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Three Contractors Notify
Commissioners, Indicating
[ Victory for Local Unions.
Three contractor* engaged In build
ing District schools have notified the
District government that they are pay
ing their workmen the wages promul
gated by the Commissioners as the pre- 1
vailing wage scale under the Bacon- j
Davis act. The scale is approximately !
the same as the union labor scale for }
•II of the building trades.
The firms are the W. P. Rose Con- '
structicn Co. of Ooldsboro, N. C.; j
A Lloyd Goode of Charlotte, N. C.. and
k Charles S. Bannette of Philadelphia !
These firms are engaged in building the
Woodridge addition, the Paul addition
and the Stoddard School.
The notification from the Goode firm
aaid that the payments were being made
under protest, but the other two notlfi
e cations were without comment.
The present development indicates a
victory for the local unions In com
pelling contracting firms from out of
the city to pay union scales on jobs
undertaken here, thus lessening the
chance for the importation of cheap
labor. Its further significance is prob
ably that more of the school jobs in
future will go to local contractors, since
the out-of-town contractors will not be
able to reckon on the differential in
labor costs which previously existed.
Widow of Wealthy Invalid Club
man Will Wed Rochester,
, r' N. Y., Man.
It the Associated Press.
ROCHESTER, N. Y.. October 24.-
Mrs. Ruth McConnell C ulter. widow of
Kenneth B. Coulter, wealthy invalid
clubman, and once the object of an
airplane Chase across the country never
publicly explained, will be married to
night to Richard Elton Moore of
Mrs. Coulter, the daughter of MaJ.
and Mrs. Henry Earl McC-nnell of
I Indianapolis. Ind* and niece of Bishop
John Francis McConnell of the Meth
odist Episcopal Church, married Coulter
February 1. 1929, two months after she
w«a puraued by plane to Los Angeles
Os- p. Olln Meeker, then a senior
™ »• University of Rochester Medical
EcikoL Meeker and the girl returned
refusing all explanations. Coulter
then was a patient at Clifton Springs
Sanitarium In Clifton Springs. N. Y.
Coulter antT Miss McConnell were mar
ried at the Indianapolis home of her
parents, making their home In Cliftcn
Springs. Mrs. Coulter nas been em
ployed in a Rochester bank since
Coulter's death.
Mocre 30 years old. » a Rochester
fwlal photographer and the son of
Mra. Lucy Moore. Mrs. Coulter is 29.
Hetd cf Indirn Congress of Amer- !
, ica Asks “Positive Action*’
in Csse.
B? the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, October 24.—S N
Ohoae, president of the Indian National
Congress of America, sent a cablegram,
to the Mahatma M. K. Gandhi in Lon- 1
d<m today asking the Indian leader to
take “positive action" In the death of
Ohoae a younger brother.
Ghose said his brother was fatally
wounded in the Hijli detention camp,
72 miles from Calcutta, on September
I*. by British soldiers and armed In
dian police.
He also charged that news of the
affair was suppressed by censors and
h« displayed the Amrlta E-esr Patr'ka. 1
; an Indian newspaper, which he had
just received rnd which bnre r.n a?-
r ount of the ellcged killing under the
heading of "Hljl Jail Atrocities."
The paper said 50 soldiers and armed
police entered the detention camp bar
racks at night while the commandant
was away and fired indiscriminately at
the prisoners in it without warning.
Two men who stepped to a balcony
of the barracks were shot to death on
the spot, the paper said, and a third,
Ghoae’s brother, received wounds from
which he died a few days later.
Over 100 Guests Hear Bowerman
Praise Miss Clara Herbert,
Absent Assistant.
The third annual cinner of the staff
of the Public Library was held at Olney
Inn last night, with over 100 guests in
In a short address to hLs staff. Dr.
George F. Bowerman. librarian, praised
the work of Miss Clara W. Herbert,
assistant librarian, who was unable to
be present, and expressed his apprecia
tion of the loyal co-operation of 'the
staff throughout a year of increasingly
heavy duties.
