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Ohio Judge Finds Containers Only
Named in Prohibition Con
spiracy Warrant.
»r fcht Associated Press.
CLEVELAND. Ohio. June 12— Fed
*ral Judge West Tuesday ruled that
•0 tons of corn sugar seized in a raid
on the warehouse of Leo lazar, self
■tyled "sugar baron" of Akron, must
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be returned, but that 3,300 5-gallon cans
in the same seizure may be retained by
the Government under a ruling of the
Supreme Court permitting seizure of
materials to be used in the manufacture ,
of liquor.
lazar and 12 employes are facing ar- |
raignment here on charges of conspir
acy to violate the prohibition laws in <
connection with the seizures.
Other property ordered returned to
lazar included seven automobiles, 1,216
1-gallon cans, several mash pumps, a
quantity of yeast and service sacks of
Judge West said his ruling was based
on insufficiency of the search warrant,
which specifically referred only to the
5-gallon cans.
Defense attorneys expressed opinion
\ L.AUMI laK, \t D. t’., 'i il t. JtftliA 1. >) l
the ruling would limit activities of pro
hibition agents making seizures under
the Supreme Corut ruling.
Urge Mr*. Morrow’* Silence.
ENGLEWOOD, N. J., June 12 UP).—
Mrs. Dwight W. Morrow has received
letters urging her to stay at home and
keep quiet (meaning to refrain from
campaigning for her husband in the
senatorial fight). Telling of the letters
ln a radio address she said: "It seems
to me a little unfair not to be allowed
some part in this latest adventure of my
husband’s. We have always done things
together.” she quoted from Kiplings
"Kim”; “The husbands of the talkative
have a rich reward ln the hereafter.”
Will Inspect Activities in West Be-
I for Becoming' Assistant Ord
-1 nance Chief.
1 | Brig. Gen. William H. Tschappat, re
i cently appointed assistant chief of ord
inance, has been relieved from duty in ■
; the Philippines and ordered to inspect
[ ordnance activities ln California. Wash
r ington, Ltah and Nebraska preliminary
i to assuming his new duties at the War
i Department. The President has ap
proved the application of Col. Bay. J.
Stancllft, Veterinary Corps, stationed
at Port Riley, Kans., for transfer to the
Army retired list September 30, 1930,
after more than 30 years’ service. MaJ.
Clinton L. Hoy, Medical Corps, at San
Francisco, has been ordered to his home
for retirement. Lieut. Col. James P.
Walker, Coast Artillery, at New York
City, and Capt. Arthur Morehouse.
Medical Corps, at San Antonio, have
been ordered to examination for re
tirement. Lieut. Col. O. H. Sampson,
Quartermaster Corps, at the War De
! partment, has been ordered to the Gen
eral Hospital at Hot Springs. Ark., for
treatment. Lieut. Col. Robert L. Mose
ley. Infantry, has been transferred from
Bangor . Me,, to Nogales. Ariz.: Lieut.
Col. D. R. Rodney, Cavalry, from Fort
Mead. S. Dak. to Boston; Maj. W R.
Campbell. Medical Corps, from Port
Blls«, Tex., to Omaha, Nebr.; Maj. H. L.
Rice, Ordnance, from the office of the
Assistant Secretary of War to com
mand the ordnance depot at Charles
ton, S. C.; Capt. W. E. Remington, In
fantry, from Fort George G. Meade.
Md.. to Port Benning. Ga.: First Lieut.
H. P. M. Matthews. Infantry, from the .
Philippines to duty at Howard Uni
versity, Washington. D. C.; First Lieut, j
Robert R. Estill, Medical Corps, from j
Denver, Colo., to this city; First Lieut, j
Joseph J. Hornisher, Medical Corps '
Reserve, at Williamsburg. Va., has been ;
appointed a first lieutenant in the |
Medical Corps of the Regular Army
and assigned to duty at the Army Med
ical Center, this city. !
Retired Commander of New Hamp
shire National Guard Was
j Graduate of West Point.
Sy the Associated Press.
NASHUA. N. H., June 12.—Brig. Gen.
| Elbert Wheeler of the New Hampshire
National Guard, retired, died at his
I home here Tuesday night at the age of
' RO. He was graduated from the United
I States Military Academy ln 1875 and
1 was Identified with water work* in
tereats throughout the country tor many
He stayed in the Regular Army sots,
onlv two years, resigning on June 12,
1877, with the rant of lieutenant to
enter business. He was a lineal de
scendant on his maternal side of Joseph
Smith, captain of the Minute Men at
Concord. April 19. 1775.
Prior to his retirement he was identi
fied with many corporation Interests.
He was a director of the water works
; at Palatka, Wis.
William Anderson, the 67-year-old
secretary for Scotland, who recently
became a member of Bowhill Rovers,
a Fifeshlre juvenile foot ball team, hag
offered his services should the club ever
need a fullback. .

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