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Capital's Social
High Lights
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Part 3—10 Pages
Society IVmen Whose Interests Center Around Presidents Birthday Ball
^ =
Mrs. Daniel C. Long, one of the popular young matrons
working for the success of the fete celebrating President Roose
velt's birthday anniversary. Seventy per cent of the proceeds
of the event will be used for the care of youthful infantile
paralysis victims. —star staff Photo.
Center: Mrs. Hamilton McCormick-Goodhart (left), Mrs.
Randall H. Hagner and Mrs. Henry W. Miller, who are giving
their support and time to the committee in charge of distri
bution of tickets. —star 8ta® Photo.
Dinner to Diplomats
Climaxes White House
Program This Week
First Lady to Entertain 800 Women at
Buffet Luncheon—Ball
PI ans Advance.
In addition to the state dinner to the
diplomatic corps Thursday night, the
President and Mrs. Roosevelt have but
few engagements of strictly social na
ture, and while society in general and
at large rushes madly about on its
round of calling—with cabinet calls
of major importance—Mrs. Roosevelt
will stay within the mansion and this
week will open the portals to hundreds
cf woman visitors. Tomorrow another
of those gigantic entertainments for
which the White House has become
famous with the Roosevelt administra
tion will take place when Mrs. Roose
velt's guests at a buffet luncheon will
number about 800, selected from the
Chautauqua Woman's Club.
Event with so brilliant an event as
the diplomatic reception, so pleasant an
event as the Supreme Court reception
and so splendid an affair as the diplo
matic dinner this week to think about,
the President's birthday balls all over
the country are paramount in impor
tance. Looming up from every section
of the country are descripitions glow
ing and growing in brilliancy of- balls
that read like a trail of royal events
Instead of benefits for the Roosevelt
Warm Springs Foundation.
In Washington the Roosevelt birth
day ball is rolling up interest and
■plendor with the passing of each day.
Mrs. John R. Williams is chairman
In Washington for the ball the night
of January 30 and the entire city
leems falling in her wake to make it
even a greater success than that of
last year. With Senora de Calderon,
wife of the Spanish Ambassador, lead
ing the list of diplomatic women and
others of the corps joining her as
patronesses, the cabinet women lined
up in the same capacity and a Demo
cratic Senate and House behind the
whole movement, the ball cannot fail
to be a magnificent credit to Wash
Difficult to handle but having the
charm of differing from all other balls
In arrangement, the supper feature
Will take place of the boxes usually
•elected as the best means of paying
the expenses of so large an event.
Mrs. Reeve Lewis is chairman of the
Table Committee, and remembering
the arrangement of last year, one
must know that this is the most im
portant committee of- the many. Espe
cially are out-of-town people clamor
ing for tables in the main room and
ethers are content with tables in any
of the various rooms that will be open
for the evening. Just what the ar
rangements are remains to be an
nounced, but it is certain there will
be many surprises and that Mrs.
Roosevelt—who does not care for the
term First Lady—will figure as the
central attraction just as she did last
On Thursday Mrs. Roosevelt will
preface her appearance at the diplo
matic reception by taking luncheon
with Mrs. Claude A. Swanson, the
dainty wife of the Secretary of the
Navy. Arriving at the White House
as guests, perhaps over Sunday, are
Mrs. Catt and Mrs. Pennebacker, all
In readiness for the activities of the
League for the Cause and Cure of War.
And again, Mrs. Roosevelt has ac
cepted the invitation of the Women's
Rational Press Club to attend the
annual stunt party and dinner on
March 5 at the Willard, when for . the
second time she will sit by and hear
the New Deal mirthfully panned. Mrs
Oarner, wife of the Vice President, I
and Mrs. Hughes, wife of the Chief
Justice, have likewise accepted the
invitation to attend, and the Secretary
of Labor, Miss Frances Perkins; Assist
and Secretary of the Treasury, Miss
Josephine Roche; the wives of cabinet
members and, in fact, dozens from
the New Deal ramifications of the
Government, as well as from the
Senate and House, will be guests to
chuckle and laugh the evening away.
Mrs. Roosevelt is the first President's
wife to accept the invitation of the
Women's National Press Club for this
annual party and it is said the program
simply bristles with saucy jest at the
expense of those in high places. Mrs
Genevieve Forbes Herrick, the clever
and gifted president of the club, will
conduct the event up to the triumphal
evening, when she will preside at the
dinner. Mrs. Isabel Kinnear Griffin,
as clever a woman correspondent as
Washington boasts, is chairman of the
Committee on Program. There is al
ways a cloud behind the sunshine, and
it is that members will be permitted
to take but three personal guests to
the dinner, while, of course, the club
guests will number many.
Washington's biggest and most spec
tacular ball, the Bal Boheme of the
Arts Club, is set for the night of
February 4 at the Willard Hotel, where
the entire ball room floor and other
floors besides will be given over to the
event. The glitter and beauty of the
East will furnish the theme and al
ready hundreds of costumes have been
requisitioned for the event. Every
character known to Oriental countries,
from Chinese laundrymen and Egyp
tian camel drivers to rajahs, rich
merchants and what not, will be seen.