Mrs. Helen T. Stcinbarger. acting as
toastmistress. introduced the speakers,
presented new members of the staff
and announced the cast of the musical
sketch. “Brains and Brawn.” or “A
Faculty Fantasy." which followed the
dinner. Among those taking part In
the sketch were Miss Roberta Wright.
Miss Maxine La Bounty. Miss Florence
McLecd, Mis< Caroline Broslus, Mr.
r Harold Hamill. Mr. Perry Van Vleck
and chorus, with Miss Elsie Mac-
Donald at the piano.
» William M. Connor, jr.. 1851 Colum
bia road, son of Ma.i Connor of the
Adjutant Gen ral s Department, has
been appointed by the Presid nt as a
cadet-at-large at the West Point Mi’i
tary Academy. The appointment is
subject to Qualification at th' entrance
examination Ju.y 1 next
Aviation Engineering
A thorough course for the pro
tective aeronautical engineer,
pilot and for business or profes
sions! people interested in avia
Courses Taught Only by
Graduate Aeronautical
foe evening classes
Momhly Tuition Fees
320 Southern Bldg. NAt. «2#l
| ——”i !
I Schools and Colleges
• Continued From Sixth Page/*
yesterday that plans are in the giaking
for the securing of one of the b-st all
college orchestras here to play for the
’ event.
The Sigma Delta Kappa. Alpha Mu
Chapter, will hold Its second meeting of
the year in the chapter rooms on No
vember 2. The election of officers and
a decision regarding new members will
be the paramount business. The chap
ter plans to take in 10 new members,
including two outstanding attorneys in
the legal profession in Washington
The initiation ceremonv probably will
£e held next month at the Hamilton
lotel. The Columbus University chan
-1 ter Ls co-operating with the University
| of Maryland chapter In holding the an
nual convention at Baltlrore. this year
■ It ls expected that 40 chapters from all
| over the Nation will be |
The'ffeshman law class has nanied
; James C. Haynes. Jr., as the temporary
! chairman of a Steering Committee to ,
1 serve until a permanent organization
1 has been perfected. Mr. Haynes, who is
from Georgia, works in the Post Office
Department and graduated from the
Dethan, Ala.. High School.
Bernard F. Garvey, professor of pat
ent law and procedure, last Wednes
day took hLs class through the Patent
Office on a clinical tour. Prof. Garvey
pointed out various phases of practice
and procedure necessary in patent work
Paul F Cook was chosen president
of the third year class in the School
of Accountancy in elections Just held.
Joseph R. Morris was chosen vice presl- i
dent, while Miss Elisabeth M. Ryan was .
chosen secretary-treasurer.
The Freshman Debating Club in the
School of Accountancy is to be or
ganised on Wednesday night.
Francis P. Brmssor. ass'stant dean of
that school, yesterday announced the
appointment of faculty members to
serve in promoting debating in the
school. Prof. Daniel J. Ryan, who
teaches business law. will be the faculty
adviser to the freshman class. Prof.
John A. Reilly, professor financial or
ganization and management and of
credits and collections, will aid the
second year class; Prof. Edward Isaac
Mullins, professor of economics, will
assist the third year, while Prof. Joseph
Leonard Townsend, who has had exten
sive experience In amateur theatricals
and Ls professor of business law, will
be faculty adviser to the post-graduate
• N. U. Scholarships Announced.
«OLDERS of the Women’s Bar Asso
ciation scholarships to National
University’s School of Economics
and Government were announced last
night They are Miss Maude Irene
Taylor, a graduate of the Benjamin
Franklin University, who now is a can
didate for the bachelor of arts degree:
Miss Julie B. Reynolds, a former stu
dent of the Georgia State Normal
School, and Miss Katherine Waverly
Pern’ of Lynchburg. Va.. who ls pur
suing work for The master of arts
Two Law School teams last night
debated the enactment of “Baumes
Law" legislation for the District of
Columbia. K. Bailey rnd A. J. S.
Eccleston contended that snch a law
should be in force here, while C. Con
way and Simon •Z. Dunn argued
against it. v
Law School students of the university
will debate next Saturday night on the
proposal to abolish the jury system here.
• Joe Smith and Thomas Proctor will
speak for the elimination of the system,
while MorrLs Weingarten and H. G.
