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(V. 8. Weather Bureau Forecast.)
Somewhat overcast tonight and to
morrow; slightly cooler tonight.
Temperatures—Highest, 71, at 1:45 p.m.
today; lowest, 61, at 5:30 a.m. today.
Pull report on page 9.
Closing N.Y. Markets, Pages 13,14 &15
No. 31,451.
Specific Power Requested as
Way Out of Bishop’s
Chairman Caraway Devises Plan,
but Declines to Make
Matter Public.
By the Associated Press.
A proposal to ask the Senate for
specific power to investigate political
activities was made today by Senator
Walsh, Democrat. Montana, as away
out of the problem resulting from the
defiance of the lobby committee by
Bishop James Cannon, Jr.
The Montanan, who was acting chair
man when Cannon refused to answer
questions and walked out, said he did
not know the attitude of other com
mittee men toward his investigations.
"Since the question of the commit
tee’s authority has been raised," Walsh
said, “I think it would be better to be
certain about our authority before we
proceed further. I don’t think we
should take any chance."
Chairman Caraway held informal
conferences with other committee men.
He has devised a plan for dealing with
the churchman, but declined to make it
public pending an agreement. Whether
the other members would sanction the
proposal was problematical, but the
lobby chairman said he hoped some de
cision would be reached during the day.
* Caraway, who was absent when Can
non refused to answer questions about
his 1928 anti-Smith activities and
walked out on the committee, has par
tially studied the record of the hearings
and hoped to finish today. He said he
had learned enough to give him a defi
nite idea of what should be done. He
refrained from intimating what course
he favored.
Make Contempt Charge.
Senator Blaine, Republican, Wisconsin,
contends the committee did not exceed
its powers in questioning about political
activities and that Cannon was guilty.
Senator Robinson, Republican, In
• diana, sides with Cannon. Senator
Borah, Republican, Idaho, has not
' made his position known.
A formal committee meeting is sched
uled for tomorrow.
Caraway, who had been counted upon
to support the bishop in his contention
that the committee had no power to in
quire into his political activities, told
newspaper men that he had not read
the record of what took place in his
absence and that he would not reach a
decision until he had made a thorough
itudv of the proceedings.
While in Arkansas Caraway issued
a statement which was interpreted as
meaning he did not believe the com
mittee was empowered to inquire into
political activities. He explained yes
terday he had meant the committee
could not investigate "purely political
activities.” He added, however, that if
. the political activities could be linked
up with lobbying, it would be a differ
ent situation.
"That is not the first time I have
t talked and then found out later what I
was talking about,” he laughingly told
newspaper men. He expressed regret
if his statement had caused any em
barrassment to Senator Walsh, Demo
crat. Montana, who has been acting
chairman, and Senator Blaine, Repub
lican, Wisconsin.
They were the only two members
Present when the bishop defied their au
hority to question him and later
walked from the room with a state
ment that if they wanted to subpoena
him he would be at his office.
Walsh is a Catholic and a dry, while
Blaine is the only wet member of the
Denies Persecution.
Caraway denied Cannon’s charge that
the investigation was inspired by politi
cal and religious persecution. He added
that four of the five committee mem
bers were dry and that he thought a
majority belonged to the Methodist
Walsh and Blaine contend the com
mittee was not exceeding its authority
and believe Cannon was guilty of con
tempt of the Senate in leaving the room
without being excused.
Caraway would not indicate what he
thought of the bishop's action in turn
ing his back on the committee. He
; added, however, that a witness "walks
out at his peril."
Maj. Henry G. Pratt Attends Ex
ercises at Lehigh University.
Maj. Henry G. Pratt, superintendent
of police, slipped away from the Dis
trict Building yesterday long enough to
watch proudly as his son, Henry G.
Pratt, jr„ received a diploma in engi
neering from Lehigh University.
The younger Pratt has already estab
lished himself with a firm of construc
tion engineers in Baltimore, and left
work to go back to get his diploma.
College Honors Dr. Sheen.
KANKAKEE, 111., June 10 (/P).—St.
Viator's College today conferred the
honorary decree of LL. D. on Rev. P. j
< J. Sheen, D. D., of Washington. D. C.
Concealed-Weapon Suspect Wins Freedom on Simple
* Question After Arrest in Raid.
