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Wealthy Engineer Eloped
With Princess When Stu
dent at Yale.
By the Associated Press.
FAIR HAVEN, N. J., June 12. 1
Poison* apparently taken by accident, J
today was declared officially to have :
caused the death of Donald Shields
Andrews wealthy chemical engineer, j
who in 1915, when a student at Yale, |
eloped with a princess.
His partner in the sensational elope
ment, Mrs. Alma V. Hayne, ajso known j
as the Princess Vetsera of Austria,
took her life by drinking poison at the
•econd victory ball in London in 1919.
Andrews was found dead Tuesday in
the 5200.000 laboratory he built on
the banks of the Shrewsbury River
•nd in which he recently spent much
time endeavoring to make precious
•tones synthetically.
Glass Is Found by Body.
He had gone to the laboratory at
4 am., with John Ross, a friend and
associate, and his body was discovered
by the latter upon his return to the i
laboratory after a brief absence.
Chief of Police Herdon said that a
drinking glass partly filled with water j
was on the floor beside the body. A
container of poison was on the table
and in the waste basket was another
drinking glass that Dr. Harvey W.
Hartman, Monmouth County physician.;
said contained possibly traces of poison, j
Dr. Hartman issued a certificate of,
accidental death after an autopsy had
been performed which disclosed traces !
of poison. Prosecutor Jonas Tumen
•aid that although the investigation
•till was open, he was convinced death
was accidental. He said Andrews had
no business or domestic troubles, but
' recently had been under the care of j
• physician for a nervous trouble.
Father Was Hanna Associate.
He was the son of Matthew Andrews
Os Cleveland, a business associate of
Marcus A. Hanna. At the time of his
elopement with Mrs. Hayne, he was
said to have eluded private detectives
employed by his family to prevent the .
marriage. He and Mrs. Hayne, how- j
ever, were married in Mamaroneck, N. i
Y„ April 24, 1915.
She said she was the natural daugh- i
ter of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria
•nd the Baroness Marie Vetsera who
were found dead together in a hunt
ing lodge in 1889. Prior to her mar
riage with Andrews, she had been di- 1
vorced from a captain of the British i
Flying Corps. After their marriage, I
Andrews and his bride sailed for Eu- j
rope, but he returned alone a month
later and they later were divorced.
Andrews later married Hilah Reeder
»nd they lived on an estate at Rum
ion, near here.
&ur Held by New Dobminican Gov
ernment Are Released.
SANTO aOMINGO, Dominican Re
public, June 12 (AT—Angel Maria Soler |
•nd Marin Moya, cabinet officials under
former President Horacio Vasquez, were
released yesterday, having been im
prisoned Monday by the new Dominican
government. Moya will sail for San j
Juan, Porto Rico, today.
Another member of the Vasquez cabi- j
Bet, Alfredo Ricart. was arrested Tues
day. but released shortly afterward.
The government gave no explanation
f the arrests.
Conn. Ave. LWA shop of
& M St. Individuality
Beautiful Summer Hats
Entire Spring Collection
of Gowns, Suits,
■ Coats and Wraps
< Very Substantially Reduced
\ • \ Discontinuing
\ \ p A -LiJLLg
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\ costume
'* oo toilet
Complete Disposal!.
Our Entire Stock of
—a complete collection
of underthings, in the Group $^3.95
finer types and qual- n «3
ities. While the assort- une
ment is broken—every
size and shade is avail
able in the entire Group J 95
selection. Tx()f) D
*5-95 to *29 nZ 5 7 95 -
A C#
.■ 1 " r
, — .. ~ TM| M| ,
Gives Fish to Hoover
Specimens of fish wonders of the
West were presented to President Hoo
ver at the White House yesterday by
T. Joe Cahill, above, eowpuncher sec
retary of the Dude Ranches, w ho brought
a string of fish from the waters of
Wyoming for the Chief Executive. The
fish were sent to the President by the
i Wyoming Cody Club, which is at the
east entrance to Yellowstone and Grand
Teton National Tarks and in the heart
! of the dude ranch country.
