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University of Pittsburgh Situ
ation Held Precarious by
Association of Professors.
■y th» Associated Preaa.
PITTSBURGH, Pm., December 28.
The American Association ot Univer
sity Professors, in Its December bulle
tin, makes a report on academic free
dom at the University of Pittsburgh,
In which It Is said freedom of speech
by Pitt Instructors “is precarious and
la held not by right, but the grace of
tile administration.”
The report is based on an investiga
tion made at Pitt last Spring by Georg£
Sabine and Carl Wlttke of Ohio State
University following dissolution of the
Pitt Liberal Club by university author
ities after the club held a Mooney-811l-
Ings meeting on the campus against
orders of school heads.
Situation Held Difficult.
•There is no disposition on the part
of the faculty.” the report said, “to
deny that the situation of the adminis
tration really is difficult. It has adopt
ed a highly ambitious project of ex
pansion calling for greatly Increased
endowment; It is dependent for funds
partly on a State government, in both
of which Influence and peculiar point
of view certain big business and indus
trial Interests seem to be paramount.”
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Illuminated Star
Raised to Express
Workers’ Goodwill
As a reminder of the religious
significance of Christmas and an
Indicator of the progress of the
construction of the Washington
Cathedral, a large, electrically
Illuminated star has been placed
on the high roof-line of the
Erected by the workmen as an
expression of their appreciation
of the religious importance of
the cathedral, the star can be
' seen from virtually every section
of tiie city. In previous years it
has gleaned forth from a posi
tion directly above the sanc
tuary. but since last Christmas
the roof of the choir has been
completed and the star has
moved westward, keeping pace
with the advancement in the
building of the great edifice.
The bulletin contained an answer by
Dr. John G. Bowman, university chan
cellor, who was given proofs of the re
port. Dr. Bowman said:
“The prejudice of one member of
the committee was evident on his ar
rival at the university. He seemed
eager to express his own views on the
Issue rather than And the facts.
Charges Insinuations.
"I regret the tendency of the article
to make insinuations rather than to
state facts.
“An Investigation of a university by
the American Association of University
Professors places upon the association
an obligation to have its work con
ducted Tn fairness and executed In a
judiciary manner.”
Dr. Bowman tonight said he had
nothing to add to his previous comment.
Reporters In Swift Plane Talk
to Liner 500 Miles .
at Sea.
i . .
By the AasoclaUd Press.
NEW YORK, December 23.—High
over Manhattan in a hundred-mile-an
hour flying telephone booth reporters
yesterday talked to the liner Leviathan
500 miles at sea.
As casually as if sitting in their own
homes two reporters and three engi
neers of the Bell Telephone Laboratories
soared 3,000 feet over the city in a big
tri-motored plane, asked for and got
the Leviathan as if they were calling
for a number just around the corner.
They passed the time of day and heard
the gossip of the ship from Commodore
Harry Cunningham and passengers
aboard the vessel.
This new step in communication was
effected by a radio-land-wire-radio
Commodore Cunningham passed on
the information to the Associated Press
reporter that it was a clear day and a
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calm sea; that he hoped to be at
his dock In the Hudson River this
morning at B o'clock. After a short ex
change of pleasantries others aboard
the plane talked with the ship. The
conversation! lasted halt an hour.
With the plane at 1,500 feet the
trailing antenna was dropped and F. S.
Berngard. Bell Laboratories radio en
gineer. got In touch with the experi
mental radio station at Whippany, N.
J.. which then connected him by land
wire to the American Telephone St Tel
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City, thence with the Bell System's
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Ship Massage by Radio.
The voices from the ship went by
radio to the receiving station at Forked
River, N. J., back by land wires through
NeW York City to the Whippany sta
tion, from where they were broadcast
to the plant. Thera was hardly any
static, the voices coming through al
most as distinctly as over an ordinary
telephone circuit.
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