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Officials Probe Attempted
Break in Which Prisoner
Was Killed. '
By the Associated Press.
FAIT LAKE CITY, September 10.—
Five com lets were in solitary confine
ment today as officials investigated a
not at (he State Penitentiary yesterday
in which one prisoner was killed and
several guards and other convicts were
Warden W. E, Davis quelled the out
break by refusing the bargain with the
mu ineers as pol cenw n. deputy sheriffs
and firemen swarmed th° walls to beat
down any wholesale a JRnpt by the
convicts to escape.
The warden expressed the opinion
that six or “even other prisoners were
implicated. '‘The group was armed with
knives and crude bombs made of sec
tions of pipe. Only one bomb, however,
Ringleaders Named.
The men held as the ringleaders are
Fobert H. Elliott and Delbert Webster
Pfoutz. serving life terms for slaying
an officer In a Jail break at Moab, |
Utah: Ravmond Underwood. F. C. Her- t
tel. described by authorities as the
• brains" of the plot, serving a term
for assault with a deadly weapon and
robbery, and George Day.
Elliott and Pfoutz. accused of at
tacking a guard, fare death under the
wording of the State law if they are j
convicted. This provision applies in j
ca c es of con’ icts serving 1 fe sentences.
Louis Dea.hvidg *, known to p-lic* a« •
a former St. Louis gangster, who with
Underwood clashed to the prison wall
and started up a c rude rope and cloth .
ladder, w as shot to death by L. W. Me- ;
Tavish. tower guard. Underwood was
Injured slightly by another shot.
Broke Spirit of Rioters.
Their fate, officials said, broke the
spirit of the rioters, who only a few
minutes previously had lured C. L.
Christensen and D. L. Rees, guards, into
Deputy Warden Wilford M. Giles, into j
the cell block and demanded that they
instruct the wall guards to throw away
their guns.
All three were injured by the con
victs when they refused to comply.!
Christenson suffered a head injury and
8 stab wound.
Soon afterward Warden Davis arrived
at t’ne ceil block and demanded that
the prisoners surrender. He told them
1 1 come out peacefully or they would bp
taken out. A few moments later they
filed into the yard.
Several Days May Be Bequired in
Selecting Jury for John
Sclioyflin, Colorado.
Ev the Associated Press.
FCTT MORGAN, Colo.. September
10. —A 21-year-old farm hand, John
F hopflin. was on trial today for first
< greo murder in the slaying of Enid
M - riot:. Wiggins. Colo., school teacher,
v hr ' body was found in January be
zi'Mh th A ice of an irrigation canal.
D.-appearance of the young woman
1-; November from a railway station
i c-s’cned a wide search through the
r AA ':v Mountain region.
Ali r his arms’ in Stockton. Calif.,
r hep fin s'gned a confession that he
sort end k Ucd the teacher. He later
i the statement Implicating
t o mr.rr.ed women. They were ab
so'vrd of blame hv officers.
I* is r .proud that the selection of a
; r” will require the remainder of the
vto’;, and that presentation of evidence
v ill start Monday. The hearing opened
Five Injured in $150,000 Fire in
Philadelphia Suburb.
PHILADELPHIA. September 10 UP\.
A spectacular fire of undetermined
origin swept the plant of the Coff Dye
Works in Germantown, a suburb, last
night, causing injuries to five persons
and damage estimated today at more
than $150,000.
Fed by inflammable chemicals, the
fi. mes roared 100 feet in the air.
Several times during the four-hour
fight falling walls endangered the fire
men, and residents of nearby houses
were forced to the sheet.
Firemen entering the blazing build
ing were knocked from their feet by a
terrific backdraught.
After interviewing lfi applicants for
th° position of chief of police. Glas
gow. Scotland, magistrates decided to
extensively advertise the position.
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May Ask Divorce
1 r- — m
i Y&SL
/ jjJr ; % v
rf*** *** m
English actress, reported planning to
seek a divorce from her husband. Col.
Wilson Potter, wealthy Philadelphian.
Miss May would neither deny nor con
firm the report September 9. saying "I
don’t want to discuss that question now.
Why not ask Col. Potter?’’—A. P. Photo.
Publisher find Son File Pleas in
Abatement in Charges of
Defrauding Bank.
By the Associated Press.
NASHVILLE. Term., September 10. —
The trial of Col. Luke Lea, Luke Lea, jr.,
and others on charges of conspiracy to
defraud the now defunct Liberty Bank '
& Trust Co. of $150,000 was set yester
day for October 20 in Criminal Court. |
Pleas in abatement to the charges have
been filed by the publisher and his son.
Indicted with the Leas were J. Basil
Ramsey, president of the Holston Union
National Bank. Knoxville; R. B.
Moseley, auditor, and E. P. Charlet.
secretary-treasurer of the Tennessee
Publishing Co., and W. S. Chappeil,
former cashier of the Liberty Bank.
The Criminal Court docket, prepared
today, also set the remaining cases
against Rogers Caldwell, president of
Caldwell & Co, now in receivership,
for trial November 3. He recently was
convicted on a charge of fraudulent
breach of trust, and sentenced to one
to three years in the State penitentiary.
1 An appeal is pending.
Pencil manufacturers of Germany
! and Czechoslovakia are forming a cartel
j to sell the 575.000.000 pencils produced
| each year by them.
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