I P fr. A. Photo
Listen In on AMOS ’N’ ANDY
Here Every Evening at 6 p.m.
gs? Mb* yn
. (Unfit tr Jfnnl
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I our rccular menu, we
•re feat urine
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Chieken. Special Club Steak •« /xrv
Special Vegetable Dinner, 75c
Salad Courses for Those
Not Desiring Regular Menu
Columbia 5042
Widow of Slain Garment Manufac
turer Granted Separate Hear
ing Starting July 9.
By the Associated Pres*.
LOS ANGELES. June 12—With 10
! women and 2 men tentatively sitting
! as Jurors. Otto Sanhuber. alleged lover
Tomorrow —A Friday of Extra Savings!
It just seems as though there is no end of merchandise to close out! Things do accumulate at this time of year —but a day like tomorrow
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I Women’s Coats Dresses Accessories Underwear
Women’s *35 to $59.50 5 First of All—Dresses ! *5 and $7.50 Handbags 95 *1.95 Glove Silk Undies , d
i „ . . .. 1 • Ul.._ hlark and Just 20 ba 8 s ’ n smooth calf—either tailored or Vests and step-ins—and about three dozen Van
hJmvn covert-'imnoNcd tweed coats' with grav An of our dress shops have clearance tomorrow poi , c h style. In blue, tan, green and beige. Raalte glove silk bloomers in a medium tan street
brown cmert imported ... 'i —mostly Summer goods—some late Spring styles frp* shade with elastic at waist and knee full length
lapm collars—navy blue an 1 smart —all Jelleff’s dresses—at Friday figures. $7.50 aild $lO Handbags leg—well reinforced. In sizes 45 6 7
coats with mole smart Many are the wanted cool fabrics-crepe Eliza- * Also a few rayon gowns in this sroun
furless coats with scarf and P< V, , . beth, georgette, lace, net—colors are mostly dark In eggshell satin for afternoon or in real beauvais sofd on street Floor B
crepe, broadcloth and basket co —but they are all wearable through the Summer, embroidery or moire silk. Mounted on filigree <£-■ AC
Women's $45 to $79.50 Coats $2«iT-o n^ i;) 311,1 $lO and $12.50 Handbags Chemises, step : ins and panties, in broken sizes,
$59..">9 Dresses J-t-F . of course, but in a fine quality. Tailored or lace
Black silks mostly faille, with collars of black or Z, - - -. . - Just Bob them 1 Two are imported bags trimmed styles. Flesh, nile, peach, eggshell and
suk.s jiiu.miv The maionty are printed crepe—some in canton in gold thread embroidery with jeweled frames white 8
white galyak or beige ernune * j* crepe. With lingerie collar, cuffs and vestees. A —3 are back-strap pouches particularly roomy—
mine collar urless coa s n so . . 1. • * few crepe Elizabeths —smart, seasonable —but must 3 are in the over-arm stvle with double frames. “ ——
lhe ga g?oup W of winch Die™ are a few 'for little b * out now. Just 24 dresscs-sizes ranging I-$2O Evening Bag of brilliants in oval style with Special Purchase Japanese $Q
women and large w pmen.For littie women gray roni ° “ I_s3S Bag. Os real coral-an exquisite little eve- Rayon Coolie Coats O
sylvia with black ga >a - . /t, ai e 'V 1 .,, ;n ' Wmnoii’i Q'{() ~| A ning bag mounted on a narrow'engraved frame, $l5. I hey are the gayest things under the sun
ermine in S7/ 2 for large women, sylv.a, ladle silk. M omen s lO $ I ~ and are ready to go vacationing with you
A, .? st l.y straightline styles with squirrel and broad* $49.50 Dresses J- Zs TTilta/lUarrc <fcl at any time. Os. course, they're willing to
tad collars—-some with jabot collars or cape collara. . . . s•> 11311(1 sl stay in at home. too. In lovely floral patterns.
Sizes include 36 to 44, 37' / t, tt'/x to 44 '/ 2 Exactly 47 dresses—for evening wear, for street ° French blue white red black roce and iade
almost all one of a kind. wear. Tailored canton crepes with pleated and 25 leather hags in smooth and grained ’ ’ ’ ' 1 C ’
, ... sms flared skirts—lace trimming. Crepe Elizabeth in styles. Pouch and tailored models. In black,
Women S $49.50 anti A dark l'? 11 s ,’ ad ,s? a t ew P n,lter ! cre P p s and green, tan, blue. Slightly marred from 44S {1 n i cjir. it„,i;„ c ShO
£A i' i chiffons—all splendid values —all in womens handline *** and Silk tJnciies
i SoV.DU l.oaiS ./ . , , w styles. Sizes 36 to 42.
