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/ Mallinson’s $3 Black Crepe Satin Lustrous Panne Satin, Special at |
A —A lovely silk face crepe satin in ✓{£ *■ fv —An unusually popular satin for m
J J rich jet black. 40 inches wide. Street dance frocks, blouses and linings. Uqo yj
AVP 811, f, D STS. ■—y - - . |
—at Anniversary Prices 1
Snort «$ ftrim —Houbigant’s Bath Soap. Reg. Ji —J JL O O O Tell Y our Dads About These Dandy
50c cakes 2 for 50c W *
FELTS IKw Velocipedes at
Box of three cakes for 45c /T% mgg MkJEgEp
M ost Jf ear able hall Hats —Lux Toilet Soap 8 cakes, 50c J m ■ / ; ; and have full ball- A
—Colgate’s Big Bath Soap, white or J) \US SBffitf&'SSSf rT J)/I U /
-Palmolive Soap 18 cakes, 51 KJ % S
# -Henri Rocheau Soap. 25c cakes, HH red With whlte stripe5 '
<sm a rt w not startling Tust r , r c iT/iu —We secured a special group of these exceptionally BB Wl\ Reg. $7.95 and $8.95 Values
Smart but g. J —Fandago Castile Soap. I 2-lb- smart Canton crepe, satin and travel twefed frocks H xann’s—Fourth Floor
a medium, narrow brim, dip- bar 35c t 0 se jj at this rem arkably low price. Graceful new \ V \ 1
ped over the right eye and _Si* Iflc cake* Camsv Soau and one surplice styles: some jacket and bolero effects; new !■■■ ; i
ivl J\\ ■- f ... m
"SivelV trimLd with meul Importod new poin«. i|| W U *\ \ / £==> \JJjM
bands, ribbon, satin, feathers & 0 ** 15c cakcs •*••• •• • 4 fo J 45c BUck, brown, green, Spanish tile c . ■\\i\ Tm<M R
and self materials. Brown, —Boujoura Imported Bath Tweed Patterns in Dark Colors y^ lze *, ■ \ ~ \ ,drn ■
black. g All head P sizes. —Roger & Galley Bath Soap—Rose K&nn 5 Fl °° T ’ EHUimIl V-J R
$1.50 Card Tables 15c sire cakes 6 for 45c
—Regulation tables IQ —lmported Pine Soap. Six cakes
Ilill€rDiur, S h a^° p - • Fur-Trimmed xjfll Sale! Stemware
Four-Poster Beds —Pear’s Unscented Soap, F r A A I
—Walnut and mahog- ©*7 AA 12 cakes, $1.25 M 1 M ■ /% I Goblrts
gle and three-quarter sizes.— Box of three cakes 45c -A- A- Low Shtrbet* I
J e Dresses Reg. 10c cakes .12 for 70c Like 1 tiese .4re UllUSUal at Cocktails A J I
—All-wool jersey <£] 7Q Ca * t,le —The fine quality fabrics, the excel- f\% ■
dresses with long * SIAHHti lent workmanship, and the handsome \L ( ■ A —Beautiful, dear, thin blown glassware In roee,
tcfSo^woniTnoor. 8 m SIZfS Kann's-Street Floor. fur tr i mm i ngs i eave little to be de- W green and crystal, with unusually delicate cuttings.
sired. All the new style collars and , + , Open stock. Regularly 25c each.
5-Pc. Unpainted Breakfast Set —————————cuffs, including the “swirl.” The / y
—Drop-leaf table and §7.88 furs—skunk, pointed or black wolf, I Kann’s—Third noor. .i I
four cathedral ba c k * cross or natural fox, marmink, mink- i
Vn?,!?h Tnn S n a r nded f ° r pamt -“ dyed muskrat, and others. 14 to 20, 38 to 4«. to 50*4 H ~ZZ~ I
ls,u Infants’ Warm JIM siz ' s - \ I
S d e P |LOO Floor. Ktllt W CftP Knitted SuitS, $3.94' |1 \ fI V X_l*|A|
—two pocket cowhide Qi at Anniversary Savings New Group—Just Arrived 11 jp L
brief cases, with strap Ln. iL \3B&' ' r
all around.—Street Floor. Brushed \ j \ I —New tweed and boucle weaves, made in smart three- 11 mrr^ ' ■
Lambskin Gloves Sets $2 88 M \\ piece styles. Choose from the new Fall colors—black,
—l6-button length, in QC ~l nJ RWM>t ‘ ~i th X\ brown, wine, green and mixtures. 14 to 20 sizes. -- rry
white and eggshell legging? V\ Floor. fl .PmUPCP I DTlPtfl
Sizes 5? 4 to IV 2 .—Street Floor. / / . mittens and cap —ln • vJL'ldllUlJv' JL dX A x_/ L/d
p p*j| #Ry white, red, blue or pink.
