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i m w w <^~w**aßr w w K w* w —-.ww K-H
I^S&MM. 'I III »WWW' 11 wx >»L I HW» t i imiwi: J»WWt>}^sok^ , e>.v.Nv. ?W>h ; JBKSbSkE ■***•
I I 111 ■ v Right Reserved to Limit Quantities | Shopping Bags I "" t hH
jjj J2?j±~ ' 49c j6jiSfi, Peoples Drug Stores | I
1 1 lffi%Mffi%\fWjEg\ y~ “*• lndlvldu, " r: I BH P RESCR,PT,ON Service
% I tiLJLjgima- I f Welcome Addition at Picnics- Lunches, Etc. ri . ■ C\ ’\, '^lT'V' k 'h , ly?
M 1 B I _ , tlectnc %\ i i TT7HEX I write a prescription for a pi
% m - «s> u'l UormAC ______ a Warminn jLY— -S£jr ■ VV patient inv instructions are al- H ||it
«\\ -All Oar Tmm- // I nermos Bottle p—— —::SjßGfr. p'j gCaS |\/ 7 »« r « r .:.h™.«M»-, A
l! 1 M Ml %°sF A* ”** **"“’“' ffl
" J W 9 > M. z=' ' niil.'iailg I TTA^SJ^A 3S2P * Yy Sound* simple, doesn’t it. but this sound advice
tjl I njnjlMl y- \<4fiap*e&pafr4 One of these electric (3?|^7— ■*'YjK from Dr. u prompted bj/ a clear In- I r 3%
■ v M opßidiWf wra mm w m »*f »i“«» Niufcuiu* 7 warming dmi mi tori f 3 nu mtn tut nv i* iiinicii our mwumi K
kit hot or cold as you desire for many hours. Bottles Inish a dry. even heat so Departments are operated.
have blue (a?r and aluminum cap and shoulder. necessary to Invalids and convalescents. Has I I^^
Just the thme tor carrying hot or cold drinks tor multiple switch so heat may be controlled. >p
lunch or on picnics. Full length extension cord. yy f J a W
f c v — g j —,6 Reasons Why ! I
111 ft if Peoples Drug Stores Prescription Departments jjj]
ijfl -A. V-r vl ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Are Preferred By Prominent Physicians f|l
H |
\ / r\ P _ Ik I I . I f nr? a cotv I Peoples Drug Stores employ capable, fully experienced, regis- §9
\rn !<■ ■« »• T /%■ If* I |H| Iffl \T /% **/% rvioorlc ¥ L/a/\>% M/%r I n I tered pharmacists for prescription work. The duty of these men f|i|
Jjj 11 J I UUI "-J ■ C I iCCvI JO L m CvJj ll“jf NUMBER ■♦ i* to compound prescriptions EXACTLY as your doctor writes MM
ILiwwi irh i c TIT IT*I *MM C•r» • • Ifl\s(»\ Peoples Drug Stores Prescription Departments are clean, modern Sil
I] Health , Beauty and Comfort Needs at Beal Money-Saving Prices! number 2* “I’:' Mi
|H * “J'eoplcs" system of replenisliing stocks frequently.
