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President and Mrs. Hoover Combine En
tertainments for Diplomats' Musicale
Following Dinner.
4 w ’
will be entertained at dinner
Tuesday evening by the Secretary
of Agriculture and Mrs. Hyde
and tomorrow the Secretary of
Interior and Mrs. Wilbur will be hosts
to the Chief Executive and First Lady
of the Land.
The annual state dinner for the chiefs
of foreign missions in Washington was i
given by President and Mrs. Hoover |
last evening when the Ambassador of
Peru, Senor Dr. Herman Velarde, made |
his first appearance as dean of the corps
at this Capital. Dr. Velarde presented j
his credentials March 24, 1924, and the
retiring Ambassador of Great Britain,'
Sir Esme Howard, was received March \
5 of that year. With the retirement
of Sir Esme Howard as ambassador, Dr. |
Velarde took his place at the head of |
the corps. The dinner last evening was |
the first large entertainment that Presi- j
dent and Mrs Hoover have given for j
the diplomats, although they entertained j
at dinner in honor of the Belgian
Ambassador and Princess de Ligne early j
in their administration and before going I
South a fortnight ago they gave a
dinner party in compliment to the
retiring Ambassador of Great Britain
and Lady Isabella Howard,
The large number of foreign missions
in Washington necessitated a long table
Bet in the shape of a horse shoe which
stretched from the west windows in the
state dining room to the east wall and
the length of the room. Columbia roses,
pink snapdragons and sweetpeas with
gloriosum fern were used in the dainty
vases of the gold service and in low
mounds at intervals on the table.
There were few of the countries ac
credited to this Capital that were not
represented at the dinner last evening.
The Minister of Denmark, Mr. Con
stantin Brun, was unable to attend be
cause of indisposition: the Minister of
Panama and Senora de Alfaro are in
mourning; the Minister of Colombia,
Senor Dr. Olaya, is in his own country,
where he was recently elected Presi
dent. and the Minister of Rumania, Mr.
Charles A. Davila, is in New York, pre
paratory to sailing for a short vacation
Guests at Dinner.
The guests at dinner were the Am
bassador of Peru, Dr. Velarde; the Ital
ian Ambassador and Nobil Donna An
toinette de Martino, the Ambassador of
Brazil, Senhor S. Gurgel do Amaral;
the Ambassador of Spain and Senora
de Padilla, the Ambassador of Cuba
and Senora de Ferrara, the Ambassa
dor of France and Mme. Claudel, the
Ambassador of Chile and Senora de
Davilla, the Belgian Ambassador,
Prince de Ligne; the Ambassa
dor of Turkey, Ahmed Mouhtar
Bey; the Ambassador of Germany
and Frau von Prittwitz und Gaffron,
the Japanese Ambassador and Mme.
Dejjuchi. the Minister of Portugal and
Viscountess d’Alte, the Minister of
Uruguay and Mme. Varela, the Minister
of Switzerland and Mme. Peter, the
Minister of Finland. Mr. Axel Leonard
Astrom; the Minister of Greece and
Mme. Simopoulos. the Minister of Aus
tria and Mme. Prochnik, the Minister
of Bulgaria and Mme. Radeff. the
Minister of Sweden and Mme. Bostrom,
the Minister of Venezuela and Senora
de Grisantl the Minister of the Domini
can Republic and Senora de Morales,
the Minister of Albania, Mr. Faik Ko
nitza; the Minister of Persia. Mlrza
Davoud Khan Meftah; the Minister of
Canada and Mrs. Massey, the Minister
of the Netherlands fcnd Mme. van
Royen. the Minister of Norway and
Mme. Bachke, the Minister of Guate
mala and Senora de Recinos, the Min
ister of Bolivia and Senora de Diez de
Mediae the Minister of Costa Rica,
Senor Don Manuel Castro Quesada;
the Minister of Lithuania, Mr. Bronius
gowns ayiESiau hats
ManimniimnmiMnn unamnuimuntuHituiHi«
v -< s &7-9-11-13 6 St.KW^
SATURDAY WA B s ,S¥!S?v N ' s
-—to accommodate the throngs that we could not serve yes
terday, in response to our announcement of the
Big Purchase and
sr no & *ls *4’*°
S£ RLY *ls to *2s*^°
S RLY 519.50 to 539.50
£&au COATS
EXCHANGES -1- W sf| W*
, The Friendly Shop BRESLAU’S, 1307-1315 G St.