Blues and blacks predominate in the light-weight ——p* Gowns of crepe de chine, in tailored and lacey
smart coats you want now. \io crepe with black Women’s $49 50 to /I 75 41 O? 4? »1 .Vt) styles. Georgette bloomers, trimmed with val lace
galyak cape—kashmir cloth with black galyak, Tl® L”® 9 $5, $3.9a and $a Jewelry V X edging. In flesh, peach, white and black. Broken
mole and broadtail— starella with black galyak— $a9.50 Dresses dmiMJ , , . , sizes. Just 60 pieces!
drossy coats with squirrel and galyak—satin with . Right out of our regular stock but it must make
ermiiic—wool crepes with mole and broadtail—a Dresses for evening wear—nets and softest chit- way for new’ pieces! Including Galalith jewelry a-. j- n TT ST
stunning green tweed sports coat with beige cara- foils in dark and pastel shades. Street frocks in so perfect for sports and street wear—blue, red, 3,1 K umiies
ml on it—some furless with self collars. Sizes canton crepe and flat crepe—both plain and jade, carnelian, lapis, rapucinc, amethyst and coral „ . . , , . T\
for 35 women— from 36 to 44—larger women’s 42 s /j, printed. There are hut 16 dresses in this group —charming copies of old ivory—crystals*—ever Exquisite nightie* of fine crepe de chine with
44r,/ 4Qi/ but each one a decided value at this special price. smart pearls*, hematite chains—and in such gor- ‘ encon design lace yokes. Chemises and dance
/ “* Women's Dress Shop—Second Floor geous colors. sets, oi beautiful crepe satin, trimmed with cream
■mm-m •> r laces and hand-feather stitching. In flesh, white,
]m/l fl /tqtg " $3.50 to ss.do SI .95 eggshell. In broken sizes, of course.
UiUrtlS Imported Kid Gloves X
/m Womens J»10.5U to qp |II 134 pairs! In kid of marvelous soft quality that tt* ae p ‘ gi;
MlacAc* C9Q ;n fn 464. Q =;n fnats I $25 Dresses ivf feels, looks and wears so well. Broken lines of t .vT ■ i ,7 ,
Misses a*39.5U to . course, but the assortment is large. Some seal- Just 72 ot these wonderful slips left from a .
. , . .. ( f rcsses f°r street, for a ernoon an loped, some appliqued or embroidered. White, previous selling...with picot tops, shadow
Just 44—covering all misses sizes, 14 to 20—(but business wear in regular 3o to 44 sizes. Also ta J, hrown beige hems and inverted side pleats in sizes 34
not ill all styles of course)—princess styles in a few in sizes. A clearaway from our •simulated. ’ ’ to 44.
black or blue crepe fabrics, furless or with broad- regular lines —all good styles in flat crepe, y IfDl qtw! Grer sr,ov, — Second Floor
tail or galipan—many cape coats, furless or furred printed crepe and georgette. Only one or aim IVICI anti I
with natural or beige squirrel. Sport coats of two in any one model—and of course the Lambskin Gloves A 25c Handkerchiefs 15e
novelty tweed with wolf collars—tailored coats in size and color range is broken but there is 76 pairs w j th embroidered or appliqued cuffs. YU- •. . V r
covert or tweed in furless styles. Coats for every a pice selection for early comers —m black, ®Hi \N omen s hand rolled 1 pencil linen novelty prints.
coat occasion. ’ _ b, »e. green and navy. $2 Fabric Gloves I SQ C Handmade Hankies 3 for $1
F? Womens Simple Frock Shop—Second Floor JL M»M«*naue naHMPS—.> lOr
Misses’ $49.50 lO $69.50 Coals Thesc wi „ go vcrv At—sturdy washable fabric ~ m Whit# with filet lou edges and corners.
