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Mrs. Adams, Wife of the Navy Secretary,
to Assist at Congressional Club Tea
Tomorrow Afternoon.
ADAMS, wife of the Secretary
of the Navy, will bi among
those assisting at the tea to
morrow afternoon at the Con
gressional Club, following the weekly
program at 3:30 o’clock. Others who
will assist will be Mrs. Ernest R. Acker
man. Mrs. John A. Adair, Mrs. Henry
J. Allen, Mrs. John C. Allen, Mrs.
August H. Andresen, Mrs. Samuel S.
Arentz, Mrs. William W. Arnold, Mrs.
Alben W. Barkley, Mrs. Samuel W.
Beakes. Mrs. Carroll L. Beedy, Mrs.
Edwin M. Beers, Mrs. Hiram Bingham.
Mrs. Robert Low Bacon. Mrs. Oscar L.
Bland. Mrs. Schuyler Otis Bland. Mrs.
Coleman Blease. Mrs. Frank P. Bohn,
Mts. James G. Aswell, Mrs. William A.
Ayres, - Mrs. Carl D. Bachman, Mrs.
Robert Blackburn, Mrs. Baer, Mrs.
Henry E. Barbour, Mrs. Chester C. Bol
tofa, Mrs. Frank C. Bowman, Mrs.
Charles J. Edwards, Mrs. Charles C.
Kearns and Miss Mabel T. Boardman.
*The program preceding the tea will
be given by Mr. MHan Lusk, violinist,
accompanied by Mrs. Carl R. Chind
blbm, wife of Representative Chind
blom of Illinois. Mr. Lusk, who was
decorated by Queen Marie of Rumania,
wits the artist at one of the Congres
sional Club breakfasts given for Mrs.
Mrs. James J. Davis, wife of the
Secretary of Labor, was th- guest in
whose honor Mrs. Kendall, wife of
Representative Samuel A. Kendall, en
tertained a company of 50 at luncheon
today at the Congressional Club.
;Mrs. Edward Everett Gann, sister of
the Vice President, was the guest in
whose honor Mrs. Arthur H. Tirrell
entertained a company of 12 at
luncheon today in her home on Wyo
ming avenue.
Mexican Embassy Scene
Os Brilliant Fete Yesterday.
The dean of the diplomatic corps,
SSnor Don Manuel C. Tellez, and
Senora de Tellez gave their first large
afternoon party in the embassy since
the retirement of Sir Esme Howard
from the ranks here, leaving the host
as dean of the corps.
Cards were issued in the name of
Senora de Tellez, but the Ambassador
received with her all during the after
noon. An interesting group of women
took brief turns at the tea table. Mrs.
• James J. Davis, Senora de Alfaro,
Senora de Dlez de Medina, Mrs.
Harlan F. Stone, Mrs. Fred A. Britten,
Mrs. Sol Bloom, Mrs. Charles B. Drake,
Mrs. Parker W. West and Senora de
Campoz-Ortiz, wife of the first secre
tary of the embassy, forming the group.
Senora de Telle* wore a graceful
afternoon gown of apricot pink crepe,
while the profuse use of Spring flowers
throughout the rooms embraced all of
Nature's colors. Early to arrive was Mrs.
Gann, sister of Vice President Curtis,
and wives of cabinet members were
guests. Mrs. Davis, who was at one end
of the tea table, wore a charming Spring
frock of flowered chiffon and a dark
blue straw hat
The dining room with its wonderful
Mexican frescoes opens onto a ter
race, where punch bowls were constantly
surrounded, while, from another table,
tamales a la Mexican and other Mex
MLu rx /M4RT q HCR/r /n
I iTktijorlc Farrell
Tleuiou Carter Shoo Mothers Day Trousseaux
Suggestions J*£ *&d2"S,
C 7 /C/* c V . ve B * er *. Underwood & engaged attending parties given in
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her tresses be short or long. jt
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have been having to go to the F 7 «
make your appointment now. Street store to procure. Costume Jewelry
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i ican delicacies were served, and in the
long inclosed terrace opening from this
room small tables were placed, and there
was an orchestra and dancing.
Ambassador and Ministers of the
: Latin American countries and their
ladies were guests, as were a number of
Senators, Representatives and others
from official society with a few persons
from the resident set.
The Italian Ambassador and Nobil
Donna Antoinette de Martino enter
tained at dinner last evening, their
guests including the Vice President, Mr.
Charles Curtis, and his brother-in-law
and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Everett
Gann; the Ambassador of Brazil,
Senhor S. Gurgel do Amaral; Senator
Frederick Hale, Senator David I. Walsh,
Representative Edith Norse Rogers, Dr.
