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Half-Million Members Claim
- §d by Association Against
Prohibition Amendment.
By th« Associated Press
A membership of more than half a
million ii claimed by the Association
Against the Prohibition Amendment in
the annual report of Henry H. Cur
ran. lta president.
Accession of 114.514 new members
during the year, with 34 Stile units
organized, he said, made It possible for
the organization now to campaign
Aggressively In helf the Union.
The year's et onrmlc dlstrers. he added, j
had served to p.erentua'.e mere thsn
ever before ' th- enormous waste of
revenue in an eap-riment which has
been a scandalous failure for 12 un- i
broken years." j
Curran claimed a number of ad-1
ranees against prohibition, including
Increased support In both Senate and
Mouse; for submitting a repeal resolu
tion to the people; promise of roll calls
on the Issue this session In both cham
bers. congressional victories by repeal
or resubmission candidates in hilf a
dozen districts hitherto considered ‘ un
alterably dry"; demands for resubmLs
aion by more than 100 organizations,
including the American Legion, Vet
erans of Foreign Wars, Bar Association I
and Junior League, and the vote for |
repeal in Finland which left the United (
States the only country In the world
With national prohibition.
The association spent S522.821 during
1931, and took in *534.507 in contribu- ;
tions, he reported.
Mr*. Maggie Brant, Sister of Mrs.
Florence Schuler of Bllicott City,
Die! in Youngstown.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
CUMBERLAND. Md„ February 15 —
W A. Brant. 11 East street, was ad
vised yesterday of the death of his
ilster-in-law, Mrs. Maggie Brant. 64.
wife of Elmer G. Brant, at Youngs
town Hospital. Youngstown. Ohio, from
Injuries received when struck by an
automobile. She suffered a fractured
Ite, dislocated hip and head Injuries.
She had lived in the Youngstown sec
tion for 17 years and previously had
resided in Cumberland about 20 years.
She was in Eskridge, a native of Wood
stock. va.
Besides her husband, she is survived
three brothers. Cheney Eskridge. I
Ashland. K\v Frank Eskridge. Dillon
Run. W. Va.. and Sanford Eskridge.
Moorefleld. W. Va.. and five sisters.
Mrs. Mattie Fisher. New Wilmington.
Pa.; Mrs. Florence Schuler. Ellicott
City, Md : Mrs. Susie Alabaugh and
Mrs. Lave Williams. Winchester. Va..
And Mrs. Helen Orndorff, Ashland, Ky.
Xative of Cumberland Was Widow
#f Petersburg tobacco Merchant.
•pccul Dispatch to The Star.
CUMBERLAND. Md. February 15.—
Mrs. Mary Patterson Venable, widow of
William L. Venable tnd daughter of
the late T. Leiper I'atterson, v/idely
Shown civil engineer, died Friday at
Petersburg. Va She was a r.otive of
Cumberland. She was a sister of Mrs.
Louisa P. Henderson, tills city, wife of
the late Judge Robert Henderson.
Mrs. Venable's husband, who was en
gaged a* a wholesale tobacco dealer in !
Petersburg, died several years ago. He
Was a member of the cadet corps of
Virginia Military Institute and partici
pated with the Confedereate forces in
the battlf of New Market. Mrs. Ven
Able Will be burled at Petersburg. On
her mother's side ah# was connected
With the Colonial Sprigg family.
Comdr. George M. Courts, detached
Naval War College, Newport, R. I.,
about May 28: to duty on staff. Naval
War College, Newport, R. I.
Comdr. Robert M. Griffin, detached
Naval War College. Newport. R. I.,
about May 28: to duty on staff, Naval
War College. Newport. R. I.
Lieut. Comdr. John H. Paige, de
tached Marine Corps Sobools. Quantico.
Va ; to duty on staff, Marine Corps
Schools, Quantico. Va.
Lieut. Comdr. Clarence Gulbranson.
detached command U. 8. 8. Hamilton;
to Nary Yard. Philadelphia. Pa.
