The company,
undrr command of Capt. W. S. Wheat
ley, went to Laytonsville, Md., where a
reception was held for them and for
Company B and the Laytonsville Band.
Following the reception, Company A
gave an exhibition drill.
District Council, Loyal Ladies of the
Royal Arcanum, held its annual Christ
tas party for children last Monday and
! ai. o an entertainment with refreshments
for the adults present. Candy and ice
; cream were served. The guests were
; welcomed in an address by Mrs. Nellie
I Lewis, regent of the council, and a short
l address was made by Frank V. Marsh,
I grand regent of the Royal Arcanum of I
Oriental Council met Tuesday night
' ,i
This Strang© Adventure
By Mary Roberts Rinebart
■ lll ——— l
Copyright, 1939. by North American Newspaper Alliance and Metropolitan Newspaper Serried
I Lambert Collax, a member of an aris
| foeratic family, married Stella, a bur-
I lesnue actress. When he deserted her
| and their child. Missie. Stella killed
| herself. Colfax's mother, who never
: recognized Stella as her son's wile, urges
| Missie to live with her. Ellen, who is
I Missie's step-sister, is eager to be rid of
! her, but Missie is reluctant to go.
I j T was soon after her grandmother’s
visit that old Archibald, Lambert
Colfax’s uncle, came to see Missie.
! A He had attended Stella’s funeral,
but for the past year the family
I had seen little of him. The pickings
I had been too lean, and he was no fool;
he knew Stella disliked him.
He found the small household demor
alized, Ellen nagging. Missie wretched,
and with his shrewd, not unkindly,
old eyes on the two girls he listened to
the proposition.
"So she wants you. eh?’’ he said to
Missie. “Now why?’’ he reflected, run
ning his fingers through his long pa
triarchal white beard. “It’s 16 years
since we’ve exchanged any conversation,
but she’s my own sister, and unless
Jt Mm 3
The boy laughed, and she knew It was Harry Sloane.
she’s altered considerably she has a
reason for it.”
He contemplated many things, sitting
there stroking his knees with his blue
veined hands. He had no love for his
sister, never had had. But he eyed
Ellen and then Missie, still grieving, still
red-eyed and not too tidy, and drew
his own conclusions.
“Well,” he said at last, “it’s not a
life sentence, anyhow. Not necessarily.
You could try it, and if it gets strong
for you. you could run away, I reckon.”
He chuckled at some ancient memory.
“It’s in the blood, running away. We’re
not a patient family, Missie. We all
run away. But we all get caught, too,
and we come back. Yes, we all come
back in the end.”
Before he left he said something that
touched the girl and perhaps gave
weight to the compromise he suggested.
under the leadership of George Coffren.
The speaker of the evening was A. E.
Gorham of Oriental Council.
At the meeting of Capital Council
Wednesday under the leadership of Re
gent James C. Dulin three candidates
were initiated. The speaker of the eve
ning was Grand Regent Frank V.
Marsh. Carter Mills of District Coun
cil, and the sponsor for the three candi
dates Initiated, was the special guest of
the evening.
The jurisdiction of the District of
Columbia last Wednesday was visited
by Supreme Regent Harold C. Knoeppel
of New York, who had as his guests at
luncheon at the Hotel Washington sev
eral Grand Council officers. After the
luncheon a business session was held.
Councils meeting this week are: Mu
nicipal, Monday; Kismet, Wednesday;
Capitol, Thursday.
At the Christmas party Tuesday eve
ning Miss Gertrude Roche presided in
the absence of Miss Jennie Sims, vice
regent. Santa Claus presented gifts,
toys and candies to the guests. Under
the direction of Miss Grace Spruce
bank, cheer leader, and Miss Agnes
Barry, pianist. Christmas carols were
rendered. Gilbert Fraser, accompanied
by Mrs. Ross, gave a group of songs.
Miss Josephine Sonkup. soprano, ac
companied by Miss Josephine Walsh,
sang. A reading by Miss Agnes Walter
and fancy dancing by little Anna
Kindsfather. completed the program.
The crib was put on display by Mrs.
Berta Jones, chairman of the decora
tion committee, and her assistants.
Georgetown Camp held election at
the meeting Monday, as follows: John
S. Greene, consul; William C. Johnson,
advisor; E. Earl Upperman (re-elected),
banker; James H. Mclntyre (re-elected),
clerk; W. Roy Heft (re-elected), escort;
John A. Jones (re-elected), watchman,
and F. J. Flanagan (re-elected), sentry.
Edward W. Howard, sr., automatically
fills the past consul’s chair. Past Con
sul John A. Trunnell was elected to the
three-year term of trustee and Thomas ,
J. Carroll was elected to the two-year
term. They will be installed January 6.
The next dance will be held in the
camp hall January 20.
To prepare for the installation of of
ficers in Odd Fellows’ Hall a commit
tee consisting of James A. Moody, Wil
liam C. Fahey and Henry P. Clark was
appointed in Central Camp at its last
meeting, the installing officers to be
guests from other camps. One appli
cation for membership was received
The long service of Harrison F. Shaw
who has served as an officer for Cen
tral Camp since its institution, 15 years#
ago, was recognized. Dr. Thomas Lin
ville presenting this officer with a token
of appreciation.