DL'ASf iv “7 Peoples Drug Stores Prescription Departments are located in the I ■■
|| A Safe > f\ Pii rPN ICC KEAMJN 4 rear of the stores, away from the din and busy activity of even-- ffl |U|
Reliable jM .J . KIMLL/ IL J ..... n I* I , .. , . _ ~ NUMBER day merchandism* . . thu» tllow ing the pharmacists complete ||
n««#r»vor V*Ezlr\ ■> 1-# T 1 ■ ♦♦♦♦♦ I—I lIU quiet and uninterrupted attention to their duty of compounding U
a I°f- IpT 75cDextriMallot«,lb 59c HubllC Health I alk ™,.„ • ' I
HreerUng > r - , n ,. T ,, . in THH AV a T I REASON A Every prescription, before it is delivered to a customer, is care-
Bacteria 30c EdwaPClS OllVe I ablets 19c | * JUAY 31 3 U Ljock vn.nrn 41 tlll, y floilh,f Checked to verify its correctness .. . this is done for 11
t» ; c . AC rsUMtSHilt ■♦ your protection. / jgl
J ts Astringent 75c Enos Effervescent Salt .4bc at the
in Keys P „»<i„ 60cFic,t.Pho, P hoSod. 45c M .., Wi 8 ~. 5 V
ffl ’SJra 50c Hcrlkki Malted Milk 36c Medical Society building ■'• —l».« 1
IrJ SSS?ia y dfstroy “ dl “«'- brwdln * «r I fL I Plaster* IQ r 1718 M Street N.W. REASON “Peoples prices on prescriptions are based on a FAIR margin of H W
PJK The modem woman realises the - * * * This lecture has been arranged by the Civic Health NUMBFR >3# ,stcnt } vith ” se ot th ? bcs j pharmaceuticals obtain- |
Iff! importance of personal hygiene RAi* M^nfliOklafnirt iar Committee of the Medical Society of the District of Co- iNuiTtoEcix able and the services of fully experienced, registered pharmacists. H Ptl
kd !»?!„, »J^fc Ut Kn IfICIUIIOIaIIIIIl f JR* . ••••••••• • lumbia. This talk is given by a member of the Society ■ fU]
fit 75c P. D. Alophen Pills 37c m O anVSStXSIe h iVd b 77ip Most Important Duty of Every Peoples Drug Store Is I [ll
Ponder. PA n , A . n a the citizeas of the community. Correct Compounding of Prescriptions,
u 50c n h> ! l "‘ c ? 1 |
ij «=_=_== 60c Resinol Ointment 37c admission* is free - Ml
IM vvi i 35c Sloans Liniment 21c llii ' *'"'' ! ™"-"'**'*' """*" i' I— II iA2eg ,<tn |ij
1/ 'I j Relief $1 Squibb Mineral Oil 59c Quality Appliances Loiv Priced || || rtAlASt>‘ ■ |||
01 \Vv 'MB+iZw $1.15 Swamp Root Tonic 84c F ° r ■“«••• - special sale; | \/n y*J
*j comt 50c Unguentine Ointment 39c Tempting Desserts &La Moderne and Elastic Goods f «for M
ij - yLt h h?tZ?- After an Enjoyable A Ha 'r Dressing At Stores Nos. 2 and 7 Only! rAUCTiniTIAU
I A do the trick because they remove "T* II J - "T* I Lunch ... wCSf\ 50c 111 illlli: 505 Scvc ith St, N.W, || || wIDIIIjUIUvI P j
Jl protect while they *’ They HI I UILt I [> l ♦♦ ♦ ♦ II! j ||j 1107 g St, n,w\ || || take >£
Put one an-the pain is gone! I . Elastic Hosiery jm -L/jU " U%
1 4 Box of oz s(lc VaMlinp Hair Tonic 31c lce suu Garter Hose scoo \\ fii!
P J 12 Pads DC OUC Y a seil ne na |r tonw 0 1C l.Jm; Silk Garter Leggings $3.50 L\Btr* fiSiWA
II ——2 s c Dr. West Tooth Paste 15c Cream '£s% *« ciS: Wuk s s?u£!*Ani<i« *fw yu
IV Stomach Bothers 25c Woodburys Skin Soap 16c Sundaes “ = || | In. fM.V $2 Elastic Knee Cap $1.19 || U chSc" of water, * han and fii
N.' n »n..» e*fT„ n 50c X-Bazm Depilatory 37c FjM FARR’S fSMSha .sioDr.r,w„DoX?™„....* 7 .so I afilS BStt Ml
