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Farty-eight Receive Certifi
cates at Graduation Exer
cises in Montgomery.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
SILVER SPRING, Md., June 11.—
/ Diplomas were presented to 48 grad- ,
uates of Takoma-Silver Spring High
School at its commencement, held last j
night in the school auditorium. O. H.
Benson of Edgemoor, director of the
department of rural scouting of the
Boy Scouts of America, was principal
speaker. Declaring that the young peo
ple of today were better educated, had
better health and more pulling power
than at any other time since the found- j
ing of the Nation, and possessed the
greatest opportunity for wealth and
leisure, he pointed out the problems that
they must solve in order to be an as
set to the Nation and make the most
of their advantages. Illustrating his
talk with a number of causes of crime
given by 308 criminals, Mr. Benson
challenged the young people to help in
preventative measures rather than to
rely on curative methods. He stated
that in this new day the youth of the
Nation have an opportunity for achieve
ment and success never before avail
Honors Awarded.
Award of honors was made by Mayor
Ben Davis of Takoma Park. Among I
those who received awards was Robert
Christie, who won the medal offered
by the Sons of the American Revolu
tion for patriotism, school spirit and
loyalty. Miss Marion Rueth was given
the award for scholarship and initiative,
and Jacob Sclar and Neil Holmead were
given honorable mention for work at
school. A number of other awards,
including the presentation of letters
won in athletics, were also given.
Miss Marion Rueth was valedictorian
and Robert Adams salutatorian. Presen
tation of diplomas was made by Wil
liam H. McCeney, a member of the
board of education.
Rev. J. Wesley Loftis, pastor of the
Silver Spring Baptist Church, gave the
invocation and Rev. Ralph D. Smith of
the Woodslde Methodist Episcopal
Church delivered the benediction. Sev
eral songs were given by the senior
Graduates Named.
Following is a list of the graduates:
Academic John Robert Adams,
George Herbert Beall, Doris Elizabeth
Bitzing, Allen Ross Brougham. Arthur
Robert Brown, jr.; Helen Edith Cavis,
Robert Curtis Christie, Edna Mae Davis,
Henry Darling Evans, David Edward
Frieder. Herbert Bradley Hendrick, jr.;
Edward Cornelius Holmead, Joseph
Leonard Jew’ell, Maryanna Lawrence,
William Carlton Leasure, David Rand
Lee. Lawrence Vincent Lutes, Harold
Eugene Miller, Philip Charlton Mc-
Curdy, William Mather Bolles Mullett,
Ruth Eleanor Nushbaum, Janie Mildred
Poole, Marion Ursula Rueth, Jacob
Benjamin Sclar, Louis Lawrence Selby,
Benjamin H. Walker, jr.; Paul Leland
General—Harold Roger Cook, Ralph
Everett Harries, Lewis Vost Miller,
Wilma Nadine Pemberton, Glendon I
James Wade.
Commercial—Harold Woodrow At
wood, Dorothy Lee Covert, Anna Marie !
Fowler, Dorothy Griffith, John William
Hardy, Virginia Alice Jones, Estelle
Roxie Lamore, Edna Elizabeth Mus
grove. Myrtle Katherine Sherrer, Mary
Louisa Stewart, Agnes Catherine Sulli
van. Virginia Catherine Thompson, Ann
Forbes Wallace, Margaret Virginia
White, Edith Josephine Williams, Chris
tian Zander.
Kennel Club Officials in Ohio Plead
Not Guilty.
LONDON, Ohio, June 11 OP).—Three
members of the board of managers of 1
the West Jefferson Kennel Club, Lim
ited, near here, pleaded not guilty Sat
urday when arraigned on charges of
permitting gambling in connection with
the dog races.
The officials—O. P. Van Scholk, sec
retary; P. V. Miller and B. A. Sargent—
were released on bonds of SBOO each
pending trial June 16.
Track officials announced there
would be no further racing until after
the trial and expressed intention to
make it a test of the legality of the
"contribution system."
Coffee, tea, cocoa and spices brought
tnto the United States last year were 1
valued at $398,164,000. j
By Nemoflex
—A very new foundation
garment of swami cloth.
The very newest develop- j
ment In detachable garters
is shown. They are very
small, convenient, do not
pull the stockings, and
buckle adjustments are
eliminated. The shoulder j
straps are also detachable.
—Fitted by experienced
eonetieree without extra
Second Floor.
I hi
Heavy Turkish Order Cash’ll ‘J ..
