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Reynolds, Opposing Morrison
in Run-off, Has Sought
Seat Six Years.
Br the Associated Press.
^SHEVILLE, N. C., June 28.—Rob
ert Rire Reynolds, candidate for the :
United States Senate In North Caro- j
Una. sees a possibility that a long- ]
cherished dream may come true in
Iiîxt Saturday's run-off primary.
The 46-year-old mountaineer lawyer
has looked forward to this achievement ;
for many years. He made his first j
race for the Democratic nomination in 1
1926 against the late Senator Lee S. I
Overman, and has been a candidate for |
the office since, although he did not '
enter the race in 1930.
Reynolds is an attorney here and,
has specialized in criminal law. His
is a magnetic personality, and he ri^e*
to eloquence in addressing a jury and
making campaign speeches.
Has Written Fiction.
In 1923 Reynolds made a trip I
around the world in an automobile and !
afterward wrote a book of his adven- ι
tures. He has written several other ]
books, chiefly adventure fiction, and !
has written short stories and magazine ]
He was right end on the varsity foot j
ball team at the University of North j
Carolina in 1905 and 1906, and was j
captain of the Tar Heel track team of j
Reynolds' first political campaign was ;
for the office of solicitor of the Ashe
ville judicil district in 1916. which office
he filled two years. He was a candidate
for Lieutenant Governor of North Caro
lina in 1924 and two years late became
a candidate for the Senate against
Senator Overman.
"Always a Candidate."
After meeting defeat In that cam
paign Reynolds told his friends he
would "always be a candidate for the
Senate until elected."
In the June primary this year, run
ning on a platform for outright re
peal of the eighteenth amendment,
Reynolds led the Democratic ticket by ί
a margin of approximately 10,000 votes [
over his nearest competitor, Cameron j
Morrison, incumbent.
In the second primary Saturday, ι
Reynolds and Morrison will fight it
out. with prohibition as the paramount
Issue. Senator Morrison is militantly
dry, both personally and politically. He
was appointed to fill the unexpired
term of the late Senator Overman.
Higher Quotas and Other Changes
Due—TJ. S. Seeks Lighter Restric
tions on American Films.
8» the Associated Press.
PARIS. June 28.—Loosening up of the
French quota system of limiting im
ports with a view to greater freedom for
international trade was officially indi
cated last night in connection with the
announcement that the quotas would be
renewed on July 1.
Many of the quotas would be In
creased 10 to 30 per cent, the announce
ment said. Where the present quotas
are maintained, modifications would be
made to make the system more supple.
The idea applrently is to prepare the
way for more liberal regulations.
The United States embassy, mean
while. is endeavoring to make a satis
factory arrangement for American pro
ducers under the proposed French quota
restriction on importations of motion
picture films.
The United States and France re- |
cently concluded a trade agreement ;
which cleared the way for increased
American Imports. American trade hav
ing suffered as a result of the quotas.
Discoverers in Copper River Rail
way Area, Alaska, Have Staked
Out 22 Claims.
Br the Associated Press.
CORDOVA, Alaska. June 28.—An
apparently rich gold-bearing ledge,
reaching back into the heart of a
mountain, unearthed when a glacier
lake swept away one side of the peak,
today led old miners and prospectors
Into the Copper River Railway area.
While the discoverers, Fred Johan
eon and Ε. E. Smith, described it as
the "biggest ledge of gold in the world,"
experienced mining men studied the
reports and awaited more information.
Johanson and Smith said they have
itaked out 22 claims.
Hid for an untold period of time '
within the mountain. Johanson said, a j
huge glacier-fed lake at its side re- |
cently swept nwav Dart of the peak
and revealed the ledge.
Friends of Minnevitch Express Fear
for Safety as Sloop Is
By the Associated Press.
NICE, France. June 28.—Friends j
here of Borrah Minnevitch. Broadway |
composer, and his wife expressed fear j
for their safety today when they were
two days overdue at Tunis, North '
Africa, for where they embarked on a
private sloop last Friday.
