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mm*mmmmmm*^ ■■•• mtmmmwmmtmmtammrnmtmamammm^ mtmmmtm ” naMn "** l *^* ,B **** —~“ a mmmmmmmmmmm■ ■■■■■■MOTW*
With deepest sorrow
we announce
the death of
Store closed until
further notice
. ■ .. v ; ."..•* i

It's a fact-
I\ -That Ingram Pickett who was
one of the original Kwstone cops
of movie fame is
rfl®lßl that he is now in the clothing
fimMwmMmßk \ business in
/ rßllPjlMi % /3§ he not only wears Hart
Schaffwer & Marx clothes
Ilx Uwi lul'inK)
a » a fl 'to the camel family and is
C? JsL found in the Andes mountains
Hi of South America.-That it's
hair is Softer and more silky
tHI in M Wm than wool and is used by
Ml IB if \ R Hart Schaffner & Marx in
■lllfHfH 1 the finest topcoats ....
1— That UiiV. arsity men have
taken up the full dress evening (\tv\l\
clothes and are wearing them I 4 ML a
in place of the'Tuxedo-The idea L\ wr%
is spreading throughout all the f, 1 HJK
colleges in America ..... " |^M
-That the Four-Winds' topcoat is / lArei
made of two fabrics woven /[ «_fp
I together back-to-back-this gives / lag
more wear and greater protection / JH
from wind.rain and chill. The fabric is
exclusive with HartSchaffner&Marx Jr
< 1310 F Street |
* A ■ •• i
Death Result of Complica
tions Due to Being Gassed
in World War.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, October B. —Allan
Pinkerton, president of the Pinkerton
National Detective Agency, founded by
' hU grandfather, Allan Pinkerton, for
whom he was named, died in Frsaby
terlan Hospital yesterday of compli
cations resulting from being gassed in
the World War. He was 54 years old.
He entered the service of the agency
as an operative when he was 80 years
old. At that time the agency was con
ducted by the two sons of the founder,
Robert, who was Allan's father, and his
uncle, William. Upon the death of his
father In 1907 he became associated
with his uncle in management of the
business. After William Pinkerton’s
death, in 1923, the agency was Incor
porated, and Allan Pinkerton became
At the outbreak of the war he volun
teered his services to the Government
and became a major in the Intelligence
Corps. He was on the staff of Gen.
Pershing at Chaumortt and later served
as assistant provost marshal at Tours
and Bordeaux.
He spent two years after the war at
Colorado Springs and other Western
resorts In the hope that the climate
would benefit his health, which was
Impaired by poison gas. After that he
devoted his time to fee affairs c t Urn
deteotlve agency
Unlike his father and his ancle, who
took an active part in Investigations
conducted by the agency. Allan Pinker
ton remained in the background and
directed the work of his men from his
He is survived by hie mother, his wife,
e son and two listers. Burial will be in
The foilowlne births hsvs been reported
to the Health Department in the laet 24
Hulfert L. and Myrtle L. Richardson, strl.
Thomas W. and Francis Shomrtte. boy.
Oaklet L. and Rowena M. Vest. boy.
Frank R. and Oarlotta A. Jackson, boy.
I.ouls and Ida E. Rodls. boy.
Otla B. and Katherine Wllmer, boy.
Weaiey E. and Thelma McDonald, boy.
John A. and Frances Skeen, boy.
Salvador and Ansela Cosimano. boy.
Jaek and Dorothy Schlosbers. boy.
JfslT It. and Pauline Collier, boy.
Near and Oarjyn Jaeoba, boy.
Thomas T. and lienor Heffernan. tlri.
Thenton D. and Katharine Boss. sin.
Robert 8. and Vivian gee. slrl.
Lewi* E and Helen warren, slrl.
William a and Ellen D. Btlles. slrl.
Joseph B. and Gertrude Sheppard, slrl.
George and Aurelia Richardson, slrl.
Paul A. and Oertrude I. Stepney, girl.
Daniel and Pearl Moore, slrl.
Richard and Alice Mason, slrl.
Oeorse and Doris Simmons, slrl.
John and LaVome Baddy, slrl.
Leonard and Carrie Crampton, slrl.
S. end Wary Williams, boy.
Deaths Reported.
The following deaths have been reported
hour** He * lth Deportment in the last 34
Agnes J. Gollter. (7. 633 D st. s.e.
James T. Metcalf. 84. 4418 14th st.
