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Landing of English 323 Years
Ago Remembered at
Cape Henry.
By the Associated Press.
CAPE HENRY, Va., April 26—Trib
ute was paid by 2,500 persons here to
<wy to the courage, fortitude and right
eousness of the brave little band of
Englishmen who came ashore at this
point 323 years ago to establish the
first permanent Anglo-Saxon civiliza
tion in a new world.
The throng stood within sight of a
rugged cross, planted on the wind
swept dunes, as Bishop A. C. Thomson
of the Episcopal diocese of Virginia
led the memorial services and lauded
the characters of the men who came
ashore from the three tiny ships—Sarah
Constant, Goodspeed and Discovery. The
cross stands where the colonists are
said first to have touched land to claim
the territory for God and King and
name the point Cape Henry.
Forced indoors by inclement weather,
the ceremonies were conducted in the
Cape Henry Casino. Mrs. Franz Nay
lor of Norfolk, named by the governor
to deliver the historical address, de
scribed the 127-day voyage, the land
ing at Cape Henry and the final settle
ment at Jamestown Island.
Short addresses were delivered by
Gov. John Garland Pollard of Virginia.
Gov. L. G Hardman of Georgia and
Brig. Gen. William F. Ladd of Con
“As we stand on this sacred spot we
feel gratitude to God and to our fore
fathers who braved the dangers of the
aea and fought successfully against
pestilence and savages to found the
greatest nation the world has ever
seen,” Gov. Pollard said. He paid trib
ute to the spirit of the doughty little
band, including Capt. John Smith, who
was in irons when the colonists came
ashore, but later the leader of the group.
Gov. Hardman said the courage and
■plrlt of the colonists had made Ameri
ca a great Nation and that this spirit
was still carrying on to greater things.
He said Virginians had set an example
of righteousness and courage, and called
attention to the words of Henry Clay,
a Virginian.
“Clay was for the abolition of slav
ery long before Lincoln," Gov. Hard
man said. “When told that this would
defeat him he said:
“ ‘I had rather be right than Presi
dent.’ ”
The Georgia governor praised Vir
ginia for the great men she had con
tributed to the Nation and added:
“And Harry Flood Byrd should fol
low Woodrow Wilson as Virginia's next
contribution to the United States.”
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District of Columbia —Fair today; to
morrow Increasing cloudiness, probably
followed by showers in the afternoon
or at night; not much change In tem
Maryland—Fair today; tomorrow in
creasing cloudiness, probably followed by
showers in the afternoon or at night;
not much change in temperature.
Viriglnla—Mostly fair and slightly
warmer in the interior today; tomorrow
increasing cloudiness, probably followed
by showers in the west portion in the
afternoon or at night.
West Virginia—Partly cloudy and
slightly warmer today; tomorrow show
Record for Twenty-four Hours.
Temperature—Midnight. 48; 2 a.m.,
47; 4 a.m.. 42; 6 am., 39; 8 a.m., 44;
10 a.m., 54; 12 noon. 56; 2 p.m., 61:
4 p.m.. 62: 6 p.m., 63; 8 p.m., 59; 10
p.m., 54. Highest, 64; lowest, 39c.
Temperature same date last year—
Highest, 70; lowest, 52.
Tide Tables.
(Furnished by United States Coast and
Geodetic Survey.)
Today—Low tide, 1:23 a.m. and 2:01
p.m.; high tide, 7:05 a.m. and 7:29 p.m.
Tomorrow—Low tide, 2:02 a.m. and
2:43 p.m.; high tide, 7:44 a.m. and
8:11 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today—Sun rose 5:16 a,m.; sun sets
6:56 p.m.
Tomorrow—Sun rises 5:15 a.m.; sun
sets 6:57 p.m.
Moon rises 4:42 a.m.: sets 5:58 p.m.
Autommobile lamps to be lighted one
half hour after sunset.
Weather in Various Cities.
— Precipl-
Max. Mtn. tatlon.B
Sat- Frl. Sat. p.m. to
. „ urday night.Bp.m 8p m
Asheville. N. C 62 34 56
Atlanta. Ga 68 46 64 ....
Atlantic City. N. J.... 54 42 50 ....
Baltimore. Md 64 46 56 ....
Birmingham. Ala 70 48 62 ....
Bismarck. N. Dak 46 40 46 0.03
Boston, Mass 60 44 56 ....
Buffalo. N. Y 40 32 36
Chicago, 111 48 38 42 ....
Cincinnati, Ohio 60 35 56 ....
Cheyenne, Wyo 62 36 56 ....
