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Cowley, Justice Inspector,
Second to Die in Chi
cago Battle.
(•Continued From First Page/)
when a milkman, making his morn
ing rounds, came upon the Govern
ment automobile in which Nelson and
his companions had escaped. It was
in a ditch in the western outskirts of
Winnetka, a North Shore suburb.
The car wras out of gasoline. It was
riddled with bullets and the front seat
was covered with blood, indicating
that one of the outlaws had been shot.
The Government license plates had
been changed for a set issued In In
diana. No clothing or weapons were
found in the car.
t ar Hrougni to t mcago.
Government agents brought the ma
chine to Chicago, where it was under
stood they would go over it thoroughly
for finger prints.
At Elgin, a Kane County coroner’s
jury urged authorities to run down the
slayers of Cowley and Hollis and to
bring them to trial for murder.
The jurors, sitting at an Inquest into
Cowley’s death, did not mention
George "Baby Pace’’ Nelson in their
formal verdict but made it clear that
they were "reasonably sure’’ he was |
one of the savage gunners who ended
the Government operatives’ lives in a
furious battle.
"Cow ley came to his death from gun
shot wounds in the abdomen suffered
in a gun fight with two unidentified
men and a woman which occurred
when Cowley and Department of Jus
tice Agent Hollis stopped the car in
which they were riding on the outskirts
of Barrington,” the jury said.
Federal Agent Silent.
They recommended that Federal.
State and other authorities "make
every possible effort to apprehend the
men and the woman responsible for
I the shooting and bring them to trial
for murder in Lake County, in which
the shooting occurred.”
G. C. Woltz, Federal agent from Chi
■ cago. was the only witness. Asked by
a juror if he wasn't "reasonably sure
that Nelson was one of the killers,” the
Government man replied:
"I am not permitted to say any
Woltz testified that Cowley and
Hollis were out on a "special secret
mission for several days.”
Cowley's body was held at a chapel
here until arrangements are completed
to send it to Salt Lake City for funeral
Even as he lay dying it was disclosed
by Department of Justice agents that
Cowley was the real leader In the
Federal drive that brought down the
. w-n Jill_ . n. .*<>!■
ilUlAJliua ujuiougii * *4. * 4u
had been generally credited with being
Dillinger s nemesis. Cowley also com
manded the Government's manhunters
in tracking down Charles (Pretty Boyj
Floyd in an Ohio cornfield last month,
Department of Justice agents dis
Hollis was reported to have fired
one of the bullets that killed Dillinger
in front of a North Side movie the
ater last July.
Thus Nelson, the Nation's Public
Enemy No. 1, took deadly vengeance
for the slaying of Dillinger, but in so
doing he signed his own death war
rant, for Federal agents carried on a
relentless search for him, with orders
to shoot first.
Detectives Called in.
In addition to all the power the
Department of Justice could concen
trate in this area, half of the 200
detectives of the Chicago police force
were called into the hunt for the
baby-faced killer.
For hours after the new outburst
of warfare between the Government
and the remnants of the Dillinger
gang the police combed the "bad
lands" of the city, striking here and
there for a clue to the whereabouts
of the pair. The second fugitive Is
believed In some quarters to have been
John Hamilton, a lieutenant in the
Dillinger mob.
Two arrests were made by raiding
squads of police and Federal agents.
Chester Leader, a garage owner, and
Lester Van Huston, operator of a
tavern, both described by police as as
sociates of Nelson, were seized for
questioning. Detective Bureau squads
also searched the home of Nelson's
mother and sister, but found no trace
of him.
IlUlli L.AIC 1IU9 IU M. HIM V lU' O.
The killers, who fought a running
fight with the Federal agents as they
sped along a highway, escaped in the
automobile of the Federal officers
i a dark blue 1934 sedan bearing an
Illinois license). They had halted
their old machine and pumped their
deadly machine gun bullets at Hollis
and Cowley when the two stepped
from their car and advanced toward
the gangsters with drawn guns.
