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Yale to Sharply Curtail Intercollegiate Events in Favor of Intramural Sports
Five-Game Grid List Ulti
mate Aim of Astonishing
New Policy.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, May V —Yale’s
athletic right-about face
caught the college sports
world unawares today and
left it astonished, and, perhaps,
mildly aghast as well.
Only scattering comment on
Old Eli's plan of sharp curtail
ment of intercollegiate competi
tion in favor of intramural sports,
was available, as most college
heads preferred to take “time out’’
and study the report.
What comment there was, however,
was distinctly favorable, although here
and there a dissenting voice was heard.
The Yale plan, designed to go into
effect, in part at least, in 1933 after
the residential house plan is established,
would cUt the varsity foot ball schedule
to five games, all against major oppo
nents; bring about an endowment fund
to cover athletic expenses and. at the
same time, sharply cut those expenses;
provide for free admission of under
graduates to all contests, and make all
•tudents. regardless of scholastic stand
ing, eligible for house teams under am
iteur coaching.
There were many other provisions in
the plan drawn up by a survey com
mittee and approved by President James
Rowland Angell, but these were the
most Important.
Five Grid Tilts in '34.
Meet interest attached, naturally, to
the foot ball phase of the plan. Yale's
foot ball schedule for 1932, calling for
seven games, already has been mapped
out, and so has the program for 1933,
but the five-game season probably will
go into effect in 1934.
Under this plan Yale would play only
major and traditional rivals, leaving
no place for the intersectional contests
that have played so large a part in
college foot ball schedules the last few
years. Yale's program for 1934 thus
probably will provide for games against
Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Army
and Brown.
In line with the plan to reduce ex
penses. the size of varsity squads would
be sharply cut. as would the number
of junior varsity teams. The 150-pound
foot ball team, a recent development,
would be eliminated entirely. Stress,
instead, would be laid on sports for all
students, through the house teams, with
as little practice and as much compe
tition as the students themselves desire.
Yachting and Marksmanship
Teams Given Representation.
Spanish Olympic Committee has an
nounced it would send yachting and
marksmanship teems to the Olympic
games at Los Angeles this Summer and
that it would petition the government
to pay the expenses to the games of
the crack equestrian squad as well.
Previously it had been indicated that
Spain would not participate in any
sports at the Olympics.
California Will Charge $1.50 for
Big Games. $1 for Others.
LOS ANGELES. May 27 (/P).—Uni
versity of California at Los Angeles has
announced reduced prices for tickets to
foot ball games this Fall.
Admission prices lor the Stanford. St.
Mary's, Washington and Washington
State games were cut from $2 to $1.50.
while the Montana and Idaho games
were trimmed to $1.
8pike Webb, three times coach of
the American Olympic boxing team,
declares this year's material is the
strongest the United States has ever
— By Ed Decker—
r’ is important that you familiarize
yourself with the effects of fer
rules upon rods.
The "female" ferrule is the metal
socket on the end of the larger
Joint into which fits the "male" fer
rule of the small joint.
These ferrules being made of
metal (usually German silver) are
rigid and consequently do not bend.
Figure 1 Illustrates a cne-piece
bamboo rod upon which is put a
strain. As there are no ferrules, the
femmes **
r»**« iwrcr w 4ect
bend is even and uniform throughout
its length: therefore, it has no weak
spots and is less liable to break under
Figure 2 shows a bamboo rod with
one ferrule under strain. This rod
bends even!- from the tip to the fer
rule and again from the ferrule to
the butt. Its breaking points will be
just above and below the ferrule.
Figure 3 shows a three-piece bam
boo rod with two ferrules and an
uneven bend when under pressure.
This rod has four breaking points.
When buying a split bamboo cast
ing rod, select either a one-piece rod
or one with the ferrules as close as
possible to the butt. Ask your sport
ing goods dealer to show you rods
with various numbers of ferrules and
note the different "bends" caused by
rigid ferrules.
What are your fishing and camp
ing problems? Write them to “Fish
ing" in care of this paper, inclosing
a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
Tomorrow: Casting the Plug; Les
son No. 1.
Semi-Public Coif Course
White Flint Golf Club, Inc.
Bockvllle Pike & Edson Lane
Green Fee* Saturday* and
Sundays, 75c
Arrangement can be made to rent the
Clnb Ball Beom for dances and social
Inactions. Phone management. Kensing
ton SIS, or writ* for reservations.