Eubank will argue for its continuance.
The Segnu Forum, official organiza
tion of students in the National Uni
versity School of Economics and
Government, were nominated during
the week in preparation for the elec
tion next Wednesday n ght. Eight stu
-1 dents were proposed for the presidency.
They were Joseph L. McGrcary. Henry
Reil, William T. O'Connor, Normaii.
Dbtson, J. 8. Parker, Frances R. Edelin,
Mauro Baradi and Maude Taylor.
Other nominees are: Firstwice presi
dent, Charles Sanger, Sallie B. Weir.
Katharyne W. Perry. Mr. Baradi and
Alexander Lamb; second vice president.
Miss Edelin, Mr. Reil, Miss Taylor and
Mildred P. Freund: registrar. Tillle
Olsboid, Rose Trammel. Mr. Dotson and
Miss Taylor; treasurer. Miss Freund,
Mr. Sanger and Mr. Parker; secretary,
Miss Trammel, Miss Taylor. Frank A.
Goebel, Mr. O’Connor. Isadore Kasnette,
Stella Gray, Miss Weir and Mias Edelin.
and historian. Mr. Baradi. MLss Gray.
Mr. Parker, Mr. Reil and Mr. O'Connor,
i Albert Viault, candidate for th? bach
j elor of arts degree at National, where
■ he is m: Soring in economics, addressed
j the Foreign Traders' As*o''iation at its
lament meeting in Fhi’adelphia. Mr
Vieult spoke on "The Application of the
Exchange to Merchandising Problems."
In his paper he discussed the effects of
the British dropping of the gold stand
ard on international commerce.
L. G. Sharpnack, A. L. Cricher and
A. W. Clarke were "government coun
sel" in National’s moot court criminal
trial Friday night. The defense was
Another Student
Says: "Attended Boyd School 23 days
studying shorthand, typewriting, no pre
vious knowledge. placed by Boyd's, steno
graphic position. MS week.” Another:
“In school 2 months, placed 1125 month."
I Many other similar record* Exceptions,
but PROOF of Boyd Results. Wh* so
te school 9-12 months and ret *lO-515
Boyd courses sre by far easier learhed.
shorter. better money producing. School
esl. IS yrs. Enroll Monday.
Boyd Business University
1333 F St. Nat, 2338
rP Al |AN S' Signora Chtayentnnl
I 1 ALJLrill native expert teacher
, i
i Converslonal Method; Rapid Progress
Classes now forming.
! 1333 F St. N.W. ME. 2883
‘ 28th year. Courses in all
VjnXgTCh subjects leading to aiplo-
Pff jfflCai mos * nd degiees which
lssued b - v authority of
wttSUZjfiSr A charter granted by the
State of Virginia and cer
tlfled to by the Board*of
j Education of the District of Columbia.
Dormitories Year Book
Easy to Learn
when you Warn the Brrh* way It’s
.til conversation, with experienced native
teachers. Bmall classes in French. Ger
man. Italian and Spanish forming al!
the time.
Certain in Results. 54th Year.
Clip thii advertisement for tree
tr.nl letsen.
1115 Conneptirut A venae
Telephene Herat er SS£?
* m
represented by L. M. Van Horn. J. K.
' Howes and C. R. Newton Ail the “at
torneys" are members of the senior
dess Prof. Olenn Willett presided as
judge of the court. The moot court
program will continue next Friday,
when a civil ease will be tried. "Coun
sel” will be S. K. Skarrem. Thomas H.
Reynolds and G. U. Riggins for the
plaintiff and R. D. Moore. T. Jf Sulli
van and R. Van 81ckler for the de
Johnson Teaches at S.E.
Edward 0 c Johnson, one of the
new members of the faculty of
Southeastern University of the
Y M. C. A . is conducting the class on
i “trusts” in the evening Law School. In
m« jgfc /■/
Mr. Johnson.
addition to being a
newcomer to the
i university, Mr.
Johnson is the
youngest cf the
unive rsiiy's in
structors. He is a
graduate of Wil
liam and Mary
College and of
George Washington
University end Ls
engaged in the
practice of law
; here.