Cleveland. Ohio 54 38 50 ....
Davenport. lowa 64 36 60 ....
Denver, Colo 66 44 64 ....
Des Moines. lowa 64 38 58 ....
Detroit, Mich 56 38 52
Duluth. Minn 56 28 50 ....
El Paso. Tex 84 56 82 ....
Galveston. Tex 74 70 70 ....
Helena. Mont 62 36 56 ....
Indianapolis, Ind 60 36 58 ....
Jacksonville. Fla 76 62 68
Kansas City, Mo 54 44 48 0.18
Little Rock, Ark 64 52 62 0.06
Los Angeles. Calif 70 54 68 ....
Louisville, Ky 62 38 60 ....
Marquette, Mich 46 28 42 ....
Memphis. Tern 64 52 62 ....
Miami, Fla 78 70 76 0.06
Mobile. Ala 82 52 70 ....
New Orleans. La 80 62 70 ....
New York. N. Y 58 40 56
North Platte. Nebr.... 48 40 48 0.32
Omaha. Nebr 50 44 48 0.06
Philadelphia. Pa 64 42 58 ....
Phoenix. Ariz 88 58 86 ....
Pittsburgh. Pa 58 34 54 ....
Portland. Me 56 38 48
Portland. Oreg 64 52 60 0.22
Salt Lake City. Utah., 72 46 72
St. Louis, Mo 62 52 58
St Paul. Minn 62 36 60
San Antonio. Tex 82 62 78 ....
San Diego. Calif 68 58 64
San Francisco, Calif... 64 54 60 0.17
Santa Fe. N. Mex.... 66 36 64
Savannah. Ga 76 58 68 ....
WASHINGTON, D. C . 64 39 59
Chesapeake and Potomac
Plans Extensive Improve
ments in Virginia.
Additions and improvements to the
telephone system in the State involving
expenditures of $200,870 have just been
authorized by the board of directors of
the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone
Co. of Virginia.
The projects authorized, according to
John A. Remon, general manager, in
clude additional trunk lines connecting
Harrisonburg. Winchester, Strasburg,
Warrenton and Marshall with Wash
ington, D. C„ and Staunton and Win
chester, Roanoke and Staunton, Lex
ington and Lynchburg. Construction of
a new pole line between Oakton and
Centerville, Fairfax County: relocation
of a section of the Richmond-Danville
toll line near Midlothian; installation of
carrier channel equipment at Hamp
ton, which will provide additional
circuits between that office and Rich
mond and replacement of sections of
the Leesburg-Bluemont and Berryville-
Bluemont trunk lines are also included
in the projects authorized.
Purchase of the Virginia-Carolina
Telephone Co., operating service lines
in Norfolk County connected with the
Portsmouth central office, and the
Dover, Hanover and Midlothian Tele
phone Cos., now serving Henrico, Gooch
land, Hanover, Chesterfield and Pow
hatan Counties connected with Rich
mond central offices were also au
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“Lost Cablegram”
Os War Incident
I Shown Not Lost'
Herrick Message Wilson
Failed to Recall Acted on j
by U. S., Biographer Says ;
By the Associated Press.
A search of State Department records
has disclosed that the celebrated Her
rick-Bryan “lost cablegram,” referred
to in a recently published Installment of
the biography of Ambassador Herrick,
apparently never was lost at all.
In fact, just 4 hours and 14 minutes ;
after the message reached the State
Department, the American Government
acted upon Herrick’s suggestion.
The "lost cablegram,” in which Am
bassador Herrick in Paris, suggested to
Secretary of State Bryan on. the eve of
the European war that the United j
States “make a strong plea for delay j
and moderation.” was reproduced by
Col. T. Bentley Mott, Herrick’s military
aide and biographer, in World’s Work
Magazine. The article quoted Mr. Her
rick as saying that President Wilson
told him later he never had seen this
The records show, however, that the
Herrick message arrived in the State De
partment at 7:30 p.m., July 28, 1914,
and that at 11:44 p.m. the following
message signed “Bryan,” was dispatched :
from the White House to Ambassador
Page at London:
“Is there in your opinion any likeli
hood that the good offices of the United
States if offered under article 3 of The
Hague convention wuold be acceptable
or serve any high purpose in the
present crisis?”
This message, the records show, was
enciphered in the White House that
night. Department officials say thct
President Wilson's failure to remember
the Herrick message months later Is
easily understood.
Law for Aato Thief.
Three hundred thousand automobiles
are stolen annually in the United States
and the unrecovered cars represent an
annual loss of $20,000,000. Twenty
three States have no law especially
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