Hope Council met Tuesday with Mrs
Ryder, associate councilor, presidin'
Officers were nominated. There will be
Ino meeting next Tuesday. Election will
be held December 81, followed to a
Christmas party. *
‘T just wanted to say that, if I can
manage it. I'll look after —up there,”
he said “I go up once a week myself,
anyhow, and It's sometimes a comfort
to know they’re being looked after.”
She lay in her dark room after he
had gone—Ellen had moved into Stella’s
—and debated the question with more
calmness than before. She would have
to do something. Tommy and Ellen
were planning to marry soon. She did
not resent that. She could see their
viewpoint. That was always Massle'a dif
ficulty. When she was old enough to
think about it, she lamented it as a
weakness, this ability to see both sides
of the shield. She had an uncanny gift
for putting herself into the other per
son’s mind and seeing why he did this
or felt that. It made It difficult for her
to feel resentment, even to make any
definite stand, except on a principle.
And even there! She herself called It
being muddle-headed. Looking back,
she had “muddled” through her life.
But it was evident that they intended
to force her hand. But then, why not?
They had a right to their life together
without her. Also, both of them felt
that to be recognized by her father’s
family was a step up in the world.
“You’ll be riding in your carriage
when the people on this street are hunt
ing a nickel for the cable cars,’’ was
one of Ellen's arguments. The cable
cars had come by that time; streets
were torn up and in between the new
heavy tracks ran the long slot that car
ried the cable. There was a “grip” un
der the car and it caught hold of the
moving cable and the car went along.
It was amazing.
Or Tommy, heavily humorous, would
stroke his small blond mustache and
tease her.
“Will you speak to us when you’re
riding in state and we’re out on the
tandem?” Yes, Tommy had a new
tandem bicycle for Ellen and himself;
it was one of the first in the city.
Missie would sit. eying first the one
and then the other. She did not much
care what she did, only she rather
wanted to be alone. She was never
alone, somehow. They were always
dragging her into the parlor with them,
so they could argue with her.
After all, she might try it. It was not
a life sentence, as old Archibald had
said. If she didn't like it, she could
run away.
She did not know that that very
night old Archibald had a conversation
with his sister. He sat alone in his
small room, with the vital noisy life
of the slums going on underneath his
window and a bottle of whisky beside
him—his pension had Just come—and
held high converse with her. She was
not there, but that did not matter.
“I understand you want to take
Bert's girl.”
“That’s my affair, Archibald.”
“It’s hers, too. Why are you do
ing it?”
"Because I’ve got what you never
had. a sense of duty.”
"Good heavens," he bawled. “If
that’s all, let her alone. If you’re tak
ing her because Bert’s acted like a dirty
scoundrel and you want to make up to
the girl for it, tha’s one thing. Duty’s
another. And there’s something else,
“And what is that?”
“Don’t you take her and freeze her.
Do you hear that? That woman who
killed herself, she had red blood in her
veins. This girl has it. too, or I don’t
know women. And I’ve never been ac
cused of that!”
“You may be insulting in my house,
but need you be vulgar?”
That pleased him. He chuckled
over it.
“A little vulgarity would have been
valuable to you. Sarah, at a good many
times in your life. But that’s neither
here nor there. Take this girl in, if
you will, but give her something more
than duty. If you don’t give her love,
she’ll go outside for it. That’s what
Bert did.”
And here the imaginary dialogue
ceased, and he smote his knee with a
mighty thump.
“Bert," he said. That’s it! She’s
holding onto Bert through the girl!
Well, much good may it do her!”
We took another drink or two before
Attention % Clubs!
Swanee Ballroom (13th &
E Sts.), America’s Most
Beautiful Ballroom, May
Be Rented for Private
Costs no more than a less
popular place and you have
every facility to assure
100% success for your
I affair.
For Detaila Phono Decatur 1636
he put on his long nightshirt and
crawled into his bed. He lay back on
his pillows and looked at the pictures
on the walls. His wife, the bwe: queer
old daguerreotypes, his wlfea breast
pin touched with gold paint. But his
eyes strayed from them to other photo
graphs; himself in the clothes he used
to wear to the races at Saratoga, a pic
ture or two of a horse he had run years
He smiled faintly and sank agreeably
into sleep. At the same time, Massie
was worrying about the future. It was
a small thing which Anally decided her.
It was to be like that with her, always;
it was to be as though there was a
complete absence of design in her par
ticular weaving, as though that fortui
tous and casual concourse of atoms
which was Missie Colfax was meant to
be the sport of every circumstance, the
victim of any chance wind that blew.
One night she went out for a walk to
get away from Tommy and Ellen. The
streets were dark, save for an occasional
gas lamp, and under a tree she came
across a boy and a girl. The girl was
giggling self-consciously, the boy talking
in a low tone. She had passed them by
when the boy laughed, and she knew it
was Harry Sloane.