New Yale Sports
Plan Summarized
Br the Associated Press.
XTEW YORK, May 27.—Major
l\| points In Yale’s new athletic
policy, designed to go into ef
fect, partially at least, in 1933, fol
Reduction in number of foot ball
games to five and with major and
traditional opponents only.
Free admission of undergraduates
to all contests and reduced prices
to alumni and public with endow
ment fund to cover athletic ex
No organized practice in sports
out of their normal season.
No scouting even if opponent
continues to scout Yale.
Substantial cuts in varsity squads
and number of Junior varsity teams
and elimination of class teams and
100-pound foot ball team.
All students eligible for house
teams regardless of scholastic stand
ing; amateur coaches only for these*
Schneider Drives Same Car With
Which He Won Indianapolis
Contest Last Year.
By tne Associated Press.
INDIANAPOLIS. May 27.—In the same
car he drove to victory last year at
the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Louis Schneider qualified yesterday for
the 1932 500-mile race, to be run Mon
His speed over the 10-mile test was
110.681 miles per hour. The consistency
of the former Indianapolis policeman's
driving was shown by the times for the
four laps he drove. His fastest circuit
of the track was negotiated at 110.919
miles per hour, the slowest 110.457.
Schneider was the thirtieth driver
to qualify for a starting position.
Shortly after he completed his run. rain
halted activities for the day, leaving
some 20 other pilots still to make their
speed tests.
Among these is Juan Gaudino of
Buenos Aires. Argentina, the only for
eign entrant. He pushed his mount
about the track for several laps at 106
to 107 miles per hour yesterday, and
said he was ready for the attempt to
The time trials end at 4 p.m. tomor
row. Drivers will be given an oppor
tunity to qualify from 2 p.m. to sun
down today and from 2 to 4 o’clock to
morrow. The starting field is limited
to 40 cars.
THE Potomac U in splendid
condition for the anglers this
week end and Memorial day.
This morning it was about 40,
which means an object may be seen
40 inches below the surface. Pan-slse
rockflsh are being caught in bountiful
The two largest rockflsh landed in
the Potomac this season in the vicinity
of Chain Bridge reported to us were
caught by Johny Hughes. Last week
he landed a 10-pounder and on Mon
day of this week he captured another
tipping the scales at 8 pounds.
The large run of herring in the
Potomac has left for parts unknown,
just a few scattered members of this
finny tribe remaining in these waters.
Among the number of rockflsh an
glers who have ‘brought home the
bacon" this week are Bob Wilson and
Joe Pacyna, who made big catches.
George Schaffer returned with 25 of
these gamesters. Ray Chapin and
Julius Fletcher landed 20 one day this
week. Harry Shue and Tom Sommer
ville returned with a catch of 38, and
Sam Angler landed 44. Ed Clay land
ed a large number of rock, perch and
MAY 30 marks the opening of the
ba.'s season In District waters.
Anglers desiring to use live bait,
pike and bull minnows, can obtain
them at Bailey's boathouse, located at
the east end of Benning Bridge. Rod and
Stream again warns anglers to be care
ful not to go over the line Into Mary
land In their quest of Potomac bass.
The Maryland season does not open
until July 1 and the Virginia season on
June 15.
As the weather warms the reports
from salt water Improve. More and
larger hardhead and seme sea trout are
being caught.
A. H. G. Mears at Wachapreague.
Va.. reports 10 channel bass landed to
date, but very few fishing for them.
Trout are not plentiful, he says, in
fact, irregular catches being made from
one bushel down, but a good percentage
of the sea trout range from four to
seven pounds. The blues are running
frem one and one-half to five pounds.
The largest catch so far Is 14. Mears
says blues should strike better next
week and suggests that all who can put
off their visit to Wachapreague until
after the 29th.
GEORGE BOWEN at Solomons Is
land reports that fishing Is pick
ing up down his way. He says
that one lone angler who goes out
every morning returns with catches of
! from 12 to 20 hardheads. Eddy Bowen
High and Low Tides for Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29, at Chesapeake
Bay and Lower Potomac River Points,
High Tide. Low Tide.
Washington.Saturday 2:51a.m. 3:10 p.m. 9:29 am. 9:41 pjn.
Sunday 3:41a.m. 4:03 p.m. 10:24 a.m. 10:30 p.m.
