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1 t\ 81l
50c Conti | An Outstanding Anniversary Group of f or Value .. . for Variety .. . for Style .. . Look to Our I
r- 29 c UPBI Winter Coats Anniversary Sale of Frocks
*• New Style* •• • New Colors ... I
—j For Every Occasion! a| j I
2 - qt' size, perfect quality Hi $13.65 ~ SSJ
Puritan fountain syringes.— *» Styles Jl/A J\ n|
” 7T. 77". jWm One of the smart new woolens in a rich dark green is hand- I Shown! TCill V *
«lOC I jer-KISaS j somely combined with black astrakhan to fashion the good- I $12.50 ll '^p J \ f*. YJ
Talcum | I ooking model shown .. . what a coa for $13.65! And there 1j J j j Values! r 3A J
-4 .s*% | HBHHj j| are many other striking combinations fur fabric with bright / 4
JL jLdC 'i l or dark woolens ... as well as entire coats of crushed plush HBIHifIIHBiiHBBiHBBHBHB V T/ J 7/ /u '
'Thic HAHahtfuiiv scented or broadtail fabric! Spanish tile, green, tan, brown, grey or 3 _ n . * /r Afll
dSr S r JffA cl » l l ° r ■Hi H black. ‘ Transparent Velvet and Satin “Sunday |#/ |¥ ,
k 7J [■■Ml You will also find dressy-looking black woolen coats with j Nite” Frocks! Ch ffon Taffeta and IJ £\ \l/
\ 39c * Monette WaßHflaHgHHy shawl collars and spiral cuffs of natural or black Manchurian \ Satin EvCflinff DfCSSCS* CfeDe Satin flfi\ W| 1
Napkins WKBBKBUk wolf ( Chinese d °s)- Splendidly lined, too, and cut along the Y n r c . ¥ • Vi f \ A I 1
_ ' . _ HHHH H smartest silhouettes. V Dresses for Street or Afternoon! yj w\l |
Goldenberg's ill 1 J-ffilfi Formal, semi-formal, tailored and "all-around” fashions l/W I
Complexion Soap Amipersar y Feature for Moniay! Babi.,; 69c Pft Hi fffi\ J
Bcokes36c Sale of Watches dSST iB - - \W
French mUled sow) Jas- Long, slim skirt treatments... And the colors include every 1 1/||II I i
-Miun’ ! Fi<w. Q For Women For Men Anniversary A J ackets • bright scarf collars... new favorite: Persian green, llfl I HIV
Priced at *+ y|* fagotting.. .puffed sleeves .. . Spanish tile, colonial red, Vion- 111 fi B1 ||J| 1
WniMfln’c b h „ “** * capelets. . .surplice closings .. . net violet, Manilla brown, admir- I | iff Hi f < 1 fflt 1
TT UITICII !"* tJVV jy . Such pretty little models with flares and sashes, drop shoulders, alty blue. Kiltie green, and, of lJw|i|||«E 9
CJ|h H(ICP deep hems, set-in sleeves and and new backs for evening .. . course, BLACK, usually with \t If 1 \|l )■ 9
touches of hand-embroidery and embroidered collars . . . white * white or bright accents. Sunday \% I 111
shirring. I A satin trims .. . sparkling buckles Nite and Evening Frocks, in sizes \ I \l% \JfB
3t>rS*S I Babies’ 49c Gertrudes / ( 1 \ .. the season’s most important 14 to 20 years. Street and after- W| \aß \ I
vl-JV' r vr*. Hand-scalloped at top and bot- / \ \ fashion touches are used to give noon styles range from junior 4/ J
Slight irregulars—seam tom. Button-on shoulder "5*7 YA these frocks a sparkling newness. size 11 to extra size 5254. JFMOA
I».M.r rk a s n d ?n s7.9sWatches $8.95 Watches **'« •--v-.-i:-.-, 37c Jrf li ——— JPP 1J
llnlpg.—Mmln floor. * - f - '/J
Golf Hose I lon^shapes—engraved chrom- I wit luminous hands and dial. Anniversary Blanket Savings I
ium case—shockproof move- 7-jewel movement. I 1? H I O
35c 3^ rs *$l $10.95 Watches
•/. /t) III | I __ -
.rsSSI? tP ° v - % l€i $6-95 *"* $ 6- 95 Blankets j/jjrrk. Comforts I
st y ies U An excellent movement in 44l?„1 1 17 ->4iL
fij-lm’ Iftr Reliable 7-Jewel wrist fine case with luminous hanos rill" VHP ririHTIPQ dt% rvi* /
UiriS SyC watches in engraved rectangu- and diaL AUI ▼ UV X|l ttlllVO Heavy Si / QS A Sate* QQ
1 5 Watches $i.75 Z ' jHfIT w C ”*"- s 2’ BB I
«/ r ,L W d)Ar Cflglll VVaLCIICa nt&ioon M Soft and comfy—attractive plaid color-/ |9Bl Warm, yet light In weight. All-wag ■
*/, Length H[are JCO_9S . , . . at 91U.UV _ l„g,. All have .Ide sat»n binding. IP «>ed. Covered with figured »t«Z I
lA. American Optical Go. S Newest match plaids. Sizes 70x80 and 72x84 ; Double-bed size.
