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Spite Wife
Judith Denning. Easterner, marries Stanley
Carter, spoiled son of a wealthy California
family. On the train on their wedding night
Stan appears nervous, asks to be excused while
he smokes. Hours later he returns—drunk
. . tells Judy he is a ’ man in hell.” In
Stan's home town Judy fights much veiled
hostility directed toward her. Her con
fidant becomes "Nick. ” Stan's disliked half
brother. Told by a catty young woman that
6tan has been all broken up over beautiful
Eunice Wilson's marriage, she recalls the
remark made on their wedding night, tor
tures herself with the thought that she is a
• spite” wife—that Stan married her on a
5 /-T-tHE sight of Wilson's heavy,
I brooding face woke Judy from
her own bitter contemplation.
1 With a leap of fear In her heart
she realised that this man
- knew her thoughts. That he, too, had
the black beast of jealousy gnawing at
* Ids breast.
A great, silent, brooding man—a man
of strange depths—a dangerous man!
And he was jealous of the beautiful,
fickle girl he had married. . . . Wil
son knew of that old attachment be
tween Stan and Eunice. Judy guessed.
Suppose—Oh, suppose he should harm
I btan.
At the thought, all the bitterness she
felt toward Stan, all the jealous resent
J ment fell away in a cold fear.
She smiled into the man's lace as he
X helped her from the car. “I'm dread
- fully ashamed—I—I fell asleep. The
excitement—and all-" she stam
‘«he felt that she was moving through
a dream where the most ■ important
thing seemed to keep her poise. Stan
taking her from Wilson at the bottom
i of the steps.
"I wanted to ride with you, darling
1. . . you understand?"
His eyes were searching her face—
was it guiltily?
Judy bent hastily, pretending to be
occupied with the fringe of her shawl,
lest he see her lips quiver. When Stan
looked at her like that—compelling,
dark eyes, melting her heart. . . .
Oh, she mustn't cry and make a scene!
“Of course—it's all right.” She kept
' her head bent until it was safe to look
up. "Do tell me where the dressing
H room is. I have to powder—I—I'm a
5 fright."
1 "Judy, something's happened—you're
not yourself.” Stan said in a low voice.
At that the tears were in her throat,
‘ scalding tears. She wanted to pour out
all the bitterness in her heart—she
l wanted to hear Stan tell her it was not
so, to hear him rage at these cruel
* women who were torturing her this
l way.
I She looked up—and saw' Eunice Wil
son's blue eyes watching her as she
pretended to be talking to her husband.
Pride came to Judy's aid. She couldn't
make a scene before these people.
She forced a smile. Answered as
flippantly as Eunice herself might have
\ done. "Then who am I. darling! You
' don't recognize me now. but wait until
" I've rouged. I'll look more natural!"
Did she suspect it, or did Amy look
j at her hard when she came into the
dressing room. Amy and Patty Warren
‘ were making up their lips before the
t glass. Judy walked coolly up to a
dressing table, again quite aware that
her entrance had interrupted a discus
*)on of herself.
She was surprised to see now ra
miltar was the reflection which looked
back at her from the mirror. She was
a little pale, that was all. Her spirit,
had been so shaken In the last half
hour she had rather expected it to
show on her face.
Perhrps r. faint blue shadow of wcari
! ness under the serious gray-blue eyes.
'r A little droop to the mouth—there, lip
j stick helped
; A second reflection in the glass. . . .
5 The beautiful, watchful face of Eunice
; Wilson beside her ov.n.
i They stood side by side, busy with
' their vanity cases. Eunice's was white
: gold, initialed In chip diamonds. Their
: reflected faces w'ere like two pretty
t masks, thought Judy in a strangely de
tached manner. She sensed that Patty
and Amy over by the other table had
stopped their conversation—that they
W'ere straining to this silent drama.
Eunice carefully smoothed her lip
rouge with a delicate forefinger, and
the sapphire blue eyes were wary under
the long lashes.
Judy opened her vanity case and be
gan to powder her face again. She felt
that she could not go away first. This
was some strange battle. She and
Eunice were fighting in spirit—strug
gling. . . . Hating—fighting—stabbing
each other in spirit—she and Eunice,
recognising an enemy in each other.
. . . Eunice, hurting her in though:—
bleeding her heart white . . . while
their faces remained masks and their
eyes were sweetly Insolent.
In a sort of icy composure Judy ap
plied more rouge. In some way which
she could not explain she knew that
she must outstay Eunice.
And as though she sensed the steeled
spirit of the other girl, Eunice suddenly
spoke in her sweet, cool drawl: "I don't
know what's the matter. I look like a
"Oh, no!" Judy said generously, "I
think: you look lovely."
No question that Eunice was clearly
at a loss. She snapped shut the vanity
case, hesitated a moment, then walked
over to join Georgia, who had just come
into the room.
Judy managed to smile at them both
as she passed them on the way out.
The dressing room let out on a short
hall. Through an open door at the end
Judy saw a deserted side porch, and
after a quick glance around to see that
she was not Observed, she stepped
through It.