. gloves at this special price. There are but 36 pairs
Fur-trimmed cape coats-some with cape sleeve*— __ in sitts 6) 7< 7y 2 on i y> With turn-back cuffs— I—sls evening scantie, with jersey silk girdle and
with beige fox or ermine, black galipan, broad- III'FSSFS appliqued—beige tones. georgette brassiere and nantie attached. Size
tail, wolf. Tweed sport coats both plain or fur ‘ 11 34
trimmed —black dress coats —one stunning gray 441
coat, velvet trimmed, in size 14—princess styles— mlssCS 9io.aU IO qp'y »OU Silk Stockingg VaL I W ■ n ‘l i 2 br«**iere», of net, pink checked silk and
belted styles—silk crepe coats with pouch collars $19.50 Dresses 4 , H I I jersev and brocade combinations. For dav and
of black galipan. 22 coats in all hut not all sizes in JuBt a few plain and print ed crepes in rose, beige, Silk from Ton'Tor * I eVeni " g Wear ' N<>t 3 ' l Si " S in a " Sty,CS - *° C ’ $1
all stales, of course, ranging rom i ’ rust, brown, white or black. With long or short * P I—slo Benjamin and John all-satin corsette, cut
>,• . t/l • 441 1A sleeves, pleated or flared skirts, lace and button Srmi~Srrvicr with low’ back and side sections of elastic. Size
Misses J.IV.DU to 911" v.oalB trimming. Just the frocks for immediate wear. Lisle Top and Foot on^y $8.50
Onlv 19 in this’ choice selection; the majority in Sizes 14 to _O. 4—ss g| r< j| <B< made of pink brocade or pink file
the wanted black—black Ledo, black silk, black ... , Products of one of our finest makers—each material. Slightly honed. Sizes 27, 29, 30, 32.
wool crepe, black cape coats, black velvet—all fur- Misses $19.50 to s2o Dresses l' a jr guaranteed perfect. Think how many Not all sizes in all materials $3.50
trimmed —galyak black or white, broadtail, white _ _ ... ~ pairs you can purchase and still spare your . . . ... (
ermine and galipan. Dress coats in bolero stvle Taffetas! Chiffons! Crepes! Both plain and pocketbook! Do glance, just once more, at • . ’ j y l- . • *7 „ . g .u 1*:
or jabot collars-*-some trimmed with grosgrain printed—for afternoon, evening and day time wear. the price— it will thrill you even more when ? de chine anfl c,astic °' cr thc jj'P s
ribbon—Some imported tweed spert coats. Mostly With capes, boleros, lingerie touches—pleated and you examine these stockings yourself. Sea- ;,lze oni ” ;
one or two of a style in sizes 14 to 18. flared skirts—narrow’ self belts at the normal .an, Sunkrotcn, Modernist , Gunmetal, Manon, 2—ss Dorothy Bickum Skinner’s Satin Girdle in
Misses’ Coat shop — Third Floor waistline. In rose, beige, green, blue, red, black Rendesvous, Grain, Muscadine. twelve-inch length. Size 34 $2.95
q or navy * Misscs ’ sizcs - *"* -strrtt rl ™[ #lO and $l5 Girdles $0.50
sportswear MW *25 *l5 Madelon Toiletries u
- G 5 Two and three piece ensembles and one-piece | ✓ t brocade and swami in sizes 44 and 47—a black
$1.95 to $3.95 Cotton I rocks in evening, afternoon and street styles. I T 1 I brocaded girdle in fourteen-inch length in size 29 I
X Pink, pewter, green, beige, black and navy. En- ... pink file girdles boned back and front
AH washable and made especially for Summer sembles with both short and three-quarter length These splendid beauty aids to he discontinued in in sizfs 28 and 33. The size range is broken but
suits. sleeves—short sleeves—sleeveless — coats over contrasting tuck-in blouses or one- line with our policy to promote well known ad- the savings is remarkable if you can wear one of
printed and plain. Sizes 34 to 42. piece dresses. Afternoon and street dresses with vertised lines. these girdles.
