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Reserve Ensigns Allowed
Two Years of Probation
Young Naval Officers Are Given More Time
to Qualify for General
THE Bureau of Navigation of til*
Navy Department has extend
ed from one year to two years
the period allowed for those
entering the Naval Reserve as
ensipns to qualify for transfer to the
general service list.
The bureau letter says that from
time to time applications are received
from persons desiring appointment in
the Naval Reserve as ensign in the
volunteer special service under agree
ment to qualify for transfer to gen
eral service within one year. The let
ter says that In view of the fact that
it now appears that one year is in
sufficient time for such candidates to
complete the required correspondence
courses and qualify for general serv
ice. the bureau has decided to extend
the period allowed in which to qual
ify to two years and to clarify its
policy in regard to such appoint
The bureau feels, the announce
ment continues, that the graduates
of the Naval R. O. T. C. units and
graduates of the Naval Academy who
resign from the Navy, together with
such enlisted men as may qualify for
appointment as ensign, provide an
adequate source of supply to fill the
authorized quotas of volunteer deck
officers for general service and fleet
officers. There, as a general rule, it
is not desired to fill vacancies in
volunteer deck for general service
quotas from other than these sources
However, the announcement says
that exceptions to this rule will be
considered in certain instances when
the appointment of a volunteer deck
officer for special service or engineer
ing volunteer for special service for
further qualification for general serv
ice in either of these branches would
be of benefit to both the local organ
ization and the Reserve in general.
An example of this would be a local
ity where the officer supply is exceed
ingly limited and whers there is prac
tically no prospect of either ex-offi
cers or R. O. T. C. graduate·; being
available to fill the quota; v.here none
of the enlisted force is available or
able to qualify for commission; and
where certain young men of superior
education may be available, but jack
ing in technical education and naval
In such cases a candidate upon
being commisioned ensign in the spe
cial service would become eligible for
the bureau's correspondence courses,
would be in a position to attend drills
and perform training duty with pay,
if and when funds are available, or
otherwise without pay.
The candidates of districts are
authorized to recommend such candi
dates as fulfill these requirements,
who are under 28 years of age and
have a superior education, sufficient
to form a good working basis for the
technical subjects of the examination.
Preferably they should be college
graduates and should have a com
munity standing and moral standards
which the Navy expects of its com
missioned officers.
Upon request from individuals who
have already been commissioned as
ensign under agreement to qualify for
transfer to general service within one
year, the bureau says that it will ex
tend the time allowed for an addi
tional year.
It is added that immediately titer
appointment such officers should apply
for a Bureau of Navigation cor
respondence course. The Bureau of
Navigation considers It desirable that
all such officers take the correspond
ence course in Navy regulations before
taking up any other course.
James P. Reside, 1212 Glen Ross
road, Silver Spring, Md., has been
commissioned a lieutenant in the Civil
Engineering Corps of the Naval Re
serve, it was announced at the Re
serve headquarters.
Three more members of the local
Reserve have made applications to
take the examination for entrance to
the United States Naval Academy next
July. They are William L. Warner,
1443 Rhode Island avenue, apprentice
seaman, 1st Fleet Division: Wilbur S.
Wills, jr., 3812 Τ street, and Robert
C. Gillette, 4630 Thirtieth street, both
apprentice seamen in the 3d Fleet
James M. Chisholm, apprentice sea
man, and Harry A. McClure, jr., sea
man, second class, have been ordered
transferred from the fleet to the
volunteer Naval Reserve on account
of removal from the city. The Re
serve headquarters also announced
that Elmer J. King. jr.. seaman, second
class, 3d Fleet Division, has been
ordered transferred to the volunteers
on account of removal from the city.
Ensign William H. McKinney, vol
unteer Reserve, has been transferred
to the local outfit from the 5th Naval
District. He is actively serving with
the local fleet division.
The 1st Fleet Division left for Po
tomac River points yesterday aboard
the training launch assigned here.
The vessel was in command of Lieut.
J. F. Carpenter, division commander,
who will instruct the seamen in op
erating the boat during the voyage
which is expected to end tonight.
C. M. Shepherd, apprentice seaman,
was among those assigned to take the
voyage aboara the new cruiser Tusca
loosa, which is en route to South Amer
ican ports on a shake-down cruise. He
was substitued for one of the original
four selected when one of them failed
to qualify physically for active duty.
These men will not receive any pay
for this training duty, but will be
I furnished subsistence.
Drills for the local Reserve have
been suspended on tomorrow. Tues
day »nd Wednesday so that all of the
divisions can assemble at the armory
next Saturday night to participate in
the plans being formulated for Navy
day. While details have not been per
fected. it Is expected that the Reservists
will keep open house at their armory
in the Navy Yard that night, and
will put on several drills for the en
tertainment of the large number of
visitors expected.
Players at Various District
Community Centers Con
tinue Work.
In the city community centers there
1* activity among organized drama
groups, and many requests have been
received for additional groups to be
formed for both adults and juniors,
especially among the recent graduates
of the city's high schools who are de
sirous of continuing their drama work
Into community life.
The Troupers of East Washington
Community Center, directed by Arthur
Rhodes; Southeast Community Play
ers, directed by Mrs. Marie Moore
Forrest; Eckington Players, also un
der Mrs. Forrest's direction; and the
Players Club, of Central Center, di
rected by Miss Bess Schreiner, are
quite active.
Among the new groups will be one
Under the direction of Philip McBriar
ty at Roosevelt Center, which met last
week. It is open to all adults inter
ested in drama and meets Thursdays
at 7:30 p.m. There is also a dra
matic society at Thomson, meeting
Monday evening. On Monday evening
at 7 o'clock at Macfarland Center, a
dramatic association among members
of the Young Men's Club was formed
under the direction of Isham Keith,
Jr.. which is open to all young men.