Sll y a Kapo°k a S S r An Extraordinary Anniversary Feature SHADES Special I
... rS$ ssd —Knitted or brushed sets, —Bridge and floor lamp C * g g
Bed Lights / / mO blue tan green, T T ▲ T7“ "■ —1 Tk TT A w-a shades, In attractive shapes. I X I L I
-Georgette lights in rose, 94 c Q 311 AffJiid ffittS: II I Al( |4 LJ 1 A f Ro«, gold, green and rose, I V V
green and orchid. Various n f $j gs. W W I I /-R I 1 . I ■ * w . I1 . trimmed with two-tone
shapes, with cord and socket— ~ * , VJ 11.XVU11 U il. VJ JJ braid. Each shade wrap- I ( if f
Fourth Floor. White Shawls—pink or blue trim- ped ceUo phane. $3.50 * % V _,# V /
-One 94 C 3 -g«t-5w.. , .r ; Bootes (Til tdillS Ulld CurtaUl Netß V ' 1 “ & K„n-™rd F>~.
shades. Sizes 16 and 17 —Street Wool Berets—plain or combination ,
Floor. colors - $3 at Savings of A THIRD to A HALF I BF^^BK^ n -'
safin. a mo?re W and yl crepe §l*s7 5 1 * 88 Rpgular $1.98
"ame°pdc° am sfrip { es ano 78c Hand-Crocheted Sacques ....... 88c f 1 !>,• * * A # A
S r ms G °r S Kanns-second Floor. B>| if .f•t «• | i MWI —Sheer net curtains in_the soft_natural » 1,1 '■'■'■*■"
Misses’ and women’s sizes— ! Ea> ..*, .J. ,\. M sha £ e a . n ?, da !, nty L a St effec^ s - .Hems are
sacondFloor - _ . Sff-5511T4 tftC Wilton Ri,«o
Girf.’ J-jft- 1 B ■»••,•!• 4 sffl -“QUAKER LACE" CURTAINS W 11101 l lUIgS
lnTe” brown! tan and More SIZCS ArrfvP Alt Mt 4 Fife with tailored hems. Choice of swwal
green. Jiffy styles with long • iTi ” l c * ' ' 1 ''' 1 BMltit 'M «« lace decgns-ivory and _ _ -Just 18 of these heavy /> i AF*
sleeves. Stzes 7 to 14,-Second —for the Anniversary Sale of ecru colorings. $2.98 values. Wilton Ruga to aell at 411 UK
7-Pc. Lunch Sets * K Amal) «t ~ —“QUAKER LACE" CURTAINS in rt'‘thT'fara C »nd h ßMx *P/ I
—Linen sets with col- QQ V/Li VFL J.LPO CIL iV ‘ small filet designs—Tailored side hems 10y 2 ft. sizes in lovely W
ored stripe borders. V • -our regular $7.50 ~ and Ringed bottoms. Ecru QJ, patterns and rich color 1
■ It?eet Floor and S “ naP _ and S6.SO <fl» r* f\r? color only. $3.98 values. Pr.. combinations.
.... Reduced only dur- JT) "k V* ///J —"QUAKER LACE" NET CUR
-.ixM-iSSrt ‘ *«, io r * w' fi i" lace eff ' c,s - R °° m seamu>> Axmin,,er *“*•> 9l9Bß
rs&es. 1511 ' 1 i«. ta ‘ he “” rl - pr g . .. $ . * 2 - 69 4x6-ft. Numdah Rues
$1 Linen Serf. Quaker Lace Curtaining --Quaker lace” panel cur- ©
46 inch crarfu with rn Woor n, n j aa vj TAINS in shadow lace patterns. TB2P Indian Rugs In
-45-inch scarfs with CQ c 59c Grades 44c Yd. Neatlv tailored «tvle<s need one striking designs and exotic f|% S fl f |
linen centers and lace KQ~ VJ Neatly tailored styles used one colorings. They are fringed all VL > V/V/
edge—Street Floor. %BjSßßa|garaMfo fl .19 Uraaes b9c la. to a window. $1.75 values. Ea., around, and are as desirable \
f : —36 to 45 inch curtaining in filet and “OUAKER LACE” PANEL CUR- tor couch covers and wall LL/1 f_l JI j
Linen Cloths shadow lace patterns. Some with tai- TA *«♦«,« P anels »» they are for floor V/#WW
-54-inch linen crash lored hems, others with lace edge. Some TAINS of rayon in two-tone hlet pat- coverings. i
cloths with colored stripe "■ patterns match the curtains. terns—Some tailored, others $2.88
borders—Street Floor. L—^Kann’s—Third Floor. with fringe. $4.98 values. Ea., V Kann’s—Third Floor.

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