Annapolis.Saturday 11:17 a.m. 6:18 a.m. 6:13 p.m.
Sunday 12:42 a.m. 12:12 p.m. 7:27 a jn. 6:52 p.m.
Chesapeake Beach... .Saturday 9:32 a.m. 10:57 p.m. 4:30 a.m. 4:28 p.m.
Sunday 10:27a.m. 11:49p.m. 5:42a.m. 5:07p.m.
Tilghman and I Saturday 9:17a.m. 10:42p.m. 4:15a.m. 4:13p.m.
Sharps Islands l Sunday 10:12a.m. 11:34p.m. 5:27a.m. 4:52p.m.
Solomons Island.Saturday 8:17a.m. 9:42p.m. 3:15a.m. 3:13p.m.
Sunday 9:12 a.m. 10:34 p.m. 4:27 a.m. 3:52 p.m.
Benedict.Saturday 9:17 a.m. 10:42 p.m. 4:15 a.m. 4:13 p.m.
Sunday 10:12 a.m. 11:34 p.m. 5:27 a.m. 4:52 p.m.
Piney Point .Saturday 8:20a.m. 8:51p.m. 1:41a.m. 2:00p.m.
Sunday 9:13 a.m. 9:39 p.m. 3:34 a.m. 3:40 p.m.
Rock Point .Saturday 9:10am. 9:41p.m. 3:29a.m. 3:41p.m.
Sunday 10:03 a.m. 10:29 p.m. 4:24 a.m. 4:30p.m.
(Compiled by United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.)
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927 D St. N.W. Metro. 8878
with a party from Pittsburgh fishing
this week lust above Point Patience
landed 42 hardheads. State Senator
Webster trolling oil Point Patience
caught an 8'/2-pound rockflsh. Capt
Bowen says a good many hardhead are
being caught close to the two German
ships anchored off shore. He says that
fishing conditions are Improving every
The best catch made at Broomes Is
land this season numbered 79 hardheads
and one rockflsh weighing 2‘/a pounds.
These fish were caught by Luther Werk
hlser and his party of three Wash
Maj. W. J. Calbert and Stewart Hayes,
fishing at Broomes Island, landed 24
hardheads, baiting with shrimp and
peelers. These anglers fished after dark,
and said they crossed the river and re
turned with some of the largest hard
heads they had ever seen.
Capt. Noah Hazard of Seaside Park,
formerly Chesapeake Beach. Is now run
ning day and night fishing trips to
Tllghmans and Sharps Islands and
other Eastern Shore fishing grounds.
Capt. Noah has added a new ship to his
fleet, the Miss Seaside, a fast boat 48
feet long with a 10‘i-foot beam, which
will make the trip across the bay in 35
minutes. i „
NO fish are being caught off Seaside
Park at present.
But are they biting off Deals Is
land on the Eastern Shore, and how.
Those who doubt it can get in touch
with Lon A. Schrimpf of the Federal
Trade Commission. Schrimpf. with four
members of the commission, on a visit
to this place, landed 260 hardheads and
trout. Twelve trout were landed, the
largest weighing 6*4 pounds, and the
others ranged from 2 to 4 pounds.
Schrimpf said, “I never caught so many
fish on one trip in my life before. They
are there, Perry, plenty of them.”
On our side of the bay down at Ridge,
Md., there Is a different story to tell.
Capt. C. P. Willoughby reports that
while the net fishermen continue to
make large catches of hardheads, sea
trout and blues, the rod and reel anglers
are catching practically nothing. He
reports that the fish are there, but re
fuse to take bait.
This week-end and over Monday,
anglers will find the tides high early
In the mornings and late In the eve
nings, but during the afternoons, say
shortly after 3 o'clock, they will get the
first of the flood tide. Pishing in the
Potomac around Washington the anglers
will have the benefit of flood tide at
2:51 tomorrow, 3:41 Sunday and 4:54
Two-Toot Cop Presented as Bm
blem of Speedboat Recorw,
DETROIT, May 17 04*).—Recognition
was given Oar Wood here last night
for returning to the United States the
speedboat championship of the world,
which he wrested from Kaye Don of
England by driving his Miss America
IX at a speed of 111.65 miles per hour.
In a reception, the Gold Cup Commit
tee, which holds the Harmsworth trophy
race here In September, presented Wood
with a sliver cup more than two feet
—Because we save you the middleman’s
profit and the credit man’s expense!
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