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“Finnigan’s Fortune,” 1891
Drama, Billed by WMAL
With Simmons Troupe.
"Finnigan's Fortune," one of the best
Known ot the old plays from the pen of •
Charles Townsend, will be produced in
tabloid form tonight by Hank Simmons
and his Show Boat .Troupe for WMAL
and other stations affiliated with the
Columbia Broadcasting System.
The play had its stage premiere in
1891. Phil Maher revised it for broad
cast purposes.
Honegger's svmphonic locomotive.
••Pacific 231." will be featured by the
New York Philharmonic Symphony So
ciety Orchestra in the Lewisohn
Stadium concert which WMAL has
scheduled from 8:30 to 9. The or
chestra will be conducted by Willem
van Hoogstraten.
Will Feature Song Hits.
Brooks and Ross, stars of the Color
Harmonizers, will feature late song
hits The orchestra, under thedira>
tion of Leon Bloom, assisted by tne
Down South Duo. also will contribute
a number of popular melodies.
Morton Downey, tenor, will open his
daily broadcast with "Have You For
gotten 9” His other numbers will be
"Mother o' Mine” and "Dancing in the
Torovsky. composer-pianist,
and Dorothy Sherman Pierson, soprano,
will present the Washington Musical
Art Gallery program at 10:15. Mrs.
Pierson will feature a group of Torov
sky's compositions.
Belle Baker Billed.
Belle Baker, popular blues singer,
and Healey and Gross, vaudeville
comedy headliners, will be featured in
the Paint Club program tonight over
WRC and other National Broadcasting
Co. stations.
WRC's other major attractions in
clude the Electric hour, with Floyd
Gibbons and Erno Rapee's Symphony
Orchestra; dance music by B. A. Rolies
Orchestra and a concert by Rudoii
Schramm's Orchestra. Dance music
also will be provided by Sherbos
Continentals and Rudy Valee and his
Connecticut Y’ankees.
Broncho Busters on Air.
The Oklahoma Broncho Busters and
Kenny and His Crowd headline the
program of WOL. Other features in
clude a joint recital by David Martin,
baritone, and Ethel West, pianist, and
a recital by Marvin Gardner, baritone.
Annette Myers, violinist; Duke Elgin’s
Orchestra and Rudy Schramm's Or
chestra will contribute to the program
of WJSV. The Farm News program
at 9 will close with an old Virginia
•'hoe down."
Major Radio Features
Description of the Arlington Cup Race,
WRC, 4:30.
Amos ’n’ Andy. WRC, 6:00; "Finnigan's
Fortune,” by Hank Simmons Show
Boat Company, WMAL, 9:00.
Erno Rapee's Symphony Orchestra,
WRC 8:00; Lewisohm Stadium Con
cert, WMAL, 8:30.
yoftcf Jesters IVRC, 6:15: Arthur
Poor's Band. WMAL. 7:00: the
Chronicles, with Welcome Lewis.
WMAL. 7:30; Rudolf Schramms
Orchestra, WRC, 10:00.
B. A. Rolfe’s orchestra. WRC, 9:00;
Guy Lombardo and His Royal Ca
nadians, WMAL, 11:00.
s:4s—"Topics in Brief.” by Lowell
Thomas —WJZ, WBZ. WHAM,
and WFLA.
6 45—The Goldbergs, comedy sketch—
and WBEN.
8:00 —National High School Orchestra
and Band —WJZ, WBZ, WHAM
and KDKA.
g:oo—Around the Melodeon —WBAL.
o-oo—Cuckoo, burlesque skit —WJZ,
930 —Clara. Lu and Em. humorous!
sketch WJZ, WBZ, WHAM,
10:00 —The Masqueraders—WßAL.
10.00 —Slumber music; Launer String
Ensemble WJZ, KFAB and
1 10 00 —Amos ’n* Andy, second broad
and KTHS.
10:18— “Covered Wagon Days.” pageant
directed by James Cruse —WJZ,
Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra—
Physician Says Bacteria May Cause
Different Disorders, According
to Their Growth.
By th« Asioriated Press.
CHICAGO. July 25. —Some garms
may be leading double lives.
This possibility was discussed yester
day by Dr. Irving S. Cutter, dean of
Northwestern University’s Medical
School, in considering the germ isola
tion discovery announced Wednesday
by Dr. Arthur I. Kendall. Dr. Kendall
Is head of the schools bacteriology de
partment. As a growth of his experi
ments he has been able to stimulate,
the growth of hitherto Invisible bacteria
so they become visible.