En Route to Search House.
Hollis, who was with Federal Agent
W. Carter Baum when the latter
was slain, allegedly by Nelson, near
the Little Bohemia Summer resort
not far from Mercer, Wis., last
April 22, and Cowley were en route to
a house in which they believed Nel
son and possibly Hamilton were hid
ing when they spotted the desper
adoes’ car. In it were two men and
a woman, the latter believed to have
been Nelson's wife. She was believed
to have been wounded.
As the gangsters’ car roared past
the machine in which the agents were
riding the officers swung their ma
chine in pursuit.
"We could hear the roar of the
motors and then shots as the men in
the second car began shooting at the
other,” Mrs. Frances Kramer, oper
ator of a gasoline filling station and
a witness to the killing, said.
Two ETse Machine Guns.
“Some one in the first car shot back.
Just before they reached my station
the second car pulled abreast of the
other on the outside. I heard the
tires of the first car screech as the
driver swung sharply into a little
side road about 200 feet past the sta
"The second car swerved with It
and managed to pull ahead just off
the highway, blocking the way of the
other car, which slid half into a
ditch. A woman jumped out, ran
up the road a few yards and plumped
down in the ditch. Both men had
jumped at the same time and faced
the other car with what looked like
machine guns. They started firing
Justice Department Agents and Their Slayer
Orders Concentration of
Officers—May Increase
Federal Reward.
Referring to the killing by "Baby
Face’’ Nelson of Inspector Samuel P.
Cowley and Special Agent Herman
Hollis as ' another illustration of the
ruthless challenge of the underworld
with which our people are confront
ed." Attorney General Cummings to
day ordered the concentration of Fed
eral law officers in a relentless hunt
for the slayer of three Government
men. Nelson already was wanted for
the killing of Agent W. Carter Baum
when he turned a machine gun on
Cowley and Hollis in Chicago yester
J. Edgar Hoover, director of the
Justice Department's Division of In
vestigation. spent more than an hour
in conference with Cummings and his
assistant. William Stanley, today to
map plans for the intensified drive to
"get Nelson."
Clegg Takes Command.
Director Hoover, meanwhile, had
dispatched his assistant. Inspector
Hugh H. Clegg, to take over com
mand of the hunt for the Dillinger
gang machine gunner. Cowley was
In command of the search when he
met his death.
"I am grieved beyond words by the
death of these brave men, Cowley anc
Hollis, who lost their lives in the
courageous performance of their offi
cial duty." Cummings said after hi*
conference with Hoover.
Cummings said that the situatior
with regard to the hunt for Nelsor
was in such a critical stage today thai
he could not discuss details of the
events that led up to the fatal gur
battle on the streets of a Chicagc
Telegraphs Widows.
Cummings dispatched telegrams ol
condolence to the widows of both slair
agents and to the father of Cowlej
in the West.
Clegg is attached to headquarters ol
Hoover's division here. but. like Cow
ley. has spent much time in the field
during the last year or so in command
of special Investigative squads. Clegg
was Hoover's representative in New
York during the investigation which
led to the arrest of Bruno Richard
Hauptmann in connection with the
Lindbergh kidnaping.
When the department completed its
work in the Lindbergh case, Clegg
proceeded to Nashville, Tenn., to
supervise Investigation there of clues
which linked Thomas H. Robinson, jr..
to the kidnaping of Mrs. Berry V. Stoll
at Louisville, Ky.
May Increase Reward.
Clegg also played an important
supervisory part in the hunt for John
Dillinger, "Pretty Boy” Floyd and
other notorious gangsters.