New officers of
| the senior class of
the School of Ac
countancy were
elected last. week,
i They include Les
, ter E. Eliff. president: F. W. Fairfax.
' vice president; J. Stearns, secretary,
and O. M. Briley, treasurer. Mr. Eliff
is in charge of accounts of the newly
created -'Bureau cf Agricultural Engi
neering of the Department of Agricul
ture. He Ls a World War veteran.
Alumni of Southeastern are planning
an active season under the regime of
Simon Lasica. president, and other offi
cers of the Alumni Association. Monthly
dinner meetings will be held and an
annual banquet ls planned next Spring.
Diplomat to Speak at G. U.
THE Minister of Jugoslavia, Dr. Leo
nide Pitamic, will address the fac
ulty and stuoent body of the School
of Foreign Service at special academic
exercises tomorrow evening at 8:15 :
o'clock Hall on the George
town University campus.
The occasion will be the first general
assembly of the school year and th
exercises are being held on the Hilltop '
in view of the new location of th? grad- '
uate department of the school. Dr. ;
Pitamic, who is a distinguished scholar, j
has taken great interest in the School
of Foreign Service, where he delivered !
a series of lectures on diplomacy dur- j
ing the past academic year.
Dr. W. Coleman Nevils, S. J., presi
dent of the university, will be unable |
to take part in the exercises, as he is
going to New York City tomorrow sot
a week. The regent of the school, Dr
Edmund A. Walsh. S. J., will preside
and the faculty will be headed by Dr
William F. Notz, dean of the school
who recently returned from Europe
and Dr. Thcmas H. Healy, assistant
Belore going to New’ York, Dr. Nevik
will be host ai a luncheon today in hon
or of the retiring Minister of Ecuador
Dr. Lafronte.' Tnere will be a numbei
of distinguished guests.
"The opportunities of a Public Ca
reer" were depicted to members of the
Pathfinders’ Club at its first meeting
of the year last week by A. Ousley
Stanley, former Senator from Kentucky
As its name signifies, the club was or
ganized several years ago to assist stu
dents in selecting careers after their
graduation. Many prominent men Ir
all walks of life have addressed the clul
in recent years. The president of th(
organization is Daniel A. .Canning of
the senior class. .
The >Country's oldert student debating
society, the ShUodemic. is arranging for
- an active year at the college under th.
presidency of David A. Dyer of St.
Louis.. During the last 19 years thi
moderator of this time-honored debat
ing society has been Rev. John J. Too
hey, 8. J., 6f the college faculty.
Mr. Dyer was a member of the Ham
ilton prize debate last Spring and is tc
be In ttye Merrick prize debate this De
cember. During his first two years a‘.
Georgetown he belonged to the Gastor
Debating Society. He is an associate
editor of the Hoys, college editor of the
Domesday Booke and a member of the
Senior Prom Committee.
The other officers of the PhilodemU
are Myles Gibbons of Pennsylvania !
vice president: James F. Nevill® of New
York, rcording scretary; Raymond F
Prof, from Spain. Conversational Method.
Rapid Progress. 1334 H St. N.W. Mat. MW
New Courses Beginning November 3.
7:30 to 9 p.m.
1736 GN W. (T. M. C. A.) National *250.
The Temple School, Inc.
Meet* Ind ividual Requirements in
Business and Secretarial
Gregg Beginners’
C lass Oct. 28, 7:45 P.M. 0
Business English
Class Nov. 4,7 P.M.
Day—Late Afternoon —Evening
1420 K St.—Nat. 3258
(High school!
Fully Aeeredlted
Washington Preparatory School
Fnroll now -Coeducational $
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Blueprint Reading. Estimating. Avia
lion and Math. Clasaes. Enroll Any
Time. Day and Evening Session*.
Mso Correspondence Instrnctlon.
Send for Drafting or Eng. Catalogue.
Engineer and Draftsman "Headquarters’’
ISIS F St. N.W'. Metro. 6876
' " 1 ' *"**
Woodward Bldg., 15th and H Sts. N.W.
