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Organized Reserves
Instructions wen* Issued by the Wsr
Department last week governing the
granting of exemptions for certificate
of capacity because of completion of a
course at the Chemical Warfare School
at Edgewood Arsenal, Md. Graduation
from the unit gas officers’ course at
this school will be sufficfcnt qualification
for exemptions to be granted candidates
for promotion to the grade of first
lieutenant or captain of the Chemical
Warfare Service Reserve, while gradu
ation from the line and staff officers'
course at the school "will be considered
sufficient qualification for exemptions
to be granted candidates for promotion
to the grade of major In the Chemical
Warfare Service Reserve.
The field officers’ course at Edgewood
is a lecture and demonstration course
of short duration and is not allowed as
a basis of exemption from examination
and practical test for a certificate of
capacity for promotion to any grad'' in
the Officers Reserve Corps. This course,
however, Is not open to reserve officers.
The commanding officer of the 320th
Infantry has been directed to submit
the name of one principal and one alter
nate not above the grade of captain
who may deslm to pursue the cours?
of instruction at the Infantry School,
Fort Bennlng. Ga., for the period Feb
ruary 24 to March 25. 1932. The se
lection of the officers for the course will
be limited to those offeers who have
demonstrated their proficiency in sub
courses of the basic course and approxi
mately one-half of the company officers’
subcourscs of the Army extension school
Officers of the 320th Infantry may
submit applications on a prescribed ac
tive duty form in addition to the in
formation directed on the form. Appli
cants must state whether they are on
the emergency officers' retired list or
drawing compensation from the United
States Government. All applicants
must be accompanied by a report of the
physical examination on form 63, Adju
tant General’s office and forward'd to
the commanding officer of the 320th
Infantry for consideration.
Reserve Quartermasters of the Dis
trict will meet at Washington Reserve
headquarters tomorrow evening in the
Walker-Johnson Building, 1734 New
York avenue northwest, to hear Capt.
A. D. Hughes, Q. M. C . lecture on the
"Pilgrimage of War Widows and the
American Cemeteries Abroad.”
Maj. Gen. Blanton W. Winship. judge
advocate general of the Army, will ad
dress the conference of Judge Advocate
General Reserve officers of Washington
tomorrow evening. The conference will
be held in room 201 of the Walker-
Johnson building. Following Maj. Gen.
Winship’s talk. Capt. Adam Richmond,
J. A. G. D.. will discuss the organization
of the troop school and the plans f"r
the ensuing year.
Signal Corps Reserve officers of Wash
ington will hold their instructional con
ference next Tuesday evening at local
Reserve headquarters. Maj. D. M.
Crawford, S. C„ will discuss the mili
tary and signal organization, and Capt.
H. Allison. S. C.. will take up the chart
ing of organization and training of
citizens’ military training camps and
the organization of classes for the
ensuing months.
The Washington Coast Artillery Re
serve Club met last week, when Lieut.
Col. Harry P. Newton, Coast Artillery
Reserve, of the 917th Coast Artillery
(anti-aircraft) w r as elected president;
Capt. John Caswell of the 913th Coast
Artillery was elected vice president, and
Lieut. McGee of the 913th Coast Artil
lery was elected secretary and treasurer.
It was decided at this meeting to hold
a group school during the Winter and
Capt. John Caswell was assigned as in
structor. Capt. Caswell and Capt. Betts
then outlined the course of instruction
which the school wdll follow. The school
will meet on the fourth Tuesday of
egch month and will not conflict with
the regular club meeting on the second
The first meeting of the group school
for the Coast Artillery Reservists of the
District will be held Tuesday evening at
Reserve headquarters. The subcourses
to be taken are defense against chem
ical warfare, signal communications and
identification of aircraft. They will be
given in the order named and all are
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A Three-Point Landing
HE MIGHT as well land on the floor when
he retires, as on this old, solid mattress
that doesn’t meet him even half way! For
a perfect three-point landing try the Beauty
rest . . . whose fairy fingered coifs “give”
to every curve. All parts of the body let
down, down, down and you come up re
freshed next morning.
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WoPr*** V JSHrei
I required for promotion from aecond
j lieutenant to first lieutenant.
Members of the 343 Engineers will
I hold their instructional conference next
1 Wednesday evening, at which Maj. J. D.
Arthur, jr„ C. E., wdll discuss Engineers.
