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(Continued From Second Page.!_
of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Rudden of this
Miss Grace S. Stoermer of Los
Angeles, Calif., is at the Carlton for a
faw days. Miss Stoermer is assistant
vice president of the Bank of America
In Los Angeles.
June "Prom” at St. Marys,
Md., Attended by Many.
One of the prettiest June "proms"
at Leonardtown, St. Marys County.
Md., was held Thursday evening by the
members of the Alpha Delta Phi, the
senior club of the Leonard Hall High
School, in Leonardtown, at the Duke
Auditorium, and more than 200 people
attended from Washington and Balti
more, as well as from Southern Mary
The chaperons were Mrs. L. Allison
Wilmer, Mrs. John J. Duke, Mrs. L. J.
Sterling, Mrs. Fulton Abell and Mrs.
William Meverell Loker.
Among those at the dance were Miss
Janice Hamilton, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. George P. Hamilton of Leonard
town: Miss Rachel Zayas of Porto Rico,
Miss Eva Figgs and Miss Bernice Higgs
of Medleys Heck, Miss Otillie Rauch of
Mechanics,file, Md.: Miss Adele Jones
of Leonardtown. Miss Alexine King.
Miss Mary Lucy Long of Milestown,
Miss Eleanor Spielman of Baltimore,
Miss Loretta Peacock, Miss Gertrude
van Landingham of Morganza, Md.;
Miss Bertha H. Millison of Mechanics
ville, Md.; Miss Mary Gwynn Hamilton,
Mrs. J. Bernard Abell of Clements, Miss
Lillian Burrough of Mechanicsville,
Md.; Miss Reah Abell of Clements, Miss
Mickey Reiley of Washington. Miss
Elizabeth Hutchins, Miss Cecilia de
Coolahan of Baltimore and Miss Nell
Mrs. George W. Trowbridge will enter
tain the members of Our Flag Chap.er,
D. A. R., at the June meeting, and a
garden party at her home at Forty
sixth street and Loughboro road. Wed
nesday afternoon in celebration of Flag
dav. Assisting hostesses will be Mrs.
Samuel Polkinhorn, Mrs. Edward M.
Weeks and Mrs. Howard L. Hodgkins.
Mrs. E. W. Nelson of Durham. N. C.,
Is at the Dodge for an indefinite stay.
Mrs. Charles J. McCormick of High
land Park, N. J., and Mrs. T. W. Casey
of New York are at Wardman Park
Hotel while in Washington to attend
the graduation of the latter's son, Mr.
Austin T. Casey, from Georgetown Uni
Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. Moore have
taken an apartment at the Broadmoor.
Miss May Anderson of Pueblo. Col.,
Is passing a few days at the Dodge.
Magna Carta Day Dinner
Planned for Wednesday, June 15.
The annual dinner of the Magna
Carta Day Association will be held
In Washington Wednesday, June 15, by
the District of Columbia branch of the
Magna Carta Day Association, of
which Mrs M. de Clare Berry is the
head and vice president. This asso
ciation has for its objective one day
In which all the English-speaking na
tions of the world can join in celebrat
ing the common foundation of the lib
erties which they since have obtained.
This year of the Bicentennial the
special feature will be the fact that
Gen. George Washington was a de
scendant of several of the Norman bar
ons who in the field of Runnyrr.ede
wTested from King John the grant of
the great charter of English liberties.
As usual, at this dinner there will
be representatives of the cabinet, the
two houses of Congress, the Army.
Navy and Marine Corps and many of
the societies founded upon lineal de
scent, especially the Society of the Cin
cinnati, which originated with George
Washington and his French officers
as well as the officers of the American
forces. Also there will be present mem
bers of the Baronial Order of Runny
mede. the Society of Colonial Wars,
Daughters of the Cincinnati, Magna
Carta Dames, Sons of the American
Revolution and others.
Mrs. William W. Spaid will be host
ess at tea this afternoon at the Wom
en’s City Club, when the following
members of the Membership Commit
tee will be her guests: Mrs. Robert J.