Lieut. Comdr. Henry Hartley, de
tached Navy Yard, Washington. D. C.:
to U. S. S. Constitution as executive
•Ulcer. Qrders April 23, 1931, revoked.
Lieut. Comdr. Clifford G. Richardson,
detached Naval War College, Newport,
R. I., about May 28; to Instruction Ma
Hne Corps Schools, Quantico, Va.
Lieut. Comdr. James B. Ryan, de
tached U. 8. S. Dobbin; to Naval
Academy, Annapolis, Md.
Lieut. Comdr. Prank P. Thomas, dis
charged treatment Naval Hospital.
League Island, Philadelphia, Pa.: to
Bureau Shgineerlng. Washington. D. C.
Lieut. Comdr. Dallas Walt, detached
is. B erazos; 10 auiy bs omcer in
Charge, Navy Recruiting Station, Provi
dence. R. I.
Lieut. Comdr Jonathan H. Warman,
detached Nava! Air Station, Lakehuret.
N. J.: to U. 8. S. Dobbin as repair
Lieut. Asel B. Kerr, detailed Naval
War College. Newport, R. I., about May
SI; to Instruction Marine Corps Schools,
uantico. Va.
Lieut. (Junior Grade! Lannie Conn,
detached U. S. 8. Langley about May
14: to Aircraft Squadron*, at Fleet Air
Brie, Goto Solo. Canal Zone, orders
December $0 revoked.
Lieiit. (Junior Grade) James J.
McRObertS, orders December 17 re
voked; to continue duty V2 squad
fOn 10s (tr. S. S. Salt Lake City).
Lieut. (Junior Orkde) Herbert P.
Sheldon, discharged tfeatment Fits
tlrrons General Hospital. Denver. Colo.;
tb hoir.e. relieved all active duty.
Ensign James T. Lay, detached V. S
I West Virginia dbout February 1: to
temporary duty under instruction
Itaval Air Station. Pensacola, Fla.
Medical Corps
Lieut. John L. Farmer, detached
Marine Corps Base. San Diego, calif.;
to home, relieved all active duty.
Warrant Officer*
Chief Carpenter Janie* J. ODonnell,
detached U. 8. S. Saratoga; to U. S. S.
Chief Carpenter Oeorge W. Steeves.
detached U. S. S. Lexington; to U. S.
i. Saratoga.
Traveling salesmen In France are
gelng given reduced fare* on railways.
jLt first sign *f artld. Uta m*-i
maturim mBttdt—th* lax* j
•tiva that thoroughly cleans
/oar IntOatiaa. It l« tha on* J
•aiek WB# ta got roll of and gy_ua# i»f
gout year htalth. Mild, / lO'NIvH ■
a at*, fatal/ vagatabi*. 'to morrow
*l*a*aat-ttt. # AMMONT
Th» Att-VtgttaM Uxmthm
j V
Here Are Seven Pages of
mJ Av».«.ii|Wi» Md o tu. C—7
Which Are Bringing Great Throngs
■■■”■ ... i i - ' ■ ■'■■■ 1 ■■ ■ — 1 ■' " ■■■ ■■■ '
|\/> _Y),• i
An Unusual Safe of
Open Stock
Cut Crystal
' 27
— B*»-’.'ul clear cry»t#1 a'amiat'a
■ •h« artp »■ ev*t *e-al w-rg
Op>n a'ark paitarn GoK**». »Ha*w
pag"M. ah*ibe»». Cfataila. fae?a4
iu*rblat« m var.eut • rat. S^»""»a'a
»h »• er dinar, ly mc\i.4 cor fH a$« ra
' Rose Floral Cut
- OoMfa '*»
•»fl» anr* ari fo*»r«r
- *ar.r ji *U»» * of .
*ra»a:»i f>rr MU ■» .1
fora: r- '.;|s Op*- a’orR. »
Rose Cut Tumblers
Spriial Purchase!