Good to be here, alone. Safe from
watchful eyes. To close her eyes and
rest her cheek against the cool wooden
post. The night wind blowing on her
face . . . blowing through her mind,
cooling her hot, tortured thoughts.
It brought composure. It brought the
power to think.
Reason, stirring in her mind—cool,
restful like the wind. After all. wasn't
she being hasty? Suppose Stan had
gone with Eunice Wilson. . . . Sup
pose he had even been cut up about her
marriage and had gone away from here.
... He hadn't known her—Judy
After all. wasn't there some one else
in every man's life? How many mar
ried their first sweethearts? Stan—
handsome, impetuous, moody Stan, was
spoiled—that explained those black
moods of his. His mother—his sisters
had spoiled him: just a few days in
the Carter house had served to show
his young wife this much.
But she loved him! With the admis
sion, such a well of warm affection
rose in Judy's heart that she felt tears
sting her closed eyes. She loved him,
this handsome, spoiled, charming hus
band of hers, and that love was more
Judy promised herself she would say
something to Stan about this.
the deserted side porch she would say
nothing to Stan about this. She
wouldn't put it In words. It might be
| crystalifing a situation which would
fade of itself if she left it alone.
Tills was the hardest part of all . . .
| to be still. Not to run crying with this
: to Stan. She wanted to face him with
it—to watch his eyes when she repeated
Georgia's spiteful words. She wanted
1 to have him deny it hotly. To take her
I in his arms and proteat that it wasn’t
true, that he loved only her.
Relax and Enjoy
A cup of delicious SALADA will quickly
renew your energy iny time
you feel tired.
"Fresh from the Gardens’*
than the romantic magic of their first
meetings. It was the strong, deep loy
alty of the woman who belongs to her
man. And Stan was her man—what
was it the old minister nad said?—For
better or worse. . . .
Somewhere she had read that men
had been driven to unfaithfulness by
the constant distrust of their wives. If
there was anything in that, thought
Judy, then her doubt of Stan would
drive him straight to Eunice Wilson.
Sturdy pride came to her aid. and
the little round chin—that stubborn
chin which Nick Carter had noticed to
night—went proudly up in the dark
They were trying to make trouble—
these shallow, meddling women! Well,
she'd show’ them that they couldn't!
Jealousy—wounded pride—would all
play into their hands! She would be
suave and clever. Her love—her love
and Stan’s was too stanch to be
wrecked like that! She wouldn't be
mean spirited and suspicious. She and
Stan would build on better things than
And—Judy promised herself there on
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Seventh Street Between D and E
But there was a sturdy character in
Judy and a wisdom beyond her years.
Cheek pressed to the cool wooden post,
eyes fastened on the far stars that
swam through the mist in her eyes she
sent up a broken little prayer. A funny
little prayer:
"Please, God—don't let me nag.
Please, God, help me to keep still. . . .”
Stan was waiting at the entrance as
she went back to the dance, and his
black eves went sharply over her face.
“Where've you been, Judy?—the girls
didn't know; I was worried-’’
She wanted to burst out passionately:
“You were worried! How little you
guess what I've been through!" But
she forced herself to smile up into his
eyes. "Just making up the old face,
d8Henfw’ "How do you like it, Judy?
How do you like the girls?”
She tried not to think there was an
undertone of anxiety in his voice.
“They’re—splendid!” she Ued heartily.
They danced, and Judy longed to put
her head on Stan's shoulder and weep
the bitterness out of her heart. In
stead she crushed It back and forced
herself to smile. ......
She was very gay, very scintillating.
She was desperately afraid that she
would be left alone—a wall flower
held up to the secret scorn of these
other women. She talked with desper-:
ate animation to Dart Towers—whom
she found herself privately disliking; to
stupid, vapid Billy Sumner—anything
to look popular and keep from losing
caste. She tried not to notice when
Stan danced with Eunice Wilson. She
pretended to be disappointed when the
dance ended, and deep In her heart she
knew that she had never been so bored
in her life.
Back in their own room in the Carter
house Judy was just dropping to sleep
when she thought of her wedding ring.
That splendid W'edding ring of platinum
and diamonds. ... At the time she
had marveled that anything of the kind
could have been bought at Summerfleld
or Laceyville, the nearest town. Sup
pose Stan had that wedding ring at the
time Eunice suddenly married Wilson.
The thought kept Judy staring, sleep
less. at the window long after dawn had
whitened the sky.
(Tomorrow—Pitting In.)
■■■ -..■ ---
Finding two teeth as big as a man’s
head and a five-foot tusk near the River
Trent, in England, authropologists have
engaged a diver to search the river bed
for the skeleton of a great prehistoric
beast which they believe died there
20,000 years ago.
Chicago Mayor Predicts Next Pres
ident Will Be Democrat.
MIAMI. Fla., January 11 (A*).—Mayor
Anton Cermak of Chicago came here
ysterday for a "week of rest” and freely
predicted the next occupant of the
White House would be a'Democrat.
About 300 persons greeted the mayor
and his party at the station.
He said he believed Illinois would
vote Democratic in the next presiden
tial election.
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1 Phone Orders Filled — NAtional 5220 • • * Free Parking Opposite 8th St, Entrance f

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