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Southern Province City of
Kian Burned and Others
Seized by Reds.
By lh« Associated Press.
SHANGHAI. October -Southern
Kiangsi Province wu being ravaged to
day by a Communist horde numbering
Forty thousand red* were reported to
have captured and burned the Im
portant City of Xian and to have taken
numerous smaller cities in the vicinity.
The fate of the inhabitants was not
Numerous British missionaries are ac
tive in the Kian area, but no Ameri
cans are believed to be there.
Smaller numbers of well armed Com
munists were within 10 miles of South
Nanchang, Increasing the tension in
Nanchang, the provincial capital.
Started Week Ago.
Signs of Red activity in Ktangsl ap
peared about a week ago, when 40,000
armed Communists were reported mov
ing into that province from Hunan.
Red forces a few weeks previously had
' looted and burned a large section of
Changsha, Hunan capital.
Defense trenches were hurriedly
thrown up about Nanchang when fears
arose that the 40.000 Reds would attack |
the capital. There were but 2,000 j
troops available for its defense. Ameri- j
can and British residents were said to
be anxious to leave Changsha in the
face of a continued Red menace, but
could not do so because the low level
of the Siang River had prevented boats
from reaching the city. The river of-
Woodward &Lothrop
10™ 11™ F and G Street*
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/ felt as t^le brightne sos ac-
X y y)f/ r jj J tivity in its lilting brim and
|[W >y/ Mmjfo *v the pert little feather mark*
ing its inimitable smartness.
|\fc * '
Announcing . . .
Exclusively at Woodward & Lothrop
It b with pleasure diat we announce Woodward 6c Lothrop is now the Head
quarters for Dobbs Hats in Washington. Dobbs Hats are known for their
superb quality and noticeable elegance of style. The exquisite nicety of every
detail appeals to the discriminating taste of those for whom the best is none too
Fifteen and Eighteen-Fifty
MOUNSKT, Txxu ruXM. *
All the graciousness of other
ages is expressed in these ro- . yWMf
mantic Sunday-night gowns.
Their long flowing lines of trans- V | -
parent velvet or crepe Eliza- j
beth and graceful sleeves, give
the charm and dignity one . . ?
Illuitrated —charming modal in black
tranaparent velvet and lace. $65. HI
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T MM Walnut Room, Third Floor.
& M i
I--- ' =:=
Capital City Team Now Even With Waverly Club in
Series of Four Matches. -
Although the word "acolyte” can
legitimately mean "a novice,” it can
not, by any stretch of Websterian in
dulgence, be spelled in novice manner.
Tnls Inescapable little fact settled the
issue of an old-fashioned spelling bee
last night between the Waverly Spelling
Club of Baltimore and the Capital City
Spelling Club of Washington.
With two matches divided, Washing
ton having won the first tilt and Balti
more the second, the outcome of the
decisive third match hinged upon the
correct spelling of the word “acolyte.”
Miss Elizabeth Dulin, the last sur
vivor of the local team, confronted by
three word-minded Baltimoreans, tripped
over the last syllable, spelling the word
with an “i.” A moment later Francis
E. Old, Jr., supported by Edw'ard L.
Koontz and Carroll A. Royer, spelled the
word correctly.
A silver cup, contributed by the local
team, was awarded the Baltimore club.
The contests, held twice a year for the
past two years, are now all square,
Washington having won both of the
1929 events and Baltimore having coun
tered with two victories this year.
Dr. Oeorge B. Woods, dean of Ameri
can University, presented the list of
contested words, while the contest was
fers virtually the only route of trans
portation to Yangtse ports.
Reds above Hankow yesterday at
tacked the United States gunboat
Panay, which was on patrol near
Yochow. The Reds fired with trench
I mortars from behind dikes, but the
: Panay silenced them with 3-inch guns.
| There were no casualties aboard.
Communists between Kiukiang and
Hankow continue their indiscriminate
firing upon passing boats regardless of
nationality. This has resulted in sev
eral engagements with foreign and
Chinese gunboats.
Judged by Mrs. Rita Morris. K. W.
Krause and William H. McCormick.
The contests will be resumed next
April and October.
Sends Telegram Saying “Us Injuns
Has Got to Stick Together”—Still
Has Hopes of Getting Country.
By the Associated Press.
LAWRENCE, Kans., October B.—Will
Rogers would like to join the rest of
the Cherokees Friday in watching
Haskell Institute break a foot ball truce
of -early three decades with the Uni
versity of Kansas.
The cowboy humorist will miss the
game and two-day pow-pow of the
tribesmen here because movie-maklgn
‘‘How’s your foot ball team?” Rogers
asked officials of Haskell, a OovernTnent
Indian School, in a telegram yesterday.