Drama for children is also being
carried on in " all the centers. At
Thomson Center, the children meet
Thursday at 3:15 p.m.. and at other
centers also in the afternoons. The
Sock and Buskin Club met last Thurs
day at Petworth School, and will con
tinue to meet every Thursday. Mrs.
Amalie Preische, of the Marion
Chace Studio, will be the director.
Children from 8 to 12 years old are
Invited to become members. Later in
the year the group will meet on Fri
day afternoons.
There is interest in the formation of
classes and groups for the study of
contract bridge in all the centers.
Mrs. Mirabel Lindsay is in charge of
the Roosevelt Center groups and
Chevy Chase groups, and Mrs. Marian
Barre conducts the contract bridge
study at Langley Center.
Recreation groups in centers In
Divisions 10-13 are under the super
vision of Miss Anna L. Goodwin, gen
eral secretary, at Franklin Adminis
tration Building. Schedule and pro
grams of all centers are available at
that office, or from the community
aecretaries in charge of the several
centers There will be a Halloween
dance Friday at 8:30 p.m., at Birney
Community Center. A special Invita
tion is extended to all young people to
Join a dramatic group at Garfield Cen
ter under the leadership of Mrs. Par
thenia Brown, on Wednesday at 8
Navy Day Banquet Augments
Celebration Program.
Branch No. 4 of the Fleet Reserve
Association will celebrate Navy day
with its annual banquet and dance
at the Raleigh Hotel October 27 at
•7.30 o'clock. A program has been
Machine Products Taxed.
China has placed a surtax on all
^products made by machine.
Washington Office Not to
Act as Intermediary for
State Veterans.
The Washington office of the Dis
abled American Veterans announced
last week that hereafter veterans liv
ing in nearby Maryland, whose claims
have been before the Veterans' Ad
ministration and have been handled
by the Washington regional office,
will now have to go to Baltimore for
adjudication. For some time claims
from veterans of Calvert. Montgmery,
Charles, Prince Georges and St.
Marys Counties have been handled
here, but an order issued last week
transfers the jurisdiction to Balti
The meeting of Ace - Rasmussen
Chapter next Friday night at Soldiers,
Sailors and Marines' Club will be de
voted to an explanation of the legis
lative plans of the organization, based
upon the program adopted at the re
cent national convention.
Under the leadership of Frank M.
Owens the chapter is conducting a
membership drive.
National Capital Chapter met at the
Y. M. C. A. last Tuesday evening, over
which Comdr. John T. Chedester pre
sided. Virgil Patts and Paul Burneet
rendered banjo and harmonica duets.
Miss Yetive Patton gave vocal selec
tions, accompanied at the piano by
Miss Gene Doyle, and there were
readings by Eugene W. Wall.
Members of the other chapters will
be the invited guests for the next
regular meeting. Thomas Kirby, na
tional legislative chairman, will ad
dress the meeting.
Gold Star Mothers
Grace Darling Seibold Chapter met
at the Hamilton Hotel last Tuesday
evening, October 16.
Mrs. William J. Seelye, first vice
president, presided. The chaplain, Mrs.
H. L. Hurley, opened the meeting with
prayer. The Colors were presented by
Mrs. Delia Barber and Mrs. H. W.
Davis. The mothers will participate
in the Navy day observance October
27 at the John Paul Jones Statue,
where the president, Mrs. Bruce, will
place a floral tribute on behalf of the
Gold Star Mothers. Mrs. Catherine
Barrack, chairman of hospitalization,
reported her committee would visit
Mount Alto Hospital next Wednesday
evening and will provide entertain
ment for the veterans. Mrs. Margaret
Loveless, chairman of Ways and
Means, will have a quilting party In
her home on Varnum street October
29, from 2 to 5 o'clock.
Mrs. Josephine Talks, treasurer, dur
ing the National Executive Board
meeting, was elected national treas
urer, succeeding Mrs. Ε. M. H. Guedry,
who resigned. Mrs. Bradley A. Snyder,
custodian of records, will attend the
national convention, of the American
Legion at Miami. Mrs. Mary K. Kil
leen will be assisted by her committee
In placing flags at the World War
memorial markers on Sixteenth street
during the annual observance of Ar
mistice day. Mrs. George Gordon Sei
bold will have charge of the solicita
tion of contributions from the Gold
Star Mothers for the annual ingath
ering of the Needle Work Guild for
charitable distribution among the
[ various local hospitals and worthy In·
I Btitutione.
New Members Are Received
by Pettit Camp—Others
Have Meetings.
Meetings This Week.
Tuesday—Col. James S. Pettit,
921 Pennsylvania avenue south
Friday—Gen. Nelson A. Miles,
Pythian Temple.
Monday—Col. James S. Pettit,
Naval Lodge Hall.
Friday—Qen. Nelson A. Miles,
Pythian Temple.
Comdr. William Ο. Copley pre
sided at the last meeting of Col.
James S. Pettit Camp, Spanish War
Veterans. George N. Garvin, Jr.,
Company I of the 3rd Volunteer In
fantry of Georgia: Harry B. Rosseau
of Company M, 6th United States In
fantry, and Antonio Pacendo of the
United States Navy Band were elected
to membership. An entertainment
will be held at Naval Lodge Hall, No
vember 12. as a joint affair with
Pettit Auxiliary.
Among the speakers were Senior
Vice Department Comdr. George A.
MacAlear, Junior Vice Department
Comdr. James B. Freeland. Past De
partment Comdr. Samuel McWil
liams, Senior Charles D. Long of
Harden Camp, Comdr. Lester L.