Irish Linen Double Damask
Table Cloths
is 3 59
Sperisl at ^^^9
—! hi«*rmj« !fi»n L -.#« deuMt 4t-aii
ciottex. m »lr,tuiylWim Wt.n ef tcnf
flit t«< oMaentd t« t tnowy whitantxa
Itrly tS 90 earh
70x70 Table Cloths.. $2.95
K't*l»riy IS 95
70x106 Table Cloths..$4.50
Krfniar! s tl't
21 and 22 in. Napkins..$3.59
fftfh/jrfy V M />*»#»
b<n «m ta.
An Extraordinary Purchase Brings You
Three Groups of Lovely New r
And They Are All Less Than a Dollar a Pair
2 000 Pr*. 79c
•red irurqukette cuftama *
Panel Marquisette* -k, * e»«c«s*
Regulation uii. artth cor
nice valence and tia backs. Choice at rase. blue. gold, green
and orchid.
1,500 Pr*. $1.49 -!W "*•»Jeu”*™
Summer. Made of a niee
Ruttled Scrim* Quality scrim, %-hh colored
rayon iruarii in the valence
and colored over locked edge*—row. blue. gold, green, orchid.
2,000 Pr*. $1.98 r"”
_ j. and orchtd ftanadme mar
Crcnadlfie gdaette twrtains %lth
Marquisette* Wim.
Made ertth ruffled edgea. edTfrtce valance and tie lacki.
—W* pi "Haiti Ikt
Mlrr tirpli* ll*<h
ol • !•*«• Panmyl
•W • mill and M
ab'» ta afar «ha»a
prariically fcaff iHa-r • H
an final priraa. Cam* ^^
#§r It. »Hlla »tla« - _
(KM ara vhala.
P -4|tt
I Lowest Prices in a Generation!
—Every housewife knows that
Dwifht Anchor sheets stand I or
hifh Quality and Ion* wear - and
at these prices they are values she
cannot overlook. Every sheet and
use is abdelutely perfect I
Six Point* of
Superiority _
• ftpee'liie eaaatrtMeg tape
I <*■• ***•• wwguagi
greater afrain
2 ••*♦»< at g*»:itr
• bread* Cme* en^i^h
"•teim.m *f»rrn
ee^affc t» Auifmt* at*r
from Viehrnf gy
ever flee ef vat* throw«n
% nuoaftr hem thread*
hem* ar*edty *e«n Ottl in
Mat ia lamdenftg
4 Beat!* aUUUBf ef f’I>*
caee a«o« era* yu>»w
»i*ak*«« «f nw <■• rwd •>••
•**'? dragging o: pUldda •
, 'tat* raae
V ■ode^i hieaehirg •'•‘lad* !
«Uiwr Ute flndh atmrat flue
ippirivt lad ft
of *keei
Size 81\99
Regularly $1.45
Sh* 43.94 .... 19c
Six* 63x108 . ... 95c
I***. |/M
Sit* 72.99 . . . . 95e
• 1/M
Site 72.108 . . . $1.09
/■rw'i Iff
Six* 81.108 . . . $1.25
Sit* 90.108 . . . $1.39
*«(*«>• li*l
42.34 C*i». . . . 2Sc
4St34 C*s«i . . . 29c
B— » *»—. M
You'll Warn Some of These
Solid Color Turkish
Sol >4 Color Wash Clothj
55c do«
in fin. »!ur C' 4 •**
I-»*r » in *• -H n)|ll P-I
up • 4a**« •• • r*< *•«»
Kiaa » Hn»
Non-Tarnish Chests
“Otneral Eltrlrir"
Mantle Clocks
fmm~U tn»*
gg.r-~r’ or.": c c cn
Bridge and Floor Lamps
—Arnatic |*»;tty b in M'*4 la*p« •» bn4|4 ~ ^
a*4 »■«»*♦ cIM • !.|Ht tat*- »>tn t K 7 Q Q
Itr«tha4 i>4 Ln«4 ta*l»r*<J €f.$n»u thtit J J Q Q
n/( rw« ^
y-' 9 y- W | |\ gH /7 / / » _ .
Another Sale of
—T*» 'rflj *»j' 4>i.r »M •
h»* J •i!*fr t ’V* sU>»t
jsu -■*«■.* *•»& > •“> •».* i»»« "tiiy
•tul* auianur* :ui M»*f rear
Umu frefc ■.!» f ,*;omin| Uit.