ki *^ ine kJutot ten 56c Williams Aqua Velva 30c fer W (K 15c ___ Perfect fu ** siccir r uo,m s ic.. .. *4.75 I BMCta «* " B * [i]
I] sr.J'h°v,C. w ,i*Ui $1 Azurea Face Powder 67c < «/«r™«, I H J7c l°Z3Bc M
II 50c Colgate Tooth Paste 37c P|HS GRAY ,7>s ° H
51 Coty Perfumes 87c H J « .ffl
|| V ,ullr halfscrotal SIO.OO Whiter, Smoother Skin
|| SSi.T«A. *"• F, “ fiftr [) JtR p n |J C rnm ' ii Fresh, If holesome Mmat tuitonum n, ch**. Abdominal Supports I Thu Quick, Safe Way! ||
I fflSSf Leas 50c Frostilla Lotion 34c m '2"SS2S l Z r sE3 I X! , ‘SZ c T*%r iMtk 8et, .............. -ss.oo*p Nadinola
Leas * I upturn L.UIXUII . make no secret of keeping all their f Maternity Belts & Girdles. .$5.00 up I . 1 lUVMI ,V/,a **
Ji BH Hair 50c Gloco Hair Dressing 42c | odorless, safe-o use modern || Shoulder Braces $2 98 j 0 Bleaching Cream [L
Kl Tonic ' 60c Hennafoam ShamOOO 34c ern P ideas I that leaves SchoHs Steel Arch Supporter $3.50 "P I
l“J ITir , F3 I.ome VV'' liciuiaiuam Jlldiupvu You Will be .urorised mnd deliahted ural, lively texture. Any shade. II ht d
fISWV- 7 J3k \ pA If* 1 If O k OA nt the deheiousness of the pies served ■-=-= -l; —— :——^— ■! 1 i| W,
VodZ'SCihßi 50c Hinds H. &A. Cream 29c " l " Pfoples ' iounuiny _ _ $1.24 ” fIMHRH
iKSi trouf .""ivealthy a'lld IZP ' -W.(
.~ 4 Hngxgaß br.miful You w ill b* x •:.>:•:•• :-:-x . •! t Jt.
ik A com Dl»u>lv k h t I* fm
ry "" Aluminum Pitchers, 2V2 quarts 59c Empty Light Sockets Are Inconvenient V..... / a„. 'iw.
II Dermatone - USE .*diui c?5Sf ‘SS fii
» Ct_; tlectric toasters ..3oC m* luring beauty to your skin—while lit
A ES 2.v jo Hawk-Eye Cameras, No. 2- A... *51.49 WestmohoiKP ( \lde&l Shaving Cream A SstM/SSS M
M Jgg Trophy Fountain Syringes 59c . \ / \ tw, P i« 5i >n, rt.™,,/ ; = : . *rsS9SSs 00
.i Rubber Gloves, pair 49c Electric Bulbs \ /
* * W.'-.J.'U'', ■■ lt.lj 1- ■-■■-= t!nnk«n T,. l-n«. AO O \ / \ ingredients recognized as being essential for Lmmm 50r Size SJ. OO Size ||M 1
Electric lutlmg Irons 4»/C ] j \ satisfactory shaving comfort. It penrtrates /^....>. __ __ __
f I*// feeling .. . Cus? Alnmmntn l?Msn/*k Brighten up your home with new lamps .. . you L_ J \ rvr . , '’ ,v to ’' r s^” 1 s, ‘ riac< ‘ and quickly /-. /§. V/> Xf Qa
sg Father Kelly * fl-- ---4 nil* n < T i ■ A1 . A welcoming spirit of hospitality. Genuine Westing- \ / J|||
Si rY holding Lard tables $1.19 house bulbs last longer and are more efficient. \ a / 111
'j IS 5-in-l Tool Sets 98c “ ll‘ 50-w.« ...20c 100-wat.,.35c \ Cl I [ / M
Father Keiiy s tOBB Tav Mutlmsl To«t V 4Q 25-watt . 20c 60-watt ...20c 150-watt..6oc A M I Internal Health by |j||
I tS" to j«22 t s , B£ toy musical tops .-.nc 40-watt. .20c 75-watt ...35c 200-watt. .80c : \ 1 I / . : Nature’, Oun Method* IW
a llii lutwstate Bath Sprays .98c A 10% Discount From These Prices Will Be \ BarinUv ffl
j) fSd J intends to rMtii Turkish Towels, 2 for 25c Given When You Purchase Six or More . \ ' fk :: pains |||j
absorb the gas and r Ilf 1 « aL Ct nr " \ IXIOO | fflE VT*. by Ukl
neutralise the acidity, thereby pre- laMIOn Ts RSO LlOtllS. 0 lOr ZSC J Ju L y » ur ,4mp * the h®* Tou wiU »>w»y» have spare lamps ■!-—■■■.• r. ■.■,■,■■..■ ,„„(ti, WfHU
■ '.nr. I ... I I- r. Ch St .......

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