Frldinger and Jack Powell of Urell
Camp, and James Lusky of Miles
Adjt. Charles H. Appich of Pettit
Camp has been appointed department
graves registration officer.
Gen. Nelson A. Miles Camp was
presided over by Comdr. William G.
Stlrk. Charles L. Stern of the 1st
District of Columbia Volunteers and
Jay Scott of Company M, 2nd Okla
homa Volunteers, were elected to
membership, and Jay Scott was mus
tered In.
Past Department Comdrs. Samuel
McWilliams and Charles A. Strobel,
Comdr. William G. Copley and Senior
Vice Comdr. George E. Powell of
Pettit Camp and C. B. Wayne spoke.
Admiral George Dewey Camp met
October 12. Junior Vice Department
Comdr. James B. Freeland, Depart
ment Adjt. William Rink and Past
Comdr. James E. Smith of Miles
Camp spoke.
Comdr. Thomas F. Donovan pre
sided at the meeting of Col. John
Jacob Astor Camp last Monday.
Robert T. Shrock, who served in
Company G of the 1st Virginia Vol
unteers, was mustered In. Speeches
were made by Department Comdr.
Tom D. Binckley, Junior Vice Comdr.
James B. Freeland. Past Department
Comdr. Samuel McWilliams. Q. M.
Sergt. Thomas A. Hudlow of Harden
Camp and Frank Weilock of Astor
The Banquet Committee of the
Military Order of the Serpent is mak
ing special preparations for the event
November 3, at Pythian Temple.
National Society, Army of the Phil
ippines, will meet October 29 at the
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines' Club,
Eleventh and L streets.
The Presidents' Club will hold a
Halloween party October 24 at the
home of the president, Mrs. Ella Ford,
1918 H street northwest, with host
esses Moxley, Kimmerling and Byrnes.
teen. Nelson A. Miles Auxiliary, No.
8. w-as called to order by President
Annie L. Cross on October 12.
Chief of Staff Margaret Burns,
President Mary Taltavul of Dewey
Auxiliary, President Nellie Garner of
Lawton Auxiliary and Mrs. Lillian
Copley, past president of Pettit Auxil
iary, spoke.
Col. James S. Pettit Auxiliary will
give a social tomorrow evening at
Naval Lodge Hall.
Admiral George Dewey Naval Aux
iliary met October 12. with President
Mary Taltavul presiding. Arrange
ments were made for a dinner October
25, from 5 to 7, at Northeast Masonic
JR. 0. ϋ. Α. M.
Councils are advised that all reso
lutions directly pertaining to amend
ments to the State Council laws must
be submitted in writing and delivered
to C. T. Lacy of Andrew Jackson
Council on or before October 31.
Andrew Jackson · Council convened,
with the councilor. P. S. Fergurson,
presiding, followed by a bingo party.
A prize was awarded H. M. Cock for
bringing in new members for the
membership drive. Mrs. Errigo ac
companied Miss Katie Sunday in a
violin solo and Miss Martha Sunday
in a solo. She also played a duet
with her husband at the cornet. A
trumpet solo was given by George B.
Sunday and Ε. B. Webb sang, accom
panied by his wife.
Edward J. Ross Council convened,
with the councilor presiding. The de
grees were conferred on Morris C.
Smith for Edward J. Rose Council
and Clarence Clatterbuck of Old
Glory Council. State Council Con
ductor B. F. Payton was the guest
speaker. He announced the State
Council's sessions and banquet, which
will be held at the Arlington Hotel
November 8, 9 and 10. Memorial
services for members -who died during
the past 12 months will be held Oc
tober 25.
R. Llovd presided over Benning
Council. The degrees were conferred
on A. O. Duckett.
Councilor W. I. Thompson, jr., pre
sided over the last meeting of Star
Spangled Banner Council. Ths hon
ored guest was State Councilor Ε. M.
Councilor J. W. Cranford. jr.. pre
sided over Anacostia Council. Chair
man of the Building Committee Sam
Hubacher reported the new temple is
progressing. H. F. Brooks and Wal
ter W. Amsler became members by
transfer cards. This council is mak
ing arrangements to visit Savage
Council, Savage, Md.. October 25. An
invitation was received from Rev.
Kenneth B. Carson of Garden Me
morial Presbyterian Church inviting
the council to visit October 28. which
was accepted.
Shah's Figure Brings $200.
A 300-year-old figure of Shah
Abbas II of Persia, carved in bold re
lief, with another tablet inscribed to
him as "the Sun of his time, to whom
the Universe made prostration," were
sold recently in London for $200.
Locusts £at Maize.
One of the biggest swarms of lo
cust* ever seen In Kenya Colony, in
Africa, has been destroying the maize
crop, the mass of insects being eight
miles wide and extending tor about
60 mile·· . . .
District Legionnaires
Scheduled to Arrive in
Convention City Today
James O'Connor Roberts, Department Com
mander, Is Leading Delegation to
Miami, Fla.
THE District of ColumbA dele
gation of the American Legion
to attend the national conven
tion %t Miami, Fla., which
left here late Friday night, is
scheduled to arrive there this morning.
Department Comdr. James O'Connor
Robert* is heading the local Legion
Delegates and alternates represent
ing the District are: Delegates—
James O'Connor Roberts, Rice W.
Means, Amos A. Fries, Kate K. Brigge,
B. C. MacNeil, Norman Grant, Mabel
L. Day, Early E. Person, Theodore
Cogswell and Howard S. Fisk; alter
nates—Emily J. Carey. Porter L. Bush,
Raymond J. Queenin, Thomas A. Cos
tello, George W. Le Dane, Paul J. Mc
Gahan and Hugh S. Malone.