Bates, Mrs. Merritt O. Chance, Mrs.
William Lee Corbin, Mrs. C. H. Curl,
Mrs. A. R. Dorroh, Miss Catherine M.
Etter, Mrs. Daniel A. Garber, Mrs.
Frederic J. Haskin, Mrs. J. Frank
Kelly, Mrs. W. J. La Varre. Mrs. Gladys
B. Mlddlemiss, Miss Portia M. Oberly,
Mrs. Alice B. Prigg, Mrs. Paulina B.
Sabin, Mrs. Frederic I. Swift, Miss Rose
Votova, Dr. Ada Wahlen, Mrs. Charles
Wlllcox and Miss Eunice W. Wright.
The Alpha Gamma Delta Alumnae
Club will be entertained by Mrs. M. A.
McCall at 209 Taylor street, Chevy
Chase, Md„ at a picnic supper Thurs
day. The assisting hostesses will be
Mrs. Milton James and Miss Elva Kep
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ramsey Speer of
Talbot County, Md., accompanied by
their daughter, Miss Gertrude C. Speer,
and Signorina Magliano, came here a
day or two ago, and are at Wardman
Park Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Rixey, ac
companied by Miss Edna Abbott, are at
the Ambassador in Atlantic City for a
short stay.
Mr. and Mrs. James Duke of Ward
man Park Hotel have with them their
son, Lieut. C. L. Duke, who came here
from Cape May, N. J.
The Alpha Province of Phi Sigma
Epsilon Sorority will give a benefit
theater party at the National Theater
Wednesday evening for which the com
mittee in charge includes Miss Lucy
Grimstead and Miss Claris Bond.
Mrs. Gerald A. Dougherty of Phila
delphia, accompanied by her daughter,
Margaret, and Miss Marie Murphy oi
Jersey City, N. J.. came to Washington
yesterday to spend a week, and have
taken an apartment at Wardman Park
Attends Convention
Who has gone to Chicago to attend the
i Republican convention, which will open
June 14. Mrs. Douglas will stay at the
Blackstone Hotel while in Chicago.
Lone Exception Is Charlottesville
Man, Who Came Here for Trip,
Only to Return Home.
Net even the engineer knew where
he was to take his train when the
Southern Railway's ‘‘mystery special”
pulled out of Union Station at 9 o'clock
yesterday morning with more than 500
passengers aboard. And when he did
find cut—which was after he opened
his sealed orders as the train sped
southward fr m Alexandria—he kept it
pretty much to himself for three
suspense-filled hour's.
So it was that the trainload of holi
day-makers, who literally gambled for
a day of fun "somewhere,” were given
to advancing wild guesses as the "mys
tery special" raced across Southern
landscapes. Whither they w»ere b:und,
to seashore or mountain, they knew not,
and it was not until the train chugged
into a little station at Fry’s Springs,
near Charlottesville, Va., that the prob
lem was solved for them.
The extent to which the passengers
had been "kept in the dark” concern
ing their destination was indicated by
the varied attire cf members of the
party. Some wore hip boots and car
ried fishing poles; others took bathing
suits, and some were dressed In hiking
clothes. For all, however, It proved to |
be a day of fun—except, perhaps. f:r
one man. He went all the way from
Chariottesvil e to Washington to board <
. the "mystery special," cnly to be taken
right back home. j
Entertainment was furnished by an ■
orchestra and a Southern barbecue was
served at the amusement park.
Three Washington women are to at
tend the sixth annual conference of the
International Federation of University
Women in Edinburgh, Scotland, from
July 27 to August 4, according to an
announcement from Cambridge, Mass.,
headquarters of the American Associa
tion of University Women.
They are Mrs. Nancy A. Leatherwood
of the Rooseve t Hotel, Mrs. Glen Levin 1
Swiggeit of the Mondota Apartments
and Mrs. H. W. Tyler of the Ontario j
Apartments. They will go to the con
ference as non-voting delegates.