A lawyer may carry a brief case and
a traveling salesman a satchel without
fear of apprehension, so why should a
barber be arrested when found to have
a razor on his person?
This was the question raised when
\ Thomas Stewart, colored, was brought
into Police Court on a charge of carry
♦ tag a concealed weapon. John R. 1
Fitzpatrick, assistant district attorney,
when he discovered that Stewart really
did shave and cut hair tor his living,
nolle prossed the case.
* During a raid by Policemen R. S.
Bryant and J. P. Flaherty of the sec-
precinct, made on a house in the
Entered as second class matter
post office, Washington, D. C.
ilk ji J
! -||jk Jfe v /V
|| m Wm
*" Mm
—Star Staff Photo.
Miss Adelaide Bride, daughter of
Corporation Counsel and Mrs. W. W.
Bride, eloped early this morning to
Baltimore and was married to Wil
liam P. Kenny, jr., son of the million
aire New York political lieutenant of
Alfred E. Smith in the last presidential
campaign. ,
The young couple was married in
the rectory of the Baltimore Cathedral
by the Rev. Father William E. Mac
kessey, chancellor of the archdiocese
of Baltimore.
The elopment came as a complete
surprise to the bride’s parents, no en
gagement between the couple having
been discussed in the family, although
Complete Reconciliation Re
ported Sought With Divorced
Princess Helen.
Br the Associated Press.
BUCHAREST, Rumania. June 10. —
King Carol 11, seeking to unify the
entire country after the dramatic events
of the past few days, today was busy
working on the formation of a new
cabinet and at the same time trying
for a reconciliation with Princess Helen.
In an effort to learn the extent of
the remaining National opposition he
summoned Gen. Averescu, head of the
National opposition, to the palace today.
It appeared doubtful whether the new
cabinet would be completed by Wed
nesday or whether it would be a
straight Peasant government as repre
sented by the former premier, Juliu
The Associated Press was told, on
the best authority, that efforts are now
in progress to bring about a recon
ciliation of more than a formal nature
between Carol and Princess Helen, who
divorced him two years ago.
It is felt that it would be a difficult
situation to have the King entertain
the various diplomats while Princess
Helen, who under different circum
stances would be Queen, remains out
of the picture.
The city of Bucharest was still In
festive clothing today. Flags were
everywhere, and there was an atmos
phere of good will. Crowds were still
peeping through the rails of the royal
palace, which was merely guarded by
three policemen and a sentinel of the
guard in a tall busby, who paced before
the palace portals.
With the King installed in the left
wing of the palace, bricklayers and
stonemasons calmly continued their
work of rebuilding the central portion,
which recently was destroyed by fire
which ruined costly paintings and the
library. >
The King professed today to have for
gotten the activities of political enemies
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Humber of Casualties in Clash at
Chechuahat, Near Ghatal,
Is Unknown.
i By the Associated Press.
CALCUTTA, India, June 10.—A mob
reported to have firearms attacked a
party of police at Chechuahat, near
Ghatal, today and the police were stated
to have returned the fire. The number
of casualties was unknown.
The police party had gone to Che
chuahat to investigate a report that mob
violence had broken out there and that
1 one subinspector had been murdered
and another had disappeared.
1300 block of Corcoran street, Stewart
entered and asked for "Roy.” Dis
covering that the man of whom he in
quired was an officer, he started to
run. He was stopped, "frisked” and
found to have a weapon frequently
found by police on such raids. Stewart
was locked up at the precinct from
Saturday until today.
"I’m a barber, mister,” Fitzpatrick
was told by the arrested one, but as
the experienced prosecutor knew well,
many persons found to have razors
represented themselves as such, he only
Much to Fitzpatrick’s surprise, Stewart
nonchalantly pulled a pair of hair clip
pers, two pair of scissors and two
combs from his pocket.
i .
W]t JEhenitm Jlfcf.
they were friends of several years
The first word Miss Bride's parents
had of the plans of the young couple
was received this morning when her
daughter called Mrs. Bride at her home
In Edgemoor, Md., and told her that
she had just been married to young
Kenny in Baltimore.
A check-up in Baltimore showed that
Miss Bride and Mr. Kenny was Is
sued a marriage license there at 10
o’clock this morning.
Mr. Kenny yesterday afternoon
wired Miss Bride that he would be
down from New York for a visit and
asked her to meet him at the station.