At an executive meeting of Fort
Stevens Poet, No. 32, Tuesday eve
ning, presided over by Comdr.
Hargrave, it was voted the post spon
sor a community Christmas tree and
to make it an annual affair there
Arrangements have been completed
for the Halloween dance at Indian
Spring Country Club, October 30.
Sergt. Coffey of the Army Medical
Center. Walter Reed Hospital, an
nounced arrangements completed for
the post's Armistice day celebration
at the center November 11 at 2:30
8tanley Church Depue Post, No. 30,
met at the Colonial Hotel last Mon
day when Department Comdr. J,
O'Connor Roberts installed the fol
lowing officers: Commander, Ray L.
Zwinglas; senior vice commander,
Kenneth A. O'Connor; judge advocate,
Donald W. Smith; sergeant at arms,
Emil Muehlendorff; master at arms,
S. W. Bassler; three-year trustee,
Arthur Schnapp; two-year trustee, W.
Greer; one-year trustee, Bernard E.
Bee; junior vice commander, C. A,
Fritsch; historian, Graham E. Wilson;
quartermaster, Arthur Applegate, and
chaplain, Α. Β. M us tain.
Department Comdr. Roberts made
an address. Mr. and Mrs. Depue,
Mrs. Nellie Depue and her son, Donald
C. Depue. were guests, and Mr. Depue
made a short talk.
Comdr. Zwinglas appointed as his
new officers G. C. Luce, finance officer,
with Ν. B. Fields as assistant; J. P.
Duke as adjutant with Pearson V,
Brown as his assistant.
Clifton C. Anderson was installed
as commander of the James Reese
Europe Poet, No. 5, by the department
commander, J. O'Connor Roberts, last
Tuesday night at the Odd Fellows'
Hall. The other officers are: L. W.
Williams, senior vice commander;
Phillip A. Clark, junior vice com
mander: Harvey L. Bean, adjutant;
Harry Wilson, finance officer; Alex
ander Mann, historian; Joseph Hill,
chaplain: John Farrell, senior color
bearer; O. Kenny, junior color bearer;
William C. Brown, sergeant at arms,
and James E. Lockwood, master at
Department Comdr. Roberts made
the principal address. Others who
made brief addresses were Past De
partment Comdr. F. G. Frazier, Paul
J. McOahan, Col. West A. Hamilton,
E. A. Costella. Ira D. Scott, president
of District of Columbia Department of
the Federation of Government Em
ployes; Vice Department Comdr.
Milne. Mrs. Julia Brown. Mrs. M. R.
Kelson, Mrs. Z. Monroe and James W,
White, commander of Capt. William
Sloane Post, No. 3090, of Philadel
phia, Pa.
A detachment of French seamen
from the battleship D'Enbrecasteaux
gave a brief felicitation in French.
Stephen D. Miller of the James Reese
Europe Post acted as interpreter.
Music was furnished by the Drum and
Bugle Corps, the Dixie Harmonies and
the French sailors, who led in the
singing of the "Marseilles." The post
magician, Clifton Randolph, gave a
performance. A purse of gold was
presented to the outgoing commander,
E. L. Person, by Past Comdr. George
H. Rycraw as a token of the poet's
appreciation for his four years serv
ice as post commander.
Kenneth H. Nash Post. No. 8, met
Thursday in German's Hall. A re
port was made on the post entry In
the Legion Bowling League. Post
Surg. Dr. Frederick L. Benton spoke
on contemplated assistance to poet
members during this year.
The second of a series of entertain
ments, furnished by talent of the Na
tional Broadcasting Co., was given
Thursday at St. Elizabeth's Hospital
The next meeting of the post will be
a special October 25 at German's Hall,
107 Upshur street.
I Officers of Sergt. Jasper Post, No.
13. were installed by Department
Comdr. O'Connor and his staff Octo
ber 11 at the Thomas Circle Club as
follows: W. A. McCallum, com
mander; P. McCarthy, first vice com
mander; D. Goodacre, second vice
commander, and D. Saunders, third
vice commander.
Appointments made by the new
commander include J. P. Herschld,
finance officer; F. Krottenbaker, adju
tant; W. P. Beyer, assistant adjutant;
H. Hummer, judge advocate; J. P.
Duncan, employment officer; H. M.
Ware, athletic officer; T. J. Frailey,
historian; G. L*e, publicity officer; L.
Ard, Americanism officer; Max Rose
dale, sergeant at arms; S. Davids,
quartermaster sergeant, and W. P.
Kershner, chairman of Resolutions
Mr. Roberts and Charles Ailes,
membership officer, made addresses.
Past Department Comdr. Fred Frazier
presented W. P. Kerschner an Ameri
can Legion emblem for bringing in the
most members during the past year.
Tank Corps Post officers were In
stalled as follows; Commander, C. H.
Spence; senior vice commander,
George H. Fox; junior vice com
mander, R. C. Bonde; chaplain, Maj,
George Crosby; historian, George P.
Frailey; quartermaster. Wade Akers;
sergeant at arms, J. H. Bush; color
sergeants, Harry Hedlund and J. A.
Lincoln Post officers were installed
by Dept. Comdr. J. O'Connor Roberts
as follows;
Commander, G. W. Taylor, first vice
commander, R. W. Phillips; second
vice commander, Harold A. Emery;
third vice commander, Dr. T. David
Gates; chaplain, Hampton D. Percy;
finance officer, E. P. Van Hise; ser
geant at arms, C. W. Zimmer; color
bearers, W. T. Conn and E. J. Scharr;
post surgeon. Dr. W. L. Kline; his
torian, Rudolph Blick; department ex
ecutive committeeman, G. W. Taylor;
alternate department executive com
mitteeman, R. W. Phillips; trustee, Dr,
H. D. Shapiro. Rudolph Blick was
appointed adjutant. Retiring Comdr.
