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Quick I Hi!
for fretful JPppf
upset children !|j| ggl j I
A LL children are subject to little | VI _ ■
** upsets. They come at unex- dW —I
pected times. They seem twice as .j|l ?>**** I
serious in the dead of night. But /pit I
there’s one form of comfort on j j
which a mother can always rdy; jjjil
food old Castoria. This pure vege- (rojji
table preparation can’t hamv die ™
tiniest infant. Yet mild as it is, it
soothes a restless, fretful baby like For sale by all druggists. Be sure
nothing else. Its quick relief soon to get die genuine product with
sees the youngster comfortable once Chas. H. Fletcher’s'signature on
more, back to sleep. Even an attack wrapper, and this familiar name
of colic, or diarrhea, yields to the plate:
■nothing influence of Castoria. » f ' *■ 1
Give it to any child whose tongue is i
coated, or whose breath k bad.
. I
' -
Oven a Thanksgiving turkey
tastes tetter with. DOLE 1 Pineapple!
I "L, * Doe***’* seem possible that anything grade of pineapple suitable for her
A. V j >-y could add to the flavor of a Thanks* Thanksgiving turkey. Os course, it*#
* / giving turkey! And yet, just glance possible-haven’t you heard? What’s
ct l “‘ s ' ainglorious gobbler. Tender more it’s possible to choose just the
*"7 to a turn, gleaming brown from con* grade best suited to whatevr dish
N. “P 5 * stant basting though he is, he’s you are preparing. For since nature
V f *{*f Uno g ory by surround- gives different grades to pineapple,
t> » ■"* h „ , ’ I “rr i V F * <, f « ,h <lel'“'ely James D. Dole pa..e. them oo to
P ripened. Hawaiian Pineapple. L "I? T „ t?"?* £ T
/ f rjL m in menu matters. He does this by
/T . k \ n .,. ~ . _____ _ stamping the name DOLE and bo*
r X Sl,^ , :”^ of^ U T’ W 2 tenth it the grade number 1, or 2.
/ \ s »ee. wonM he and when the pmo « r 3 right in she top of the can!
f doact TTTDrcv \ apple is to be cooked. Bnt on a spe- B r ,
/ KVJASI 1 UKKCI \ oial occasion such as Thanksgiving, So look for the modem grade
/ WITH PINEAPPLE \ you’ll want lovely DOLE 1 Slices— mark, DOLE 1, DOLE 2, or DOLE
/Dr cm, deen and stuff turkey with any 1 *ke ® nert *!»■* nature and skill can 3 next time you Buy pineapple. (But
f d*ai«cd stuffing. Rock a* usual, allowing V produce. naturally you’ll want to—lt’s such a
f 2o minutaa to the pound end so minutaa | Well, many ■ woman today is convenience to use the grade best
\ *“Uul *e ea. ehm-e jn.t the anlted to yonr recipe.)
until tender. If an uncovered roaster is \
tar. Pour some of the drippings into m- HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLE COMPANY
\ H »“ lul “- HAWAII . Sate* Office: 215 Market St. San Franciaco
aides. Arrange these ell around the |<|
turkey and in the center of each slice gMHBtot fl| MBM
put a good-sized spoonful of cranberry flp
jelly. Garnish platter with plenty of H| jU fpW W& ||p
parsley, radish roses end celery curls.' Put' ’ “ ' W££ gm mm
frills on the bird’s legs end bind in place J ■ M
with strings of cranberries. Place one \ WttiKr BH| MB
mealy browned slice of pineapple on the —~\
breast, stick a radish rase in the center, j ■■ "■■
•nd ti* a. string of cranberries around COMPLETE GRADE-MARK STORY!—
the OUtaida of the slice. "nd 39 recipe* in our booklet “The King
| Mmm/K/d _ dom That Crete out of d Little Boy*e Gar*
\ V v * *rj-\ den.” For your free copy, mail coupon.
\ Jl * M,r *—*>***» *— iVeesiiu i, Ceiy.
. 7 -m, City.., State SHI
Flint Hill Xothodlat Church Work
er Buried.
PRONT ROYAL, Va., November 20.
Funeral service* were held Sunday at
Flint Hill, Rappahannock County, for
Mrs. Mary Catherine Corder, widow of
Thomas Corder and a member of a
prominent family of that county. Mrs.
Corder was 78 years of age and Is sur
vived by one daughter, Mrs. Marvin
Bradford of Flint Hill. She was a
member as the Methodist Church and
one of Its most active workers.