Mattie Ryan. 77, Oalllnger Hospital.
Israel Somers. 88. Sibley Hospital.
William Smith. 61, 330 D st. s.e.
Charles D. Stoneburner. 58. Georgetown
Gertrude M. Glenn. 87, 100 Bast OUfton
Rebecca Shapiro, 47, Qeorge Washington
Charles J. Toole. 48. 102 C st. s.a,
Louise Cecil, 38. Garfield Hospital.
Allen Johnson. 34. Georgetown Hospital.
Mason Robinson. 46. Emergency Hospital.
Arthur 3. Children's Hospital.
Thomas nits, 14 months. Freedmen's Hos
Estherlna Coffer, 8 months. Children's Hos
Sine* 1883 Distinctive
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Was. Jardlne, Becty. .
1 g \ Ryan Service |
(*} »
1 \r|/ Efficient I
H Always ao afll* §
l, Tr; . r . £ I
rfj Private Ambu- tail! Ready day S
a lose# sad Live ry or night to assist
a tn Connection and Help you.
Funeral Director
317 Pg. Av«. S.E.
■ Talsphoue Atlantic 1700-1701 j
■ Solid metal casket. Com*
plete funeral. The kind that ia
chargad double the price.
ONLY 4e*%J\3
Alse funerals as lew. complete. (7|
Best steel yaults made, only 888
Nothing Else to Pay for
In Cate of Death Call
W. W. Chambers Co.
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Phene Columbia 8438
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1937 Fifth St. N.E.
North 0079
Members of The Store Family
of Goldenberg’s
Are Deeply Grieved
Over the Passing of
Their Friend and Employer,
Mr. Morton H. Goldenberg,
and Offer Their Profound
Sympathy to His Bereaved Family
i .
' —j, ' * •
Edward L. Morse, Influential
for Years, Involved in
Lowden Fund Quiz.
By the Associated Press.
8-—Edward Livingston Morse, Missouri
Republican leader, died at 2 a.m. to
day st his home near here.
Morse suffered a heart attack Sunday,
toe second within 10 days. Yesterday
his condition became steadily worse.
Physicians said they did not expect him
to live through toe day.
The strong Influence he wielded for
years In State and national Republican
affairs began to wane after disclosures
of his connection with the distribution
of an alleged “slush fund" in behalf of
the presidential candidacy of Frank O.
Lowden, which .contributed to the col
lapse of the former Illinois Governor’s
race for the Republican nomination
in 1920.
Summoned to Explain.
Morse and Jacob L. Babler, the latter
then Republican national committee
man, were summoned before the Mis
souri delegates to the National Con
vention and later before a Senate In
vestigating Committee to explain their
connection with the alleged • Lowden
i fund.
Morse and Babler admitted, according
to reports, they had received 832,000
of Lowden campaign funds and ex
pended It.
Arthur M. Hyde, Secretary of
Agriculture, then Governor of Missouri,
was challenged In 1923 by Morse to a
fight for control of the Missouri delega
tion to the Republican National Con
vention Hyde at that time character
ized Morse as the “Jinx w!.o wrecked
the Lowden campaign."
Morse, born at Binghamton, N. Y„
was accounted » .wealthy man by his
business ventures, which paralleled toe
development of Excelsior Springs. •
health resort. He was admitted to
the bar when 18.
Sensation In 1818.
191 2 as a militant backer of
William Howard Taft for President,
Morse created a sensation by declaring
that Missouri Judges had open Jail
doors through commutations to permit
| Roosevelt votes to alt In county
; conventions.
I Aft ? r toe World War ho sold his
mansion to the Federal Government
for $90,000 for use as a veterans’
hospital and was to receive 826,000
I for additional land he was to buy and
j sell to the Government.
The sale was subjected to a lengthy
Investigation, ending when a Reap
praisement Committee reported toe
property was worth what the Govern
ment had paid for it.
i Washing Machine Sales Increase.
! _ CHICAGO, October I OP).—Altorfer
j Brothers Co., with headquarters.at East
I Peoria, 111,, and with plants at Peoria
and Roanoke, HI., had greater sales in
the first nine months of 1930 than In
j the whole year of 1929, It was announc
i ed today by Silas H. Altorfer, president.