i Kasimir Balutis; the Minister of
Czechoslovakia and Mme. Veverka, the
Minister of the Irish Free State and
Mrs. Mac White, the Chinese Minister
and Mme. Wu, the Minister of Nica
ragua and Senora de Sacasa, the Minis
ter of Yugoslavia, Dr. Leonide Pitamac;
the Siamese Minister, Maj. Gen. Prince
Amoradat Kridakara; the Minister of
Honduras and Senora de Argueta, the
1 Minister of Ecuador and Senora de Vl
i teri Lafronte, and the Minister of
I South Africa and Mrs. Louw.
Senator William E. Borah, as chair
| man of the foreign relations committee
: of the Senate, and Mrs. Borah were
! among those invited, but owing to the
recent death of Mrs. Borah's mother,
they have canceled their social en
gagements. Representative Stephen G.
Porter, as chairman of the House com
mittee on foreign affairs, was among
those at the dinner, others including
the acting Secretary of State, Mr.
Joseph P. Cotton and Miss Isobel Cot-
Joseph P. Cotton, and Miss Isobel Cot
ton; the charge d’affaires of Argentina
I and Mme. Enciso, the charge d'affaires
of Mexico and Senora de Campos-Ortiz,
the charge d'affaires of Great Britain.
Mr. Ronald lan Campbell; the charge
d'affaires of El Salvador and Senora de
Lelva, the charge d’affaires of Haiti.
Mr. Raoul Lizaire; the charge d’affaires
of Paraguay and Senora de Ynsfran. |
the charge d'affaires of Egypt, Ahmed
Mamdouh Moursi; the charge d’affaires
of Hungary and Mme. Pelenyi, the
charge d'affaires of Colombia, Senor
Don Jose M. Coronado; the charge
d'affaires of Poland, Mr. Victor Podoski,
and the President’s aides, Capt. Allen
Buchanan and Col. Campbell Hodges.
The additional guests who were asked
for the musicale after the dinner were
other members of the diplomatic corps,
members of the foreign affaires and
foreign relations committees and offi
cials of the State Department. The
program was given by Mme. Hulda
Lashanska,'soprano, and Mr. Alexander
Brailowsky, pianist, Mr. Kurt Ruhr
seitz playing the accompaniment for
Mme. Lashanska. The President and
Mrs. Hoover received the guests for
the musicale in the green room, as is
the custom.
Mrs. Gibson Fahnestock ha.v as her j
guests for a short time her daughter,
Mrs. Benjamin Royall Holcombe, who j
flew from her home in New York yes- I
terday to attend the musicale which .
Mrs. Fahnestock gave last evening.
The program was given by Miss Gretta \
Don, Scottish soprano, accompanied by j
Miss Virginia Carty and Signor Ales- i
sandro Niccolai, Italian violinist, ac- j
companied by Mrs. Mildred Kolb!
Mrs. Fahnestock will sail Monday for
a short cruise In the West Indies.
Secretary and Mrs. Wilbur
Hosts at Dinner Tonight.
The Secretary of the Interior and
Mrs. Wilbur will entertain a company
Asparagus Tips
Can Doz.
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No. 2! z Can Large White 40c $4.50
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Conn. Ave., M and 18th Sts.
Phone Decatur 4180 Established 1875
Bostonian in Capital
; !
Guest of Miss Carolyn Davis, daughter
of Representative and Mrs. Edwin La
mar Davis, at their home, on California
of 20 at dinner this evening in the
north room of the Hotel Mayflower.
The Ambassador of Chile and Senora
de Davila will be the guests of honor at
luncheon tomorrow of Mrs. M. de Clare
Berry, who will entertain in the Na
tional Woman's Country Club on the
Bradley boulevard. Mrs. Berry will be
hostess to a company of 25 at luncheon
at 2 o'clock and has arranged a bridge
party for 3:30 o’clock to be followed by
a tea from 4 to 6:30 o’clock, in cele
bration of George Washington's birth
day anniversary.
The Minister of Rumania, Mr.
