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Five of Seven Reporting Na
tions Reveal Further De
clines in Commodities.
Tn line with the decline in whole
sale prices in the United States, the
Commerce Department reported yester
day that new low levels In commodity
quotations were being established in
five ot the seven total reporting Eu
ropean countries.
While statistics are not yet avail
able, the Labor Department said whole
sale prlceo of 784 commodities In this
country will show a decrease for Octo
ber. Hie Commerce Department said
reports for October frem Canada,
Great Britain, Germany, Czechoslo
vakia and Norway also show declines.
Holland Up 1.3 Fer Cent.
The price level in the Netherlands
jose 1.3 per cent, continuing the ad
vance started in September, when the
first rise was recorded since 1929. Af
ter being irregular few several months,
Austria reported a price increase of 0.9
per cent for the month.
Food and farm prices have been de
clining In the United States since Sep
tember, causing the all commodity
levc' to drop to within a fraction above
the low mark reached in June, accord
ing to Government figures.
The October price level fell 2.8 per
cent in Canada after having advanced
fractionally in August and September,
reflecting sharp drops in fooa prices.
Great Britain prices, according to the
report, reacted slightly for the first
time since July. Food prices fell 2.8
per cent, the price decline since June,
end textiles fell for the first time in
several months.
German Prices Down.
German prices have declined con
tinuously since July, 1930, except in
March, 1932, and In October averaged
.8 of 1 per cent lower than in Sep
tember. Czechoslovakia prices declined
as a result of a 9.6 per cent drop in
textile prices. No change was shown in
the Norwegian price level.
The department said October re
ports from 17 other foreign countries
are not yet available.
OTTAWA, Ontario, November 17 (4»).
—Wesley A. Gordon, minister of labor,
told the House of Commons yesterday
that estimates by his department in
dicate 800,000 needy men. women and
children in Canada are receiving relief.
About 144.000 of these, Mr. Gordon
said, are persons who have not worked
Steadily rince 1919, and 100,000 are
transients, 50 per cent of whom recently
arrived in Canada.
roe-—:— 1'■ - —
Citizens Group to Seek Protection
for Children at Crossing.
By a Staff Correspondent of The Star.'
BRENTWOOD, Md.. November 17.—
Police protection for school children
crossing Rhode Island avenue nt East
ern avenue will again be asked of the
Mount Rainier mayor and council, it
was decided at a meeting of the Mount
Rainier-Brentwood Parent Teacher As
sociation in the local school. A former
request was refused.
Miss Alta E. Thompson ol Baltimore
addressed the association on. ‘The
Choice of Books in Character Build
ing of Children."
ESTATE IS $95,501
Realty Here and in Maine and
$44,243 Listed in Will
Petition by Niece.
Mrs. Maria Robbins, who died Octo
ber 26, left an estate valued at
$95,501.46, according to the petition of
her niece, Blanch P. Edwards, for the
probate of her 'will. Mrs. Robbins
owned real estate In this city and at
Pittsfield. Me , assessed at $51,258 and
had personal property estimated at
The will provides a legacy of $5,000 to
Blanch P. Edwards: *1,000 each to her
brothers, George R. Pushaw, Pittsfield,
Me., and Charles P. Pushaw, this city:
*1,000 each to her nieces, Blanch P.
Edwards, this city: Olive P. Dyer. Hous
ton. Tex., and Maria P. Tedford, Atas
cadero. Calif., and a like sum to a
nephew, George F. Pushaw'. Detroit.
Warren L. Pushaw, a brother, is given
a life interest in a vacant lot adjoining
his home, at 2401 Iring street north
cast, and at his death the lot goes to
his son, George F. Pushaw. A life in
terest in premises 1314 Vermont ave
nue and 510 12th street is given an
other brother, Charles P. Pushaw. An
other brother, George R. Pushaw, Is to
have a life interest in property at Pitts
field, Me.
The remaining estate is to be held
in trust by Blanch P. Edwards and the
National Savings & Trust Co. until six
months alter the death of the survivor
of the brothers. Attorney Enoch A.
Chase represents the executrix.
Rug Cemented to Walk Stolen.
cemented to the sidewalk in front of
a furniture store two weeks ago to
demonstrate its wearing qualities cer
tainly made a hit. Somebody stole it.
Asks Prosecutor to “Hold Off” for
Few Days in Pressing False
Pretenses Charge.
Reports that John R. Sailer, promoter
of the recent prohibition debate here
between Clarence Darrow and Dr.
Clarence True Wilson, is being held in
Richmond for Washington authorities
on charges of false pretenses, brought
Dr. Wilson to Police Court yesterday In
an appeal for the promoter.