The firm manufactures washing ma
FOR LOST ANIMALS apply Animal Rescue
League 349 Maryland avc «w Nat 1088
BRACELET of dull gold, pant? design, on
Tuesday afternoon, in downtown section;
valuable only to owner. If finder will please
to mac' 6000* W * r<l W,U "* * IV * D- Ph * nß To-
CAMEO PIN of lava. October f, Monday, In
downtown section, Woodward A Lothrop’s,
or _ Georgetown. Apt. 105.
1657 list n.w. Potomte 4940-J. Reward. »5.
CHANGE containing four 15 bilU.
between sth and 12th on H n.e. Howard.
1210 Eye n.e.
CHANGE PURSE, containing small sum of
?.? d J*plr Cross Academy fin* with
Initials “L. B. Please Call Clev. 1349, »
COAT, blue, trimmed with moleikln. In
Rock Creek Park, Oct. 7. Liberal reward
Phone Wls. 3189. xq»
COAT, light, cream-colored fur. near Sibley
‘oisaow’ay Mtf * lO, W * L **’ * W " ,lo ''
gOLLIB DOO with Virginia tag, on Monday,
September 38. Howard If returned to ISM
Sl A „ M 5T?,?,-, 8m ? URS J nclnlty shop
ping district. Reward If returned 334 11th
st. n.e. •
DOG, black chow, name (Tar Boy) and ad
gjgsm'a.'te '"“ r r
FUR, pointed fox. Defense highway, Satur
dar. Reward. Lincoln 3461, 8»
INSURANCE and bank book* and glasses
case. Oct. 1, downtown section. Please phone
District 2888. •
mri jrs.Bsr ssr as y«a
«t|, n.w Call Clev. 1388.
OSS; BRACELET, platinum. Monday. Re
ward 1 r returned to 1837 Montague st. n.w.
Phone Georgia 0848. _ »
LORGNETTE with chain of small cold nug
vets. lost Saturday afternoon. Reward.
W. H. Allen. 3408 Lowell at. n.w.
NOTEBOOK, salesman’s, black leather, prob
ably on East Capitol st., Monday. Reward.
| Address Box I<)4-V. Star office. *
, PACKAGE, containing ppgtaso atamps. Re
turn to 844 Muns*y Blag. Reward.
PUPPY, ‘setter, femaleT while with black
spots; about 4 months old. Reward If
i returned to William Britt, 8108 38th at.
n.w. Clev. 1874.
PURSE, brown leather,' rectangular, zipper;
initial “N” In comer, Tuesday about 6:30
jkjn. city. Reward. Silver Spring 354-R.
PURSE (woman's). 386 and important pa
pers. Finder kindly return by mail impor
tant papera, receive reward. 1808 15tb
st. n.w. *
SETTER! red. mala; tag. Ho. 8316; from
4503 Georgia gve. Liberal reward. Adams
2558-J 8»
WRIST 'watch, lady’s, Elgin, at 14th and
F Reward. Call Wlaconsln 3966.
WRIST WATCH, lady**, platinum set with
diamonds and sanpnires. Tuesday, between
1 and ■ p.m., between 31st and P and down
town district. Reward. Call Potomac 4181-R.
WRIST WAfOH. lady s Elgin; lost between
11th and F st*. and 12th and Penna.sv*. n.w.,
Friday, Get. 3. Call Olsrcndon 1350 after
7 p.m-: liberal reward- B*^
Dies Suddenly
Jp, - s flni. «
"fIBL ' *%k. /70 ‘
—Harria-Ewlng Photo.
Owner of Store Victim of
Heart Disease While At
tending Laurel Races.
Morton Ooldenberg, 48 year* old,
owner of the Goldenberg’* Department
Store, Seventh end K streets, died of
heart disease yesterday afternoon while
attending the opening of .the race meet
ing at Laurel, Md. lie resided In Bal
After leaving his store here yester
day afternoon, Mr. Ooldenberg, appar
ently In the best of health, motored to
Laurel with a party of friends. While
the group gathered on the club house
veranda, was watching the flnlsh of
the sixth race, Mr. Ooldenberg sudden
ly slumped forward. He was dead be
fore medical aid could reach him.
An Inquest, simply a formality, was
held at 11 o’clock this morning In the
office of the secretary of the laurel
track. Dr. B. P. Warren of Laurel, who
pronounced Mr. Ooldenberg dead, testi
fied as the principal witness.