Many at V2
ll M
Many at 45c Each
'rrr tt*.
{.••** m. ... M.h • «k
.»*• •***.. »•» *
•Or »•*•-«. •’» «(
Miny it 63c Each
■*£* ft.
• ft* tv, r. U vm •*,
Sx:\®r: K si
u-o . 1 •**«•. oa uaa **<
KlU * T>M n«r
Mr** Lfe*
r»r 4»y t-HM SmM
-T*i#a* rwri «r:U ka mad# i* fl* »«y
air* ■ Sr** pi*** mita #f llv|r| rv'Bi
for* I’nr* * -n fl** a*para** ruah
•*r.« •* a:*ractl»*lj **np*a B*ivian
|ir*n pan r«non' All W*r*» puaran
Rt«dy-M»d« Slip Co**ri
ftnut u TUi tw» $575
—for kitchens
—for Break fast Rnomt
—for Dining Rooms
—T%e»r (tain af teur»a »*ra •*>»d« ta tell far a
k>|her pr>c*— fear due ta a apec-ai purfkad# •• raa
•*»t rKern ta yeu at enly |l 00 M'h |t«'ife. a**te»
»l*e cMirt ta Wmdter. fi'M'i’. 014 (ath *ae4
tquirr hath and '»t different 40* Sath atylet Iteady
tar a feat at pa nt.
At HALF Last Year's Prices!
Lott Year
—Theu splendid radriftratori art krvre-n as tbt Leonard
•Ecanemie"—4n %KJu et frten Knlahea ... All steel modHa.
v+ih fcaektted doors Quean Anne Myle left 50-poufid
lea capacity. Eortftaf 833.98 value. A limited number ofily.
71-Ib. Cipidtr
Mm )m. fil«t
♦lit* ftaitk
JOO-lfe. Capacity
Urn Ytv. #WJ#
CMVffRtftf firm* '
Beautiful Alire Ann “Bose Dawn " Pattern
Breed end Butter Flutes,
Dessert end Dinner Plates.
Breakfast Plates and Creatp
Tea Cups and Santera,
Open I > get able Dishes
and Platters,
—Now it your iffcor* unity t« milt ay I tartifat
Ajimt ter**e tor ■ /fry tmtll tat- I* it the »oou
lir tctffoyed ii|t #W»rwtrt with fit tin Mil Hot
and • delicately tiatad rate tprty detin aa aaach
Same Pattern in Complete Sets
$2.88 ftSXta. $9.95
| JustPUfhttu Button
To W V* ity^m
1! 1,000
l suslly
Sell for
$400. S*M
and $6/10
— N* »«ri pin-had fngara fram try ng ta fall up
#>* h/4|# iiM*' Juat path tha l#tlon* M th«
•titar a4|« M th« tafcla. Ml tha !a|i |ra rk’aaaad'
•afpla'tap ifit taMaa. »M. with t*#a-a# i.gi. pM
«ad topa favafH with • flgurad hlark laaihfratta
and framaa hmahal in jal# Jitta Chn4i# »M iMry.
hlaak ar mahogany. A fraat vklu* Dan t rn.aa it'
ftMat-fcw* Ptaa»
Two-Deck Sen bf
49c i
ate",K.*IGal4SWS .
far* la atiract!»*l» A
• *f«ra,x«l b"iH T»"^B
4«ii m a kei tor litia »rr
apxfial prv* L
Mail a> Plaxa (V4m
4»'» » •'rar ax
20- Go IIon
—Sturdy, hairy |l'v»a
ntd iron tint wltn t#r
m|lt»d lift* Hinty
far ithM a? triifc |l St
ItMKt-niM rw
Combination Offer
$24.95 .