Maj. Jacob J. Jones. Veterinary Re
serve. La Plata. Md., has been assigned
|to the 1325th Service Unit. Lieut. Col.
Robert P. Parrott, Judge Advocate Gen
eral Reserve, and Second Lieuts. Palo
A. Mitchell, Infantry Reserve; Frank W.
Rose. Field Artillery Reserve, and Wil
ber A. Stevens, Infantry Reserve, are all
> assigned to the 80th Division. Second
Lieut. William E. Roberts. Infantry Re
serve, having moved beyond the di
! vision area, is relieved from assignment
to the 79th Division. Second Lieuts.
Lewis A. Jackson and Elsmore Rushton,
both Quartermaster Reserve, are as
signed to th? 1301st Service Unit. Sec
ond Lieut. Ceoffrey V. C. Houghland,
Infantry Reserve, has been transferred
] to the Chemical Warfare Service Re
‘ serve and is assigned to the 422 d
! Chemical Maintenance Company. Sec
j ond Lieut. Darwin J. DeGolia, Field
j Artillery Reserve, having been trans
' ferred to the Military Intelligence Di
vision Reserve, is relieved from assign
ment to the 80th Division.
Capt. Edward G. Sievers. Engineer
Reserve, is assigned to the 343 d Engi
neer General Service Reginient. See
j ond Lieut. Lawrence P. Johnston, In
fantry Reserve, having been transferred
in grade to the Quarjermaster Corps
Reserve, is relieved from assignment to
the 80th Division. Having accepted re
appointment in the Officers’ Reserve
Corps without the privilege of assign
ment or active duty. First Lieut. Charles
A. Lally, Medical Reserve, is relieved
from assignment to the 364th Medical
Reglr.ent Capt. William E. Barkman.
Field Artillery Reserve, is relieved from
assignment to the Ist Ammunition
Train and Is assigned to the 6th Field
Artillery. First Lieut. Thomas' J.
Holmes. 2d. Tacoma Park. Md , having
accepted promotion to the grade of
captain. Infantry Reserve, is assigned
to the 2d Tank Regiment.. Capt. Isador
W. Mendelsohn, Engineer Reserve, is
assigned to the 343 d Engineer General
Service Regiment.
American Gold Star
The American Gold Star Mothers
held their regular bi-monthly meeting
Tuesday evening, with Mrs. Seibold pre
siding. The meeting was opened with
prayer by the chaplain, Mrs. E. M. Nash.
The following new members were en
rolled: Mrs. Josephine Forker, Mrs. Jane
Taylor, Mrs. Rose Pearl De Voe, Mrs.
Mary E. Hand. Mrs. Mae Conley. Mrs.
Chloe Branhan, Mrs. Mary Classen,
Mrs Georgia Halstead, Mrs. Martha
Sodden, Mrs. Ruth Morris, Mrs. Lucy
J. Ring, Mrs. Ada Wilcox, Mrs. Addle
Eaton all of Long Beach, Calif.; Mrs.
Louisa Schaffer of Glendale, Calif; Mrs.
Ora Etta Imbler of Santa Monica,
Calif.; Mrs. Anna Leslie of Kcnmare, N.
Dak.; Mrs. Mary Adalla Andrews of
Alma, Mich.; Mrs. Sarah June Hyde of
Kalamazoo, Mich.; Mrs. Bertha Ella
Zimmer of Syracuse. N. Y.. and Mr.
John Otto Zimmer, a gold star father,
honorary member.
Mrs. E. S. Bruce reported a sewing
party to be held in her home. Mrs.
Mary Killeen, chairman of w T ays and
means, reported arrangements for the
disposal of a turkey. Plans were dis
cussed for the observance of Armistice
; day. A delegation of Gold Star Moth
! ers attended the “Mikado” and pre
; sented flowers to Mme. Ernestine Schu
mann-Heink, who is a Gold Star Moth
er. A party will be given to the vet
; erans at Mount Alto Hospital October
29. with Mrs. E. S. Bruce In charge of
Britain’* Wild Cattle,
i Closing of Chillingham Castle, Eng
land. by the Earl of Tankerville has
| raised the question of what is to be
: come of Britain's only wild cattle which
; have been roaming the estate. The
| herd of 44 represents all that is left of
1 the many homed white cattle on the
British Isles years ago. The earl will
j care for the 44.
.»• , 4
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