Funeral services will be held tomor
row afternoon at 2 o'clock at Mr. Gol
denberg’s Baltimore home, the Emerson
Apartments. Rev. William Roaenau,
rabbi of the Sutgu place Temple, will
officiate. Interment will be In the Bal
timore Hebrew Cemetery.
Mr. Ooldenberg had assumed sole
ownership of the department store here
within the past four years. Upon the
death of M. Ooldenberg, founder of the
firm, in 1926, the store was given over
to the Joint control of the two sons,
Julius and Morton Ooldenberg. About
a year later Julius Ooldenberg also died,
Morton Ooldenberg becoming sole pro
Mr. Ooldenberg Is survived by his wife,
Fannie Ooldenberg; a son, Moses Mor
ton Goldenberg, 8 years old, and a step
daughter, Jane, who la 18 yeara old.
Washington Committee Will Go to
Baltimore Tomorrow.
The Advertising Club of Washington
has named a special committee to at
tend the funeral of the late Morton
Ooldenberg, department store owner. In
Baltimore tomorrow at 8 o'clock, and
as a further mark of respect a floral
piece will be aent to the home.
The special committee constats of
President James W. 8. Hardey, First
Vice President Howard W. Berry,
Treasurer Allen V. De Ford, Chairman |
of the Board Ernest S. Johnston, Past
President Norman Kal, W. H. Johnston.
Walter Coates, Earl Baker, Floyd
Caskey and Managing Director Charles
J. Columbus.
Marriage Licenses.
Patrick HavAins. 80. and Emma E»vls,
49; Rev. Isaac Wright.
Thomas De Bari, 33. and Margarita Seaso,
24; Rev. N. M. De Carlo. _ „
James H. Qualn. 23. and Rosa 8. Peters, i
23; Rev. J. H. Mcßroom. . _ _
Alphonse V Fi*ani. 24, and JHiiabetU R.
McNulty. 22; Rev. Z. Barney Phillips.
Donald B. Parker, 11, and Ruth J. John
son. It; Rev. W. D. Jarvis.
John H. Owens, 27, and Catherine Skin
ner. 24, both of Norfolk, Va.; Rev. B. C.
John A. Clarke. 88, and Pearl E. Tuck.
44, both of Richmond, Va.; Rev. Homer J.
Albert Brown. 23. and Annabel!# Ross, 23;
Rev. John W. Lavalh
James White, 21. and Mary Taylor, 18:
Rev. William Battle.
Edward H. Pendefgras. 23. and Thelma
Butler 20: Ray. George O. Bullock.
Arthur Taplett. 48, this city, and Barbara
C. Harris, 23, Ballston. Va.; Rev. J. M. King.
Georgs Blefrlades, 33. and Battle Jenkins.
33; Rev. Oeoree a. Culbertson.
Thomas F. McDonnell, 32. Brentwood. Md.,
and Oladya V. Ricker, 10, this olty; Rev. J.
X, Malloy.
Jonathan T. Sassoer. 38. Baltimore. Md..
and Gladys A. Sean. 23. East Falls Church.
Va.: Rav. Robert Johnston.
Cecil M. Perry. IT. Catonsvllle. Md., and
Margaret D. Chapin, 24, this city; Rav. G. I
O. Johnson.
Peter M. Denges. I
john R. b Wright co.
1837 10th $«. N.W. Phene North 0047.
***WMt *9138' W ‘
Clyde J. Nichols, Inc.
4809 9th »t. N.W. . Col. 6824
in PA. AVE N.W NATIONAL 1884, 1888
W* We Deal & Co.
818 H ST N.E. LINCOLN 8200
Chas. c zurhorst
Frank Geier’s Sons Co.
1113 SEVENTH BT. N.W. N*»ian*l 2473
Modern Chapel. Telephone r^>nopal
Neither the successors of nor connected
with the original W. R. Soeare establish-
Phone Frank 88,8 «« «St N.W.
Formerly 940 F 8t N.W.
Herbert B. Nevius
Funeral Home
984 New Tnrfc Aye. N.W. District 1808
Wm. H. Sardo & Co.
Private Limousine Ambulance
Lincoln 8524
Joicph Fe Birch'* Sons
3034 MSt N7W. ffiaagfflff
"GLENWOOb cemetery'
Vaultage. $5 per month
ifiKm atxiri am
Is ■gar 14th A Eye ,
firoiu Co* J2J2 F St.