2500 Home Frocks-Hoovers
- M|. V «» * 1U 'MA
*/n w* anirf**
pn *,*•» 1T;6'» l»«J MB
IT |i il-UWh I*
SSX *3.95
- D-jW* r'»r *• »'* D-ipoB' »c**rM
r>«< *-.!B »r r: to!* IW ck>;»
Ur..ng H ivh «•
$l*SL»fer 7<
CkMtM B*f* Vi / J
lu» rmm
Settlors and Shears
27c; 2 for 50c
_A" *? **»•! »n »
“I mir.-V *n« '»'**• •*«
a»M ji Ut« *i*#rwftt
Alt' at Omr [ ou rit
-Tn Ati»4'*4 .kB*» '«•' «W «<4
f*»H «iH pa*a »B-k •■ »*:i
«• •**» jut* Tn* rfo.S.B S*4
| tf a man Aa« 4m «i4
■ pmy *»!4»» »■ rB»B k j»
|»'4 jt**« »•< 4rthi4 AH » •!
•c»ii«f44 s4|»«
to. **m> ffMt
and Uniforms
Fruit-of-the-Loom nnri Other
W ell Known Makes !
Women's and Misses' Sizes!
l Priced
—There ire smart frocks for home wear.
Hoovers for the home, uniforms for beauty
parlor attendin'! and w aitresses, and smocks
for home or office ar.d cookinf school wear.
The Hoovers and uniforms are in white and
co'ors: the frocks in prints. Women's and
trusses' Sites. Wash frocks also in extra sires.
II 9'i "I hilr *«.an" l atform*
— ¥•*!• f>t p*r ft »-fi' are »ua*rur»*
I.erj »-<j ther- ».»»'»« t*y'e« K t»»» and SI.44
Colorful Printed PrrraU
- with r
rmimt '«p Iff'f
Stehh s turnout $1.9o (JualUy
—TKit beautrfu.* bun uik canton
crepe in the popular pefehir %ea-e L
vu never mart popuar than r.<?%
•cr dream skirt* blouses. The dar«
fhades art much used m twr.btra
Uon with brifht plain eolor* or prin’i. 1
V<M Chm
J.». Mat
Patent Leather
Smooth Calf
\eu Stvles
Smart Colon
—>rr»r* new bay a. at a price that wtil faarrv then into tout prawulnn.
Slim ervelopea with inaide tipper faa'.cr.mfs email pouchaa far
drew . . . larft pnuehea for ahopptnf and b'jiiroj Every baf a new
Spring model—eiieaJy lined and fatted. Blau, bcifc. red. freer, navy
blue and brown.
Another Group of New Bags
—T«. orvd k«f« ana me»a! hat* at calf and —
pa'rr* •••her m »>r>( black ne»v r**i ft**' and fn|* ^ 1
Peu'hae and ervalapea—mealy lined and Road 0< «*of*e ^ ^
the pr.ee ia very apamaL
gi Detroit Jewel I *
Sat, Pric. $49.95
Old Rang,
A llnuam r. now
) an Pay Only .
_• —*>»•- '•.*»*!* »rp* pi '»r|» wfc *«•• ih
K" - , fy P» * »1 ; -*r s*- «»_ » *4
t.j-t* . •!•*'•» E. « r« 4- * >'tv l*-|« f**»
*« -r T»- - r* «'•••« tM-MnkiKHwiI
k- »-• \ "».t p*"» *'*.—rwy *-.<• j-»»- <■
ir»f^ » /*4 ••**« A r*m«f«»fci# nnj# «■ 1 f|Ftrk
y r •
Comwiwi t«i> y<y«r«n
Heavy Cast
Originally JfW to V.95—Sow
—Th* fammn “Merer" ^ i
brand that •*!!» by hnua* 3
t©-hou*« canvaiacra at
double th* price.
