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Mothers’ Aid Measure Also
is Approved by Assem
bly Committee.
Staff Correspondent of the Star.
RICHMOND, Va„ January 23.
Northern Virginia legislator* were suc
cessful yesterday in having two' meas
ures reported from the committee on
general laws of the House of Delegates
and are now ready to seek their passage
on the floor. The first of these Is the
bill to create a commission to protect
Virginia's Interests in proposed Potomac
River water power development and the
second a resolution having as its aim
the putting lnte effect of the mothers'
aid act.
The proposed water power commis
sion. as explained by Hugh Reid of Ar
lington. one of the sponsors, would be
formed for the purpose of negotiating
with the Federal Oovemment and the
States of Maryland and West Virginia.
Study for Id Years.
For 30 years. Reid said, the Federal
Government has been making a study
of the possibilities of various kinds of
development along the Potomac River
and these plans, because of the
geographical situation that exists with
respect to State lines, threatens the
exclusion of Virginia in the ultimate
Virginia, he explained, has no share
In the waters of the Potomac because
the lines of the District of Columbia
and Maryland run to the high-water
mark on Virginia’s side. The State,
however, should be and Is intensely in
terested in her shores, Reid declared,
for it would be necessary to carry the
erection of any dams or other similar
construction to Virginia's shores. It
• would also be possible for thousands of
acre* of Virginia soil, hundreds of
homes and many miles of highways and
railroads in the State to be completely
submerged by the erection of certain
dams that have been suggested, he ex
The commission, which has the
approval of Gov. John Garland Pollard,
would consist of highly trained State
officials or employes who could make a
careful study of the Federal Govern
ment's plans and be in a position to
protect Virginia’s interests when the
occasion for such action becomes neces
sary. The governor would be an ex
officio member of the commission and
the attorney general ex-officio legal
adviser. The governor would be em
powered to take advantage of any legal
or engineering facilities made avail
able by State institutions.
Mother's Aid.
The mother's aid resolution, which
was offered by J. P. Jone<, Richmond,
with Reid as co-sponsor, calls upon the
board of public welfare of the State
to furnish information as to the ma
chinery needed to put into effect State
aid to the counties and cities that have
taken advantage of the mother’s aid
bill, which was passed several years
The purpose of the measure is ulti
mately to procure a State appropriation
refunding to the counties and cities
one-third of their expenditures under
the bill now on the statute books.
While the present law was enacted
in 1922, it has been wholly inoperative
insofar as the State government is
concerned because of a lack of appro
bation. The system of mother’s aid
through local taxation has been applied
in only two counties. Arlington and
Wise, and one city, Richmond. It has
been operative in Arlington since
shortly after the passage of the act,
but as yet the entire expense has been
shouldered by the county.
Civic Bodies Active.
The organized women voters, various
parent-teacher associations and other
civic organizations in Arlington County
have been long seeking an appropriation
that would assist local authorities in the
care of the women and children whose
maintenance is dependent wholly or in
part upon the county government and
are backing Reid in his attempt to have
the necessary funds included in the
The State act is for the purpose of
preventing the breaking up of homes
where the father is dead or incapaci
tated by making cash allowances to
enable mothers to bring up their chil
dren in their homes instead of confining
them In institutions. The city or coun
ty welfare board makes the allowances
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H ■
Wh« was chosen for a second term
as president of the Organised Women
Voters of Arlington County at the
annual meeting of the organisation at
Aurora Hills yesterday afternoon.
—Clinedinst Phot 9
Description Obtained of Man
Who Broke Into Seat
Pleasant Home.
Br a Staff Correspondent of ths Star.
SKAT PLEASANT. Md.. January 33.
—Armed vith a good description of the
colored man who last night broke into
the home of Mrs. Mary Hutchinson, 45
years old, on Edgar avenue, here, and
choked her. Prince Georges County
police this morning began an intensive
search of nearby colored communities.
Washington police were also asked to
look out for the marauder.
Hurt About Throat.
Mrs. Hutchinson suffered painful in
juries about the throat when her as
sailant choked her into unconscious
ness on the first floor of her home,
after she had arisen to investigate a
noise caused by the man's forced entry
through a window.
Her husband, Christopher Hutchin
son, was at work in Washington when
the assault occurred, but her three
children, Charles, aged 9; Helen, 4, and
George, 5, were awakened by the com
motion and their cries brought Charles
Hooker, next-door neighbor, and fright
ened the assailant away. Another son,
16, was not home at the time.
Mrs. Hutchinson was treated by Dr.
Apgar and remained at her home. She
furnished State Policeman W. T. Book
er with a detailed description of the
man. Both Mrs. Hutchinson and her
children were certain they could iden
tify the man if they saw him again.
Booker started an immediate search
for the assailant, assisted by aroused
residents of the community. Sheriff
Charles 8. Early assigned County Police
man Prank P. Prince to work with
Booker this morning.