Charles A. Davila, went to New York
yesterday and will sail today for a six
week vacation to Europe.
The first secretary «of the legation,
Mr. Frederick C. Nana, will be charge
d’affaires during the absence of the
Senator Thomas J. Walsh and Sen
ator Lawrence C. Phipps were guests
at the dinner given last evening by
Mrs. Mark Reid Yates, in her home on |
Massachusetts avenue. The other j
j Wednesday Nites!
Saturday Nites!
Sunday Nites !
- ■■
2 C Grjenway Inn
Connecticut at Cathe4ral
Special Dinner
r. Washington's
9“ Birthday
C Honey Dew Cocktail
_ Vi Broiled Chicken
1 Broiled Sweetbreads
_ Mushroom Sauce
I Tenderloin Steak
_ Punch
1C Cherry Pie
_ _ Freeh Strawberry Parfait
U Cherry Custard Ice Cream
X 5-7:30 P.M.
5 a .
y Special Sunday Dinner
1-7:M P.M.
| Col. 10118 ANN TABER
mSSSSEmm i ...aag 1
SB : fi * wtk B*l M n mM B* ■' VygaMh ’ lUfis''‘ K
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♦ 1
'^ s — = — ===== s=ss=^===s^ === =s===j[-rs===L.
guests were Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Henry
T. Alien, Brig. Gen. and Mrs. George P.
Scriven, Mrs. William Fitch Kelley and
Mr. Dysart McMullen.
Senator and Mrs. John B. Kendrick
entertained at dinner last evening in
honor of Senator and Mrs. Patrick J. |
Sullivan and Miss Margaret Sullivan. I
. The other guests were the Director of
National Park Service and Mrs. Horace
M. Albright, former Representative and
i Mrs. Frank W. MondeU. Maj. and Mrs.
: Parker W. West. Miss Henrietta Allen. |
Mr. Frank W. MondeU, jr., and Mr. 1
George L. Williams.
Representative James S. Parker,
chairman of the interstate and foreign
commerce committee of the House,
and Mrs. Parker were hosts at dinner
last evening in their home, on Sixteenth
street, in honor of the members of the
committee. In the company were Rep
resentative Samuel Rayburn, Represen
tative and Mrs. Carl E. Mapes, Represen
tative and Mrs. John G. Cooper, Repre
sentative and Mrs. E. E. Denison, Rep
resentative Schuyler Merritt, Mrs. Mer
ritt, Representative and Mrs. Clarence
F. Lea, Representative Robert Croaser,
Extravagance" ||
Tweed j
* 1
ery youthful and very
:ering, these new soft »
ed sport coats with
e, away from the face 1
collars of soft two-tone
Fox. Narrow self
s; nipped at the normal
stline; the new longer js|
jth flared slightly at the
i; these are the new
3 touches.
n rose, tan, rust and
green tweeds
Women's and Misses’ Sises.
Second Floor. j
hat har- w
•w tweed nHI tfS
are also
>0 pair 1
Representative and Mrs. Homer Hoch,
Representative and Mrs. Jacob Mulli
gan, Representative and Mrs. Adam
Wvant, Representative and Mrs. Olger
I B. Burtness, Representative John E.
i Nelson, Representative Tilman B. Parks,
! Representative and Mrs. T. J. B. Robin
son, Representative and Mrs. Milton i
IC. Garber. Representative and Mrs.
Noble J. Johnson, Representative and
Mrs. Charles A. Wolverton. Mrs. James
R. Mann, Miss Louise Merritt, Mis 3
Robinson and Miss Parks.
Representative and Mrs. William R.
Eaton were joined last night at the
Wardman Park Hotel by their niece,
Mrs. Vivienne Breckenridge. who has
come from Sweetbrier, Va., for a visit.
Representative and Mrs. J. D. Crad
dock of Kentucky will have as their
guests at the annual costume ball of
the Kentucky State Society, to be given
Tuesday in the grand ball room of the
Mayflower, Representative and Mrs. J.
A. Garber of Virginia. Representative
and Mrs. Harold G. Hoffman of New j
Jersey and Maj. and Mrs. Simon B. i
j Buckner. jr.:_also Mr. and Mrs. Elmer I
(Continued on Third Page.)
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