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Hayes Credits Cook With as
Much Accuracy as
By the Associated Press.
LONDON. October 31.—The claims
of Dr. Frederick A. Cook to discovery
of the North Pole were credited yes
terday by J. Gordon Hayes, polar his
torian. with as much accuracy as
those of Admiral Robert E. Peary.
In his book, “The Conquest of the
North Pole,” published yesterday,
Hayes said many of Cook's statements
“may be accepted as genuine and
Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd and
Floyd Bennett were said by Hayes to
have been the first persons actually
to reach the Pole.
“Admiral Peary." Hayes said, “never
was within 50 or more miles from the
North Pole. There have been many
critics of Peary's claim on both sides
of the Atlantic, and all disinterested
Inquirers have come to the same con
clusion—that he didn't reach the Pole:
by this it may be understood he never
was within 50 or more miles or its
position. * * * Peary said he returned
from his camp at the Pole to latitude
87 degrees, 47 mftiutes north, in no
more tlaan 56 hours. This is a dis
tance of 150 statute miles, apart from
the deviations over pack ice and drift
ing floes. Hence, a man 53 years old
either walked considerably more than
75 miles a day for two days over a
rough surface, or he never came near
the Pole.”
Denies There Is Doubt Chief Reached
North Pole.
NEW YORK. October 31 OP).—
Capt. Bob Bartlett, veteran of the
Peary North Pole expeditions, was an
gry yesterday over the statement
made in London that Dr. Frederick
A. Cook's claims to discovery of the
North Pole were as good as those of
Robert E. Peary.
“Don’t take notice of it/* he said,
adding “it's too bad there wasn’t an
Irishman or Scotsman at the North
Pole to punch Admiral Peary's ticket
when he got there. Peary got to the
Pole and there is no doubt about it.",
Kansas Chairman Says Relief
Workers to Be Kept From Polls.
TOPEKA, Kans., October 31 OP).— i
Clyde Short. Democratic State chair
man. charged yesterday that an "or- !
ganized effort" was being made to
prevent relief workers in Kansas
from voting in the November elec
Reports to him indicated. Short
said, the workers would be -sent out
early on election day and worked
until late at night to prevent them
from voting. He said if a single relief
worker were so kept from voting he
would place the matter before "proper
authorities at Washington.”
$25,000 Libel Suit Settled.
LONDON. Ontario, October 31 UP).
—Action for $25,000 damages for al
leged libel brought by James E.
Rodger of St. Thomas, formerly of
Pittsburgh, Pa., against Calvin S.
Parker of London, Ontario, was set
tled out of court yesterday.
Ghosts of Past Are Revived
For W. T. Page on Halloween
By the Associated Press.
Man and boy, William Tyler Page,
minority clerk of the House, has hob
nobbed at the Capitol with great and
near-great, ana every Halloween he
begins to see
ghosts of the
In a reminiscent
mood yesterday,
Mr. Page recalled
the weirdest ex
perience he ever
had in his half
century service
within the walls
of the ancient
building on Cap
itol Hill.
"By all odds,
the most un
canny mood of
all was the night
of Woodrow Wilson's war address,
when he asked a joint session of Con
gress to declare war,” said Page.
"AH the mighty of this Nation,
President, Vice President, cabinet,
Supreme Court judges. Senators, Rep
resentatives were gathered in one
chamber—the House of Representa
“The night itself was ghostly. It
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had been raining fitfully all day, con
tinued raining that night, and the
Capitol was reflected fantastically.
Wilson had been escorted there by
Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, and the
horses could be heard outside, clamp
ing on the wet pavement.
“In the midst of his address, when
all was tense and quiet, there came a
distant rumble of thunder, a veritable
portent of war. Then came a crack
ling, crunching sound from above,
from the celling of colored glass.
"It was so uncanny the whole place
was filled with an uneasy shifting,
perhaps with the thought that some
spy up there, with a single bomb,
might just about wipe out President,
Vice President. Supreme Court judges."
Even in reminiscence, Page shivered
Then he briskly antl-climaxed, as
tellers of ghost tales do:
"Well, I later found out what it
was. The crunching was the shifting
I about of secret service men, stationed
up on those wide joists above the glass
celling with Its coats-of-arms of the
States. And the crackling came when
one of them became cramped, stoop
up to move a few steps—and almost
fell through the celling!”
Page said he personally had another
uncanny moment as follows:
“Champ Clark once growl'd at me:
'Is it true you were bom In this
" ‘No,’ I answered, *but like old John
Quincy Adams I expect to die In it!’
“And that made me feel pretty
creepy when I was made clerk of the
House and fell heir to the little room
off Statuary Hall where Adams did
die. His bust stands In it.
“Often I worked down there late at
night, with the door open leading
into Statuary Hall—and I made up a
little yarn to tell the school children.
In it, Adams would get down off his
high perch and sit in my chair, and
talk In such strident tones the peo
ple out In Statuary Hall would troop
in. But Miss Willard, the only wom
an. would come last, and very timidly
until after suffrage was passed! In
their nocturnal symposiums they’d
give warnings this country was drift
tog far afield, to some way*, from
the Constitution.”
Page, whose study of history makes
men of the past as real to him as the
statesmen he has known, rattled off
a list of those with personalities strong
enough to still be felt around there.
"John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay,
Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun.
Thomas H. Benton, Thaddeus Stevens,
James G. Blaine, Thomas B. Reed,
John G. Carlisle, Uncle Joe Cannon,
Champ Clark and Nicholas Long
An Anti-War Exhibition was held
recently at Edinburgh, Scotland.
The Department of Justice rejected
yesterday a proferred compromise by
Leon Blackman of St, Paul In a suit
! charging him with Income tax evasion.
Blackman had offered to compro
mise for about $4,200, officials said,
whereas the Government was claim
ing civil and criminal liabilities of
about $62,000. A previous trial at St.
Paul ended Indecisively. The depart
ment said a new trial w'ould be held
November 12.
In this Sale
we offer
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Kaiserine Auguste Viktoria—Pure unstained white.
Double White Killarney—Pure white and double.
Talisman—Red shaded to orange and yellow.
President Herbert Hoover—Burnt orange shaded to coral.
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Sweetheart—One of the most dependable blooming rosebushes.
Light pink perfectly shaped blooms.
35c each; 3 for $1.00
President Herbert Hoover—Burnt orange shaded to coral.
Talisman—Red shaded to orange and yellow.
Crus* en Teplits—Velvety crimson.
Souv. de Claudius Pernat—Clear fadeless yellow.
Columbia—Bright pink; sweetly scented.
37c each; 3 for $1.08
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High-Grade Stock
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Many varieties and sires
From 49c up
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Imported Peat.
Imported Peat Moss — Large II
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