The larger ball room at the Willard
will be scarctly more attractive than
the smaller ball room in its rich and
glamorous decoration. Tickets scarce
soar to the price of those for the
architects' ball in New York, but with
the artists still a little in the throes
of hard times, only $5 a ticket is being
asked, a real bargin price for so bril
liant a ball. It is the one real fancy
dress or costume ball of the year to
which all Washingtonians look with
Patrons for Sunday Evening
Concert Series of Interest
The famous Swedish prima donna,
Mme. Goeta Ljungberg, will make her
concert debut in the Capital City Sun
day night, January 27. at 8:30 o'clock
in the National Theater, appearing as
the second in the series of world
famous artists in the five-star series
of recitals.
Among the season's subscribers to
the course, which includes such dis
tinguished stars as Dorothy Sands,
Feodor Chaliapin, Igor Stravinsky and
Samuel Dushkin. and which opened
with Egon Petri, are: Miss Moira
Archbold, Mrs. Victor E. Anderson,
Dr. Rita Dielman, Dr. and Mrs.
George Goetzman, Mrs. Walter Bruce
Howe, Mrs. George Hewitt Myers, Mr.
and Mrs. William K. Ryan, Mrs.
George H. Eckels. Mr. and Mrs. Chris
tian Heurich, Miss Laura Harlan,
Miss Mary Cryder, Miss Julia Schell
ing, Miss Dorothy Phillips, Mrs. E. R.
Henning, Dr. and Mrs. Raoul d' Eca
and other notable music lovers of the
Sunday night concert parties are
being given, preceded by a number of
informal dinner parties, and it is
expected Washington will shortly fol
low in the footsteps of the Continent
in the enjoyment of delightful music
oiv Sunday nights in this unusual
series arranged by the T. Arthur
Bmlth Bureau here.
Mrs. John A. Kennedy, prominent on the Table
and Ticket Committees of the worthy benefit for
little children, so fittingly arranged for the natal
day of the President. — Harris-Ewing Photo.
Mrs. John A. Selby. second vice president of the Junior League, and Miss
Anne Carter Green, president of the league, tireless workers for the ball.
They are on the Ticket Committee.
—Star 8taff Photo.
Elizabeth Howison Gill
William B. Kerkam
Prominent Debutante of
1934 to Wed Princeton
Graduate—Date for Cere
mony Not Yet Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nicholas
Gill, jr., announce the engagement of
their daughter. Elizabeth Howison, to
Mr. William Barron Kerkam, jr., son
of Mr. and Mrs. William Barron Ker
kam. No date has been set for the
Both Miss Gill and Mr. Kerkam are
residents of this city. Miss Gill, who
was one of the prominent debutantes
of last year, attended Friends School
and Holton Arms School in Washing
ton and the Chateau de Groslay in
Paris. France. Mr. Kerkam graduated
from St. Alban's School here and from
Princeton University in 1932.
Dr. Arthur Marston Stimson, medi
cal director, United States Public
Health Service, and Mrs. Stimson an
nounce the engagement of their
daughter, Jean, to Mr. Stewart Conger
Wilcox, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Earle Wilcox of Rochester, Ν. Y.
The · edding will take place in June.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Johnston of Red
ford, Ind., announce the engagement
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Committees Forming for
President s Birthday Ball
As chairman of the Executive Com
mittee of the birthday ball for the
President at the Shoreham Hotel
January 30, Mrs. John R. Williams
will be chairman of the Reception
Committee. Those who have con
sented, to date, to serve on this com
mittee are Mrs. Sumner Welles, Mrs.
Robert Low Bacon, Mrs. Robert Woods
Bliss, Mrs. Phillip Coffin, Mrs. Jeffer
son Coolidge, Mrs. James Clement
Dunn, Mrs. George Eustis, Mrs. Wil
liam Beverly Mason, Mrs. Eleanor
Medill Patterson, Mrs. Henry Latrobe
Roosevelt and Mrs. George Sloan.
Miss Audrey Campbell, niece of Mrs.
Joseph Leiter, is chairman of the
Music Committee and is organizing
her group for the ball.
In the meantime, at headquarters
in the Transportation Building, mem
bers of the five charity organizations,
through which 70 per cent of the pro
ceeds from the ball will be spent in
caring for children affllicted with in
fantile paralysis in the District of
Columbia, are working daily with
Admiral Mark Bristol and Mrs. Fred
erick H. Brooke on the Ticket Com
Miss Frances Perkins
To Return Tomorrow
Secretary of Labor at Nashville for Southern
Conference—North Dakotans to Visit
Senator and Mrs. Bulow.
The Secretary of Labor, Miss
Frances Perkins, will return tomorrow
afternoon from Nashville, Tenn.,
where she went yesterday to attend a
labor conference for 12 Southern
States. She will speak before the
delegates this afternoon, and tomor
row she will address the State Legis
Senator and Mrs. William J. Bulow
will have with them the latter part
of the week their son-in-l^w and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner
Gantz of Pierre, N. Dak., who will re
main here several days. Mr. Gardner
is State highway engineer for North
Representative Caroline O'Day of
New York has with her for an indefi
nite visit her daughter, Miss Elia
O'Day, who arrived in the Capital
yesterday. Representative O'Day is
now making her home with Miss
Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor,
at 1344 Thirtieth str t.