SshesJ Bath Towels yv £% TTJ
Rubberized Cretonne BaT T ° AT ° id !,ny! Q
Shower Curtains _ 1 35L5L
/H-K -■ m* JL Zs V GroM * ••* • • .$3.00 —For a limited time we are sea-
W I S-C AM]! w** taring this special package of
*75 _L / /All \ > SjoflJ dK J U Bed, Blue, Green er Black fragrant, velvety dusting powder |
—18x36-inch towels, of lf/\t fl\ j] at this special price. It is put up
—These attractive shower bath closelv woven verv absor- i\\\\ Mh 00 Jf/L* 2 —Safeguard your young- ln the "Ivory Design" boxes, each
curtains will not only give faith- l .L ||Al J\ fIL *ters’ clothes from loss In with a large velour puff-and
ful service every day but will add bent Turkish toweling, with /jf/Vi I 4Lx ~yrrJ If the laundry, etc., by mark- comes in the same odors as the J
a bright note of color to the striped borders of blue, pink, JlfM \\ i l /faxT lng them with Cash’s Woven regular n.so boxes
gold, green and orchid. Spe- MA \ IXltv *rc'7S.« b . y »d i/oSS? ST**
—Nickel-plated Portable Show- dally priced. lil [|i fA\\ Schools C&m P 8 Paris Ls Jaeca
at $5.95. I liJ a !j A yy v > J Cliypre v"
Kann’s—Third Floor. Kann’s—Street Floor. • 111 MM Kann'a—Struct Floor. Kann’s—Street Floor. /
Hodges Argentine Fibre ** MjsflT Hostesses’, Nurses’and
Rugs—9xl2 and Bxlo Sizes JiMiISHBL Maids Tub Silk Uniforms
$9.95 e, -5z52.95 J
" \ \ —These are the famous “White Swan” make, and this opportunity
You will be both economical and comfortable if you \ \ \ t. buy them at $2.95 la very unusual. They are very smart, made
choose your Summer rugs from this collection. For they \ ft 1" *he regulation style, with long sleeves. You will went several
, ~x s . j . . f a. » . . L \ ll for the Summer, and at tomorrow’s price you can buy two for
arc cool-looking, beautiful and certainly most inexpensive. 11 I \ j MB than you have been used to paying for one.
6x9 ft.—56.95 4*4*714 ft.—54.95 36x72 in.—52.75 27x54 in.—sl.69 Vh\ M Sizes 16 to 46
-> Kann'a —Third Floor. * Kann's —Second Floor.
A Special Selling of
I 0 S U jyj jyJ- Mfgr*. Sample Line ; ;
I JafcL Ught Crepes. IVintvd Crepe. CSU Silk-tO-Top
Printed and v\ as liable Silks 3 for SI.OO *
National Pressure “Havelin” Electric Ensembles of Printed Silk. - • K .._ i_ Service-Weight
COOKERS CLOCKS r Ann Hose, $1.09
Size, Sp ~ua SHIIV S “5£’SF A Pair., $3.15
517.98 QS 'I —There Is'luw a # unall let
'* tt dress linings in the as- and xpectally priced. A medium
—These splendid cast aluminum SOTtment, aervlce weight—full fashioned and
557“.”d C ”S to e th"""kltrh‘.n: -Attractive, handy electric -Eight dollars is certainly not much to pay for •”* •» *>»>
TOW C«k a. rnLmusiiS S clocks lor your desk or dresses as delightfully cool and summery as SOe to SI.OO Value. and to» «nes a* to io.
'LX uw*most . ne »7 r .ary . . the ,htM ' • | "< i •«'> materials. An On Sale-Notion Department “ A «“*, f ‘ he *»•
out of food values. . t. unusually varied selection to choose from, too, ular shades, also whita.
is Ot aixe *2198 nil and the featuring the predominating style points—the Kann'e-Btreet boot. Kann’s-Street Floor.
IVVt 98 practically nU - and the cape , the bolero and the chic frilly touches.
125-qt. * lie $28.98 cjLses zre in a pretty brown There are both sleeveless, and elbow sleeve
Convenient Terms bakelite finish. Plug n on styles. In white, yellow, pink, baby blue, and . 4jb/
Demonstrations Daily an y A. C. current. n jj # rj *ll B jJL
Kann’s-Third Floor. Kann’s-Street and Third Floors. Sizes 14 to 20 and 38 to 4S OIIK Uilßlltllllg
Dresses at Only
HUily 7 L' w 4.4 Costume Slip 5 I I —Shantung frocks are very popular this Spring. / [j]
i The capelet sleeves, or the sleeveless styles make f /
mmmm M Flat Crepe—Create de Chine—Rayon Crepz them very cool in both looks and reality. They .