Leo S. Rowe, director general of the
Pan-American Union; the counselor of
the Spanish embassy, Senor Amao; the
commercial counselor of the British em
' bassy and Lady Broderick, Mr. and Mrs.
Adolph Caspar Miller, Mrs. Henry C.
Corbin, Mrs. Henry F. Dimock. Mrs. E.
H. G. Slater, Miss Mary Randolph, Miss
Laura Harlan, Miss Meta Morris Evans,
and the naval attache, Capt. di Villa
rosa: the military attache, Lieut. Col.
Pennaroli, and the two secretaries,
Signor Monaco and Nobile Soardi.
The Ambassador of France and Mme.
Claudel, who are in New York prepara
tory to sailing tomorrow for France, en
tertained at dinner last evening at the
I I -
Our Collection
of Casual Type
for street and shorts wear is added to
almost daily
Also we are showing an important array of
suits for spectator wear and more formal occa
sions. All are beautifully tailored, of course.
From $55
Ritz Tower, in honor of Mr. J. Pier
pont Morgan. In the party were Mr.
and Mrs. Owen D. Young and Mr.
George L. Harrison, governor of the
Federal Reserve Bank.
The Ambassador of Poland. Mr. Tytus
Filipowlcz, was host to a company of
26 at dinner last evening, entertaining
in compliment to the Speaker of the
House and Mrs. Long worth. Others in
the company Included the Secretary of
the Interior and Mrs Wilbur, the Am
bassador of Great Britain and Lady
Lindsay, the Minister of Hungary and
Countess Szechenyi, Representative and
Mrs. Robert Low Bacon, the new chief
of Cavalry. Gen. Guv V. Henry, and
Mrs. Henry, and the United States
Minister to Salvador and Mrs. Warren
Delano Robbins.
The Ambassador, Mr. Filipowlcz, will
be the guest of honor at a dinner to be
given at the National Women’s Country
Club, May 14, in celebration of the an
niversary of the first permanent settle
ment at Jamestown. Va., with Mrs. M.
de Clare Berry as hostess.
The British Ambassador and the
Hon. Lady Lindsay will be the guests
in whose honor the commercial counse
lor of the embassy and Lady Broderick
and the first secretary of the embassy
and Mrs. Shone will entertain at a tea
this afternoon in the former’s apart
ment at the Wardman Park Hotel.
Those invited to meet the Ambassador
and the Hon. Lady Lindsay are
members of the official group. Assisting
the hostesses will be the wives of the
members of the embassy staff.
Senator and Mrs. Charles S. Deneen
have as their guests their son and
daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Ashley Deneen of Chicago.
Miss Bina Day Deneen, daughter of
Senator and Mrs. Deneen, was hostess
at luncheon yesterday in honor of Mrs.
Lambert Clifford, who with Mr. Clifford
is visiting his parents, Col. and Mrs.
Edward Clifford. Others in Miss De
neen’s company were Mrs. Charles Ash
ley Deneen, Miss Helen Clifford. Miss
Vittoria Catalan!. Miss Virginia Henry,
Miss Marjorie Mondell, Miss Mary
Louise Johnston, Miss Dorothea Lane,
Miss Maria Chamberlin. Miss Elisabeth
Ransley, Miss Henrietta Allen, Miss
Barbara Vandenberg and Miss Frances
Ashley Deneen.
Mrs. Glenn, wife of Senator Otis F.
Glenn of Illinois, entertained a small
party at luncheon today at the National
Woman’s Country Club.
Representative and Mrs. W. W. Chal
mers of Ohio entertained an interesting
group, including Ohioans, at the dinner
preceding the regular weekly card party
at the Congressional Club Tuesday.
Guests were Representative Ruth Bryan
Owen, Representative Chester C. Bolton
of Ohio and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Til
lotson and Mr. H. A. Horn of Toledo.
Mr. Tillotson and Mr. Horn are in
Washington to attend the meetings of
the Chamber of Commerce.
Mrs. Gambrill, wife of Representative
Stephen W. Gambrill, entertained at
luncheon yesterday in the crystal room
of the Willard Hotel, when her guests
were Mrs. Clarence C. Dill, Mrs. Arthur
H. Vandenberg, Mrs. Burton J. Wheeler,
Mrs. Charles W. Waterman, Mrs. J.
Charles Linthicum. Mrs. Edward W.
Pou, Mrs. William E. Evans, Mrs. W. M.
Whittington, Mrs. Fletcher Hale, Mrs.
William E. Hess. Mrs. Arthur M. Free,
Mrs Joseph L. Hooper. Mrs. C. E. Han
cock, Mrs. William R. Coyle, Mrs. Men
alcus Lankford, Senora de Guell, Mrs.