With them wae Edward Mertz of
New York, who wis acting as skipper
of the sloop.
The Minneviches were bound for
Abyssinia to hunt lions because they
iost a bet with "Rcxy" <S. L. Rothafeli,
noted radio and theater impresario,
tnat their first child would be a bov. j
The other side of the bet was that !
• Roxy" agreed to go hunting lions if ,
he lost.
Dies at Once
When You
« «
Knights and Auxiliary Feature
Convention at Detroit.
DETROIT, June 28 The Knights
of St. John and affiliated auxiliary cli
maxed the first day of the thirty-ninth
annual convention here last night with
a spectacular parade through the heart
of Detroit.
The men wore the Impressive uni
forms of their organization with the
plumed, cocked hats, while the women
were dresved in white, the official garb
of their drill teams. Eight bands three
brought to Detroit by the C'.eve'and.
Buffalo and Rochester, Ν. Y., delega
tions. furnished the tempo.
Today's program includes a competi
tive prize drill at Navin Field.
■ ■ ·
Fees and licenses collected by the
Georgia Department of Game and Fish
totaled $85,228 for 1931.
Escaped Convict Who Says He Slew
Man in Illinois to Be
By the Associated Press.
DETROIT. June 28.—The last ap
parent barrier to return of Orvilli i
James Turley to the Colorado State
Prison, from which he escaped while
serving a life sentence in 1927, seemed f
removed last night.
Polie» «aid thev had received word
that thk .ffjipesed body of Clyde Bailey,
whom Turley has confessed killing in
Illinois on June 16. was too badly de
composed for prompt identification.
Turley si id he killed Bailey near East !
St. Louis, 111., during a quarrel over di- '
vision of proceeds from a telegraph
money order swindle.
Police said they would release Turley
into the custody of Deputy Warden
Roy Best of Colorado Prison, who Is
expected Wednesday. They said offi
cials of the Western Union Telegrapl"·
Co. had offered to pay the cost of dis
intering the supposed body of Bailey
and that if it is eventually identified
Illinois authorities could tike up with
Colorado authorities the question of
trying Turley.
WELCH. W. Va., June 28 (IF).—Ell
Watkirs. 51. Veteran agent for the
State prohibition department, was shot
to death in a Bradshaw drug store yes
Robert K. Hawkins, proprietor of the
store, surrendered to a deputy sheriff,
waived a hearing and was released on
S15.000 bond to await grand jury ac
Hawkins declined to talk.
Former President of Mexico, 55,
Greatly Encouraged by Op
timistic Report.
By the Associated Press.
BOSTON. June 28 —Continued Im
provement after a delicate brain oper
ation is Senora Leonor Llorcnte Ca lies'
birthday gift to her husband. Gen.
Plutarco Elias Calles, former President
of Mexico. .
It was the general's 55th birthday to
day and he appeared greatly encouraged
by the optimistic reports on Senora
Calles' condition.
Senora Calles came to Boston last
Tuesday for treatment for a brain tu
mor. On her arrival she was placed
under the care of Dr. Harvey Cushing
noted brain specialist, and last Thurs
day he operated on her. Since the op
eration she has been reported as stead
ily improving. It was made known
however, that it would be several dayi
before her ultimate recovery could tx
definitely assured.
AKRON. Ohio, June 28 UP).—'Th<
feasibility of the non-rigid and semi
rigid types of airship in warfare was
belittled by Maj. William E. Kepner
representing the United States Arm;
at a meeting yesterday of scientists anc
engineers at the newly dedicated Gug
genheim Airship Foundation.
Maj. Kepner said the only place foi
the non-rigid ship—as compared with
the rigid type, such as the U. S. S
Akron—was "in scouting on coasta
areas not likely to be attacked." H<
advised abandonment of the semi-rigic
Comes to F. S. From France for
Annual Visit With Husband in
"Happy Mean" Marriage.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, June 28 —Ol^ra Petrora.
who was a screen star when the movies
were the "flickers," journeyed over from
the South of France yesterday to be
come re-acquatnted with her husband.
Dr. John D. Stewart.
