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Animal Rescue Officials Reply
to Criticism of Former
The Community Chest is in a posi
tion to satisfy itself and the public with
the present administration of funds
allotted to the Washington Animal Res
cue League, officials of the league de
clared today in a statement issued in
reply to charges of mismanagement and
insanitary conditions made by Mrs.
Marion Stuart Cake, a former director.
Mrs. Cake, who disagreed with the
officials of the league on the method of
executing large dogs, expressed her
views on the alleged mismanagement of
the league in a letter to the director of
the Chest. In other letters, published
by The Star, she expressed dissatisfac
tion with the league’s method of chloro
forming large dogs instead of killing
them by electrocution.
A statement issued today by the
hov.se committee of the league follows:
“In view of the continued attack upon
the administration of the Washington
Animal Rescue League by Mrs. Marion
Stuart Cake, an erstwhile director and
co-worker, with Mrs. M. R. Blumenberg,
the former vice president, who was re
moved from the membership rolls of
the league by vote at the January meet
ing of the board of directors, the house
committee has decided to refute Mrs.
Cake's statements for the benefit of
that part of the public who may find
it impossible to make a personal in
spection of the league, though they are
cordially invited to do so.
Says Officer Made no Report.
“When Mrs. Cake commenced visiting
the Washington Animal Rescue League
premises frequently and in a highly
excited state, some 10 days ago, she was
treated with every courtesy. When she
summoned a police officer as a witness
to our cruelty he made no report of
the incident on the blotter at the pre
cinct station, but said, in answer to our
query, that as far as he could see every
thing was all right; that it seemed to
be only a difference of opinion as to
whether chloroform or electricity were
the most humane method of putting
the animals away.
“The statement that animals are
closed in chloroform boxes and slowly
suffocated to death is without founda
tion in fact. The boxes are charged
slowly and the animal goes to sleep
quietly and easily.
“To quote Mrs. Cake: ‘This work of
destruction has been going on now for
mor* than two weeks, as I was told
last Saturday by. two of the present
officers of the league. It is going on
notwithstanding there is still installed,
as there has been for years, an electric
lethal chamber, which the official in
spection reports show is in perfect
working order.’
“Neither of the two officers made the
statement that anything but small ani
mals were chloroformed. It would have
been untrue and ridiculous, since the
most skillful veterinarian service of the
city has been employed to put away
the large animals and the emergency
cases where the injured animal was too
large for the chloroform box.
Feel no Fear of Criticism.
“In the letter which Mrs. Cake in
dited to the Chest in an effort to have
our funds withheld from us she makes
the statement and charges mismanage
ment and pisanitation. We feel that
the Chest is competent to satisfy itself
and the public with the present admin
istration of the funds allotted. And
the District health office having given
us a clean bill of health this week, we
feel no fear of just criticism along that
line. She says: ’The place reeks with
distemper.’ It would not be strange if
a harbor such as this for the derelicts
of dogdom did reek, but that such is
not the case can be vouched for by at
least three leading veterinarians.
“The house committee is responsible
for the discontinuance of the use of the
electric cage. Not having the funds
necessary for the constant attendance
of a skilled veterinarian and trained
help in the use of the cage, we have
had grave doubts of the painlessness of
the death meted out by it, and for this
reason have discontinued its use while
we are investigating to find and obtain
the latest, most approved. method of
elimination, and when we have found
it the public may rest assured it will
be installed.
Investigation Declined.
“The house committee joins Mrs. Cake
in the request and have even finally
demanded to have our methods investi
gated by the Humane Society, but up
to this time have been refused by both
the president, Mrs. Elmore, and the
secretary, Mrs. Heap.
"The house committee is spreading
its names upon the record here, know
ing that as each and every woman so
named is knowrn so well and favorably
for her work among animals that it
cannot fail to convince the public that
they would be the first to condemn any
but the kindest treatment for the poor
derelicts in our charge.
—- 1 ■ •
Conservative Leader in Ottawa
House of Commons Hits Pending
American Tariff Bill.
By the Associated Press.
OTTAWA, Ontario, February 26.—R.
B. Bennett, Conservative party leader,
Monday told the Canadian House of
Commons that his party protests
against Canada's being "bullied” by the
United States or any other power.
He quoted an article in an American
magazine by an economist dealing with
the tariff bill now before Congress,
which said, “For many years this coun
try has treated Canada as a bully
treats a small boy.”
Mr. Bennett’s remarks were made in
connection with a discussion of the
"We are not advocating legislation
against anything,” he said. "We want
legislation for Canada.”
Claims Self-Defense, Saying Victim
Was Stabbed Fatally in Struggle
for Weapon.
By the Associated Press.
MIAMI. Fla., February 26.—Earl
Cooley. 40, died Monday from knife
wounds received during a fight with E.
T. Baggett, also 40. who told police he
had found Cooley and Mrs. Baggett in
the Baggett apartment Saturday night.
Baggett was held by police under a
first-degree murder charge, without
bond, pending an inquest. He advanced
self-defense as his reason for stabbing
Cooley, who lived in the apartment next
to him, saying Cooley was stabbed in a
struggle over a knife the latter had.