Baltimore Shipbuilder Succumbs to
Long Illness.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE, January 23.—Washing
ton Booth Booz. for many years identi
fied with shipbuilding in Baltimore,
died yesterday at his home here.
Mr. Booz had been ill for more than
a year. He retired from the senior
; r. mbership of the firm of Booz Broth
-1 ers, one of the oldest shipbuilding firms
1 on the Atlantic Coast, 12 years ago.
1 The firm has since been operated by
, two younger brothers.
• or if there is no board the court may
> do it. Stringent penalties are provided
■ to prevent fraud.
t Gov. Pollard made recommendations
■ for carrying out this work in his inau
t rural address.
Issue of $125,000 to Be Put
on Market by County
Staff Correspondent, of the Star.
23.—sale of $125,000 in lateral road
bonds for the construction of high
ways during the current year has been
ordered by the Prince Georges County
Sealed bids for the bonds will be
opened February 25. The bonds are
the unsold portion of a $500,000 issue
' authorized at the last session of the
i legislature. Their interest rate has been
l set at 4*4 per cent.
Plan Nine Lateral Reads.
The ftinds derived from their sale
will be used in conjunction with the
gasoline tax refund and other revenues
for the construction by the State Roads
Commission of nine lateral road-build
ing projects recommended by the
county commissioners last week. Eight
of the roads are extensions of uncom
pleted connecting links between much
used traffic arteries.
Following their road recommenda
tions of last week, one of which was
| for the completion of the Livingston
i road from Accokeek to the Charles
! County line, the commissioners today
sent a request to the commissioners
of the latter county to appropriate suf
ficient funds to complete the road from
Patuxent City to the Prince Georges
County line.
Board Urged Work.
The request was transmitted in ac
cordance with a formal order passed
at the last meeting of the board. The
Prince Georges officials took the action
after the Charles County commission
ers had joined with citizens In Prince
Georges in urging the construction of
the road below Accokeek.
A resolution of thanks from the Vans
vllle District Farmers’ Club was pre
sented to the commissioners, commend
ing their action in recommending the
construction of a concrete extension
of the Cool Springs road from the ex
perimental station of the University
of Maryland westward toward the Riggs
Appointment of Isadore A. Talbott
to succeed his father as keeper of the
courthouse grounds is also announced
by the commissioners.
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Robert L. McDonald, Charged With
“Malicious” Killing, Taken
Prom Louisa Prison.
By ths Associated Prsaa.
LOUISA, Va., January 23.—Robert L.
McDonald, on trial here charged with
“malicious” murder of John Rose
Marshall, World War veteran, whose
body was burned in his home at Byrd
Hill July 19, was taken to a Richmond
jail last night and night sessions of
the trial suspended because there was
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United Statee Inspected and Certified
' ' ‘ ————J m » A
__l * \
no room for McDonald in the Louisa
The trial was started yesterday after
attempts to prove McDonald Insane
failed, although a commission appoint
ed to observe his mental condition re
ported to the court that he was “feeble
Practically alt of the proeecution’B
evidence was taken yesterday afternoon.
Today defense.evidence will be offered
and W. Earl Trank, commonwealth's
attorney, said he expected the case to
reach the Jury late tomorrow after
This season's whale-catching fleet
from Norway consisted of 199 whaling
boats, 39 cookeries and a crew of about
9.000 men. the largest fleet in the his
-1 tory of whaling.
Shows Extent of Bavrfges of Dis
ease in Arlington County—Aid
Organization Formed.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
CLARENDON, Va., January 23.—As
a means of Impressing tne importance
of the campaign against tuberculosis,
being conducted in the county by the
local health department under the lead
ership of Miss Marian Gray, field work
er and organizer of the State Tuber
culosis Association, a map showing the
active, auspicious and sanltorium cases
as wen u the contacts and deaths from
the disease since 193 ft has been placed
on view in the windows of the Chamber
of Commerce here.
The survey will be continued and as
new cases are found they will be added
to the map, according to Miss Gray.
A strong organisation to assist in the
work ahead is being formed of the doc
tors of the county and leaders of the
Parent-Teacher Associations. Repre
sentatives of the latter will meet with
Miss Gray and others of the Health De
partment (omorrow night in the Claren
don Health Center to further plans for
the campaign.
Mme. Lavigne, aged 107, recently fol
lowed on foot to the Flogy, Prance,
cemetery the coffin of her daughter,
Mme. Petit Jean, who had died at SI.
Oxon Hill to Start With
Automobile. ' ;
Br a Staff Correspondent of The Star.
OXON HILL, Md., January 33.—Pur
chase of a second-hand automobile,
be outfitted later with flre-flghting ap-"
paratus. has been authorized by the
newly formed Oxon Hill Volunteer PlTe
Department. Members of the depart
ment felt such action wiser than buy
ing an expensive fire engine. A com
mittee was appointed to view used cars
with authority to make the purchase if
a suitable automobile is found.
Another committee is arranging a
dance to b« given Pebruary L

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