- fxshioned r.tchwort o,Q ■ l
f sets.--Main KOO. ( „ “f 5 5
Men s 10c $29.75 Watches Formerly $22.50 to $39.50 tures in “Ful-Vue” frames make one look effects * 66x 80 -Inch size. Pr.. 54.50 Cotton C oms or ts, to*} OQ
U II Now much batter. White gold filled, beautifully SlO p w 1 Blanket- gf> rc\ r* sateen covering. Each OO I
v Handkerchiefs
iftY The popular baguette shape Cased at the factory, and all EYES EXAMINED FREEE I $6.05 Part-Wool Blanket., C 4 IQ| coverings I
, YrV, and 1 meta} 1 wrist strap 5 . 761316111, SffltT * Two Optometrist, in Attendance 66x80 » nd 70x80 Pr A*> *»* *"** Comfort., dh ff Os If
woven n borde l rs— Milm o««WfV-iuk noor. Dr. Kanstoroom in Charge $lO plain Wool Blankets, Qc\ rayon covering. Well filled.. 55.05 ■
\ ; —■^^■ o,W " ,^ r 'T^r D^h, .r« B “ real warm, 72x84-ineh size. V_ * -r
I spoo $ p OO Continuing Our Great 1 i r .,,. , u n » a n —, - , ■
2 /or 35c Sale for Men! AnniversarySalel Men’s Underwear f " 98c I
Bruslied wool, rayon, silver- . . 17 a* o. i fj-t LOWCSt X ITICCS 111 I 03-TS! */( H
tone and novelty wool berets PlircliaSpl Entire StOCK “vtT VCt A u VU ( \Tjky M L eter „ Pan Gyp*y oirl
and cap-like turbans.—Main _ _ mvri. nirvrrrrTTra—r - ■ \'C. /J* «A r ere s*f Pir»t«
"7 , Ensignblu Clothes, Inc. Meil’S SI 25 Part- wT/ ~-JMm £l* cr. Z JL.C I
ü ßab, & 95 , S3O & $32.50 Blue Serge Suits f\ \ ch H” ° ,ri " SV-. I
Wool d?-g C - 1 I
niW r«.r, $1 .76 l h o a r d ed a ’ fadepreuf “nd “oE J I Vkuk Vi Fo/onlddr Mdfcd / Vi' ' 1 «*“ «1 7Q If
Priced at -X. Sizes 34 to 42. 1 JB Medium-weight suits with long W/ /■ ///‘ HW 4to 14 V I a/^T
Every baby should have one sleeves and legs. Extra full cut chest r r mß JL
of these warm little sets— 5! ftliip QomP Ppn /"*i 1 _ ' T ' l * n d trunk —perfectly tailored. Sizes Wt-J / Spanish Girl or Dutch Girl or
sweater, mittens, cap and OlUt? Otflgt;, leilCll- 4fi / / WM Boy Boy
asSSsh/WIS. p,nk or Stripe and Worsted Suits HMSmB ..ill BS! !Sr c,rt -
t7 Qt Blue serges—hand tailored of Men’s $1.25 Men’s $1 Ribbed Union Men’s SI.OO Light -H / WfSm K i 3"“ ~a,,L
$7.95 Sure=rlt 100% qll-v.-00l serge cloth; trim- gt» r (klt f 1 Suits Union Suits M\j fljrzj (hin.mil.
Qlin Gnvprc med with mohair and rayon lined. I W m J 7} lVieril Volenteer make mj Ecru color- Q W L
blip ^ 1 7VC pVC D # ST* 5&“"
8-Piece /4 "m of fine * all * w ° ol fabrics, single- w long legs fuU cut Random combed yarns. Irregulars. w — 1 ■■■■
Pts tpLLtJV/ breasted. 34 to 44. P"7 gray or ecru. 36 to 46. 36 to 50. Adults Halloween Costumes
Os striped linweave. Will m Men's $12.50 Men’s S2O and J (* Men’s $1.79 Heavy Men’s $1 Heavy chliSman
any 3-piece living room set cut * /a a. Union Suits Underwear, ea. GW 210 I s
si:!S£ rS arate “ F fl ll Topcoats $25 Overcoats Part-wooi «hirt« with long part
r _ __ <**4 S\ drawers, antl. g«« ?(»]_. ZV UUjUwl* long Sg!?“ 5S
Smart New vjm length. Reinforced crotch s i eev es; reinforced seat and ers ankle length. Reinforced. S1 * n Mexican Man or Woman, mim United states v
y%J 1 ■ 7t/ and seat, Regular sizes. croth. Full cut. 38 to 48. All regular sizes.
Handbags V/ « other r i pr pays to 1 ■
SI novelty^mlxtures^taihß. 3 grays ‘ISSsSi! Mdl S SLSO and $2.00 ShlftS cJSISSfer
.7, h , f H 4 l S p& lal L or SS. A great assortment of shirts—broadcloth, woven-striped AA Adults at HISVM ITCFJ
brown: envelop {wire thuTrtc?' VilUeS “ J. ro “ *“» s “ d mllUl,a madras, rayon-striped broadcloth and madras. N | III) $3.98 and
New calf grains—back straps, f. 34 to «. Collar attached, neckband and collar to match styles. Sizes ■ * vv ci go
underarms and with zippers.— I se Our Budget Plan—lSo Interest 14 to 18. I BOTH SIDES OF ATiil
jt*l» Flaer. 0-l4.ab.rgV-M««’a tho* —Main n«or. •^4*ab.r« , Sh«»—Mala Hmt. Mala IhM t—. —Y-,. ™ J
SUNDAY STAR. Vi'ASniSsViTAK, h. i* 1 .. ' ActorFt? M 1631—<)S!R.

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