He lives here and pursues his medical
practice. She lives on the Riviera,
writing and tending her lawn. Once a
year thev re-join each other for a vaca
tion, This year it will be in Turkey,
j "We are happy as a couple because
1 we have managed to keep up our in
dividual interests." she sila "I found
I the happy mean when I mdr the doctor.
: Marriage was once a treadmill for most
! women. Then they leaped over to the
other extreme. The happy mean is
what should be maintained
"Women are more content with love
I than money." she soliloquized. "Many
a man loses everything when he sets
; out to own everything but himself."
About 750.000 persons visit Lambert
St. Louis municipal airport in a year,
the field manager estimated.
• 2000 sheets of safe,
smooth, sheer toilet tie
sue in every roll—25^.
A. P.W. J«. Sating *«ue
J —
I 79c All-Silk Washable
Flat Crepes
Also 40-in. Silk Chiffon
.■s in white and range <>i
\ll-silk crepe - . ,,
The chiffons in all desirable
I $1.00 Scatter Size Fibre Rugs
Half-Do'lar Day Special
24x36-inch scatter size fibre rugs, heavy
quality, in attractive stenciled patterns, liny
several tomorrow—for every room of your home!
Goldenber*'»—Downstairs Store
Again the Lower Price Store Comes Forward
* ^ ^ 29c Sheer Qualities in ^ J
11 Wash Frocks I I
Witn oreaier ν
τ For Summer Draperie*
119c Marquisette
5 Yards for
Plain white or
ecru marquisette
especially fine lor
Summer curtains.
98c Good Size
Overnight Cases
Only 90 at ""
This Price!
Women's black
overnight cases—
15 inches long.
Well made and
lined. Wednesday
Boy*' 79c and $1 00
Alto Play Suit*
Genuine Trade
Marked Koveralls
and play suits in
khaki, coverts,
denim and cham
bray. Ankle
length. Sizes 4
to 8.
Third Floor
SI Value! Turkith
Wash Cloths
12 for
Pine, close weave,
perfect quality—
assorted colored
borders. Limit,
one dozen to a
^ 39c Mercerized SS-lnch s
Table Damask
2 Yards for
Splendid grade
—for cafe and
home. Brightly
colored borders. 58
inches wide. Spe
cial for Wednes
day! »
Main Floor
^ 75c Kleinert Brand
Sanitary Aprons
Half-Dollar —
Day Special!
Prevent wrinkles
in dresses and as
s u r e protection.
Flesh and white.
29c Sheer Qualifie* in
Summer Fabrics
3 Yard» for
40-inch printed
voiles and printed
batiste; 36-inch
printed lawns. All
guaranteed color
Main floor
^ 39c Me*h Cloth and ^
Striped Piques
2,/2 Yds. for ' ~
36-inch wide
materials for
sports wear. All
the moet wanted
Summer shades.
Main Floor
10c Long Cloth
7 Yards for
Close woven soft
finish quality—36
inches wide. For
ling erie. At a
much lower price
Linenei, Picque*
and Broadcloths
Sleeveless, flare,
bolero and straight
line models, in
•white, pastel and
(7h ν prints—color
last. 10 to 16
. Third Floor
Men » $1 Broadcloth
Day Special!
Pine quality Broad
cloth, in regulation
and middy styles.
Some froR-trimmed,
others with
In* facing*. Sizes
A to D.
Main Floor.
^ At ju*t About Haif
Sweetheart Soap
10 Cakes for
This toilet and
bath soap will sell
like "hot cakes"
tomorrow — better
plan to lay in
supply — lo°fc
the savings!
Main Floor
Infant*' 79c Handmade
Summer Dresses
Collar or
Yoke Model*
Cunning little
dresses for tiny
lots — hive deep
hems and hand
scalloped bottoms.
Sleeveless or witn
£ Men'* 59c Athletic ^
Union Suits
2 for
Of checked nain
sook, made with
elastic back and
snubbers. Bar
tacked at all
points of strain.
Sizes 36 to 46.
Main Floor.