Services were conducted by her pas
tor, Rev. Abernathy. Interment was In
the Flint Hill Cemetery.
Kentuckian Hangs Himself
After Institution Was Forced
to Close Monday.
By the Associated Preas.
HORSE CAVE, Ky., November 20.
Worry over the condition of his bank
was believed to have caused William
Virgil Bell, 55. to hhng himself yester
day. Bell was president of the First
National Bank of Horse Cave, which
closed Monday. His body Vos found
suspended from a rafter In a bam be
hind his residence. A coroner's Jury
returned a verdict of suicide.
Members of his family, who said they
believed he was temporarily deranged,
said they had to call neighbors to quiet
him when he took a knife and pistol
to his room the day before. Friends,
quoted him as saying yesterday that
“If we had known more, we never
would have closed the bank.”
Bell had been president of the bank
for 22 years. The institution Is one of
12 In Kentucky that suspended busi
ness this week. The National Bank
of Kentucky, at Louisville, first to close,
served as its correspondent.
Directors of the Central Bank of
Louisville, an industrial loan bank or
ganised two years ago, announced It
would not open this morning. This
bank, which has deposits of about
51. 000.000, cleared through the Louis
ville Trust Co., which suspended opera
tions when its affiliated organization,
the National Bank of Kentucky, closed.
George Ewald, president of the Cen
tral Bank, said he believed the insti
tution was fully solvent, but that re
cent heavy withdrawals forced the clos
ing as a precautionary measure.
PLAN $20,000 SILO
By a Staff Correspondent of Tbs Star.
20. —A $20,000 storage silo for coal to
be erected by Dickey Bros. In Hyatts
vllle Is Included In the list of building
permits Issued by the Prince Georges
County commissioners during the past
week. A permit was also Issued to
Theodore B. Seihler, owner, for a dwell
ing in Laurel, estimated to cost $3,500.
F. E. Phair was named as builder of
the residence.
W. J. Maier Quits Chairmanship of
Republican New York Committee.
NEW YORK, November 20 OP}.—
William J. Maier resigned Tuesday as
chairman of the Republican State Com
mittee. The resignation is to take effect
December 3, when the committee will
meet to name his successor.
“When I accepted the chairmanship
in June, 1929,” he said In a state
ment announcing bis decision, “I agreed
to serve only until the end of the 1930
session of the Legislature.” '
He explained that he continued there
after at the behest of party leaders. In
answer to a reporter’s question as to
whether the “so-called Hoover group”
in the party in this State wanted him
to stay. Mr. Maier said, “Every one has
asked me to stay.” > ,
236,879 Ex-Service Hen Reported
Enrolled by Organisation for
Next Year.
By the Associated Preat.
INDIANAPOLIS, November 20.—The
greatest advance membership in Amer
ican Legion history, 236,879, now en
rolled for 1931, was reported Tuesday
In a national telegraphic roll call at
the annual conference of department
commanders and adjutants In session
At national headquarters.
The Wisconsin department led the
Nation with 67.73 per cent of Its quota
already enrolled.
Special citations will be awarded the
10 departments reporting the highest
percentage of membership quota attained
as of November 18. Following Wiscon
sin In ranking are: Kansas, 63.93 per
cent: Hawaii. 59.88; Rhode Island, 54.95;
Louisiana, 52.00; West Virginia, 45.78;
Alabama. 45.64; Florida, 45.55; Missis
sippi. 44.99, and Minnesota. 41.40.
California Just missed the first 10 with
40.51 per cent.
The importance of an early enroll
ment of members has been stressed
throughout the country by the Legion
this year. The present enrollment Is
62,179 ahead of the total reported at
the corresponding time last year.
Liner Stopped to Aid Man.
As the liner lonic was passing lonely
Pitcairn Isle, In the Pacific, It received
an appeal for help for a man dying
from lockjaw. The liner was stopped,
and the ship surgeon was taken ashore
In a small boat. He treated the man.
who rallied, and gave the islanders In
structions as to nursing and treatment
before returning to the liner.
Stonio Vincent, Opponent of Amer
ican Occupation, Elected
on Fourth Ballot
By the Associated Press.
PORT AU PRINCE. Haiti, Novem
ber 20.—Stenio Vincent, opponent of
American occupation, Tuesday was
elected President of Haiti by* the Na
tional Assembly to succeed Eugene Roy.
The choice was somewhat surprising,
for the strongest candidates considered
previously were Constantin Mayard and
Seymour Pradel, but the race today
was principally between Vincent and
Pradel, with the former chosen on the
fourth Mllot.