In this connection Dr. Cutter men
tioned it might be possible that some
bacteria cause certain diseases when
they are in their invisible form and
other disorders when they are in their
visible form.
227 Concord
Avenue N.W.
Corner Kansas Avenue
8 Rooms and Bath
Large Side and Rear
Open for Inspection
Floyd E. Davis Company
„ 733 12th N.W.
Natl. 0352 W
REAL estate.
_____ _____ ___________ __________ __________________—_
Replaces U. S. Area Home
Forced out of its old home at Tenth street and Pennsylvania avenue, now
a part of the great Federal building site, the James A. Messer Co., Inc., has
completed this new housing at 1206-1208 K street, moving there after being
located 37 years in the building scon to be razed as the Federal construction
program is carried forward.
Today on the Radio
(All programs scheduled for Eastern Standard Time.)
tv i»| • 315.6 Meters.
” gjQ Kilocycles.
2:00 —Dancing melodies.
3:oo—Classic gems.
3:3o—Radio Playbill.
4 :00 —The Lady Next Door.
4 30—Arlington Cup Race.
5:00 —"Alleviation of Unemployment,”
by John B. Colpo.vs.
s:os—Black and Gold Orchestra.
6:oo—Amos ’n’ Andy.
6; 15—Yeast Jesters.
6:30 —Three Mustachios.
6:45 —The Ponce Sisters.
7:00 —Rudy Vallee’s Orchestra.
7:30 —The Limelights.
8:00 —Erno Rapee and his Symphony
8:30 —The Paint Club, with guest stars
and William Wirges’ Orchestra.
9:00 —B. A. Rolfe s Orchestra.
10:00 —Rudolf Schramm's Orchestra.
10:30 —Correct time.
10:31—New Yorker Orchestra.
11:00—Weather Forecast.
11:01 —The Continentals.
12:00 to 1:00a —Guyon's Orchestra.
w /vr 228.9 Meters.
" 1,310 Kilocycles.
3:00 —Sports Hour. '
4:00 —Dance Music.
4:45 —March Time.
s:oo—Midnite Hawks Orchestra.
5:30 —One-Time Opportunities.
6:00 —Dinner Music.
6:ls—Cecil and Sally.
6:30 —Program by Walter T. Holt.
6:45 —Marvin Gardner, bass.
7:00 —Festival of Music.
7:20 —News Flashes.
up io *3OO
No endorsers are required on
loans made in District of Columbia
and 20-mile radius. Your own
signature and personal security i
are all that are necessary. You
pay no commission or bonus, as
lawful interest is our only
Under Supervision of State
Banking Department
Peoples Personal Bankers, Inc.
3308 Rhode Island Ave.,
Mt. Rainier, Md.
Phones—Decatur 1240-41-43
Rethesda Personal Bankers, Inc.
6982 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda,
Phones—Wisconsin 4323-4
Public Small Loan Co., Inc.
7 Harlow Ave-, Rosslvn, Virginia
Phones—Wait 2143-4—Clarendon MW
Maryland Personal Bankers, Inc.
8405 Georgia Ave., Silver
Spring, Md.
Both Crowned with Rose Roofs
The Dresden done years ago—and 2101 Connecticut Avenue more recently.
One has already long outlasted the guarantee; and so will the other. Rose
* Roofs never disappoint—because they are built with skill and an intimate knowl
edge of conditions.
Your building—even if it is only a single home-—lsn’t too small to get our
BEST service.
Phone Us—West 2112—t0 Come and See You
Rose Brothers Mh Company, Inc.
Rosslyn, Va. West 2JJ2
«■* „ u v • f '° r
7:3o—Kenny and His Crowd.
B:oo—David Martin, baritone, and
Ethel West, pianist.
8 :30—Etchings in Jazz.
8:45 to 9:00 —Oklahomo Broncho
Busters. ,
W\IAT 4,5 9 Meters.
VT itlrVLi 630 Kilocycles.
2:oo—Opera, "The Barber of Seville,”
rebroadcast from Austria,
3:oo—Ann Leaf at the organ.
3:30 —Farm Science Snapshots.
3:40 —Spanish Serenade.
4:00 —Frontier Days Rodeo.
5:00 —Winegar’s Barn Orchestra.
5:30 —Whispering Jack Smith.
s:4s—Flashes from The Evening Star,
6:00 —Time and program resume.
6:02 —St. Moritz Orchestra.