There was a possibility that Cum
mings would increase the amount of
the Federal reward offered for the cap
ture or information leading to the
capture of Nelson. At present the
Government is offering $5,000 for the
capture of "Baby Face” and $2,500
for information leading to his cap
ture. This reward was announced
following the killing of Special Agent
Baum at the Little Bohemia Inn in
Northern Wisconsin. At that time
$10,000 was posted for the capture of
Dillinger and $5,000 for information
leading to his capture. Only $5,000,
however, has been paid out of these
rewards—$2,500 each to two East
Chicago, Ind, police officers who gave
information which put Dillinger "on
the spot.”
MONTGOMERY. Ala., November
28 OP).—The marriage of an Alabama
farmer to his stepmother last night
nad the approval of the Stale Court of
Appeals, despite a law declaring "the
son must not marry his mother or
as the two men in the Federal car
got out.
Cars Used as Shields.
"All four men were using automo
biles as shields at first. One of the
agents (Cowley) fell over backwards
into the ditch. The other darted
across the road behind a telephone
?ole. He dropped a few minutes later.”
Another witness. Robert Hayford of
Barrington, a park employe, said that
me of the gangsters, apparently
Nelson's companion, was wounded In
:he leg. and was able to get on his
feet only with great difficulty after the
federal agents had ceased firing.
(Continued From First Page)
attention to the hunt for Thomas H.
Robinson, jr. *
It was while Cowley, with Purvis
assigned to his command, was search
ing for Robinson, after the return of
Mrs. Stoll, that Ohio police captured
Adam Richetti, lieutenant of Floyd,
near Wellsville, Ohio. Floyd escaped
and hid in the farm area. Cowley
directed a squad of Federal agents jn
the man-hunt for Floyd and finally
located him on a farm near East Liv
erpool. where the outlaw was fatally
shot as he tried to escape, gun in
Cowley returned to headquarters
here after Floyd's death and con
ferred with Hoover regarding the
search for the elusive "Baby Face"
Nelson. About 10 days ago word came
from Chicago that Nelson was be
lieved to be hiding out in that vi
cinity. Hoover directed Cowley to take
a plane at once and fly to the scene
to take charge of the plans for cap
turing the latest “Public Enemy
No. 1."
Followed by Family.
Because Cowley believed he might
be in the Chicago area for an indefi
nite period—it seemed the gangsters
would not let him stay in Washing
ton for any length of time—he had
Mrs. Cowley follow him to Chicago
and take an apartment theie. She
took along her 7-month-old baby,
Samuel, jr., and 3-year-old son. John.
The Cowleys lived at 3432 Brown
street. He has a brother and sister
living ncie. rney are josepn r. cow
; ley and Mrs. Laura Cowley Brossard.
Both left for Chicago early today.
Cowley was born in Logan, Utah,
In 1899 He graduated from the Utah
State Agricultural College and then
came to Washington and attended
George Washington University Law
School, graduating in 1929. Shortly
; thereafter he was appointed a spe
( cial agent in the Division of Investi
i gation. His rise was rapid in that
j Hollis was a native of Des Moines.
; Iowa. After receiving his law degree
from Georgetown University Law
School, he passed the examination
for special agent and was appointed
j in 1927. He had made a splendid
[ record in the Chicago area under
j Purvis.
California Central Committee of
Party Trying to Consoli
date Ranks.

By the Associated Pres*.
SACRAMENTO, Calif., November
28—A move to consolidate the forces
| of Upton Sinclair's E. P. I. C. followers
and the county central committees of
the Democratic party in California
was disclosed here yesterday.
Culbert L. Olson, State Central
Committee chairman and Sinclair
leader, in a letter to Walter Predovich,
urged E. P. I. C. groups to join with
the county committees and change
their names to •'Democratic clubs."
‘‘In this way.” Olson wrote, “all
progressive elements In the Demo
cratic party will be brought together
under one leadership. Only in this
way may we prevent reactionaries
from gaining party control.”
Predovich was campaign manager
for Sheridan Downey, defeated as the
Democratic candidate for lieutenant
j governor along with Sinclair, the
gubernatorial nominee under whose
leadership the E. P. I. C. clubs were
established to promote the Sinclair
productlon-for-use scheme.