Vincent, who is editor of the anti-
American Haiti Journal, Is 56 years old
and a member of the extreme opposi
tion. He is a lawyer, now serving as
president of the bar association of Port
au Prlnde; formerly was In the diplo
matic sendee In Parts and Berlin, at
one time was President of the Senate
and again was minister of the interior.
He is the first regularly elected Presi
dent of Haiti since American Interven
tion in 1916. During that period the
Presidents, including Louis Bomo and
his successor. Eugene Roy, were chosen
, by a council of state, appointed by the
President holding the office at the time
Towels and Toilet Tissues
Prevent Contaftinus Mneaaea Spread
tag in Schools, Factories and Homes
Telephone National
For Immediate delivery of The
Star to your home every evening
and Sunday morning. The
Route Agent will collect at the
end of each month, at the rate
of IVj cents per Say and 5 cents
l«t It rain or mow..-*
so long as you take \
Grove's Laxative
Tablets at the first Wr\
sign of scold,youare rf~“ ' /oM K
safe. Only in these v K
tablets do you get the * \ B|
correct combination V \ H
of quinine tonic and I <r k
laxative to ward off S JKj|
V laxativa J Crtpoarla* of eae
\ M drag it art. 30 e, «M
nhfrifi fttif if hgnrfg
Grove’s Laxative j
■ -- " ■■■■■■■■' - II
, * : # ; V« f * •*!•' - 4 **■
Gleaming tableware yTlfth
to grace your winter parties YptiPV
.... and an easier way to wash them
with these downy-white petals of soao
'' • I
' > ,• . . . I
% • r • > - . ' *'hh j
TTOU’RE sure to find it simple to keep your finest china
A and your most fragile goblets always a-sparkle if you
1. dislodge the dirt UK Kirk m »n' s So.p Chip,.
2. keep the dirt
from re-depo*iting For these pure fluffy soap-petals do the two most im
, portant things in any washing . . . dislodge the dirt and
s prevent the dirt from re-depositing. As each particle of dirt is
* [M L floated into the rich suds, a tiny globule of soap surrounds
it —and holds it in a state of suspension. No dirt can be
re-deposited, all dirt is washed out in the rinsing water
»• • ar >d everything dries to absolute cleanliness.
p iHP Kirkman’s Soap Chips are time and energy-saving, whether i *
}JR I f° r dish-washing, heavy laundering, or the washing of
K 3 fine things. All grocers have them, in the large laundry
• package, the medium kitchen size, and the handy bath
room package. Kirkman & Son, Inc., Bridge & Water
Soft, white petals Sts., Brooklyn, N. Y,
of purest soap Hear the delightful “ Kirkman Interlude-," every Wednesday,
4 to 4:30 P. M. ever wtxr, wo», wov, wjar, and wtag.
Because there Is no substitute for.purity there con bm no substitute for Kirkman products
of the election. Thus Borno was given
a second term by hie own counoil.
The council, consisting of 21 mem
bers, has performed the. functions of
Parliament during the American occu
pation, being distinct from the Presi
dent’s cabinet of ministers. ,
When Borno was overthrown Isst
Spring. Roy was chosen temporary
President until a National Assembly
could be elected to pick a permanent
President. He resigned this week, and
the balloting on his successor followed.
LANCASTER, Pa., November 20 IIP).
—A championship contest Is a heavy
strain when a fellow gets along past
middle age. and Fred Draude, aged 13,
thinks It caused the death of boots.
Boots won his second State mutt
championship at Philadelphia last
month, and his master said he appeared
ill ever since. He died Tuesday, aged
8 vears, which Is pretty well along for
a mutt. Boys of the neighborhood help
ed Fred prepare for a funeral worthy
of a champion.
** Creamy filling X *
Bat that's only the. half oi tt|
VnSjwwrMWKCSsfly >
. c
Sweet creamy fitting is one /mi//. The crisp , crunchy chocolate flavored
cookies are the other half. Joined together , they just can’t be described.
Only the Uneeda Bakers could have made such a dainty. Sold in packages
or by the pound. . NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY “Unttdi Balgrtf H
? • * v
Radio Umaf
rpßlUHrPHANTperfeetionef liiaillnii m* mmkmmms* Thn %
1 tana... glorious new beauty fin* ltt>% ti«n<oedbnaO—i
can eaaOy be yours. Use RCA . ..ail that tinnkariaaMo
Radiotrens in every socket, 17 uim t>^aayan<lMßtrfg|
RCA Radiotrons -

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