Milne was presented with a gold
Entertainment was furnished by the
Coatello Poet Drum and Btygle Corp/
Meeting! This Week.
Tuesday—Victory Poet, No. 4,
Odd Fellow* Temple, 419 Seventh
street, 8 p.m.
Wednesday—Henry C. Spengler
Post, No. 12, 1326 Massachusetts
avenue, 8 p.m
Thursday—Nash Post, No. 8,
special meeting, German'» Hall,
107 Upshur street, 8 p.m.
and Charles Reimer's Show Boat per·
An oyster roast will be held Decem
ber 2, the proceeds to go toward the
post's annual Christmas party and
turkey dinner for needy children.
Stuart Walcott Post will meet In
the rooms of the Washington Board
of Trade Tuesday night to arrange for
a card party In November.
Cemdr. Sa mi el Rose announces
! plans are being made for a coast-to
coast broadcart of the ceremonies to
be conducted \rlington National
Cemetery on ..mistice day, November
11, beginning at 3 o'clock.
Assistant Secretary of War Harry
H. Wood ring and the new national
commander of the American Legion
will be guests of honor at a mass meet
ing at the Ampitheater at Arlington
on Armistice day. November 11, at
3 p.m., according to announcement of
the committee In. charge, of which
Theodore Cogswell la chairman. Music
will be furnished by the United States
Army Band. The ceremonies will be
Service Band Concerts.
fHE U. S. Navy Band Orchestra,
Lieut. Charles Benter conducting,
will play the first symphony concert
of the 1934-35 season at the sail loft,
Navy Yard, on the evening of Tues
day at 8 o'clock. The public is in
vited to these concerts, which will
be given each Tuesday night through
out the Winter and early 8pring.
The soloists for this series of con
certs will be Musicians Bernard Ro
senthal, violin; Ralph Mack, viola,
and Samuel Stern, cello.
Bernard Rosenthal «111 be soloist
on this opening program and will
play the "Introduction and Rondo
Capriccloeo," by Camille 8aint-Saens.
Other works to be played at this
concert are Goldmark's "Rural Wed
ding Symphony," Rimsky-Korsakow's
legend, "The Golden Cockerel." and
Glinka's overture, "Rouslane et Lud
; mila."
The week's schedule of the United
States Army Band. Capt. WUliam J.
Stannard. leader; Thomas P. Darcy,
associate leader, includes the follow
ing concerts to be given in the band
auditorium of the Army War College:
Monday, at 6 p.m.
Wednesday, at 11:30 a.m.
Friday, at 11:15 a.m.
The schedule ol the United States
Marine Band for the coming week
will include the following;
Tomorrow, at 3 p.m.—Band concert.
Tuesday, at 11:30 a.m —Band con
cert. Patriotic Shut-ins Dream Hour.
Wednesday, at 8 p.m—The or
chestral concert on this date is can
celed on account of other official en
Thursday, at 2:30 pm.—The band
will play for the dedication ceremonies
New Department of Justice Building,
Ninth street and Pennsylvania avenue.
Friday, at 3 p.m.—Band concert.
Saturday, at 12:15 pjn.—The band
will participate in the exercises in
honor of Navy day at the John Paul
Jones Statue in West Potomac Park.
The concerts will be given in the
band auditorium at the Marine Bar
racks. Capt. Taylor Branson, leader
of the Marine Band, will conduct.
Concerts by the United States Sol
diers" Home Band Orchestra at Stan
ley Hall, Tuesday evening, beginning
at 5:30 o'clock. John S. M. Zimmer
mann, bandmaster; Anton Pointner,
associate leader.
March, "Bonnie Blues."
Paris Chambers
Overture. "Britanicus" Scassola
A Switzerland idyl.
"Alpine Fantasia" Tobani
Excerpts from musical comedy,
"The Balkan Princess" Rubens
Negro lullaby, "African Dreamland,"
At water
Valse allegro, "Amarella" . Winne
Finale, "The Buffalo Flyer".. Lincoln
"The Star Spangled Banner."
Thursday Evening
March. "Chimes of Liberty".. Goldman
Overture, "Benvenuto Cellini,"
Morceau, "Adagio Cantablle."
Richard Strauss
Excerpts from extravaganza,
"Chu Chin Chow" Norton
Intermezzo Arabian, "Astarte,"
Valse Française, "The Apache
Dance" Offenbach
Finale. "Klown Kapers" Ball
"The Star Spangled Banner."
Saturday Evening.
March,"Col.James S.Petit," U.S.A.,
" Zimmermann
Overture. "Dramatic" Snoeks
(a) "Berceuse" Karganoff
(b) "Petite Serenade".. Greenberg
Excerpts from Irish musical comedy.
"Eileen" Victor Herbert
Brazilian maxixe, "Buenos Dias,"
Waltz suite, "Love's Proposal". Tobani
Finale. "Cotton Pickin' Time in
Alabam" Daly
"The Star Spangled Banner."
To Observe Anniversary.