She met him at the Union Station and
they had dinner together, Miss Bride
leaving him later for another engage
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House Group Told Moscow
Preying on American
Colored Group.
By the Associated Press.
Testimony that “the Communist party
has organized a special committee to
incite revolutionary activities among
the Negroes’* was given today by J. Ed
gar Hoover of the Justice Department
at a secret session before the House
Communist investigating committee.
As the second witness in the investi
gation recently ordered by the House,
he charged that the Communist party
of America had instructed the special
committee to “send selected Negroes to
Moscow for special communistic train
ing for world revolution.”
Representative Hamilton Pish, Re
publican, New York, in a brief state
ment following the session gave a
resume of the investigators' testimony.
He said Hoover had “demonstrated the
direct control of the Third Interna
tionale, with headquarters in Moscow,
of the Communist party of America, and
reported the discussion at Moscow by
the working committees of the Third
Federal Officers Restricted.
Pish said that Hoover pointed out
that under the laws the Federal de
partments were restricted in their work
of investigating the revolutionary
activities of the Communists.
Hoover’s testimony brought out, he
said, that stronger laws were needed
to permit the authorities to take action
before crimes were committed.
Oscar R. Luhring, Assistant Attorney
General; Robert P. Kelly, chief of the
Eastern European division of the State
Department, and John F. Simmons,
chief of the passport division, are to
testify at an executive session tomorrow
afternoon. Thursday the committee
will hear William Green, president of
the American Federation of Labor, and
Edward F. McGrady of the same or
The Department of Justice official
followed Dr. Edmund A. Walsh, s. J.,
regent of the School of Foreign Service
of Georgetown University, as a witness.
Dr. Walsh testified yesterday at the
I opening session.
Dr. Walsh charged in his testimony
yesterday that the Soviet government
had declared “war against all human
ity,” and planned to overthrow exist
ing governmental systems. Dr. Walsh
was a member of the Hoover Famine
Relief Mission in Russia in 1921, and
has been in close touch with develop
ments in Russia since that time.
Active Among Colored People.
He said they worked through propa
gandizing, teaching children in train
ing camps in this country, doing busl
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Southern Cross May Start West
ward Transatlantic Flight
on Friday.
By the Associated Press.
DUBLIN, June 10.—Wireless tests
were made at Baldonnel Airdrome to
day between the Southern Cross and
another plane in preparation for Capt.
Charles Klngsford-Smith’s proposed
transatlantic flight.
The Southern Cross remained in the
hangar while a Free State plane tum
bled about in the air for an hour, 3
miles away. The messages were han
dled by J. W. Stanage, radio expert of
the Southern Cross.
Stannage was enthusiastic about the
results. “We have nothing to fear from
bad wireless performance,” he declared.
“I believe our abUity to keep in touch
with the world will inspire us with
; extra confidence.”
The monoplane will be flown at a
height of about 200 feet as much as
pcsible. Her supply of fuel was
taken aboard today. Capt. Kingsford
i Smith said ha hoped to be off by Fri
$30,000 Posted and SIO,OOO
More Offered for “Jake”
Lingle’s Murderer.
All Forces Join Together in Search
as Six Are Taken
in Custody.
By the Associated Press.
CHICAGO. June 10—One of the
greatest murder hunts Chicago ever has
seen was organized today.
Police, State's attorney’s men, private
detectives and the organized power of
the press joined to track down the man
who killed Alfred (Jake) Lingle, 38-
year-old reporter for the Tribune, yes
Rewards totaling $30,000 were posted—
s2s,ooo by the Tribune and $5,000 by
the Chicago Evening Post. The Press
Club of Chicago issued a statement that
It stood ready to post an additional
Two hundred or more persons were
within a few feet of Lingle when he
was shot down at 1:35 ociock yester
day afternoon, yet the slayer not only
escaped but left witnesses with a con
fusion of stories as to just what hap
Revisit Murder Scene.
Early today the Investigators revis
ited the murder scene, the subway that
dips under Michigan boulevard at Ran
dolph street and leads to the Illinois
Central Station. They wanted to re
check every possible means of escape
that the slayer may have taken. They
sought to learn whether some clue pre
viously overlooked might be revealed.
