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Capital Held Better Off Than
Many Cities* Although
Situation Is Called Bad.
Luther H. Reichelderfer, president of
the Board of Commissioners of the Dis
trict, addressed the Southwest Citizens’
Association last night, mssting at the
Pairbrothsr School, Tenth and E streets
Dr. Reichelderfer said that while the
unemployment situation was bad In
thlsclty.lt was not nearly as distress
ing as that of other cities.
“Everything is being done,” he said,
"by the President, by the Commission
ers and by other means to relieve busi
ness depression. Contracts are being
awarded now that ordinarily would not
be touched until Spring and charity or
ganizations are helping,” he told the
“The principal business of the city
is Government work,” he pointed out,
“end there will be no Government
employes dismissed because of business
depression.” He added that the laying
off of employes in the Navy Yard here
wss not done to economize, but because
of the slack In Navy work.
District of Columbia Improvements.
Dr. Reichelderfer portrayed the Im
-1 provements of the city in the past 30
! years in connection with health facill
! ties and stated that with the aid of
appropriations of 1 Congress they would
improve. Another dental clinic would
be restored in the association’s district
later, he announced.
Civil Service.
Upon request of Mr. Shaffer, president
of the association, Dr. Reichelderfer ex
plained the late authorisation of Pres
ident Hoover allowing the District Com
missioners to use the civil service eligi
bility list in filling appointments in the
Dr. Reichelderfer explained that It
was not a law, but only an authori
sation by the President, and that after
a six-month or a year trial, If it ap
peared that residents of Washington
were being discriminated against, it
would be annulled. This would not af
fect the employes now employed In any
way. he said In conclusion.
Leifur Magnusson, director of the
Washington office of the lntematioanl
labor organization, also gave an ad
dress in which he gave views on the
unemployment situation.
“The present situation is due largely
because of the inability of manufac
turers to successfully guess the markets
and also because of the large amount of
foreign trade which has so dropped off
in the last year or so,” he stated.
“China’s lack of purchasing power
because of the decrease In the value of
her silver is one reason. Another is
underconsumption of goods.” he told
the association. As an example he
stated that the coal mines and shoe
factories were producing more than
enough Mtterlal for the United States
supply and would then permit a reason
able amount for export.
Advertisement of the large building
program in Washington is greatly add
ing to the unemployment here, for men
are coming here and expecting work,
he further stated. Much praise was
given charity workers in the address.
Seek Bey Scout Troop.
It was requested in the business pro
gram of the association that another Boy
Scout troop be instituted In the South
west section, ss there are now only two
In the section.
New members elected at the meeting
are J. H. Olive, Sam Bagnam, Mrs.
Nina Herbert, Mr*. Evelyn A. Strout.
R. V. Strout, Mrs. James Spence, James
Bpence, Elwood E. Jarboe, Mrs. Austin
Jarboe, Mrs. A. L Jarboe, L. B. Chis
holm. Mary E. O’Neil and W. T. Heffel
The third annual Mason M. Patrick
Trophy race for attack planes of the
Army Air Corps will be flown Saturday
at Fort Crockett, Galveston, Tex, 19
pilots of the Third Attack Group, hav
ing been entered. The trophy was pre
sented b> F. Trubee Davison, Assistant
Secretary of War for Aeronautics, to be
competed for annually by pilots of the .
group. Last year’s race, held at Cleve
land, Ohio, was won by Lieut. Ivan M.
Palmer, with a speed of 140.2 miles per
Says Bi g Money Is Chief Factor
Back of Numerous Murder*
out Gang Wars.
Br the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, November 20—Jane
Addams asserts In her new book that
“it is big money that makes Chicago
gang wan so murderous.” ,
In "The Second Twenty, Years in
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Hull House," published by the Mac-
Millan Co., she writes: 7
“The city holds the key to the rich
trade of the West and Northwest in
whisky, wine, gin and beer, exactly as
ft does In wheat, hogs,* furniture and
more staple commodities. Bourbon now
comes from Canada and la cleared
through Chicago, arriving on motor
trucks, steamers, freight cars and air
planes from Detroit and other points
along the border.
'“Certain Chicago citizens point out,
almost with pride, that if other cities
have escaped the bootleg wars, it is be
cause they are less strategically located
than Chicago in the scheme of liquor
Captain of Freighter Accused of
Failure to Boport Murder on Boat.
BALTIMORE, Md„ November 20 UR.
—Two deputy United States marshals
yesterday boarded the freighter Sche
nectady and arrested the master, Axel
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you shot.yheJoay^S* 3 * 7
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W. Fearion on an indictment returned
at Portland. Me , last September, charg
ing Pearson with a felony.
The captain wss accused of having
knowledge of a murder committed on
bis boat last April in the harbor of
Helsingfors, Finland, and falling, to In
form authorities at Portland, the first
port of can of the steamer.
The Schenectady was due In Baltt
-1 more November 13, but was delayed In
I the bay by a fog blanket.
The Federal officers boarded the
boat at quarantine. Capt. Pearson was
[ taken before a commissioner and re
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