'W gsar
«f a^Mflß
Sratlj*. ___
mournA’he'tr* loss’one daughter. tem*»at« r *»
one nlecg, one nephew. stepfather and a
boat cf other relative# and Mends. K.
and the lete Fdward Mulberry, mothir of
Mrs. Louise Fleming, Clarence, James,
Clifton. Theodore and Jennie Brown. She
also leaves five grandchildren. Remain*
at Frasier's funeral home, ip A JT ave.
feX! 1 .ns- ub •
of funeral later. »
loved brother of Annie Campbell jorfikn.
jHaJau residence Wednes
day. October 8. at 8 p.m. Relatives and
friends tnvltei. interment Thursday at
Kins Oeerga County. Va. 8*
neral hereafter. »
BUTLER. ANNIE, On Tuesday. October 7.
1930. at 8 p.m., at 3631 I st. n.w., ANNUi
BUTLER, the devoted mother of Ray
mond Butler and sister of Mrs. Rosie
Duvall endJame* Thoma*. Remains rest
ing at the TV.prnast Jarvis funeral church.
1432 You at. a.w. Notice of funeral later.
DAGNBAUX, RENE. On Wednesday. Oeto
jw T T9lor~at his residence, 4'Em!
trying it, Oheyy _ Chase. Md.. RENE
DAGNBAUX, aged 84. Requiem mast at
fti* Church of the Blessed Sacrament on
Friday. October 10. at 9 am. Please omit
flowers. 9
■AERIE GEORGE W. Suddenly, on Eatur.
day. October 4, 1980. at 8:30 P.m., at the
Georgetown University Hospital. OXORGB
W. HARRIS, seed 59 year*. Funeral on
Thursday, October 9. at 8:38 a.m.. from
his lste residence. 1684 Avon pi. n.w.;
thenee to Holy Trinity Church, where
mess will be said at 9:18 a.m. for the
nt Ho£y a Roo& Cemetery.
a.w., CLIFTON HERBERT, devoted "hut
band of Sadia Herbert, fether of Frank
Herbert and brother of Willie, Pesrlle.
Lillie and Paulina Herbert, fteutalaa rest
ing at the W. Ernest Jarvis funeral church.
1413 You st. n.w., until 1 p.m. Wednesday,
thereafter at his late residence. Funeral
Thursday. October 9. et 3 8.m., from
Mount Olive BRUtist Church. M st. be
tween Ist and 8. Capitol ats. a.e.
JACKSON. SPENCER. On Sunday. October
8. 1930. at his residence, 228* Ith »t. n.w.,
SPENCER JACrSON. devoted eon of
ipencer and Marla ‘Jackson, brothar of
Walter, William. Amos and Ralph Jack
son, Mamie Hatton and Leslie Hayea. Fu
neral Frldar, October 10. at 1 p.m., from
W7 Ernest Jarvis funeral church. 1433
You at. n.w. * 9
JACKSON. LOUISE. On Sunday. October 8.
1930, at her residence. 119 H at. aw.. after
a »hort Illness. LsuißE JACKSON, devoted
wile of Frank Jackson, loving daughter of
!s?‘ssßn"« fev ,K:r.bSS*.3
and Eye sts. a.w., until Wednesday eve
ning. October 8. then at her late reel
dence. Funeral Thursday. October 8. at
1 p.m . from Little Baptist Church.
Interment Roaemont Cemetery.
JACOBS, beloved husband of Margaret V.
Jacobs (nee Hurdle), aged 48 years. Fu
neral Friday. October 10. at 2_ o’clock p.m.,
from his late residence. 3801 O ft. n.w.
Relatives and friends invited. Interment
Mount Zion Cemetery. Bethesda, md. 6
beloved wife of Daniei Lane, mother of
mss sa-wa
parture. Remains resting at th# John T.
Rhlnes funeral chapel, 3rd ana Xy# fta.
s.w. Notice of funeral later.
mant private. •
resting at W. Ei nest Jarvis funeral church.
1483 You at. Buw., until U a.m. Wednee
jai4«SL.y«. h V‘jr urffs
from St. Vincent de PauTs Church. I
Thureday, October 9, at 3 P.m., from hla
late residence. •
MORRISON. BENJAMIN. Departed this Ilf#
band of Mrs. Julia O. Morrison and da
voted father of Edith Brown Morrison,
i Notice of funeral haraaftar. ,
v KT-,.K* , fS'K^H O UXSSf’i.»
uncle of Busle Johnson. Remains resting
at the W. Ernest Jarvis funeral church.