Already they had thfe killer’s gun. a
pocket revolver of .38 caliber, and they
had the black silk glove worn by the
killer to prevent telltale fingerprints
being left on the pistol butt. That was
about all.
There were many witnesses and
almost as many different stories of what
happened. Several, however, tentatively
identified rogue gallery pictures of Sam
Hunt, Capone gunman, as closely re
sembling the man who killed Lingle.
Hunt, carrying a shotgun in a golf bag,
was arrested a fortnight ago on the
Northwest Side shortly after a gang
gunning, in which the body of the
victim was spirited away. He is out on
bond under charges of carrying con
cealed weapons.
Knew Gang “Big Shots."
Lingle is the first newspaper man,
the Tribune pointed out, to be mur
dered since Don R. Mellett, Canton,
Ohio, editor, was slain in July, 1926.
following his crusade against gangsters
there. Lingle's 18 years as a Tribune
reporter have been devoted largely to
police reporting and investigation, r
job that has brought him into contact
with most of the "big shot" gangsters
of Chicago. He was well acquainted
with A1 (Scarface) Capone, among
others, and once was entertained at the
Capone home in Miami.
The Tribune reporter, reputedly
wealthy enough to retire, but staying on
the job through pure joy of the work,
was working on the chain of gang
murders that have been committed
within the last 10 days. He himself
became the eleventh victim.
The Tribune today said there ap
peared to be no direct motive. Lingle.
the paper said, had been “covering" the
underworld for the Tribune for years.
He had come to know most of the gang
leaders. He probably knew more police
men than any other person. Police
Commissioner William Russell_was one
(Continued on Page 2, Column 2.)
Books of Cincinnati Branch’s For
mer Manager Show More Than
$1,000,000 Missing.
By the Associated Press.
CINCINNATI, Ohio, June 10.—The
Cosmopolitan Bank & Trust Co. was
closed today by O. C. Gray, State super
intendent of banks, after a shortage of
from $575,000 to $590,000 was found in
the bank accounts of the Henry L.
Doherty Co., Cincinnati branch.
The Doherty company was one of
the largest depostitors in the Cosmo
politan Bank.
| Gray ordered the bank to remain
closed, saying its affairs were in the
hands of the State.
Examiners and county officials said
a shortage of more than $1,000,000
existed in the books of Amos W. Shafer,
former district manager of the Doherty
company, and declared the seriousness
of the shortage was emphasized by the
fact the bank's capital, according to a
published statement March 27, amounted
to only $637,377.
Officials said the shortage was caused
by stock market gambling operations of
Shafer. Shafer was arraigned on an
embezzlement charge, waived examina
tion and held to the grand jury under
$15,000 bond.
Shafer was removed as manager yes
terday by orders from the New York of
fice of the company. Shafer, after his
arrest, declined to make a statement.
Heart Attack Suffered by Northern
Ohio Episcopal Head.
MOUNT VERNON, Ohio, June 10 (jP).
—Bishop William A. Leonard, Cleve
land, head of the Episcopal Diocese of
Northern Ohio, was reported well on
the way to recovery today from a heart
attack suffered Sunday at his Summer
home, near Gambler.
Physicians said that his condition
had shown considerable improvement,
but that he would have to undergo fur
ther treatment because of his advanced
Radio Programs on Page C-4
Foreign Relations Subcom
mittee Drafting Resolu
tion —No Censure.
A statement of the policy of the
Senate foreign relations committee re
garding the right of the committee to
have papers and documents dealing
with international treaties is to be
drafted, in the form of a resolution, by
a subcommittee consisting of Chairman
Borah, Senator Moses of New Hamp
shire and Senator Black of Alabama.
The resolution will not be a demand
for the papers and documents in con
nection with the London naval treaty,
which President Hoover through Sec
retary Stimson declined to send to the
committee after a request for the
papers had been made by Senator John
son of California, who is leading the
fight in committee against the London
Right to Be Expressed.
“The reply of the President," said
Senator Borah, after the committee
meeting, "to the request for all the
papers relating to the London treaty, is
treated as conclusive. The resolution
will express the view of the committee,
however, in a general way to the com
mittee’s right to have all papers ana
documents that would throw light on
treaties negotiated by the executive
branch of the Government."