He had not seen her. She wandered
on, the dead leaves of Autumn eddying
about her. and her own heart and
mouth as dry as they. The streets were
empty and quiet, the tired horses of the
day’s traffic were in their stables. Now
and then an occasional carriage went
by, its matched team trotting, its har
ness shining, its coachman erect on his
box. Inside were women, women in
enormous picture hats and evening
gowns, on their way to the theater, their
short full capes covering their decolette;
or on their way to dinners, or balls,
their long trains carefully gathered into
their laps, their heads garnished with
wreaths or feathers, their satin slippers
with their sharply pointed toes resting
in carriage warmers or clad in fur
topped carriage boots.
The wind penetrated her coat, whip
ped her soft hair around her face. She
walked along, stumbling over the un
even bricks of the pavements. After
all, why not go to her grandmother?
Nobody else wanted her. They were all
busy with their own affairs, Ellen and
Dodge Cars
Displayed in Our Showroom Only
Prices on All These Models
Will Be Increased After
' Jan. 1, 1930
New Dodge Brothers Sixes
W* Nm R(|)lw
Delivered Delivered Fife*
2-Door Sedan . $845 SI,OBO
4-Door Sedan, Standard..... $995 $l,lBO
4- Sedan, De Luxe $1,065 $1,200
Business Coupe $895 SI,OBO
Coupe, De Luxe... . . ... $975 $1,160
Standard Victoria $975 $1,160 *
Roadster (6 wire wheels)’....sl,o2o $1,255
New Dodge Brothers Seniors
Prlc. Hernia*
Delivered Delivered Prill
5- 5edan..... ; ..... $1,495 $1,760
Landau Sedan £ $1,495 $l,BlO
Standard Coupe $1,495 $1,760
Roadster (6 wire wheels) „. .$1,495 $1,900
All Cars Fully Equipped
Wire wheels and fender wells available on all
models at slight additional cost
The Trew Motor Co.
1809 14th St. N. W. Decatur 1910
Open Daily Till 11 P. M—Sunday ! A. M. Till I P. M.
L C. Barber Motor Co. . Kaplan & Crawford, Ine.
1805 14th St. N. W. 8329 Champlain St N. W
H. C. Fleming Motor Co.
Hyattaville, Md.
More Than 100 Species
Spend Entire Lifetime in
Absolute Blackness.
Imagine a universe or life without
light. Such a condition seems impossi
ble, yet, scientists say, there are more
than a hundred known species of land
animals and insects in North America
| alone that live in a universe of utter
Many insects, reptiles, and sometimes
even mammals, like the ground squir
rels and the bats, employ caves as their
temporary places of abode, but the true
cave animals—the blind insects (beetles,
crickets, mites and gnats), the eye
less fish, Crustacea, leeches and the in
numerable myriapods that Inhabit the
dark recesses of caverns like the Mam
moth Cave of Kentucky, spend their
entire lives in places where it is darker
than the darkest night. These animals
never, from their own choice, come to
light, nor are they found where the
atmosphere is far from the saturation
point. In their habitat of continuous
night they live and breed, migrating
upward or downward as the food sup
ply and moisture conditions require.
Os all cave animals, the white cricket
and the blind fish are probably best
known, but the group of minute crea
tures—the myriapods (centipede-like
animals)—are, scientists believe, per
haps more highly endowed by nature
than their better known comrades.
These animals are provided with won.
derfully sensitive antennae or feelers
resembling little strings of pearls which,
it was pointed out, serve as eyes, ears
and possibly nose for the animal. These
antennae project notably from the side
of the head and enable the animal
to travel from place to place with
perfect ease.
The myriapods have the habit of
spinning a delicate web while traveling,
so they can retrace their path per
fectly by following the web.
These minute insect-like creatures
run quite actively and can move back
ward with as much ease as forward.
Tommy back there in the parlor, Harry
She went back to the little house and
opened the parlor door.
“I just came to tell you that I’ve
made up my mind. I’ll go. We can
sell this stuff, Ellen. You won't want
it, and I never want to see it again.”
Then she went out and slammed the
They were greatly relieved. With her
problem off their minds, they began,
after that, to make much of her.
“Just think how grand you’ll be.
You’ll get fatter, too. She’ll be really
pretty when she’s fatter. Tommy, won't
“Nothing to frown at now,” Tommy
would say gallantly.
They were married three weeks later,
a church wedding, but a quiet one; a
few neighbors, two or three of Ellen's
office associates, Tommy’s family and
some of his friends. Ellen sent a note
to Mrs. Colfax, telling her that Missie
would be ready the day after the cere
mony, and inviting her and “Miss Ade
laide” to the church. In reply Adelaide
Colfax wrote that the carriage would
call for Massle at 4 o’clock of the day
designated, and did not refer to the
marriage at all.
The day after the wedding the sec
ond-hand man came with his wagon
and backed It to the curb. When he
had gone, Missie swept out the empty
rooms and burned the trash in the yard.
Then she went into the house, washed
and dressed, closed and locked her
trunk, the trunk which had been
Stella’s, and sent It off. And at half
past live came old Ishmael and the
carriage, and Missie got in. There were
a few good-byes, old Ismael waved his
whip, the horses moved off.
She cried quietly all the way to her
new home.
(Continued in Tomorrow’s Star.)

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