CONTRAST the comfort and
luxury of living in the
{Blackstone Hotel
| 1016 17th St. Dist. 3510
* With a stuffy room tome
| where and no service. Our
ss Special Rate will interest
s you. Handsomely furnished
S room, with private bath,
§ electric fan and breakfast
2 in the case—2 in a room,
g by the month, each
| SB-25 „* k
Convenient location, with
i = in easy walking distance of
| S downtown, which means a
j= saving of carfare —but what
S ie of most importance—
Harry Wood—Manager
I We Give Property Management Personal Attention |
jP =
property management is a mat
ySl ter of experience combined with the facilities
of organization. We have had many years
of experience—perfecting an organization capable
of managing every type of property—apartment
house, office building, business or residential—each
having its own problems—and with the adjustment
of which we are thoroughly familiar.
PROMPT Remittance Is the
Invariable Rule as This Office
I 2 =
1321 Connecticut Ave. Decatur 3600
6:ls—Civic talk.
B:3o—"Christianity Spread by Perse
cution.” by Dr. William Knowles
6:45 —Morton Downey and Anthony
7:oo—Arthur Pryor’s Band.
7:15 —Kate Smith, crooner.
7:30 —Chronicles, with Welcome Lewis,
"blues” singer.
8:00 —The Hermandez Brothers.
8:15 —The Hariponizers, with Brooks
and Ross.
B:3o—Lewisohn Stadium Concert.
9:00 —"Pinnlgan's Fortune,” by Hank
Simmons’ Show Boat Company.
8 45—Tony Cabooch, “The One-Man
Radio Show.”
10:00 BeH Lown’s Orchestra.
10:15—Washington’s Musical Art Gal
lery—Dorothy Sherman Pierson,
soprano, and Adolf Torovsky,
10:45—Will Osborne’s Orchestra.
11:00 —Guy Lombardo and his Royal
11:30—Ann Leaf at the organ.
12:00—Weather report.
wricy 205.4 Meters.
• 1,460 Kilocycles.
3:00 —Base ball scores.
5:00 —Science and History.
s:ls—Where to Get It.
5:30 —Charles Town, W. Va., program.
6:15 —Sports dashes.
6:20 —News dashes.
6:3o—Where to Get It.
7:oo—Mrs. Sandman.
7:ls—Rudy Schramm's Orchestra.
7:4s—Ocean City program.
8:00—Bill La Salle, composer.
B:ls—Front Line of Politics.
8:30 —Sunday School Lesson.
9:oo—Farm News and Old Virginia
10.00—News dashes.
10:15 —Annette Myers, violinist.
10:30 to 11:00—Duke Elgin’s Orchestra.
W. S. Sellmer, Held on $3OO Bond,
Says Meat Was Spoiled and
Taken for His Dog.
Accused of stealing 36 cents’ worth
of.meat from St. Elizabeth's Hospital,
where he had been employed for more
than 30 years, W. S. Sellmer. Oxon
Hill, Md.. was held on $3OO bond for
jury trial in Police Court ■yesterday.
Sellmer contends that the meat was
old, partly spoiled and that he took it
home for his dog. Defense Attorney
Robert I. Miller announced that Dr.
William A. White, superintendent of
the hospital, will be requested to testify
in the trial of Sellmer, docketed for
L£ 521 Oneida St. [ \
LJC John B. Tiffey, Bldr. £ ”
1C An extensive tour through L ■
rJ all of the better class new » J
homes has resulted in this a <
Eso complete that not [ ■
essential or luxury has J ]
omitted. £ ■
e covered front porch, dou- r J
ar porches, fully screened; L _
Ight, cheerful rooms two■! I
■te baths. Westlnghouse I ■
trie ventilator, unusually " 7
kitchen, huge pantry, elec- r
efrigeratlon. cedar closets. ■ *
e rooms in cellar, fireplace. **J
n garage. Beautiful lot, _
street and alley. Jl
lestlnnabl* the best »ln ■ 1
offered and at a price RJ
than yea expected ts pay. 5 ■
• Hth St. car marked • TA- ? J
get oft at ‘ONEIDA." h •
Veit to hovses. or drive out ■■]
f.» left at ONEIDA and | Z
m I
zell & Horning i j
wer Bldg., 14th A K J l
Dist. oats | j
s I Folks Behind
r The Microphone
i y TITLE is heard of those’ valiant
I souls who assail the microphones
of the numerous broadcasting
t I—4 studios in the daytime hours.
They work outside the spotlight
i of publicity, their praises go unknown
and unsung, mainly, perhaps, because
the people who write about radio per
. formers never get up early enough to
hear them.
, There is Larry Briers. A pioneer in
radio, a radio orchestra leader for the
last four years, few people would
1 recognize him if they saw him, yet
Vaughn de Leath, Graham McNamee
or Hugo Marianl, stars of evening radio
programs, can hardly venture Into the 1
street without being recognized.