... - A smart cape and bolero treatments—puff sleeves— Cleansing: Cream $1.50 Now $l.OO ' Grev Shops-Second Floor
$10.50 to $25 $Q.;>O narrow belts. Misses’ sizes. Skin Food $l.OO Now 67c f
I ailortMl Blouses D Misses’ <2Q 'IO tn Special Cream $2.50 Now $1.67 W 1"| aAn T
Copies of exquisite imports in crepes and satins— 44Q0 en r» " | ■ \ anishitlg .C rea, t l ....$l,OO Now 67c kJ•
many in pure dye crepe. A good assortment of DrPSSPS *" Face Towder $1.50 Now $l.OO ~\ fa S’ AA
S?ie r s S ’34 n ti U 4? lg White> L ° ng and Sh ° rt S,eeVCS ’ Here is a particularly fine gotp of dresses for I Dustihg Powder $2OO Now $1.34 I d.HCX
street and afternoon wear—printed and plain Talcum Towder $l.OO Now 67c
S3s*«s49.soBoudet si.oo Now 67c Boudoir Slippers
and Knitted Suits short or long sleeves-capes-bow and button Skm I.otion $1.50 Now $l.OO ■ I I
1, 2 and 3 piece styles—all in Summer colors in trimming. In gray, pink, pirate green, black Perfume sl-s(r Now $l.OO Some of those bizarre mules you’ve .
novel weaves and color combinations. For sports and navy. Misses’ sizes. Toilet Water $3.50 Now $2.32 been longing for How down to this V ■ Qh
! w'ear —both spectator and active. Sizes 14 to 38. YS r - e sP ec ial remnant price.
i . \licaps’ $39 50 fn 511 vwiAvwysVn m Comfv boudoir slippers to rest your 1 m
$29.50 and $39.50 SO C ®*« r» 7' DU 1 I feet—light sliades, medium shades, dark shades. I
I on »l, n . .ill-# $49.50 Dresses 45 pairs in sizes 3 and M/j, 7 pairs in size 4, 4 pairs
Leather Goats and Jackets A number of our bcst evening, afternoon and '» size a,ltl 25 P airs 1,1 sizcs 7 toB. If you
In domestic and African cape skin that wears and street frocks in laces, chiffons and crepes. With BHfPiPUF/ 7 r ( have tiny feet, or if your feet aren’t so tiny—
wears in soft suede. Coats ideal for camp wear, cape backs, short and three quarter sleeves—bole- 'Si A then you’re in luck.
when driving your car—for sports wear—and a roSi peplums—dresses you should see. In sizes 14 7
wonderful value at this price. Brown, blue, green, to _>(j—navy, green, black and red. 1 f • 1 r W y t
red and orange. Misses' Dress Shop—Third Floor A oTtl(TFt’olV •
$19.;>0 Biding $1 A.50 Dresses for Larger Women 1 $3.95 Woven Sandals
(.alter Jodhpurs A" “ ...
. , 1 | X1.,1f I> • .... l Just 2.50 pairs of these popular im-
Oi whipcord and hedtord cloth ideal tor .tun- dl I let 11 I nee JT* _ I ri .. f Tt7 ~y ported woven sandals that will give
mer because they eliminate the recessity of riding CeVCry IS ff CurlflSl you such utter comfort all this V
boots. Sizes 14 and 18. In tan, brown and oxford. W<) 111 Oil’s $16.50 to $l9 50 95 ~ up f jvt t Summer—comfort as well as stvle.
Stu>r,t Floor women s 910.011 lo Iffiy.au Them Notv! In such smart color combinations
liresses X-F as green and white, red and white, tan and
„„ i n • 11“ Printed crepes for street wear with dark hack- TV TX fl white, tan and red. tan and brown, tan and
JTnsses ami womens grounds. Just 17 of them ill combinations of black *1 XT <T T'VT £1 H Hi C blue, blue and grey. Sizes 2'/ 2 to 7'/ 3 .
$5.95 Silk Dresses tl and white, navy, beige, red, green and brown. I A 4AJA CvA-fIA CX JL J.dl/9 I *—— - ■ . ■
Just 20 of these little silk frocks so ideal for Sizes 40«4 to 50J4. .. T OCT J C?|V
every day wear. In striped fuchsia, printed Women’s $25 to $29.50 &1O 50 At a price made possible only LZ clllil
shantungs and silk crepes in plain shades. V ■ , , # . fin _
With pleated skirts. With flared Skirts. And Dresses by a most unusual purchase pU RotliJrnr
your choice of capelets or short sleeves. In There are only 6 of these dresses in plain crcpc -IXciUlllXj S
sizes 16 to 42, but not in all styles of course. _; n navy, tan, green and dahlia. But an early se- What! You haven’t one of these spick and span T . .. . ... . . C r o A .