Established 1904
Teaching only subjects of practical value
in everyday life
f f
Courses in Self-Expression and Public Speaking for
Business and Professional Men and Women, Organization
Members, Salesmen, Etc. Voice and Speech Training. v
English (Spoken and Written). Self-Development
Courses for Confidence, Poise, Etc. The Arts of
Special Course s for Clergymen, Teachers,
Lecturers, Readers
Also Home Study Courses
Claw or Private Instruction, Day or Evening Mrtropoitua 2318 1
, . L
McNally of Illinois, corresponding sec-!**
retary: Gerard J. O’Brien of New York |
I treasurer, and Ralph Koebel of the DUS- 1 a
trlct of Columbia, censor. j r*
Law Freshmen to Debate.
THE opening debate of the freshman
class of the evening division, of
Washington College of Law will be
staged October 31. The subject is. "Re
solved. That the United States Govern
ment Should Recognize the Present
Russian Government." Those uphold- l
ing the affirmative will be Hildreth B. !
Smith, Norma Windsor and Louis C.
Silverman. The negative contenders j
will be Robert W. Conway, jr.; David!
T. Burgh and Hortense A. Best.
The student bodies of the college
have had a busy week. Last night the
Sigma Nu Phi Chapter of the Oliver
Wencell Holmes Fraternity gave a well I
attended smoker at the college. Chan- 1
cellor Ralph F Andrews presided.
The Beta Chapter, Phi Delta Delta ;
Women's Legal Fraternity, is giving a t
tea this afternoon at the University
Club at 4 o'clock. Miss Ellen C. Mc-
Donald is in charge.
The committees in charge of the Hal
loween dance to be given by the juniors
in honor of the clpss of 1934 cn Octo
ber 31 have held Impromptu meetings
to perfect plans under the leadership
of Miss Mary V. Marraffa.
The Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Beta
1 Pi Legal Sorority will be among the
hostesses at a tea sponsored by the
Kappa Alumni Association, to be given
■ at the Mayflower Hotel on November
1. Among the guests of honor will be
Dean Grace Hays Riley, Maj. J. Gar
field Riley and Walter I. McCoy,
formerly chief justice of the Su
preme Court of the District of Columbia.
The freshman class of the evening
division has appointed John Grahame
Walker temporary chairman and How
ard H. Sheppe as temporary secretary
•preparatory to establishing a permanent
class organization. The committee ap
pointed to draft the constitution and !
by-laws for the class is Edmund H.
Worthy, Lorena H. EllLs, Norma Wind
sor. Oldric J. Labell and James T. Oal
lahorn, Jr.
Dr. Philips Addresses Howard.
Dir ULRICH B. PHILIPS, professor
of history at Yale University, ad
dressed the department of history
at Howard University In library hail
Thursday morning on the subjact
"The Negro in Southern History," with
ppcciil emphasis upon the slave trade
as an economic institution.
The tenth annual women’s dinner
will be observed at 8 p.m. Friday,
November 6. in the university dining
; hall, with Miss Sarah Scurdevant, pro
fesscr of education at Columbia Unl
; versity. as guest speaker. Elaborate
i preparations aie being made for the
dinner by the oommittee, of which Miss
Keturah E. Whitehurst, member of the
: senior class, ls chairman. Musical
! selections will be given by the Women’s
j Glee Club, greetings by Miss Mary
j Wade, president of the Women’s
' League, and a brief address by Dean
j Lucy D. Slowe.
As in former years, a cup will be
presented to the class having the
largest per cent of its members pres
ent. The trophy was won last year by
the senior clpss.
Ac3o r ding to the chairman of
Committee on Arrangements, more
thin 300 women are expected to at
tend the dinner as it marks the tenth
anniversary of the administration of
Miss Lucy D. Slowe, dean of woßien.
and It also provides an occasion for
celebrating the completion of the new
residence area for women.
Dr. William Mercer Sprigg. Wash
ington physician and a member of the
advisory council of the Washington
School for Secretaries, will address the
student body of that school on Tues
day, October 28, In the National Press
Club Auditorium. Dr. Sprigg will
lecture on proper health habits for
office workers. -
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