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$1,500 Contributed to Battle
Against Contagious
. Fungus.
8r th« Associated Press.
BERKELEY. Calif., May 21.—Uni
versity of California students yesterday
contributed $1,500 toward a campaign
against "athletic foot." The money,
taken from foot ball receipts, was voted
by the students’ executive committee,
empowered to use surplus funds not
otherwise needed to support studept
Spread of the disease throughout
America has been recognized recently.
It is usually contracted by walking
barefoot upon gymnasium floors, or Jn
public baths. Other names are toe
itch, Hongkong foot and epidermomy
cosis. It is a type of fungus.
Researches by University of Cali
fornia professors have disclosed that
the disease thrives at ordinary room
temperatures, and is not killed by
drying. It is spread by shedding of
particles of skin or hair to the floor,
where they are stepped on by other
Preventive measures recommended
on studies made thus far are: Wear
sandals or slippers in public showers,
eliminate wool socks and sterilize floors
and gymnasium equipment.
Lewie, Senatorial Candidate to De
cide Chicago Democratic
Br the Associated Press.
CHICAGO, May 21. J. Hamilton
Lewis, Democratic senatorial candidate,
will decide whether the Cook County
(Chicago) Democratic central commit
tee shall sponsor a prohibition referen
dum in the November election.
Anton J. Cermak, county chairman,
recently announced the Democratic
party would take this step, but Michael
L. Igoe, national committeeman, con
tended such action would .confuse the
issue, which, he said, already was rep
resented by Mr. Lewis as a wet oppos
ing a dry Republican, Mrs. Ruth Hanna
McCormick. It was agreed final decision
would rest with Mr. Lewis, who returns
soon from a trip to California.
Philadelphia Donation to Commo
dore Bequeathed to Naval Academy
RIVERHEAD, N. Y„ May 21 UP).—
A sword presented by the city of
Philadelphia to Commodore Stephen
Decatur was bequested to the United
States Naval Academy in the will of
William Decatur Parsons, great-nephew
of the naval ofllcer, filed Monday.
Gilbert Stuart’s portrait of Decatur
was left to the National Gallery of
Art of the Smithsonian Institution.
The will disposes of a million-dollar
estate the bunk going to relatives.
7th. Bth and E Sts.—FAMOUS FOR QUALITY SINCE 1860-National 9800
Great News! Little Girls
Are Wearing Sashes Again
» These two little maids have turned their backs
so you can see their enormous sashes. Aren't
they cute? Your little girl will look just as cute
wearing a smacking big bow! Sizes 1 to 3.
* Flowered Print White Dimity
With Organdy With Organdy
Sash , $1 Sash , $1.59
Blue and white Party frock with
print with dimity top; blue organdy neckline
matching panties. and ruffled armholes.
Mi’ Wear Sl\eB —F.artfc m.r
Shantung Is So Popular
and Here’s a Sale
Women’s $2.95 t-v * •
Umbrellas AJupIOIU
Regularly 98c yd. ,
Even in this day of 35c
taxis, you can’t get along
without an umbrella! Buy a
waterproof gloria—at a re- II 170 . J
duced price tomorrow! Self j ydiU
satin borders; cord-attached
Umbrellas—‘Street Fleer rv , . ,
' Uupiono shantung is a smart rough
weave silk and cotton fabric that is ideal
for fashioning knockabout frocks for
town or sports wear. Shown in the new-
T) a T C\ T T \7"C «t P atter ns, including the very popular
A- A-» A. V Ai dollar size polka dot and feather designs
AT) in cakes <h -s on white or pastel grounds. Tub it and ,
f 1 l for M* A. sun it—it*s guaranteed color fast.
Mild beauty soap made w»«h ood*—Third Fleer
from palm and olive oils. Baß==X!=!Sg=sß==s==!Ssa==
Large size Lux
25 Sir: 3 > or 69c An Idea
Lifebuoy Health
rr°~V."' i, ' P, “ 10/or 59c Cover your lor.ly lamp .h.Jo. for
Han.en Jenks *“* Summer months-yet enjoy their
Old English Tub 'lfnrßQo eo,op * nd % !* Utjr! . Argentine cloth
. OJUr covers are of a cobwebby texture in
Conti Castile pestel shades 15c to 85c
Soap, exception- 2 /()f* 25c And think of what a help a dress
• pure hag or a hat cover of Argentine cloth
Waldorf Toilet J 9 /of 95c would be! Although one can easily
Tissue / , see the contents of the bag, it is dust-
Toilet Goods—Street Floor proof 39c to 98c
- Art Needlework—Third Fleer
! , —I
Observance of Lindbergh Feat An
niversary Is Quiet.
ST. LOUIS, May 21 (/P).— Except for
an Informal reception in the Jefferson
Memorial under the auspices of the
Spirit of St. Louis memorial committee
yesterday, the third anniversary of Col.
Charles A. Lindbergh's New York-Paris
7th. Bth and E Sts.—National 9800
Weather Is So Changeable
Better Take a Coat Along!