Morning Frock Shop-Fourth Floor lection is sure to prove successful. Sizes A2'/ 2 , new panamas? Then hurry right down before inc Kma T°!* r u t XX P - '
jji/ ,mi . new na.i.n . ... ... case so neatlv, the kind that every MJr
44, j and 46, j. they re all gone, for every modern, no matter what wi se person will take with them
$1.50 Blousettes Women’s s3> to $39.50 #1 PJ .50 They’!! go a-sporling. theylll be at every smart re- j'ouJ'Sme a festive air.
- , Dresses X 4 sort, they 11 he 111 town—with sport clothes, with E : th „ r the rubber slin-on stvle or cloth one-stran
Alas, tlierc are hut 19! But ail early arrival is . ~ your Summer suits, with informal town clothes. \ V . „ . 3 , ; , -.. • *
to he sneeesc-fnl r n „i .nortelc with 9 plain and printed crepes in navy, green or blue * style. Why not make the most of this very low'
, “HFSriIF “ Extra! 211 Summer Hats «■ — 3 --
(2 “■ 44*10 -■ pn Straw hats! Felt hats! Plenty of matron a, • - *L S> “ 1 — nnr
$3 Blousettes V I women S $5“.aU «jj> | Q.<)o hats! Plenty of hats for both miss and S tT
x Dresses A junior miss! Slightly mussed from ban- 50e and 75c Posies / FT(*
Just 20«#n crepe with neatly tailored collar and - dling but an early selection is sure to
tie—in flesh, blue, eggshell and white. And 15 in Just 4in this group oi dresses _ blue crepe frocks prove successful. Big, medium and small head sizes. Apple blossom and sophisticated gardenias in
softest batiste with lace-trimmed ruffled collars in sizes 44J4 and 46/2. 1 green georgette in size We almost said come early and avoid .. . you cluster and boutonniere stvles for your suit, coat
and jabots. In pastel shades. and 1 bro ' vn s,z e 42**$. know the rest. or dresses.
Neckwear Shop—Street Floor Dress Shov tor Larger Women—Second Floor Millinery Salon— Street Floor Flower Shop street Floor
!of Mrs. Walburga Oesterrelch, today
faced trial alone for the slaying eight
1 years ago of Fred Oesterrelch, former
Milwaukee. Wis., garment manufacturer.
Mrs. Oesterrelch, Jointly Indicted with
Sanhuber for her husband's murder,
yesterday was granted a separate trial
starting July 9.
Sanhuber, who is alleged to have con
! fessed to police he left his attic hiding
place to shoot the garment manufac
turer as he quarreled with his wife, will
be tried first under the facts disclosed
iby evidence. If a verdict of guilty is
r j returned, hi* plea of Insanity will be
t j taken up separately.
Ask Uniform Tag's and Lights.
1 BALTIMORE. Md., June 12 UP).
, Passage by all Eastern States of laws
1 requiring uniform license tags and
lights, preferably red lights, for fire
■ apparatus, was favored by the Eastern
5 Fire Chiefs’ Association In a resolution
■ approved as the annual convention
1 closed here yesterday. All officers were
1 re-elected and Atlantic City chosen for ;
5 next year’s convention. 1
Proposed Action Would Prohibit
Sheriffs Prom Making Raids
I Without Federal Warrants.
B> the Associated Press,
BATON ROUGE. La„ June 12
: Balloting in the face of protest from
1 several hundfed women from through
out Louisiana who gathered in the hall |
of the House of Representatives late j
yesterday, • House judiciary committee
returned a favorable report on the
Wlngrave bill to repeal the hood act,
State prohibition enforcement measure,
after hearing arguments on the prohi
bition issue throughout the aftemoorf.
The committee vote approving the bill
and sending it to the floor of the House
for action there was 6 to 4. The pro
posed repeal would take from Louisiana
sheriffs and deputies the rights to make
| raids on bootlegger* unless equipped
! with Federal warrants.
John J. Wingrave of New Orleans is
the author oi the repeal measure.
Chief Honors Livingstone.
Tschekedi Khama. an African chief ol
Serowe. Bechuanaland. recently made a
pilgrimage to the memorial at Blantvre,
Scotland, to David Livingstone, the ex«
! plorer-mlssionary, who Invaded Africa.
’ The chief contributed $750 toward the
; fund for erecting the new groups ol
statues at the memorial.

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