Senator Black presented a resolution
which undertook to set forth the policy
and views of the committee at today's
session. The committee determined,
however, to have the resolution re
drafted, following a debate which lasted
for an hour and a half, and appointed
a subcommittee headed by Senator
The resolution was not to be con
strued as censure of President Hoover
for his action in regard to confidential
documents which he declined to send
to the foreign relations committee, ac
cording to Senator Borah.
Copies May Be Sent.
However, if the resolution is adopted
by the committee, as now seems prob
able, copies of the resolution will be
transmitted to the Secretary of State
and the President.
A resolution demanding that Presi
dent Hoover reverse himself and send
all the confidential data relating to
the London_ negotiations_ would _be
(Continued on Page 2, Column 6.)
France and U. S. to Relieve Condi
tions Affecting' American Firms.
PARIS, June 10 (£>).—Agreement be
tween France and the United States to
abolish double taxation was said today
in official quarters to be almost in sight.
Remaining details may be ironed out
within the next few days, although no
accord is likely for a week or so.
American and French experts have
negotiated the matter for some time.
The agreement will afford relief to
American subsidiary firms in France
which have suffered through being
taxed both at home and abroad.
The Market Place
There are over 100,000
homes in Washington and
suburbs where The Star is
read every evening and
Sunday morning. The Star
is the shopping guide for
most everybody who is inr
terested in the latest and
best offerings of Washing
ton merchants.
Yesterday's Advertising
(Local Display)
The Evening Star. . 28,606
2nd Newspaper.... 8,039
3rd Newspaper.... 6,J47
4th Newspaper.... 3,798
sth Newspaper.... 3,365
Total other four
Newspapers 21,349
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ning your shopping for to
Rain Halts Came;
Sam Jones Lost
To Team for Trip
Special Dispatch to The Btar.
CLEVELAND, June 10.—Sam Jones,
ailing member of the Nationals’ pitch
ing staff, Is lost to the team for the re
mainder of its Western trip. The veteran
right-hander, suffering from glandular
trouble, left the club here today for his
home at Woodsfleld, Ohio, to attend to
some personal affairs and tomorrow will
entrain for Washington to undergo
treatment from the club physician. His
ailment, although not serious, Is pain
ful, and it is thought he will not be fit
for duty for a week or 10 days.
Rain forced today’s game to be post
poned. It was the last of the current
Cleveland series, the Nationals moving
on to Chicago for a series beginning to
Attacker, Believed to Be De
mented, Asserts She Will
Take Care of Victim.
Policman Merlin E. Swanson of the
third precinct, was wounded seriously
early this afternoon when attacked by
a white woman, believed to be demented,
wielding a long butcher knife, at Con
necticut avenue and R street.
The woman, Mary Depenbrock, 2015
Nineteenth street, finally was overpow
ered by the police office while passers
by called for the police patrol wagon
from the third precinct and the wom
an was placed in custody. After a
short questioning, the woman was sent
to Gallinger Hospital for observation.
Swanson, badly slashed about the
legs, is in Emergency Hospital in a
serious condition.
Third precinct police said the woman,
about a year ago, ran amuck with a
butcher knife and following that was
held In St. Elizabeth Hospital for
mental treatment for some time. Be
fore leaving the precinct, the woman,
apparently returned to her normal
state of mind, declared: “I have plenty
of money and will take care of the
By the Associated Press.
ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 10.—A
treaty of friendship between Turkey and
Greece was signed here today.
The agreement was signed by the
Turkish foreign minister. Dr. Tevflk
Rushdi Bey and the Greek minister at
Angora, M. Polychroniadis.
The long awaited agreement was con
sidered a prelude to Turko-Greek amity
pacts, entailing a trip of Premier Veni
zelos in October to Angora.
The Turkish press said that consum
mation of the friendship agreement
made the Turkish horizon more peaceful
than it had been for six centuries.
Twenty thousand Greeks in Istanbul,
who under the accord are recognized
as established residents, especially wel
comed the treaty. During the last seven
years Inability of the two nations to
agree upon their status has made them
officially "lost souls,” unable to pro
cure passports or any legal documents.
British Columbia Wants Him to
Visit Pacific Northwest.
VICTORIA, British Columbia, June
10 (/P). —Premier S. F. Tolmle today
said the government of British Colum
bia will invite President Hoover to visit
the province on his forthcoming Pacific
Northwest tour.