"THE third season of the Burney Club
will be Inaugurated tomorrow
night when the first meeting will have
for its program a debate. The ques
tion to be discussed is, "Resolved, That
radio in the United States advances
the art of music." The affirmative will
be taken by Edward C. Potter and
Mrs. John Milton Sylvester, and the
negative by Sade C. Styron and Mary
Ware Goldman. During November
the club is to observe the 300th anni
versary of the first performance of
Milton's celebrated masque, "Comus."
when the five parts of the drama will
be read by five poets, and the inci
dental music, written by Harry Lawes,
will be sung by Helen Howteon. In
December the members will be guests
of Frederick Erickson for the carol
service, which he conducts at Em
manuel Church in Baltimore. The
club also plans to celebrate the Bach
Handel 250th anniversary. At the
Bach celebration Harold Bauer's ar
rangement of the Italian concerto for
two pianos will be heard for the first
time in Washington, La Salle Spier
and Sade C. Styron being the pianists.
The club's annual public concert Is
also to mark the coming anniversariM
oi tbe two grMt composer^.

Mrs. Edythe O'Connor Heads
Group to Convention
at Coral Gables.
Headed by Mrs. Edythe M. O'Con
nor, president of the District of Co
lumbia Department, American Legion
Auxiliary, a delegation left here late
Friday night for the national conven
tion at Coral Gables, Fla., which
opens tomorrow.
Mr*. O'Connor announced one of
the important problems to be dis
cussed at the sessions will be "taking
the profit out of war." Adequate
national defense also will have a
prominent part In the deliberations.
It was reported when the member
ship books closed at national head
quarters September 22, that this de
partment had exceeded its quota by
105 per cent. The total membership
is 850, putting this department in
ninth place in standing of the 52
Mrs. O'Connor and members of her
staff Installed officers of Victory Unit
No. 4. on October 11 at the Mayflower
Hotel and on October 1* were guests
of Lincoln Unit No. 17, when officers
of Lincoln Post were installed.
8ergt Jasper Unit No. 13 met
October 11 at the Hayloft with Mrs.
Ruth Orlosky, president, presiding.
Mrs. Ola Lee, chairman of trophies
and awards, presented to Miss Iva
Smaithers a prize offered by Mrs.
Orlosky to the member bringing in
the most new members, over 10, dur
ing the year just closed.
The retiring president. Mrs. Ruth
Orlosky, presented to Mrs. O'Connor
and to the officers and various com
mittee chairman of this unit an eve
ning handkerchief.
Mrs. O'Connor and her staff in
stalled the new officers, after which
Mrs. E. Louise Warren, president, re
sponded. Mrs. Warren presented to
Mrs. Orlosky and to her new corps
of officers gifts.
Officers of Stephen P. McGroarty
Unit mere installed as follows: Miss
Mary Glenn Newell, president: Mrs.
Grace Close and Mrs. E. O. Pollock,
vice presidents; Mrs. C. N. McGroarty,
chaplain: Mrs. John F. Bethune, his
torian; Mrs. Lily Payne Hartke, ser
geant at arms; Mrs. Mary Brock, sec
retary, and Mrs Ella Welsh, treasurer.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Harris, Mrs.
Vera Ann Pollock and Mrs. Melissa
Lester Carpenter were initiated.
Kenneth H. Nash Unit entertained
at a card and bingo party October
16 at the home of Mrs. Viola Bacon.
Refreshments were served and after
much discussion it was decided to
make these parties frequent affairs.
Plans are being made for the open
ing meeting November 7 at the George
Washington club house on Rhode
Island avenue.
Members and Friends Invited.
Business Women's Party
Given at Cherrydale.
Members and friends of the T. W.
C. A. are invited to attend the hour
of music today at 5 o'clock at Seven
teenth and Κ streets.
The Business and Professional
Women's Glee Club is holding a week
end party at Vacation Lodge. Business
Girls' residence in Cherrydale.
The Blue Triangle Club will have
Mrs. Benjamin Wallace as guest
speaker Thursday at 8:15, preceded
by a club supper at 6:15.
A house party will be held by the
Blue Triangle Club at Vacation Lodge
the week end of October 27.
The Wednesday Evening Club will
meet Wednesday at 5:15.
Girl Reserve advisors and leaders
of Washington are anticipating the
annual conference of the Adult Guid
ance Council which will be held in
Harrisburg, Pa., October 26-28.
Senior High School Girl Reserve
advisors will discuss methods for more
constructive program planning at a
dinner meeting Monday at the Y. W.
C. A. The Girl Reserve Glee Club
will meet Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern
High Reserve cabinet officers will meet
today to plan the club activities for
the coming month. McKinley Girl
Reserves will meet Thursday at 3:15.
Roosevelt Girl Reserves will meet
Friday in the club rooms.
The "Art of Listening to Music,"
a class designed to increase an ap
preciation of fine music, will be given
for six weeks beginning the first week
in November. Classes in rudiments of
music and harmony will begin Octo
ber 29.
The Wednesday Afternoon Women's
Club of 614 Ε street will meet at
4 p.m. with Mrs. Thomas J. Kelly
and Mrs. James W. Anderson in charge
of the program.
The Children's Music Hour will meet
Monday at 3:30 pjn.
Club Examinations.
THE Washington Pianists' Club,
Mrs. Martin A. Morrison, director,
will hold the first meeting of Its
twelfth season on November 3, from
3:15 to 5 p.m., at the Washington Col
lege of Music. 1810 Connecticut ave
nue, when a program of the new active
members will be given. Regular meet
ings will continue throughout the
Winter on the first and third Satur
days of each month at the Washing
ton College of Music.
Competitive examinations of appli
cants for the 10 active and 4 emer
gency substitute memberships will be
held from October 23 to November 1
and may be arranged for by appoint
ment with the director. The contest
winners will be notified November 3.
The membership of the club con
sists of three branches: Honorary, 10
active, including artist. and 40 substi
tute, including emergency substitutes.
The age limit for active and associate
members is 29 years. A festival of
piano forte music occupying four to
five evenings, on each of which two
active members are presented by their
teachers in artist programs, is an an
nual event.