1432 You at. n.w. Burial at Arlington Na
tional Cemetery Thursday, October 8, at
w war;
neral from his late residence on Saturday.
October 11. at 11 a.m. Interment M
Rock Creek Cemetery.
: PYLES, HARRY W. Suddenly, on Monday.
October 6. 1930. at Bethesda, Ma., HARRY
W. PYLES 1« his 43 rd yeay. Funeral
tober 7. 1930, at his residence, 3820 14th
st. n.w.. HABRV M . beloved husban* of
Eugenia (Jean) L. Schaefer and son of
Michael D. Schaefer. Remains resting at
W, Warren TaHayuM's funeral home, l4th.
st. and Spring »«• n.w. Funeral on Fri
day, October 10. at 8;J0 g.m. Reaulem
mass at the Enrlne es the Sacred Heart
at 9 a.m. Relatives and friends Invited.
> Interment at Mount OUvet Cemetery. 9
! SPRIGGS. WILLIS. On Tuesday, Ootober
7. ’930, at his residence. HaUs HIU. Va..
WILLIS SPRIGGS, loving husband of
Elsie Spriggs, devoted lather Os Mr*.
Bessie Qtayson, Mrs. Elizabeth,Johnson.
Mrs. Louise Jackson, Nathan]*!. Sarah.
Annie, Dorothy, .Ready and noma*
and a host of other relative* arid friend#.
Remain* resting at the John T. Rhine#
funeral chapel. 3rd and Eye sts. #.w.
Notice of funeral later.
October 6. 1930. at Georgetown Hospital
husband of Elisabeth Reardon Stoneburner
and loving tether of Mrs. Clyde Ruble of
Arlington, va. Funeral Friday, October
10. from his home. 318 Corcoran at.,
Arlington. Va., thence to St. Charles'
Church. Clarendon. Va.. lor maas at •
a.m. Interment Columbia Gardens Ceme
tery. - Friends and relatives Invited. 8
THOMAS. FOSTER. On Friday. October 3.
1930, at Oalllnger Hospital. FOSTER
THOMAS. He leaves a loving wife end
other relatives and friends. Funeral
Thursday. October 9, at 1:30 P.m.. from
the Johrt T. Rhine# funeral enapel, 3rd
and Eye sts. s.w. Interment Rosemont
TIMBERS. ROBERT. Departed this life i
Mai day. October 4. at Freedman's Hos
pital, ROBERT TIMBERS, son of the late
Patey Timbers, brother of Mrs. Jan* John
son and Mire. Wien Norris, cousin es VM
tear „ b x*vbas
Johnson. Arthur Johnson. Georg* Detcher.
Remains resting at Barnes Sc Gray’s fu
neral home. 414 4Vk at, aw. Funeral
Thursday. Ootober 8, at 1 o'clock p.m.,
from Zion Baptist Church. F st. bet. 3rd
and 4‘b ats. aw.. Rev. w. Washington
officiating. Friend* Invited t« attend. In
terment Harmony Cemetery.
st. n.wT devoted son of WIUI* and Ella
Ward and grandson of Alice Ward. Fu
neral Saturday, October 11, at 8 p.m..
from Salem Baptist Church, Rev. primes
officiating. Interment at Orange. Va. 11
itt Imnriatn.
FERGUSON. WALTER J. In sad but lov
ing memory of my dear brother, WALTER
j. ferouson, who died suddenly ene
year ago today. October 8. 1839.
Dear is the grave where you sleep.
Sweet Is the memory that nevsr fades.
Heart of my life is burled deep
Under the sod whsre you slsep.
The golden gates flew open.
u w.siL.'Sstrtwisiilwv
He calmly entered home.
GARNETT. NELUX. to asd end loving re-
Oh, auntie, how w* mlaa sou..
More thsh words can tell.
Our hearts are aching for yogi
The spaoe cannot be filled. >
We miss your loving smile, dear, s
The things you used to do.
But when our work is done. dear.
We are coming home to you.
HARRIS. ROMANPA. In sad but sWeet re
membrance of dearest mother, ROMANDA
wtwlett ua four years ego today.
This day brings back sad mam or I*B
Os our mother gone to /set-
And the ones who think of her today
Are the ones who loved her best. ,
Dearest mother, how we miss you,
Since from earth you paiiakd away.
.. * a
to? - y :

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