Thirty-seven countries are expected
to be represented at the sessions. I
and Stored
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Members of the Rua Cleanert
Institute of America
Just like a "Second Skin”!
iaeai ior summer:
Washes and dries perfectly.
Thin, smooth, inside and out.
Ends stocking runs.
Makes hips inches smaller.
Youthlastic* (patented),
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ways, and found only
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—We can add that these dresses
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mer season. Bias cut and silhouette
styles with built-up shoulders or
bodice tops. Made of broadcloth,
muslin and “Magnolia” Cloth, in
white, flesh and peach.
Karin's—Second Floor.
—An Immediate Remedy for Un
sightly, Overdeveloped, Drooping
Busts. Endorsed by Physicians.
—This new Cup
form brassiere Is
constructed so that
drooping busts fit
comfortably into
soft, silken cups . .
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nects these cups to
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New Cotton Coverlette
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Choice of clear,
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Kann'B—Street Floor.
Garment Bags
—Oood-looking, sturdy
bags of flowered sheeting,
with snap fasteners. Hold
eight garments. The new
60-inch length. A special
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tor '
—A new low
price for these
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finished lamps.
The refle ctor
style that Illum
inates the entire
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inates the glare
and makes the
place look cool
and comforta
Table ‘
Lamps, $1.00
—Colorful glued pottery
lamps with shade to match.
Karin's—Third Floor
Army Cots
with Pads
—You’re always ready
for unexpected guests
with one of these
sturdy metal cots hid
den away In a closet.
A heavy cotton pad
makes It very comfort
^-Very c o m f o rtable
mattresses, filled with
hundreds of tiny coils
encased in layer felt
and covered with neat,
durable ticking. All
standard sizes.
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In a Beautiful
New, Large
Basket Design
—Any bedroom will be pretty with spreads
like these. Double and single bed sizes in
the striking new basket design and such
desirable colors as green, rose, blue, gold
and orchid. Specially priced, of course!
Harm's—Street Floor.
Kooltex 9x12
Grass Rugs
—An imported grade, woven of sturdy
grass and neatly bound . . . Stenciled all
over and border designs in blue, brown
and green.
1,000 Sq. Yds. Felt Base
Floor Covering
4 srZ7 s1.00
—A nice assortment of patterns and colors.
Perfect qualities—to be cut from full rolls.
Bring floor measurements.
Kann'a—Third Floor.
"CORFU" Silk
Last Year's Price, $1.69 yd.
—A beautiful all silk crepe with the dull
chalky rough finish. A firm quality,
guaranteed to wear . . . Greatly in de
mand for sports costumes, blouses, etc.
White and twenty-five new Summer col
ors. 39 inches wide.
Kann’s—Street Floor.
Afternoon Tea
A Stitch In Time
An Afternoon Caller
The Sampler
The Brass Knocker
A Bit of Old China
The Dancing Lesson
A Basket Full
A Lap Full
Colored Prints
By Gutman
—Something new! Colored
prints by Gutman, the popu
lar creator of children’s pic
tures. Each on white mat
and beautifully framed. Also
a number of Colonial prints. Each
Kana’i a true t Floor.
$1.88 x
—Neat tailored ^ __
Sreads and pinch C ■ m \ M \
eated drapes with t I ^ W m w
embroidered d e - ■
signs on natnral - m aw >1 W
CUats Spreads aad Drapes.....$1.88 a a.
15-pc. Printed Voile Bed Room Set.$1.88
Kann's—Third Floor.
20-Pc. Ravenna Breakfast Sets
—A service for four... A
Ravenna shape with col- $
orful floral decorations ^
and embossed border de
t sign on cream body.
Kann's—Third Floor.
Save $26£5 to $59S5 on These Beautiful
"UNIVERSAL" Elec. Urn Sets
a Regularly $48.50 to $81 SO
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each set is complete with long cord. Use the Budget Plan.
Kann’s—Third Floor.

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