Frauenheim Recital.
THE first piano recital this season
by Norman Frauenheim will take
place November 7 at the Arts Club.
Mr. Frauenheim. whose teaching ac
tivities were resumed in Washington
this month, will also play a special
request program devoted to romantic
and modernistic composers in Greens
burg, Pa. On November 17 he will
give his annual concert in Pittsburgh
at the Kaufmann Memorial Audi·
torium, when hé will repeat his Wash
ington program. Besides his studio
in this city, Mr. Frauenheim will con
tinue to te*cb fortnightly in New York.
Military Police Capture
Guard Attendance Trophy
Three High-RanUing Officers of Local Militia
Attend National Guard Convention
at Louisville.
THE 29th Division Military Po
lice Company was last week
declared the attendance win
ner of the National Guard of
the District of Columbia. At
appropriate ceremonies, to be ar
ranged later, the unit will be pre
sented with the trophy which was
donated to the militia by the District
of Columbia Department, Veterans
of Foreign Wars, for this annual at
tendance competition between com
panies, batteries and troops.
The Military Police unit completed
the year, according to a general order
announcing the completion of the
competition, with an attendance per
centage of 93.08. The nearest com
petitor of the units allowed to com
pete was the colored unit, Company
A, 372d Infantry, with a percentage
of 78 87, and this was followed by
the Headquarters and Service Com
pany, 121st Engineers, with a per
centage of 78.37.
The order says that honorable men
tion is given the following units,
which maintained above average at
tendance. although not entitled to
compete for the Veterans of Foreign
Wars Trophy :
Headquarters Detachment, 29th
Division, 90.31: Headquarters De
tachment, Special Troops, 29th Di
vision, 88.79; State Staff Detach
ment. 88.42; Medical Department De
tachment, 260th Coast Artillery,
Three officers of the local guard
left here last week for Nashville.
Tenn., where they represented the
local militia at the annual convention
of the National Guard Association of
the United States. They were Col.
John W. Oehmann, acting com
mander of the local militia, and com
mander of the 121st Regiment of En
gineers; Col. George W. Byroade,
U. S. Α., adjutant general of the local
militia, and Lieut. Col. Peyton G.
Nevltt, assistant adjutant general.
The convention concluded its ses
sions yesterday and the officers are
expected to return to Washington
early this week. Although no an
nouncement was made, prior to their
departure, as to what local matters
they Intended to bring up at the
convention, It is known that one of
the pressing problems on the minds
of the local officials is that of a new
armory for the local troops. The as
sociation, at a previous convention,
had taken a stand in support of an
armory project here, but nothing defi
nite was done about it. It is prob
; able that the local officers, while
there, discussed with the national
officials the matter of getting some
aid in getting funds for an armory
project either from Congress direct
or through the Public Works Admin
istration. There is pending before
the latter body now a request from
the local guard officials for a fund
with which to begin construction, to
place the local federalized militia on
a plane with other National Guard
units so fur a* training facilities art
Pvt. Wilbur A. Shipley. 29th Divi
sion Military Police Company, hu
been ordered honorably discharged on
account of removal from the city.
Pvts. John S. Batman and Richard
W. Oyster have been ordered trans
ferred from the Inactive to the activ·
list of Company E, 121st Engineers.
Because of temporary removal from
the District Pvt. ï*rank Boyce ha»
been ordered transferred from the
active to the inactive list, of Company
A. 372d Infantry, while Pvt. James D. ·
Williams of the same command was
ordered to the inactive list because of
educational interference with the per
formance of military duty.
Pvt. John M. Branch, Company A,
372d Infantry, has been ordered hon
orably discharged on his own request.
Pvt. (First Class) Lewis A. Hazel-·
wood has been ordered promoted to the
grade of corporal in the Headquarter»
and Service Company, 121st Engineera,
j upon recommendation of the company ■
commander. ,
The following drill schedule haa
been announced for the Headquarter*
Detachment and Combat Train of the
260th Coast Artillery: Thursday, Oc
tober 18; Sunday, October 21; Thurs
day, October 25 and Sunday, Octo
ber 28.
Corp. David Cohn has ben ordered
reduced to the grade of private, with
out prejudice, in Battery E, 260th
Coast Artillery. In Battery B. of the
same command, Corpl. Harry H. Rohr
kemper has been ordered reduced to
the grade of private, also without pre
Pvt. Benjamin Krick has been or
dered promoted to corporal In Battery
B, 260th Coast Artillery.
Lieut. Heizer was in charge of ma
chine gun practice of Battery E, 260th
Coast Artillery, last week on the rifle
range at Camp Simms, Congress
Heights, D. C.
Corpl. Joseph A. Moseley, Battery
A, 260th Coast Artillery, and CorpL
F. E. Hassler, Battery C, same unit,
have been ordered transferred from
the active to the Inactive lists of their
respective commands. The former
was transferred on account of busi
ness interference and the latter on
account of educational interference
with the performance of military duty.
Corpl. Melvin T. Parent. Battery E,
260th Coast Artillery, has been or
dered honorably discharged on his
own request, he having completed
one year of a three-year re-enllst
Pvt. Robert G. St. James has been
ordered transferred from the inactive
I to the active list of Battery A, 260th
1 Coast Artillery.
Arrangements for Function
Under Direction of Sta
bley D. Harman.
Meetings This Week.
Monday, 8 p.m.—Fro rit Line
Post, National Guard Armors' ;
Front Line Poet Auxiliary, 1322
Vermont avenut.
Tuesday, 8 p.m.—National Cap
ital Post, Soldiers, Sailors and
Marines' Club; National Capital
Post Auxiliary. Pythian Temple;
Follow Me Post, No. 1830, Am
bassador Hotel.