_ _ have sports necklines, which also add to the cool \ {
fa '1 _ * | 71l appearance, and the majority have pleated skirts. |'#
“ | 7 ea* wh ° T * * f# orchid « flesh * blue « n *le> also J# f
Window Screens and Screen !| : "F Ilf 111
under the sheerest of Summer frocks. Sll-
a _ • 1 TVT f houette, tailored and lace-trimmed styles
Doors Are Essential iiow# ;j or lizL n 34 j r 1j * .9
of flat crepe and rayon crepe only) LlilllClreil S £01(1 111 tail t 8
Here They Are at Low Prices Kann’s—second Floor.
Continental Screen Doors, $1.98 to $6.95 Vs CHr Yotl Call BuV f Or 1 00
-Varnished and walnut stained doors-with black galvanized or W *VU VIOUIfUJ lUI f
bronze wire filling. Sizes 30x78, 32x80, 34x84 and 36x84 sizes in the Regatta Union Suits, 2 for Ouiltad p.j. «? t
assortment. . -Of crow-bar muslin. Sizes -BUe 17x30 inches. For ei
Extension Window Knock-Down Screen Chiidrsa’s Craapars ° ribß W € £7 laß ”'
Screens, 49c l« 89c to 8»e JSKa ‘SSSTft.SS* $1
-18x33 to 30x46 in. sizes, filled -The Continental frames with slid- mm*, .X „ n V ’ white blouses. Sizes 2t06. $1
withaalvanized wire Metal cen- ing track, beading, nails and metal N. v i-3 ° n * Domb • «...
tTr h brace ConUnenUl make. corners. Sizes 30x30 to 36x84. M —27x27 Birdeye Diapers. In »1 Slip-on Sweaters
ter brace, wnunenui sealed package. —ln pretty combination col-
Screen Wire for Screens and Porches j Un « «^ ukk w r ? k# V* 81 “ 8 2 *<* 6 years.
Se bronie, mw fi " • 1 51 ritajk. poke ».,!« mu. •«
/ \ ? v vj Panty Wauti, 4 far hrlm.
Kann’s Third Floor. ‘ SI P-tty Wa.h Frack.
m U »- S TO I 12 1 —Of prints and voiles—with PI
\ D .i;r w,r *’ 4 . ,0r and without panties. Short
11 . a-««• 1 r*l „• c -Embroldsry trimmed. Sizes sleeves. Sizes 2 to 6.
Candlewick Maple Uiairs S l , “° S 7Y „ 51 k.^
1 Of#lf • —Tuck-ia Pajamas —of cotton or wool in pretty Cl
n 1 ,1 W r. —Of colorful prints. Sleeve- PI colon. Sizes 2to 6. $1
Bedspreads 95c EEEEf Snorty Crei>e-Sole ' s ’u»A.“ *— -oo mw „v.*‘; n 7X »< S1
$2.35 =scfjg nYFORIiS i— ’ r* :
Regularly $2.95 frames are
p J ot maple in
—Single and double bed size mush”* z? n Tire Combinations
tufted designs in pretty r"T’i : rnN r /-k ■ Sale! Rayon Underwear
colors. Charming gifts for SStahVil « U i / I II _ J
the bride. «p e c iai Fourth V I I ft T rimmed and /C A
Kann’s—Street Floor. value. Floor. W \ W f(1 ■ ■ ■ • gTk Q
_ I Appliqued
—This special sale comes In opportunely, Just
1 * C J 17 1 / \ \ when you are looking forward to vacation needs.
Sapolin Speed Kliamel -The ideal shoes for Summer sports—chic, /Jf-TM S„i:;TrchV^!£ ,^% d „slr.nr.SS
comfortable and most inexpensively priced in / J Vbloomers—of delustered rayon, in pretty pastel
1 p£! rt *n 5 i/ pIU!’ tS! this sale. All sizes 3 to 8 in combinations of colorß and rfpjlar sizes
4 black and white kid, pearl elk, tan calf, reptile Eltrm S i ießavon
—Easy to apply, dries hard in four hours, leaving calf end smoked elk. ySi 1 / \ chemiae, Bloomers,
?okTrs d gIO6SJ, finlSh ' In Wh “ e and a “ ““ P ° PUlar | ” Kann'a—Fourth Floor. || “* “*

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