The invitation, the premier said, is
being forwarded to President Hoover by
the Men’s Canadian Club of Victoria.
Xing and Queen of Spain to Be
Guests at V. S. Embassy.
By Cable to The Star.
MADRID, June 10.—The King and
Queen of Spain and many other dis
tinguished guests are to attend a state
dinner at the American embassy here
Wednesday night. This is the first time
that royalties have attended an official
function at the embassy since Ambassa
dor Laughlin, the new envoy, assumed
the post.
right, I**o.)
“From Pres» to Homo
Within the Hour ”
The Star’* carrier system covers
every city block and the regular edi
tion is delivered to Washington homes
as fast as the papers ara printed.
Yesterday's Circulation, 112,210
UP) Means Associated Press.
Secretary’s Enmity Is Held
Based on Fear of Effect on
Revenue and Trade.
On indisputable authority, news
reaches this writer that the influence
of Andrew W. Mellon, Secretary of the
Treasury, has been thrown into the
balance at the eleventh hour against
the Hawley-Smoot tariff bill.
Whether Mr. Mellon speaks with
the authority, or on behalf of, the Hoo
ver administration, is not disclosed.
But his hostility to the bill has been
communicated to Republican leaders
in the Senate, and carried, no little
weight with them. That the Secretary
of the Treasury’s dislike of the pro
, posed law has much to do with the
noncommittal attitude toward it now
maintained by the two Pennsylvania
, Senators, Reed and Orundy, is not
doubted on Capitol Hill. Senator Reed,
ever since he entered Congress, has
ranked as the personal spokesman of
“the greatest Secretary of the Treasury
since Alexander Hamilton.”
State Suffers Only Slightly.
Politicians who are acquainted with
1 Mellon's opposition to the Hawley
’ Smoot “monstrosity,” as its foes dub it,
r say it is a wholly short-sighted view
to attribute his enmity to the bill's
’ effects on “the industrial empire of
Pennsylvania.” Not only is Mr. Mellon
described as too broad-gauge a man to
, base his posftion on so sectional a
ground, but it is declared that Pennsyl
vania's interests, on the whole, suffer
only slightly under the bill. Alumi
i num, plate glass and pig iron, in all of
which Industries Mellon interests are
directly of indirectly concerned, don’t
• come off as well as they’d hoped to
under the Hawley-Smoot conference
compromise rates. But none of them
will have to put up the shutters on ac
count of them. They are no longer
"infant industries.”
What Secretary Mellon is anxious
about is the broad economic effects of
the bill, should it become law. In the
first place, it inevitably would slash
Treasury income from customs duties on
foreign imports seriously. Last_ year
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Purpose of Italian Minister’s Hur
ried Trip for Parley Is Un
By the Associated Press.
WARSAW, June 10.—Foreign Minis
ter Grandi of Italy, who arrived here
last night, left by special train today
for Druskiennlki on the Polish-Lith
uanian frontier, where Marshal Pilsud
ski now is stopping.
The marshal left Warsaw only a few
hours before Foreign Minister Grandi
arrived. The Italian foreign minister
expressed a desire to see him and de
cided to make the trip today.
Foreign Minister Grandi’s Insistence
upon seeing the marshal has led politi
cal circles to think that he has some
important mission.
School Girls Killed.
HAMILTON, Ontario, June 10 (JP).—
Two high school girls, Margaret McKay
and Evelyn Booth, were killed today
when the automobile in which they were
driving to school was struck by a train
at a crossing near Trafalgar.
Police Question 19-Year-Old Mother and Husband Who
Left Child With Colored Woman.
While Baby Billy, 2-week-old waif,
contentedly plays with his toes in a
ward at the Children's Hospital, police
are questioning his youthful
an effort to learn why they should
abandon so fetching a youngster as
The 10-year-old mother, Mrs. Flossie
Bowen, was located by Policewoman
Mary Schnader at 1515 West Virginia
avenue northeast this morning, and the
husband, Roth Bowen, was taken into
custody several hours later by police of
the fifth precinct. Both were being
questioned at the House of Detention,
where investigation of the abandonment
Blanton and Cramton Join in
Denunciation of Op
Difference in Costs of District and
Federal Contribution Is .
Shown to Senate.