Drastic Reductions
Spring Coats
$25.00 to $35.00 Coats •
A group of extraordinary values for regu
lar and extra size women. Style right and
beautifully tailored of basketweaves, tricos
and wool crepes. The majority trimmed with
galapin, mole, broadtail or squirrel. Black,
tan, blue and green.
$35.00 to $39.75 Coats
Here smart women will find the season’s
most successful coat fashions at a new low
price! Tricos and ;wool crepes with generous
face-framing collars of broadtail, galapin and
kid galyak. Blue, black and tan; sizes 3B to
44, to 50 yi.
Also Coats for Junior Misses at the
Same Reductions and Selling Prices
Coot Shops—Second Floor
flight will ps« almost unobserved In St.
Tonight there will be a pilgrimage
to his trophy exhibit In Jeffersen
Memorial, which will be kept open extra
hours, but it will be devoid of ostenta
tion. There will be no music, no pa
dare and no speeches.
A gold watch lost 20 years ago by
John K. Frazer of Halstead, Kans., has
been found by a road-grading crew. It
was little damaged.
7th. Bth and E St*.—FAMOUS FOR QUALITY SINCE 1860- National 9800
' i
' Jf
Summer Sports Dresses
. for Green Fairways /
or Smart Tennis Courts -Gr
Washington is the city of playgrounds. No other city of •
its size can boast as many sporty green golf courses or dazzling ) | i®P|q! I';
white tennis courts. And Lansburgh’s is the store of smart
sports apparel, with tennis and golf frocks cleverly designed jJfije&L YY taj W M yi||a
for free and unhampered action. Come—be a sport this Sum- \l\ \ / J||
/ mer and play the game in the frock for which it was created, y&wmW li \\ A UIL "IblAZl
for the well dressed sportswoman no longer wears “just any- fUli F i\
thing”—she dresses to suit the occasion. /
Four Outstanding \I I \ w I I
Sports Frocks Sketched Jrf I
A. Tee off in the shirtwaist frock sponsored by Patou, if you I \
would play the game of fashion as well as golf, $16.50. / ' \ \ 1 yMf
B. The Meshanet frock, the youngest of all fashions, and ||§f \ »/L_ r;|-T \ ■ jA.
one no sportswoman should be without, $16.50.
C. This frock of end-to-end silk shirting will give you con- ‘ *
fidence on the smartest of tennis courts, $16.50. llji
D. There is no end to the smartness of this linen frock with jX
a yoke of Schiaparelli lace. For tennis or golf, $16.50. f
You’d Never Suspect Such
Becoming Use for Yarn What An Outstanding Selling Event!
Crystalline Yarn ...
;YSy Jewelry Sale 500 New
So that you may have something m ‘
entirely new in the way of jewelry 1 "W gM m~ I ■ gM |
' fw \k JHi f° r sportswear —yarn has been JL* JL. %%> W' U
hwjp “crystallized” to look like tiny glass
MB' heads. Twisted chokers and brace- r™ rw-< tvt
fjP[ lets in pastel shades or white. Com- The Types JNOW in
IllL sortable, too, for they are of a Demand for
jßf|k xM feathery lightness. Priced only— Every Hour
$1 of a Summer Day
♦ $5.00 Values
No Junior Miss Can Resist a, Q [f
Perforated Oxfords
$ , Smart Washington woman JgN M
'For they re not only the J won’t need a fashion diction- J
last word in junior foot- \ \\ ary to tell diem these are mar- J L
wear fashions, but unbe- MM® ve l ous hats! New zephyr iA Jflfig&b
lievably cool and comfort- straws, baku braids with hair ATtl ! 9~<
able. Os soft white buck edge, hair hats with lace hair ([ \
with light-weight rubber "" ;s\ trimming, tuscan, toyo and \\ \\\ }wr/ *
soles and heels. Others of #| fabric hats! Vagabond sport \V\\ fflcav^
two-tone beige elk and tan /fO%L styles, brimmed afternoon \ Hf
calfskin. Sizes 2/ 2 to 7. 1 styles, beret turbans and many
■k*M inik riMv types of' street models! Black, T
navy, tan and pastels. Every j 1
■" 11 1 11 ' 1 —■—- hat bears the coveted Gage '
T TV 1 . A 1 IHBI««rr ih»*—8«e»B8 Fl**r
In Doubt About a . »
Foundation Qarment? 1
I Complete Color Range—Complete Size Range!
Consult Imported Woven Sandals
Miss Hoban $3.95
New York Who Is Ex- ‘ ’ Woven sandals are more pop
tremely \Ve 11 Qualified V-T ular this year, still just as smart,
to Give Sound Advice - jlffc and these are exceptional shoes .
There are undoubtedly questions which you j 1 Th#y klf( ki<J
wish to ask about the new Rengo Belt Corsets. / lia«d quart*™ ».
She can tell you all you wish to know about the (tot*. 2 Ferm-Vtli^Va'/l
new style trends. She can tell you just which r*w h**l; .of" fjii
foundation garment is best suited to your figure. 3 **Vk elt
More than that, she will see that the garment you \ odgißg; r *inforc*d
select is fitted as it should be fitted in order that, \-$ 4 * e • t 100%
your frocks may be worn to the best advantage. •*

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