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Dentist: Says tt Is That of
Mrs. Hackett —Bullet
Wound in Head.
By the Assocmxcavress.
CHICAGO, October B.—The woman's
body found near the Lac due Flambeau,
Wis., Indian reservation last week has
been positively identified as that of the
missing OMcago bride, Kirs. Cora Belle
A Milwaukee dentis- made the iden
tification .last night through fillings
In the teeth At the same time it was
determined definitely that the woman
had been slain. A bullet had been fired
Into the-back of the head. Pathologists
said it would have been impossible for
her to haye fired the shot herself.
Identification of the body and dis
covery of, the evidence that she nad
been murdered led today to intensifi
cation of the search for George W. E.
Perry of Cleveland, Ohio, to whom she
was married June 18 last. Perry, who
already was married, disappeared a
month ago after turning over to his
wife in Cleveland bags of clothing
which police believe belonged to Mrs.
Announcement that a bullet had
been found in the skull of the body
found in Wisconsin came as a surprise
to Chicago police who have been hunt
ing Perry. It had been understood
that the woman had been strangled.
A general order has been issued to
all Chicago police to watch for the
tan-colored sedan that belonged to
Mrs. Hackett and in which Perry last
was seen.
Mrs. Hackett became acquainted
with Perry through a want ad. They
were last heard from late in June
honeymooning in the Lac du Flambeau
,400,000 Construction Program
Authorized to Believe
, Unemployment.
Br the Associated Preaa.
DETROIT, October B.—Public con
struction to cost $4,400,000 was author
ized yesterday by the City Council as
a step toward providing employment
for the jobless this Winter.
Bids will be received next week on
construction of 18 new schools and ad
ditions to existing buildings, estimated
to cost $4,000,000.
The contract for building work at the
new house of correction was awarded ,
by the council on a bid of $396,090.
Work will start at once.
Mayor Frank Murphy said yesterday
be had abandoned his plans for munici
pal lodging houses for unemployed per
sons. He explained that proprietors of
private lodging houses had brought
down their prices to within the reach of
most indigent persons.
His announcement followed the city
council’s , action authorizing the ex
penditure of $35,000 for unemployment
Bronius Bahistls, Lithuanian Minister
to the United States, will discuss
“Lithuania and the United States'* In a
speech Sunday afternoon, at 1:30
o’clock, over radio station WMAL.
Lithuanian music will be played. The
address drill be presented in the Con
clave of Nations program of the Colum
bla Broadcasting System.
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Public Confidence Since 1861
F Street at Eleventh 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.
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Berlin Awards Boesshon Pension
of *7,000 a Year.
BERLIN, October 8 (£*). —The city of
Berlin today retired Lord Mayor Gustav
Boesshon a pension of about $7,500 an
nually "for reasons of health.”
The decision leading to his retirement
came only after his administration had
been subjected to a searching investi
gation as a consequence of charges of
favoritism in letting of municipal con
tracts. The scandal arose while he
was visiting in the United States about
a year ago.
Most of the charges which concerned
him personally he disproved, but he has
not taken part in the municipal ad
ministration for a long time.
Miss Ingalls Plans to Stop at
Winslow, Ariz., on Trip
By the Associated Press.
ALBUQUERQUE, N. M„ October s.
Laura Ingalls, St. Louis aviatrix, in
quest of a new transcontinental flight
record for.women, planned to continue
her New-York-to-Los-Angeles journey
at dawn today. The next stop on her
itinerary was Winslow, Ariz.
Miss Ingalls landed her open biplane
here yesterday at 6:21 p.m. (Mountain
standard t*ne) after fighting bad
weather and heavy headwinds almost
all day In her hop from Kansas City.
She left Kansas City at 8:30 a.m. (Cen
tral standard time) yesterday, making
! stops at Wichita and ’Amarillo.
The woman pilot calculated she had
an elapsed time of 21 hours and 7 min
utes from Roosevelt Field, New York,
when she put her ship down here
Although Winslow was the only
scheduled stop for today. Miss Ingalls
said she might land at either Holbrook
or Kingman. She intends, she re
ported, to hop off from Los Angeles
either Thursday or Friday, seeking a
new West-East record.
Washington State Hop Growers
Cite California Grape Privilege.