“That’s about all'there is in colleges
nowadays. But anyhow us Injuns has
got to stick together. I still got hopes
of us getting bad: the country some day.
The Republicans can’t make a living
on it.”
Just Think of It —
The Star delivered to your
door every evening and Bunday
morning at l%c per day and 5c
Sunday. Can you afford to be
without this service at this cost?
Telephone National 5000 and de
livery will start at once.
Man Screams as Watchful Neigh
bor With Gun Halts
Br a Stall Correspondent of The Star. •
A man attempting to break into the
home of R. D. Lindsey, 1303 G street,
North Woodside, Md., was shot at three
times by a neighbor last night, one of
the charges, which were fired from a
repeating shotgun, taking effect. Al
though the marauder staggered and
screamed when struck, he escaped
through the woods nearby.
Oscar McKay of 1302 G street, a
neighbor living directly across the street
from the Lindsey home, called police
here about 11 o’clock last night and said
he had been watching a man try sev
eral windows of Mr, Lindsey’s house
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%• ■*
and that hs was still prowling about
trying to get in.
Corpl. Georgs Windham and Con
stable Bernard Fling went to the place.
Just as they arrived, the trespasser
started to run. McKay shouted to him
to halt and, when he disregarded the
command, fired three times.
Mrs. Lindsey was alone in the house
at the time. Blood stains were found
on the ground near the plaee where the
man was shot. He was described as
being tall and slender, and as wearing
a dark sweater or a tight ooat.
Shoe Salesmen Go Barefoot
House-to-house selling of shoes has
been adopted by a number of men to
Teheran. Persia. They carry their
stock around their necks, and often
travel for months in the rural districts.
Rather than wear out any of their
merchandise they travel barefoot.
"My hueband took 2 bottloo of now strength, sound sloop and a 810
Vinol. Now ho has good appotito snd appetite. Gives you more PEP to
moro strength, pep end vigor than ho onjoy lifo! Vinol taotoo delicious,
ever had.”—Mrs. Ralph Starkey. Take thl* to People* Dru*
Oil . Store* ana »#t a JOe dUeount on
Doctors havo long known the value /ttC your flm boU * of vlno! -
of mineral elements iron, calcium TO DRUOOMT: We eive tou
with eod liver peptone, as contained e**h for thl*. Not redeemed
in Vinol. Nervous, easily tired peck Opp .’dM ifejMwFfceet*
pie are eurprloed hew Vinol gives A Aw tJMJ £>. st. Paul. Minn.
VXn ©l^
Two Ann ounce They Will Support
Joba X. Hemphill lor
>7 the Associated Press
prominent members of the Philadelphia
Republican organization announced yes
terday they would not support Clifford
Pinchot, Republican candidate for Oov
emor, in the election.
Olty Councilman Charles D. Hall and
State Senator Samuel W. Sal us, power
ful ward leaders, said they would sup
port John M. Hemphill, Democratfc-
Llberal party candidate for Governor.
Italian Banktr Settles Debt.
JUWN, October 8 UP). Richard
Ouallno, one of Italy's biggest finan
ciers. has had to sell his rich art col
lection, an eighteenth century palace,
racing stable and theater to settle a
debt owed the Agricultural Bank of
Italy and other institutions, aggregat
ing 500,000,000 lire (about »26.000,000).
Let Muddiman Help You
to Modernize Your Home
v By selecting your fixtures and fittings here you hare the
reassurance of standard, nationally known makes, ''
such as Westinghouse, Eveready, Pittsburg, "
Florence, Clark Jewel Gas Ranges,
'V Edison, Bulbs, etc. No great
or perfection or satis-
N. faction can he
Gag Watar Heaters Electric Irons
Oil Water Heaters Floor Lamps Electric Toasters
Gasoline Water Lamp Shades Electric Waffle
Heaters Weaning Machines Irons
Gas Ranges Radios Fireplace Goods
Oil Ranges Vacuum' Cleaners Fixtures A
Gasoline Ranges Mazda Bulbs Wirings
Desk Lamps Flashlights Andirons
Table Lamps Electric Electric Room
Boudoir Lamps Percolators Heaters
Thm Big Cat and Electric Fixture Stare
911 G Street N.W. Since 1888 NAtional 0140-2622 |
The Bank of Italy, another creditor,
liquidated him. Premier Mussolini is
believed to have referred te Ouallno In
a speech last week In which he bitterly
attacked speculators.
Nearly 10,000,000 persons have visited
the Washington Monument since It was
opened to the public In 1888.

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