— • ■ -
Capt. Melhorn Gets Medal.
PORT-AU-PRINCE. Haiti, February
26 UP). —In the presence of Rear Ad
miral Charles E. Riggs, surgeon general
of the United States Navy, Capt. Kent
C. Melhorn. director general of the pub
lic health service of Haiti, Monday was
awarded a distinguished service medal
by President Bomo In recognition of his
service during the past three years.
Duke of Gor Dies
From Hear! Attack
As Car Kills Mail
By the Associated Press.
. MADRID, February 26.—The
Duke of Gor, head of one of the
oldest ducal houses in Spain,
died of heart failure Monday
after his automobile had run over
and killed a pedestrian. The
duke was in the automobile, but
was not driving.
The Duke of Gor was a well
known sportsman, excelling in
4 1U \ Vl \ Tor twenty-five years That Good Gulf Gasoline has been an honest, high powered,
I \\ u f clean, straight-run petroleum product. Now it is made year the
! 11 compression motor becomes more popular with makers of automobiles,
I u > yY bringing into requirement gasolines of Anti-Knock value and lower end point*
\ W\\ vV new G°°d Gulf Gasoline meets these requirements in every respect*
\\ \\\ \\ HaS * 40 °° Cnd P ° int # * ‘ va P orizeß to lhe lasl drop, « high Anti-Knock
\ quality ... not a knock in a tank full.
\\ (aWVvXV Eye * y mol ° rißt Bhou,d know that a 400° end point gasoline vaporizes
A\ \\vf \\ more < l uick, y and completely than ordinary gasoline of 437° end point<&_This
\ \\ quick vaporization affords easier starting . . . gives more mileage • • • because
v|\ every drop is converted into power.
\VV . That Good Gul f Ga *° line contains no Anti-Knock fluid or chemicals of any
VU Vk»nLjpi ••• no is no extra cost. . . same price it has always been.
T Equal to many of the premium
\m\ ( fuels . There is hut one better
1 gulf no-nox motor fuel f
*1 Aviation Grade .. . 374 0 End Point. |
20-Year Concession Awarded for
Service Between Angora and
Berlin, to Start in Spring.
Bv the Associated Press.
BERLIN. February 26.—South Amer
ica will be 10 days nearer Turkey before
This new shrinkage of the world map
will be effected as a result of negotia
tions already completed between the
German Lufthansa, the Turkish govern
ment, various railroad and steamship
lines and the Lufthansa-controlled Con
dor Air Syndicate of South America.
By virtue of the 20-year concession
just awarded it by Turkey, the Luft
hansa will begin flying mail planes
from Angora to Berlin in the Spring.
At approximately the same time the
new Berlin-Canary Lslands mail plane
service will be Inaugurated, these planes
to connect with mail steamers plying to
South America, where planes of the
Condor Syndicate will fly the mall to
Buenos Aires and other cities.
No passengers will be carried, either
on the Berlin-Angora or Berlin-Canary
Islands route, until smooth operation of
the mail lines over a considerable period
has demonstrated the time is ripe. Ulti
mately, of course, the plan is not only
to carry passengers, but to offer trans
atlantic Zeppelin service as part of the
8,000-mile trip. This development Is
not expected during 1930,
■’ “
Pizzetti to Visit Here.
NEW YORK, February 26 (JP). —One
of Italy’s leading composers and con
ductors of music, Ildebrando Pizzetti,
arrived Monday on the Lloyd-Sabaudo
j liner Conte Blancamano for a month’s
stay, during which he will visit Wash
| ington, Philadelphia, Boston and New
I Haven.
Josiah W. Bailey Declares G. 0. P.
Will Be Barred From
Party’s Primary.
By the Associated Press.
RALEIGH, N. C., February 26
Josiah W. Bailey, opponent of United
States Senator F. M. Simmons for the
North Carolina Democratic senatorial
nomination, asserts that “Republicans"
will be kept out of the party’s primary
this year.
He made the statement in connection
with the opening of his campaign head
quarters In this city. He did not ex
plain whether he Intended an effort
would be made to bar from the Demo
cratic party all those who voted Re
publican In the last presidential election.
In that election North Carolina,
normally Democratic by a safe majority,
gave Herbert Hoover e majority of more
than 60.000 votes. Senator Simmons, a j
lifelong Democrat, who is now seeking
renomination, bitterly opposed the j
Democratic presidential nominee, Alfred
E. Smith, Bailey was a warm Smith
“ »
Commercial vessels passing through
the Panama Canal last year numbered
Arrest of 40 Brings Promise of
Marshal to Resign.
S ALIN A, Kans., February 26 <JP).
Forty men were held on liquor charges
I in the county jail here yesterday and
j Sheriff E. R. Nelson said George Reeves,
city marshal at Gypsum, had promised
to resign as the result of a country-wide
round-up of alleged bootleggers.
Sheriff Nelson said Marshal Reeves
confessed orally to accepting bribe#
from liquor sellers at Gypsum. Tlr
arrests began Saturday night.

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