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Efwood Street Gives History
of Neighborhood House
The second in a series of talks en
titled “Little Journeys to the Homes of
Great Services,” sponsored by the Com
munity Chest, was delivered over Sta
tion WRC yesterday by Elwood Street,
director of the Chest.
Mr. Street's talk was woven about a
mythical Journey to Neighborhood
Houae, one of the member organiza
tions of the Chest, located at 470 N
street southwest. Discussing the his
tory of the site of Neighborhood House,
Mr. Street said it. was located in one of
the oldest neighborhoods in Wash
"When Congress was still meeting in
Philadelphia in the 1799's.” he related,
“and George Washington still was
President, Capt. Duncanson and Thomas
law, wealthy Englishmen, decided that
they might add to their wealth by a
housing development In the new capital
of the new Nation. George Washing
ton himself was glad to entertain them.
He advised them on the most suitable
locations for their purchase of land in
the Capital City as yet unoccupied by
the National Government. They began
their development at the foot of what
Is now N street southwest, then called
Greenleaf Village.
Arcimeei ana niuiaer.
"Another Englishman. Dr. Thornton,
inspired by the example of Duncanson
and Laws, becatre an enthusiastic
architect and builder. He married into
the Washing: on-Custis family, ar.d
drew the plans for many of the early
Washington houses. He did some of
the architectural work on the Capitol,
and became known to posterity as the
father of Washington architecture."
Dr. Thornton. Mr. Street explained,
lived for some time at 4G8 N street in
half of a double hmu>e which he de
signed. The whole of this house and
two adjacent buildings are now occu
pied by Neighborhood House.
Neighborhood House, Mr. Street said,
has the first h*anch station of the
Public Library established in Washing
ton. "More than GOO care's are held by
neighbors,’’ he said, “and 300 books on
the average are given out during the
two hours when the library is open on
Monday evening"
Mr. and Mrs. J P S. Ncligh are head
residents of the settlement, having suc
ceeded the founders, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles F. Weller, In 1905, Mr. Street
“The chief endeavor of Neighborhood
House now is to furnish recreation
through play and through work, so as
to keep the attitudes of the neighbors
normal. Although people have left off
dancing because they haven't money to
pay for the music, community singing
Is in increa'ing favor as a tonic against
Vacation School Plans.
Mr. Street explained plans for a Sum
mer vacation school about to begin,
which will make use of the city’s mu
seums and parks. With older girls and
boys serving as a junior faculty, this
school was conduct ?d for eight weeks
last year, he said, the children attending
the school visiting through the medium
of study and plays the children of vari
ous countries, learning their songs and
presenting their dances.
The activities conducted at the set
tlement in the fields of the arts and
crafts were outlined bv the speaker.
These include the making of hooked
rugs, table runners, woven fly swatters
and towels, and painting of furniture
and flower pots. The sewing section
of the Neighborhood House. Mr. Street
said, turns cut luncheon cloths, bed
spreads and doilies, and makes over
clothing donated to the settlement.
Discussing the needs of Neighborhood
House, Mr. Street explained that volun
teers are wanted to help teach women
and children in the sewing school. Vol
unteers are also w-anted with motor
cars to drive children to the hospital
and to take families to the parks, to
teach dancing and to take children from
the overcrowded day nursery on excur
sions to the playgrounds.
Neighborhood House, the speaker con*
eluded, would welcome gifts of music
for its music library-, of clothing for the
ministrations of its "Shipshape" Com
mittee, and magazines for making "cut
out” scrapbooks.
I ---;
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fortunates who are half sick, listless
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late In your system you are hurtinR
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poisons that are absorbed h* the blood
stream and distributed throughout the
entire system. That is the reason you
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pep. If you allow this harmful practice ’
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Doctors say nine out of ten physical
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i failure to eliminate food wastes from the
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A product of lesser merit than Hexa
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sulting conditions such as headaches. ;
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