Wednesday, 8 p.m.—Overseas
Military Band, Drum and Bugle
Corps, National Guard Armory.
Thursday, 8 p.m.—Potomac
Poet, Northeast Masonic Temple;
Potomac Post Auxiliary, Soldiers,
Sailors and Marines' Club; Her
bert L. Edmonds Post, Hamilton
s Friday, 8 p.m.—Federal Post,
Thomas Circle Club; Advance
Post. No. 2194, Continental Hotel;
United States Treasury Post, Sol
diers, Sailors and Marines' Club.
Arrangements are being completed
by the Department of the District of
Columbia. Veterans of Foreign Wars,
fen- the annual Armistice ball, under
the direction of Junior Vice Comdr.
Stabley D. Harman, at the Will&rd
Hotel November 10.
At a meeting of National Capital
Post last Tuesday night. Comdr. Harry
Coope presided. Comdr. Fennel! and
his staff of Alexandria (Va.) Post
were guests of honor.
Officers elected were: Commander,
Walter J. Yebblns; senior vice com
mander, Charles A. Musselman; Jun
ior vice commander, Mr. Hopgood;
judge advocate, Daniel J. Leahy;
quartermaster, Ernest Wickstrànd; of
ficer of the day, Mr. Donaldson; chap
lain, Charles A. Neff.
Officers will be elected by Potomac
Post next Thursday at Northeast Ma
sonic Temple.
Potomac Post Auxiliary will meet at
Thomson School next Wednesday
evening. Officers will be elected. The
auxiliary will give a Halloween dance
In the Red Cross room of Walter Reed
Hospital for the patients and enlisted
men on Walter Reed Reservation Oc
tober 29.
At the last meeting of Washington
Post the new by-laws were adopted.
The following officers were elected:
Commander, Walter P. Boehm; senior
vice commander, Oscar H. Kee; junior
vice commander. Homer C. Kelso;
quartermaster, Charles F. Kenney;
surgeon. Dr. C. W. Taggee; chaplain.
Paul Gray; officer of the day, Roy W.
A stag social will be held tomorrow
evening in the club rooms, 1508 Four
teenth street.
United States Treasury Post elected
officers as follows: Commander, Nor
man Edwards; senior vice commander,
Francis R. Ihrie; junior vice com
mander, Joseph Peron: quartermaster,
George W. Ridgeway; chaplain.
George Kinghorn; surgeon, J. E.
Weaver; advocate, Arthur T. Quinn;
officer of the day. James M. Stewart.
Harvey Townsend has arranged a
musical program for the special exer
cises incident to the installation of
H. L. Edmonds Post officers, and pres
entation of poet colors at Roosevelt
High School November 8 at 8 o'clock.
At the lut meeting oi Internai
Measure for Increase in
Line Personnel Still
Being Drafted.
A number of Important factors re
main to be ironed out before final
Navy Department approval is given
to the measure providing for a gradual
increase in the line commissioned
personnel of the Navy. The measure,
which has gone through 16 tentative
drafts, is still engaging the attention
of officers in the Bureau of Naviga
tion and the office of the judge advo
cate general in the process of casting
the terms into words that will take
care of the intent in the required legal
Those concerned have reached the
conclusion that it will be advisable
to suspend in time of peace the pres
ent percentage distribution, so far as
It applies to the grades of rear ad
miral. captain and commamder, to
restrict the rear admirals and cap
tains to the present numbers and to
Umit materially increase in the grade
of commander. » ·
Naval officials are confronted with
the fact that the British Navy, with
approximately the same number of
ships, and the Japanese Navy, with
much less, have more flag officers and
captains than we have.
It is understood the schedules pre- ·
pared in the Bureau of Navigation,
showing the number of officers of the ■>
several grades required afloat and ' '
ashore for specified duties do not
reveal the need for more flag officers
and captains than we have now, even
when the fleet reaches treaty strength.
It is feared that when such sched
ules are presented Congress will refuse
to enact legislation Increasing the two
highest grades. It Is pointed out. In
support of the contemplated policy of
restricting in time of peace automatic
increase In those grades, that officer*
whose promotion thereby will be de
layed, will be no worse off than If
no legislation looking to increase of
the commissioned personnel is enacted.
Warrant Officer Francis E. Rests,
band leader, Is the first warrant offi
cer of the Regular Army to be as
signed to duty as teacher of music of '
the United States Military Academy
Band. This assignment carries with
It the rank and pay of a first lieu
tenant, Lieut. Resta ranking from
May 1, 1934. He succeeds in that ca
pacity Philip Egner, who was placed
on the retired list of the Army last
Spring. Prior to coming to West
Point, Lieut. Resta was on duty 111 ' '
the Hawaiian department.
I 1 -
Admiral R. E. Coontz Chapter met ..
at national headquarters, 1527 New
Hampshire avenue, and elected offi
cers as follows: President, Eleanor -
C. Wagner; first vice president, Is
telle Richardson; second vice presi- :
dent, Mary E. Parsons; recording
secretary, Mary E. Glascock; treas
urer, Emma M. Warren; custodian
of records, Sophia Pierce; chaplain,
Joanna G. Hynson, and historian,
M. Henrietta Smith.
Revenue Post at the Hamilton Hotel '
the following officers were elected:
Commander, R. H. Jamison; senior
vice commander, 8. M. Earle; Junior
vice commander, E. O. Henry; quar
termaster, Joel P. Moore; advocate,
Leroy Rogers; chaplain. T. V. Walker;
surgeon, Ed Mahan; officer of lb·
day, Roland F. Jtay.

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