Women'* Broadcloth and
Muslin Slips
Main Floor
\r \
Special for
Half-Dollar Day
Of muslin and
broadcloth in built
up and b ο d i c e
styles — nicely
trimmed. W ο m
en's sizes 34 to 5-.
Srvond Floor
^ Reg. 65c Scatter Site ^
Fibre Mats
. 2 for
R a 11 a nia and
other makes. 18x
36-inch size. Neat
patterns in ft va
riety of colors.
Downstairs Store
$1 Introductory Offer
Melba Set
Splendid for
the Week End
Containing face
powder, skin tonic,
cleansing cream
and tissue cream
all at the one low
price of 50c!
Main Floor
69c Prophylactic
Hair Brushes
F a mou·» Brand
Good quality
hair brushes with
heavy bristles set
In aluminum.
Ebony or mahog
any bac'is.
Main Floor
Also Englith
Imported linens
in plaids, grays
and tans. Also
coverts end khakis.
Full cut. Knickers
8 to 18, shorts 6
to 12.
Third Floor
Irregular β of Women'β
Mesh Hosiery
79c Quality
Lower Price J!
Seam tack, silk
top mesh hose—
picot edge with lace
welts. Assortment
of shades to choose
Main Floor
Women'* 39c Chardonite
HOSe ('«"regulars)
3 Prs. for
Have seamed
back, shaped
ankles, picot edge,
lisle heel toe and
interlining. Assort
ment of shades.
Main Floor
Children*β 25c
Sport Anklets
3 Prs. for
Rayon plaited—
plain with helf or
novelty t'jps. Pine
apple ai.d drop
stitch or plaii#pat
terns. Assortment
of white and pastel
Main Floor
^ Sc Spools Clark'» ^
Ο. Ν. T. Cotton
12 for
100 yards to a
spool — in white
and black only.
All numbers. Buy
a supply tomor
row and save.
Notion*—Main Floor
50c Good Leather
Chair Pads
2 for
Good quality
leather chair pads
in colors. Comfort
able and 1 ο η g
Notions—Main Floor
Boy*' $1 and $1.19
Wash Suits
Assortment !
Smart short
sleeved or sleeve
less styles of fine
broadcloths. Β i g
range of col ors
and patterns. 3
to 8.
Third Floor
■V. /
Real Bargain*! Theie
Summer Bags
Some in Popular
Zipper Style
Washable · karetols.
printed fabrics, uat
entx h ii d patent
trimmed bues, in en
velope η η d pouch
styles. White, beise.
red and blJe.
Main Floor
Af oet Popular Hat for Summer !
Toyo Hats
In Τ hie Special
Event at
Close woven qual
ity with assorted
color bands to match
your Summer frocks.
Large and small
head sines.
Second Floor, and
Main Floor Bargain
^ Regular 89c Cocoa
Door Mats
Day Special!
Good size, well
made cocoa fibre
door mats, thick
brush quality.
Downstairs Store
■V S
Newest Style* in
$1.00 Jewelry
Piece* for
Every Cottume!
Necklaces, earrings,
bracelets and com
pacts worth twice as
much. Simulated
pcprl, metal. bead
and rhinefttone ef
Main Floor
39c and 45c Grade*
Floor Covering
2 Sq. Yds. for
Perfect quality
and irregular*
Felt-base floor
covering 2 yards
wide: serviceable
quality, in ten de
sirable patterns.
Downstair» Store
J J V,
Neatly Printed 36-Inch
18c Percales
4 Yards for
80-square per
cales in a large
range of styles
make up kiddies
dresses and wear
ing apparel from
Main Floor
V J'
98c Cleanable 3x6
Window Shades
Sold a* Seconde
G u araη teed
shades in white,
ecru or green;
mounted on de
p e ndable rollers.
Compléta with all
Fourth Floor
A Dozen Pattern*—17e
New Cretonnes
6 Yards for
Choose from
these a 11 r active
designs and colors
—for portieres or
window drapes.
Pull yard wide.
Fourth Floor
^ 89c Soft Feather ^ '
Bed Pillows, ea.