5q'. Tea Kettles 12-cup C-fle* Pc<»i
5 q*. Du*:u O-.eni Gr.-eed Gaiscrsca
Self Baj'irp Doufc'c Reutcri
These Pieces, Now
SI SO to 92M I dun
2-V taueepan and cam
10-,nrh bandied aVillet ^
Catnb'nation friddlr and bfeiler S'
10 ta. handled rovnd friddia
aauee pan
Be- sn-and-ep| aktllet
*»>•*- Thjr* a*
Hinged Cabinets of Fine
Writing Pap er
Regularly fOc
—The surplus ttock r* I
laryt rturulsc'ure.*. Wh:t
paper onI\ — r:bfcor. veb—
in a most j-tractive K-.rnftd
crv*r cab n«* — cj ;h b«- i
eased with bncht va.
colored paper and cover* o*r~a,ei mn*h an r'd
Enf .ish ccac'r.nj scene Each box pacxed in a
separate carton.
tu' t-Oi ta
i s—\ > s wr*M i\ /" - /7 / ,. t
3 Outstanding Groups of DRESSES
!n th« N*w Tfp*
To*-of Hip Leftfth
.fit#i /« r* M
^ —T»>e«e rSir Ga<ap*» (dyed
j rabbit l )*cbati a * vary
' panu.ar with »h# yeu-ger
aa* and a*a eniapt.nni jr
am*'* in 'ha«r «aw a*vl*«
which ara ju»* anPugh dif
lacart tram !att yaar ta
maka them in>araa*:ag and
unaaual va'oaa a* •‘■ a Inw
pr.ra Naatly ‘••.ad »• tna
wait Jme B*ga, black,
parchment and nUT.a
Silver Fox SCARFS
—Tt* •til 'll nlv*f ft. KM «ft
Atiallf *"h ««nar»l H#M. t a A ►«
jH« *«t4 bru* On*i«aUy *^y.3v/
Rur»-4rai4 Maw
Tkrre S5JHI \foifh at
bi *2.84
—Chmct •( ik’H tot
to«4».t f Ihit ft •* C* <r «**H
I to toto' ft •<»* Rtn
lM«i< »»(• Mi lnn*f tolt
to diaphragm toning S 'll J4
to •* I'tp - grrdaa IpH on
4»ttor tilt ftltto ta J«
$1.00 Bandeaux
—Anw4 t'v'M »»4 ralart i i
ti»n to ta M. A An
ton ■ atwad fW '
Are Even Specially •
Priced in This Salt
| —Many thrao piaca atyla#—
)a<'«n akirt. and bloutt A
c omprahafiaiva cal I action
ahowinf tha naw ttyla dnailt
Iron tha ralejad nann.ah
modal to tha bread thouldaiad
■hart jackal. a"d high mutt
akirt aftact Junior Mttrt
aiiav II to 17: M>tto«'. I« to 70.
Silk Blouses
—Haw Spring ttylaa and roJ
ora ttylaa that will gi»a a
diannctiva nora to your now
•un or akirt. 14 to 42 aiaaa.
High-Wiilt Skirts Now
Juniors, Misses, Womens and Extra bizes to 52
4. 6.50 *8.5
.. VdM V M » H K Wat III l« 111 ■ V.Im
• Canton Crepes_Prints ... Lovely Laces... Plain and Print Combinations
• Styles for Street... Afternoon ... and Sunday Night Wear
• Many Have Jackets... Others Have Bright-Colored Tops
• On Sale in the Junior-Misses’ and Popular Priced Dress Sections
*Mr W-iit rw
New Sports and Dress Coats
Red, White and Blue
-Thrre for tnrse "rbi,
etui* ind blu* ntf' et crepe
d» rh»ne Um# nem ard in
tapenatee' The double a*yie
to right differer’ dreiprw AL*o
p- n:rd arkzft in rew Ppr.ng
^ rntarl it Ule aan-e pri-a
Of Imitation Irish Lara
L ”
Y Of Knitted Part-M ool Lara
Specially Purchased for
This Eyent! Unusual at
Nearly All Fur Trimmed
• d ffrrror» be t wee n
*»»• and a dress met but yea
»'■' have no trouble in eee ng ire
d.flerrncr m value between *t»e
coats of th.s season and las' yea*
New military 'Mires scarfs w da
shoulder e#ee»s Haw sleeve treat
ments . an4r-h#r new d~. a
M sees Wotkbs and Large
Warns* t s ees
Polo Coats
—Made el plam or *e«elte »tV
eses. for wear Here ar for

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