While Senator Bingham, chairman of
the conferees on the District appro
priation bill, was exhibiting to the Sen
ate today a chart graphically showing
the wide gap which exists between the
total cost of running the National Cap
ital and the Federal contribution of
$9,000,000 a year, three members of the
House launched attacks on critics who
have assailed the House members in
refusing to yield to the Senate proposal
that the $9,000,000 lump sum be in
Declaring that an editorial in a
morning newspaper was an attack not
only upon himself but on the entire
House membership, Representative Sim
mons, chairman of the subcommittee
on District appropriations, who per
sonally has engineered the fight which
has held up action on the appropria
tion and police and fire increase meas
ures, made a motion to insert the edl
torial in the record.
Representative Blanton of Texas,
former member of the District com
mittee, who announced some days ago
on his return to the House that he was
through with District affairs, declared:
“Everybody knows the tax rate in the
District is only $1.70 for everything—
i schools, water, lights, streets, etc. It
i is the cheapest tax rate in any city in
■ the United States and there is not a
man who can justify a Federal con
tribution of more than $9,000,000 to the
District government.’’
Cramton Raps Increase.
Representative Cramton of Michigan,
who, as acting chairman of the sub
committee on District appropriations,
put through the legislation which
i changed the fixed proportion policy in
, fiscal relations by substituting th*
$9,000,000 lump sum, spoke with con,
siderable heat, saying: “The flgfr
■ Mr. Simmons has been making so abl*
. for a reasonable limitation on the Fee*
’ eral contribution has at all times ha*
the support, I believe, of lully nine
i tenths of the membership of the Houa
There has been an attempt at coercion
in another legislative body and in the
; newspapers of the District to force M#
: Simmons, who has made such an e*J
haustive study of District appropria
tions, to yield his position. They de
sire to eliminate his views by personal
attack when they are unable to match
his logic.”
Senator Bingham’s Views.
In presenting the chart to the Senate,
Senator Bingham declared: “I desire
i to call the attention of the Senate to
this chart on the wall, showing graphic
ally and vividly the difference between
i ;he total expenses of the District govern
ment and the Federal contribution
thereto, as pointed out yesterday by the
' Senator from Ohio, Mr. Fess.
“The upper line indicates the steady
increase in the cost of running the
i District, while the lower line represents
; the amount of the Federal contribu
p tlon which for several years tended to
remain in line with the increases in the
i bill, but which for several years past
has remained stationary at $9,000,000.
“It shows the unfairness of the con
tention of the House conferees that
there should be no compromise be
tween the $9,000,000 and the $12,000,000
approved by the Senate.”
The chart shows that in 1910 the
total cost of running the District was
about $10,000,000. This line mounts
steadily through the intervening years,
until, at 1930, it is near the top of the
chart, with total District appropria
tions of about $43,000,000, and reveal*
the wide gap between that line and (he
line indicating the $9,000,000 Federal
Believe* Portrayal More Striking.
The Senator believes that this chart
indicates more strikingly than the fig
ures when stated in percentages the rea
sonableness of the position taken by the
Senate conferees that there should be
some increase in the Federal contribu
tion. The placing of this map on the
Senate wall comes on the heels of the
statement filed yesterday by the Senate
conferees, in which they unanimously
described the $9,000,000 lump sura as
unfair to the District.
The conferees on the local supply bill
came to a deadlock a week ago when,
acording to the Senate conferees, the
House members took the position that
they would not go beyond $9,000,000.
The Senate group did not stand out for
the $12,000,000, but took the position
that where both houses had adopted
different amounts, there should be a
It was noticeable that a number of
Senators stopped to study the chart
after it had been placed on the Senate
wall. After Senator Bingham had ex
plained the map, no one arose in the
Senate to speak in opposition to the
position which the Senate conferee*
have taken in favor of an Increase in
the Federal contribution.
At the Detention Home Mrs. Bowen
declared she left Billy with a colored
woman on the first block of N street
because she and her husband could
not afford to keep the infant. She
said she married Bowen in Fauquier
County, Va., last year.
The couple came to this city to live
several weeks ago, and the baby was
born not long afterward. The mother
said she and her husband discussed
the situation and Bowen said he knew
a colored woman who kept babies for
busy parents. The couple then took
Billy to the woman. Mrs. Julia Bell,
who notified the police when the
parents failed to return as promised.
The parents are being held for fur
ther investigation.

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