SPOKANE. Wash., October 8 (*>).—
The Chronicle yesterday said Puyallup
Valley hop growers will urge passage
by the Washington Legislature of a bill
permitting home manufacture of beer,
arguing tney have a right to the same
privileges given the California grape
The paper says another proposed bill
would permit doctors to prescribe liquor
for medicinal purposes.
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Veteran Pilot Also Killed
When Plane Crashes Into
Mountain Side.
By the Associated Press.
BRYSON CITY, N. C. t October B.
Two youths on their first flight hnd a
veteran pilot are dead because a barn
storming airplane at the Cherokee In
dian fair failed to clear a mountain
Vermont Sherill. 20, Kla, N. C., and
Robert Gibson, 20, Bryson City, were
killed with Fred Zeihn, Augusta; Qa.,
pilot, when their plane crashed into
a mountain side and burst into flames.
The bodies were burned beyond recog
nition before the scores of persons who
watched the tragedy could race up the
The youths, on a lark at the fair,
left the Cherokee Indian Reservation
in the plane for a flight to Bryson City.
While flying at an altitude of 800
feet, Zeihn attempted to pUot the ma
chine through a gap In the mountains.
Persons watching the ship said it ap
peared to make a slight turn to the
left, sideslipped to the right and
crashed into the side of a hill. The
plane fell on ground covered with scrub
pine and caught fire,
Zeihn, with 1,000 hours flying time
to his credit, held a Department of
Commerce license. The plane was
ownr •’ by S. B. Lyons of the Lyons Air- i
ways, Auguste, Oa.
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comfort! » » Decorations by such artists as Guy Arnoux .». rugs
by Aubusson ... great wide modern windows that flood every Salon
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heat control and plenty of trunk space » » English speaking stewards
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manned by French seamen whose ancestors tamed the Atlantic before
Columbus, form the cabin service across the "longest gangplank in
the world" to Plymouth for London ... a few hours later Le Havre,
the port of Paris, down the gangplank to a covered pier... a waiting
express .. . three hours and the city Napoleon loved.
Lafayette, Oct. 14; De Orasse, Nov. 5; Rochambeau, Nov. 11
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ill Washington
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Former American Envoy Better
After Serious Illness.
PARIS, October *8 (#).—Hugh C. Wal
lace, former American Ambassador at
Paris, who has been seriously ill here,
was a passenger today on a special
tralx for Havre, where he embarked on
the liner Prance for America.
“I’ve been very 111,” he said, "but 1
am better now and my physicians have
given me permission to return home."
He was accompanied by a French
heart specialist.
Attempt to Raise Store Window
Results in Serious Maiming.
LONDON, Ky., October 8 (4»).—A
shotgun attached to the window of a
country storf in such a manner that
it would fire if any one attempted to
open the window last night seriously
wounded Edward Howard, 23, of Laurel
The gun had been fixed by Sam
Johnson, owner of the store, to rout
burglars. As Howard attempted to raise
the window the gun fired. His arms
were so badly shattered that both may
have to be amputated.
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Bread Is being sold at Istanbul, Tur
key, at two and a half cents a pound.
Soil corns, cracks between toes,
etc., relieved at once and healed by
Colored Boy Admits Killing
Matron of School Where
He Was a Pupil.
By th* Associated Press.
GLEN MILLS. Pa., October B.—Alex
ander McClay Williams, 18-year-old
Negro inmate of the Glen Mills School
for Boys, was held prisoner at an un
named place today as the confessed
slayer of Mrs. Vida Robare, a matron
at the Institution, which houses be
tween 600 and 700 boys. The attractive
house mother was found dead in her
bed room last Friday with 38 stab
wounds in her chest.
Williams after his confession to Maj.
E. B. Hickman, superintendent of the
school; District Attorney William J.
Mac Carter and county detectives, was
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ment at Mac Carter’s order to guard
against a possible demonstration.
Revenge on Mrs. Bo bare* husband,
an instructor at the school, for a repri
mand. and a plan to steal her keys so
that he might obtain a bottle of shoe
polish from a locked closet, were motives
for the slaying, Williams’ confession
He went to the Robe re home when
ho one was there but Mrs. Robare. He
took an Ice pick to open the closet, then
saw Mrs. Robare In her bed room, dress
ing. She ordered him away and he
attacked her with the Ice pick, he said.
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