Limit, 4 to a
Good size bed
pillows in art or
striped 11 c k ing.
Important — not
more than 4 to a
Fourth Floor
* 49c Revertible
Terry Cloths
2 Yards for
Think of it—17
new and different
patterns end col
ors—all ideal for
Summer draperies.
Fourth# Floor
SI Congoltum A SanJara
Felt Base Rugs
Perfect Quality
and Irregular*
Size .3x4'* ft.
felt-basé rugs;
famous Congoleum
and Saηdura
makes. Tile and
carpet patterns.
1>oh n.tain Store
Women'* Fine Cotton
Crepe Gowns
Regular and
Extra Sizes
White, flesh or
peach cotton crepe
gowns with con
trasting trimming.
Regular and extra
Second Floor
Women9β $1.00 Pure
Silk Undies
Special for
Wednesday !
Choose from
panties and step
ins—daintily trim
med with lace. At
half price for to
Second Floor
Broadcloth Uniform* and
Hoover Aprons
Way Below the
Usual Price
Smartly tailored
b r ο a dcloth uni
forms and Hoover
aprons in white
and colors. Wom
en's sizes 34 to 46.
Second Floor
^ Regular and Extra Six«
Daytime Frocks
For Everyday
Practical, crisp
new frocks in
fancy prints and
sheers. Also linene
sport dresses.
Women's sizes.
Second Floor
Reg. 39c Felt-Ba*e
2 Yards for
24-inch heavy
quality felt - base
runner, in neat
figured designs or
with plain centers.
I)uwn»tain Store
^ For Sportiwear—TheBe ^
Dainty Blouses
and Linenes
Just the smartest
short-sleeve blouses
you've seen! Of
broadcloths, batistes
and linenes. in sizes
34 to 40.
Second Floor
Reg. 69c Felt Baee
Hall Runner
Day Special
Yard-wide felt
base rvnner, for
halls and narrow
rooms. Heaviest
grade. Three de
sirable colors.
Downstairs Store
Reg. 49c Scatter Size
Rag Rugs
2 for
Size ?7x54-lnch
rag rugs, in plain
colors with fancy
border. Guaran
teed fast colors.
v r
Downstairs Store
■s J
39c Congoleum & Sandura
Felt-Base Mats
3 for
Perfect and
Sire 18x36 felt
base mats, in tile
and carpet pat
Downstairs Store
$1.00 Yard-Wide
Grass Carpet
Day Special!
One yard wide
plain ttiη Deltox
grass carpet, firm
woven, servi· eable
quality for halls
and porches.
Downstairs Store
Mesh Girdles
Day Special!
Lightly boned
mesh girdles—just
enough sup port.
yet cool and light!
Medium length,
sizes 2è to 32.
^ 39c 1-lb. Can* of
Floor Wax
2 for
One-pound cans
ο f Goldenberg's
Special Floor Wax;
sold on a money
back guarantee.
Equal to any.
Dwwnstalrs Star*.
89c Double-Bed Size
Crinkle Spreads
Edges !
Attractive woven
striped patterns—
all colorfast. 80x
105-inch size.
Main Floor
69c SeamleeB 81x99
Bleached Sheets
All Perfect
Extra length
double bed sheets
of heavy long
wearing sheeting—
seamless. Better
come early for
Main -loor
V ■
Big Value—Lower Price—
Fine Pillowcases
5 for
Notice the soft.
yet firm quality of
these pillowcases—
all finished with
deep hems. 42x36
inch size.
Main Floor
Regular 89c Aluminum
Coffee Dripolator
Day Special!
β-cup size Alum
inum Coffee Drip
olator — makes
delicious coffee.
Downstairs Store.
Regular 8c Roll* of
Toilet Paper
12 for
One thousand
sheets to the roll:
fine tinted tissue
toilet paper; In
pastel shades.
Downstairs Store.
69c Imported Willow
Clothes Basket
Day Special!
Medium size
oval shape Clothes
Baskets, made of
imported willow.
Downstairs Store.

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