Not that the name Briers Isn't known
to the radio audience, not that his I
music doesn’t find as great an audience'
as that of the night time stars, it is
just the fact that no photographer is
expected to get up at the time he is
working in the National Broadcasting
Co. studios to take his picture.
Briers is one of the pioneers in
radio. He first worked for WEAF and
then came to the National Broadcast
ing Co. when it was first organized.
Some of the best known of his pro
Bay a Home With All Conveniences
Sample House, 1837 Bay St. S.E.
rv „ Between ISth. 10th, bt O St*. S.E.
JaHiman •* rr«/nn«i Daily Ne.r Eastern Hlzh School
Until 9 P.M. C. E. electric clock
1, Hot-water heat (overall. holler)
« room* and bath Hot-water storage tank
filan* sleeplnz porch One-nief. , » undrT toh
Front and rear porrhe* Paneled walls
Bath —colored tile and showers Hardwood floors
Built-in tub Hardwood trim ,
I Built-In wall safe Frlsidalre
r< Mirror door Walker electric dish washer
Built-In telephone closet Or a modern flrrpl.ee
l. Built-in dining set with benches Fluid heat—noiseless oil burner
Cedar-lined closet Extra heavy tin roof. 20 lbs.
' TERMS—SSOO Cash * 6O - 00 * «•»* ~
* 1 , “ vwww (Includes Interest on Both Trusts)
; Steuart Brothers, Inc.
| Real Estate Construction 138 12th St. N.E.
y «—■^ m^mm ——»
: *13,500
3 3815 Legation St. N.W.
] Chevy Chase, D. C.
■ A most attractive new brick and stucco detached residence.
H.-W.H., elec., open fireplace, copper screens, guttering and
I spouting, slate roof, white oak floors. Frigidaire, garage to match
■ house. Beautifully shrubbed lot. Ideal location. This house is
J a rare buy and should be seen at once. Attractive terms may
j be arranged.
3 O/ten Saturday and Sunday Until 8 P.M.
j H. H. CARTER, Realtor
3 306 r Investment Bldg. Nat. 4178
3 "■ > ---
j 5812 Sixth St. N.W. . !
If von have never been to Marietta Park you owe it to yourself
| to visit this delightful community of new detached and semi-detached i
= brick homes.
We take great pleasure in offering this home as an example of
| the finest workmanship human hands can build, and we have been told
I it is a perfectly planned home.
r ' Priced Less Than You Expected to Pay
Drive Ok t Sth St., turn left at Nicholson and Right on Sth St., or
T lake Hth St. car marked "Takoma” to Nicholson St* walk west to tth St.
t aui | |
Tower Bldg., 14th & K Diet. 0853
■ - i
| Where the Potomac sweeps to an 8-mile width with a
view over 20 miles of glistening, sparkling waters... IJ.
y o„ £ Jong, crescent-shaped point famed for its rare natural beauty... j|
| Home Sites ...
A Planned and Restricted for.. .Beauty.. .Convenience.. .Protection ft
y . Special Opening Offer |
| If jr.u Ilk. nature. «£»,«*• {“UTeVuT’pKn&Y W “‘ ,# “ r taT * rt —* |
I Come to
Cellar som^jftlorsantoton
The Maryland Realty Investment Trust, Inc. |
Owner* I
I 1008 Waahingtoto Loan & Tru*t Co. Bldg., Washington, D. C |
* Th* Falls way Bldgs. Baltimore, Md. m
grams Include the Roaring Lions and
the Sealy Air Weaver*. Os course,
the twice daily program, Larry Briers
and His Orchestra, is the best known
of them all.
Briers was bom In Newport News,
Va. During his childhood he studied
the piano and when he reached nia
seventeenth birthday he was accounted
a proficient and accomplished artist.
His family had by this time moved to
Louisville, Ky„ after living a few years
in Knoxville, Tenn. At 18 Briers de
cided that he didn’t want a musical
career and set out to become a traveling
salesman. After several years on the
road he found himself in love. Bo be
settled down fn Atlanta and worked
there several years as a pianist Then
he went to New York and to radio
** * *
NB. C. has arranged to broadcast
. descriptions of Col. Charles A.
Lindberg's take off on his flight
across the Pacific and his landing in
1 Japan. Jacques Pray and Mario
I Draggiottl, will introduce a new piano
! series on Columbia tomorrow night at
| 6:15. The program is to include
1 classical and jazz selections.
Now Its Harem Pajamas.