A warrant for Sailer’s arrest was
Issued by Assistant United States At
torney Keogh. It alleges that he gave
L. J. Bray, 5922 Georgia avenue, a
draft for >59 on a Miami, Fla., bank,
and that it was returned as Invalid
According to police, Saffer secured the
money from Bray to use in making
arrangements for the Wilson-Darrow
debate on November 5.
Dr. Wilson requested Keogh to “hold
oft” a few days until the matter could
be straightened out. He said that while
the debate here was a financial failure.
Saffer Is promoting another In Rich
mond, which, he estimated, would draw
5,000 persons, after which Saffer would
be able to throw oil his alleged finan
cial difficulties.
Keogh said he would take the matter
under advisement, but that he had had
a number o! complaints against Saffer.
LONDON, November 17 OP).—Presi
dent Eamon de Valera of the Irish Free
State arrived in London today en route
to Geneva to preside over the next
session of the League of Nations Council.
A member of his party said the Presi
dent was leaving late today for Oeneva
and he had OT-'uie no arrangements to
meet with niimbers of the British
cabinet so far as was known.
t' * V'. V \
and Finer
$1950 i
Tailored by
Schloss from fin
er worsteds.
Never before
have we been
privileged to of
fer at such an ex
traordinary low
1331 F Street
The Hecht Co* s 9th Great Annual
DRESS Classic
An Outstanding November Event!
THIS annual event has every right to be called a “classic” because it is just that in every sense of the word.
Never, in our wildest dreams, did we think the day would come when we’d sell such magnificient dresses at
so moderate a price as $15. They have all the things that fine dresses are supposed to have. They have material,
and tailoring, and style, and color. They give you more for your money than at any other time within our
225 Misses' Dresses,
Sizes 14 to 20
40 Rough Crepe Street Dresses; hyacinth, grey,
red and gold.
25 Sheer Street Dresses; in navy, brown, green
and black.
35 Rough Crepe Sunday Night Frocks; gold,
grey, hyacinth, red, black and blue.
25 Sheer Sunday Night Dresses; black, red and
25 Velvet Sunday Night Dresses; black, blue,
red. green, hyacinth.
25 Rough Crepe Evening Gowns; white, blue i
and red. A
25 Velvet Evening Gowns; black, blue and red. U
25 Sheer Evening Gowns; black, red and blue. ■
145 Women's Dresses,
Sizes 38 to 46
25 Rough Crepe Street Dresses; black, brown,
wine, green and high shades.
20 Sheer Street Dresses; black, brown, wine,
green and high shades.
15 Rough Crepe Sunday Night Dresses; black,
blue and light green.
25 Velvet Sunday Night Dresses; black, blue,
* wine.
20 Rough Crepe Evening Gowns; white, blue and
20 Sheer Evening Gowns; white, blue and green.
20 Velvet Evening Gowns; black, blue and wine.
125 Little Women's Dresses,
Sizes l6i/2 to 241/2
35 Rough Crepe Street Dresses; hyacinth, grey,
green, blue, black. f
15 Sheer Street Dresses; hyacinth, grey, green,
blue, black.
20 Velvet Sunday Night Dresses; black, blue.
10 Rough Crepe Sunday Night Frocks; bronzeen
green, blue, hyacinth, black.
10 Sheer Sunday Night Dresses; blue, hyacinth,
10 Lace Evening Gowns; black, blue and hya- &
cinth. fi
10 Velvet Evening Gowns; blue and black. f'A
15 Rough Crepe Evening Gowns; hyacinth, black
and blue. ^
Black Valvat
S.z«« 14-20
k '
5is«« 38 44
This sale will be held in
our Third Floor Dress
Shops . . . Open a Charge
Account. Buy Notv and
Pay in January, 1933.
50 Larger Women's Dresses,
Sizes 46 to 52
20 Rough Crepe ami 10 Sheer Street Dresses;
black, brown, blue.
15 Velvet Sunday Night Dresses; black, blue
and wine.
15 Lace-and 5 Sheer Evening Gowns; black,
blue and wine.
\I00 Jr. Miss Dresses, i
I Sizes II to 17 m
25 Rough Crepe and Velvet-and-Crepe Street mi
Dresses: hyacinth, grey, red, green, blue I I
and black. V
15 Velvet Sunday Night Dresses; black, white K
)and high shades. ■
15 Rough Crepe Sunday Night Dresses; black, *
white and high shades.
15 Velvet Evening Gowns; black, white, grey,
hyacinth, red, green, blue.
30 Crepe Evening, Gowns; white, grey, green,
red, black and blue.
EcUt co
^ Comers May
uy^yp^z*?h yo
'«l*e Hecht Co.
T •

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