Seymour Lowman, Mrs. J. Borden Har
rtman, Miss Edna Patton, Mrs. Ernest
Daniel, Mrs. C. E. Boyd, Mrs. Brooke
Frye, Senorlta Margarita Grisantl, Mrs.
J. Bolivar Lloyd, Mrs. Henry Larsen,
Mrs. Eric Greenleaf, Mrs. William E.
Gambrill of Maryland, Mrs. Charles E.
Bateson. Mrs. Charles Franklin, Mrs.
Edwin Holloway, Mrs. Robert E. Lacey,
Mrs. Harrison White of Denver and
Mrs. M. Ewell Smith of California.
Senhora do Couto Aguirre, wife of
the naval attache of the Brazilian em
bassy, entertained at luncheon today
at the Mayflower, in compliment to
Senhora Ferreira de Mello, wife of the
Meuer’s Shop
1331 F St.
jWf An Important Sale of
Coats and Dresses
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fIM Flitr 1
, second secretary of the Brasilian em
i basay, who will leave Washington at
i an early date for duty in Vienna.
i Others present were Senhora Coeldo
de Almeida, wife of the first secretary
of the Brazilian embassy; Mrs. J. 8. M.
Ritchie and Mrs. W. C. Horton, wives
of the naval attache and assistant naval
attache of the British embassy; Mme.
Mora, wife of the first secretary of the
legation of Uruguay; Mme. Siqveland,
, wife of the secretary of the legation
; of Norway, and Mrs. John P. Jackson.
The director general of the Pan-
American Union, Dr. Leo S. Rowe, has
gone to Philadelphia to attend the
opening session of the American Acade
my of Political and Social Science.
Former Senator and Mrs. Marian
Butler announce the engagement of
their daughter, Florence Faison, to Mr.
Huntington Cairns of Baltimore, Md.
Mr. Cairnj is a graduate of the Univer
sity of Maryland Law School, a member
of the Maryland Club and associated
with a law firm in Baltimore. The mar
riage will take place Thursday. May 29,
in the residence of Mr. and Mrs. But
ler, at 2200 R street northwest.
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Stephen O.
Fuqua will entertain at dinner Wednes
' day. May 7. They will also entertain at
dinner May 28 and 29.
Mrs. Henry J. Weeks, sister of Mrs.
Fuqua, who has been their guest for
about three weeks, will leave Washlng
; ton today for Fort Reno, Okla.
Col. and Mrs. James Brady Mitchell
jfj Engraving
The Spring Social Event
» BSS9
will return to the Mayflower the end of
the week from a motor trip to the Vir
ginia garden*.
Col. Wade H. Cooper had as guests
at luncheon at the Willard yesterday
Dr. H. W. Tyler of Massachusetts School
of Technology; Dr. S. A. Mitchell of
University of Virginia; Dr. Joseph
Mayer, Tufts College; Dr. A. O. Love
joy of Johns Hopkins University, Dr.
L. R. Hutchinson of Lincoln Memorial
University, Dr. W. W. Cook of Johns
Hopkins University, Dr. John Wesley
Hill, chancellor, and Dr. H. Robinson
Shlpherd, president of Lincoln Memo
rial University.
Mr. Rumlo Mlura has arrived in
Washington from Tokio to take up his
duties as attache at the Japanese em
bassy. Mr. Mlura is accompanied by
Expert Store
F.ir Renslr The House Your Furt
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Mme. Miura. and they have taken a
suite at the Potomac Park Apartments.
Mrs. Prank C. Henry entertained a
small company at lunchfon today in
her home on Belmont road.
George to am Gardens
To Be Opened May 14.
The gardens of old Georgetown are to
be opened to the public again this year,
under the auspices of the Georgetown
Child Welfare Council, including Miss
Prances Sortwell, chairman; Mrs. R. *•
Whitehead. Mrs. Ernest I. Lewis. Mrs.
E. R. Pinkenstaedt, Mrs. B. H. Meyer i
and Mrs. Richard V. Oulahan.
The date selected Is Wednesday, May j
14, and In case of rain the tour will be i
postponed to the following day. Tickets,
with a list of gardens to be visited, will
be on sale at each of the gardens on
the day of the tour.
Many gardens not opened last year
have been added to the list. Another
attraction will be an exhibition in the
home of Mrs. Barthasar H. Meyer, of the
work of Mabel Hunt Johnson, painter of
gardens and homestead portraiture.
Mrs. Johnson has exhibited In Philadel
phia and Wilmington, but not before in ‘
Gunston Hall, Wellington and Rlppon
(Continued on Third Page.)
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