By the Associated Press.
LOS ANGELES, November 28.—
Helen May Spence sued Ralph Spence,
film writer, for a divorce and $1,200
a month alimony in Superior Court
here yesterday. She claimed he was
earning $100,000 a year.
They were married December 7,
1912. For the last six years, Mrs.
Spence charged, the writer has re
fused to live with her and her son,
Ralph, jr- 7. and when he did come
home he was intoxicated and usually
dropped off to sleep, depriving her of
any conversation or association with
him. She also charged he was main
taining other homes which he said
were with men and a business neces
sity, but she claimed they were for
“other purposes.”
Nelson Only Man
To Kill More Than
One U. S. Operative
Slayer of Cotcley and
Hollis Blamed for
Deaths of Three.
By th« Associated Press.
The Department of Justice said to
day that Baby Face Nelson fas the
only man who ever killed more than
one of its operatives. He is blamed
for the death of three.
When Samuel P. Cowley and Her
man Hollis fell yesterday the depart
ment lost two of its best men. Besides
these. Nelson is accused of killing
Agent W. Carter Baum when John
DilUnger and his mohsmen shot their
way to freedom from an inn at Spider
Lake. Wis.
Among other agents killed in recent
years were:
Raymond Caffrey. shot in the Kan
sas City "massacre" of June. 1933.
Edward J. Shanahan, killed while
making an arrest in Chicago in Octo
ber, 1925.
Paul Reynolds. found shot in a canal
at Phoenix, Ariz., in August. 1930.
Paris Cabmen's Hours Cut.
Paris police have rut taxi drivers'
working days to 8 hours.
Slayers of Cowley and Hol
lis Are Hunted in Chicago
Northwest Side.
By the Associated Press.
CHICAGO, November 28 —Law en
forcing officials seeking “Baby Face"
Nelson and his machine-gunner com
panion, for the slaying of Federal
Agents Cowley and Hollis, today
combed Chicago’s Northwest 81de,
where Dillinger himself hid out for
many weeks.
Saloons, gaming establishments and
other resorts thickly dot the section,
which has been the favorite stamping
ground of many of the Nation's arch
Its polyglot population and honey
combed warrens of the underworld
enabled Dillinger to venture out in
public dozens of times, despite the
fact that special police squads and
Federal agents searched throughout
the district. But in the same envi
rons the Indiana desperado finally met
his fate, though he had once escaped
a raid on a North Side hotel.
Scene of Capone War.
The Capone gang waged war on
other hoodlum outfits, using the dis
I trict as a battle ground, extending
from the Chicago River north on Clark
! street, out Sheridan road, up Lawrence
avenue and through the “uptown'
“in the heart of the region occurred
the climax of the city's guerilla war
fare. the bloody St. Valentine's day
massacre, when seven gangsters were
mowed down by machine guns in a
Capone bitterly battled Dion
I O'Banion. florist-gunman, for over
i lordship of the territory—a feud that
! cost the lives of more than 100 per
! sons. In the same region the Touhy
gang hatched Its abduction plots, while
j Verne Sankey and Jack Klutas headed
separate extortion crews.
Sankey, who later killed himself,
was captured In a barber shop near
the theater where DUlinger was slain.
Other "Limehouse” Lords.
Other swaggering lords of the Chi
cago "Limehouse” were: “Three Fin
ger” Jack White, Big Tim Murphy,
Ted Newberry, James (Red) Barker,
Dominic and Joe Aiello, whose activi
ties were governed—and ended—by
the stacatto of machine guns.
When police raiders blasted a North
Side apartment last year, expecting to
catch Dillinger and his gang, they
found three men dead, all wanted for
safe-cracking and other crimes. At
that time police said:
"If you scattered a handful of buck
shot any place In the district, the
: chances are 100 to 1 you'd hit a
' racketeer of one species or another.”
- ' I
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t K
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