PARIS, July 25 (IP). —Harem pajamas
are the newest thing in house robes.
They are of blue and gold lace, full at
the hips and banded at the ankles, worn
with tasselled cap and three-quarter
length coat.
REAL estate..
Commerce Department Figures
■how California in Lead With
168—Texas Second.
Br the Associated Press.
There were 1,863 airports and landing'
fields of all types in the United States
on July 15, an increase of 206 over i
the same date In 1930.
The figures compiled by the Com- j
merce Department showed California,
with 169, led all Btates. Texas was
second, with 133, and Pennsylvania,
third, with 90. Alaska had the largest
number of auxiliary fields, with 60. I
The classification of fields showed 577
municipal, 601 commercial, 351 Inter- j
mediate, 259 auxiliary, 57 Army, 12'
Navy and 6 miscellaneous.
| OPEN—For Inspection jj
{ No. 4835 Linnean Ave. N.W.
2 Blocks East Erom Conn. Ave. and Ellicott St.
L“ I hope you will look in this house. Many unusual features to V
■ please you. 8 rooms, 3 baths. Ist floor lavatory. Electric refng%ation *
?■ xnd ventilated kitchen. Oil burner. Incinerator. Insulated felling
, from attic heat. Stairway to attic. Lot 60 ft. wide. .
2-Gar Detached Garage f
Priced very low for such a house. Surrounded by expensive homes.
Might trade for your lot.
!Lcr. 1416 F St. N.W.
New Homes That Are Different in the New
Restricted White Section Adjoining
Eastern High School
314 17th Place N.E.
Often Daily Until 9 P.M.
Come out and see the exceptional features in this just com
pleted group of houses. The houses are of light tapestry hrick
and of solid masonry construction, even the rear being; of hrick.
There are seven large rooms, including four bed rooms, and two
beautifully tiled bath rooms. The upstairs is so arranged a sep
arate three-room and bath apartment can be created it desired,
t stiil leaving the large master bedroom (with cedar closet) and
bath lor the owners use. The kitchen is the most attractive we
have ever presented—large, all-white, bordered in green, with an
inlaid linoleum door. There is an Oriole Range, two kitchen
cabinets and a large six-foot electric refrigerator. The floors are
oak throughout and there is hardwood trim and beautifully paneled
walls with harmonizing fixtures.
Reasonably Priced and Nf oderate Terms
Robert E. Kline, Jr., Owner
718 Union Trust Bldg. Na. 6799
Or Any Broker
Go out East Capitol to 17th St., turn north to C
St* then, east one block to 17 th Place.
- ■
A IS esc Group of All-Brick
Hornet of English Influence
Adjoining the Verdant Forest
Lands of Glover Parktcay
“Burleith Heights ”
Tall oak» and their sheltering shade right at your doorstep
and refreshing breezes from the park lands in every bed room
window. Live here at this high, cool location and he free of
tho discomforts of Summer's heat.
A new group of homes of modified English design ... em
bracing the latest construction refinements and comfort-giving
features ... is now ready for inspection.
Come to this convenient, cool spot this evening or Sunday.
Notice the difference in temperature . . . then inspect the homes
critically and you'll agree there's a wide margin of value in
their favor, too.
• 8 rooms, 2 haths, 2-car garage. ,?12.950 • •
• 7 rooms, 2 haths, garage 10,200 •
• 7 rooms, 1 hath, garage 9,950 •
• 6 rooms, 1 bath, garage 9,550 •
Advanced refinements include covered cement front porches
with wrought-iron railings, double oak floors throughout, luxuri
ous colored tile baths, huge cedar-lined closets, copper screens
for rear porches and all openings, paneled walls, big daylight
kitchens done in two-tone Sanitas, with Armstrong’s inlaid lino
leum and Westinghouse electric refrigeration. Lawns are plenti
fully planted and bounded by brick retaining walls. Street and
alley newly paved with concrete. Garages are of the detached
brick variety.
Model Home of Similar Type
3811 T ST. N.W.
Furnished and Decorated by
W. 32. Maztn Sc &mtfl
Tower fPOO%B*I BtOS. Na , n
Bldg. HOMES- 92 40
■■ • ■
See Our
Fully Detached Brick!
Lot 35x157
7 rooms. Complete in every detail.
All rooms are large, kitchen roomy,
bullt-out pantry, electric rofriger. -
tlon. open fireplace, natural wood
trim, large porches, garage, house
SI 1,950
Open to 9 P.M.
37 Longfellow St. N.W.
Waple & James, Inc.
1226 14th St. N.W.
North OHfi'i

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