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[Trustees Greet Commission
ers and Service to Public
Is Explained.
The District Commissioners, Dr.
Luther H. Relchelderfer, Maj. Gen.
Herbert B. Crosby and Col. William E.
Ladue, visited the central building of
the Public Library Thursday afternoon
for Inspecting the library service. They
were welcomed by the members of the
board of library trustees, who had
assembled in the librarian’s office to
meet the Commissioners. There were
present Dr. Frank W. Ballou, Frank J.
Coleman, Mrs. Marie Gasch, John B.
Lamer, Maurice Otterback and Dr.
Abram Simon. Theodore W. Noyes, presi
dent, and Judge Wendell P. Stafford,
vice president, and Mrs. Lyman B.
Swormstedt of the board were unable
to be present on account of illness.
Dr. George F. Bowerman, the public
librarian, conducted the Commissioners
on a short tour of the central building,
showing them some of the work done
and pointing out the very serious con
dition of rcrowding, which seriously
interferes ~.th the work of the library.
New Collection Mentioned.
Attention of the Commissioners was
especially directed to an exhibit in the
technology division of a collection of
books and magazines of value In con
nection with municipal administration,
including books on all phases of en
gineering, city planning, finance and
Returning with the Commissioners to
his office, Dr. Bowerman exhibited the
sketch plans for the proposed enlarge
ment of the Central Library Building to
twice its present size. He also showed
photographs of the three present major
branch libraries, Mount Pleasant, South
eastern and Takoma Park, housed in
buildings given by Andrew Carnegie or
the Carnegie Corporation. The Library
has five subbranches, four of which
were represented by pictures—Tenley
and Conduit Road, housed in separate
buildings; Chevy Chase and Woodridge,
housed in rented store buildings. The
Eastern High School subbranch Is
housed in that school house.
Branch Plans Exhibited.
The preliminary plans by Municipal
Architect A. L. Harris for the North
* eastern Branch Library were also on
exhibition. This branch is to be built
on a site already bought at Seventh
street and Maryland avenue, northeast.
The appropriation bill for 1931 carries
$150,000 for the building for this major
branch library.
In the absence of Mr. Noyes Mr.
Lamer spoke briefly for the trustees,
and Dr. Relchelderfer replied for the
Dr. Bowerman also exhibited to the.
Commissioners a map of the District
showing the proposed branch libraries
yet needed in order to furnish library
service convenient to the homes and
offices of all residents of the District,
in accordance with the stipulations of
the law under which the Public Library
operates. The librarian briefly outlined
the present work, stressing the present
better support of the library in con
trast with what had been its experi
ence, the skilled service it was render
ing to the public. He pointed out, how
ever, that the library is unable with
its few branches to give convenient
service to more than one-third of the
population of the District, and expressed
nope that this condition might be
speedily corrected.
Preacher Describes Shooting Sexton
and Wife in Quarrel Over Pos
session of Letter.
By the Associated Press.
OTTAWA, 111., April 26.—Sobs from
the gallery—made up of women .mem
bers of his congregation—mingled with
his own yesterday as Rev. James A.
Wilson, Methodist preacher, took the
witness stand to admit shooting his sex
ton and the sexton’s wife, but to deny
intent to kill.
The minister described In detail the
shooting, which took place when he and
the sexton, Amo6 Elliott, and the sex
ton’s wife, struggled for possession of a
letter written by the minister to Mrs.
Emma Wagner, a widow of his parish.
The letter, which the pastor said he
sought to "get out of circulation,” was
read by him from the stand.
He wrote the letter, Wilson said, be
cause he had offended Mrs. Wagner
with criticism about keeping a roomer.
Atlanta Councilman Indicted Fol
lowing Grand Jury Probe.
ATLANTA, Oa., April 26 (i<P).—An
Indictment charging bribery was re
turned by the Fulton County grand Jury
yesterday against Councilman J. W.
Rountree in connection with an investi
gation of municipal graft in Atlanta.
The indictment charges Rountree re
ceived SIOO from a representative of a
coal company to influence his vote on
an ordinance affecting the sale of brick
in the city.
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Takes New Post
The new commanding officer of the 3d
Cavalry and of Fort Myer, Va., who re
ported for duty today.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK. April 26.—Mme. Ernes
tine Sohumann-Heink yesterday urged
women to stay away from the political
arena and devote themselves to bring
ing up their children.
In a speech under the auspices of the
League for Political Education she said
the high ideals women now are trying
to enforce in public life through politi
cal influence would best be achieved in
the coming generation.
"The peace of the world depends
upon mothers,” she said, “but they
should exert their Influence through
their homes and families. Give your
children your understanding and gain
their confidence. Above all, give them
a good example by refraining from
drinking, smoking and bobbing your
Stanley Pinto Rescued by Police
After Kicking Opponent at Lynn.
LYNN, Mass., April 26
Pinto of Manchester, N. H., was es
corted to the railroad station here last
night by police after he had been dis
qualified for kicking his opponent, Joe
Macewlcz, Utica, N. Y., in a wrestling
A chorus of boos from the audience
was returned in kind by Pinto after, it
is alleged, he kicked his opponent in the
head. Cigar stubs, tonic bottles and
chairs were thrown into the ring before
police came to Pinto’s rescue.
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