Miss Mary Senate Howes, daughter
of the First Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral and Mrs. Howes, Is spending the
week end at West Point with Miss Mary
Patterson, who, with her mother is
spending the Winter at the Mayflower.
Mrs. Samuel F. Patterson is chaperon
ing her daughter and Miss Howes over
the week end.
Mrs. Homer S. Cummings and her
house guest, Mrs. Barton Weeks, were
guests of Mrs. Howes Friday afternoon
in the Mayflower lounge. Others in
the party were Mrs. P. Bruce Kremer
and her two daughters-in-law, Mrs.
Herbert Bingham and Mrs. Stuart
Bingham, and Mrs. Herbert Petty.
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Henry H.
Hough have returned to Washington
and opened their home at 2210 Massa
chusetts avenue for the remainder of
the season.
Former American Minister to Uru
guay and Mrs. Leland Harrison will
return tomorrow from Alabama,
where they made a short visit.
Sirs. Bowler Hull has returned to
her home on Massachusetts avenue
from Oklahoma, where she spent
Christmas with her father, Mr. T. F.
Bowler. She was Joined there by her
sons, Mr. Ludlow Xing and Mr. John
A. Hull, jr. Mrs. Hull was in Otta
homa for the inauguration of Gov.
E. W. Marland and was a guest at the
Governor's mansion in Oklahoma City.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Davies, ac
companied by their daughter, Mrs. Al
dace Walker of New York, left yester
day for a 10-day stay in Florida.
Miss Constance C. Morrow is at the
Carlton, having come from Smith Col
lege to attend the meeting of the
Smith Alumnae Association.
Mrs. R. L. Barrows of Bronxville,
(Continued on Page 3, Column 6.)
Ranking Ladies' Guests
At Congressional Club
Mrs. John Nance Garner, wife of
the Vice President, and Mrs. Joseph
W. Byrns, wife of the Speaker of the
House, shared honors at a charming
reception yesterday afternoon given
by the Woman's National Democratic
Club in its club house on New
Hampshire avenue. The club was gay
with Spring flowers, pussy willow and
ferns and on the tea table were center
pieces of the blossoms, and tall tapers
in candelabrae.
The honor guests were presented to
the large company, which included
members of the congressional set.
Also in the receivihg line were Mrs.
Cordell Hull, wife of the Secretary of
State; Mrs. Morris Sheppfcrd and Mrs.
Tom Connolly.
Assisting at the tea table and greet
ing the guests were the wives of the
Representatives from Tennessee and
Texas, including Mrs. Samuel D. Mc
Reynolds, Mrs. Clarence M. Turner,
Mrs. Herron Pearson and Mrs. Jere
Cooper, from Tennessee; Mrs. Wright
Patman, Mrs. Morgan Sanders, Mrs.
Joe Eagle, Mrs. J. J. Mansfield, Mrs.
J. P. Buchanan, Mrs. Ο. H. Cross, Mrs.
Fritz Lanham, Mrs. W. D. McFarlane,
Mrs. Richard Kleberg, Mrs. Melton
West, Mrs. R. Ewing Thomason, Mrs.
Marvin Jones, Mrs, G. H. Mahon, Mrs.
Maury Maverick, Mrs. C. H. South.
Mrs. Martin Dies, Mrs. Luther John
eon and Mrs. Nat P&tton, from Texas.
Others who assisted were Mrs. J.
Clinton Tribby, Mrs. Benton McMil
lan, Mrs. M. E. Buford. Mrs. Robert
Gates, Mrs. Samuel Herrick, Mrs.
James T. Newton, Mrs. James Craig
Peacock and Mrs. W. L. Beala.
Morgenthau Dinner
Tomorrow to Honor
Mr. and Mrs. Josten
Mrs. Daniel C. Roper Will
Be Hostess Thursday to
Mrs. John Nance Garner,
Wife of Vice President.
! The Secretary of the Treasury and
Mrs. Henry Morgenthau, jr., will en
tertain at a small dinner tomorrow
evening for the letter's brother-in-law
and sister, Mr. Werner Josten, well
known composer, and Mrs. Josten.
Mrs. Daniel C. Roper, wife of the
Secretary of Commerce, will entertain
at luncheon Thursday, February 7, in
honor of Mrs. John Nance Garner,
wife of the Vice President.
Senator Robert M. La Follette en
tertained informally Friday evening
at the Club Habana.
Representative and Mrs. Chester C.
Bolton of Ohio will give a reception
this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock to the
other members of the Ohio delegation
in Congress and their wives. Alter
nating at the tea table will be Mrs.
William E. Hess, Mrs. Frank C. Knif
fln, Mrs. Lawrence Imhoff and Mrs.
John B. Hollister.
Miss Eleanor Perkins, Miss Carrie
Perkins and Miss Grace Perkins,
daughters of Representative and Mrs.
Randolph Perkins of Woodcliff Lake,
N. J., entertained at bridge, ioljQwed
by tea, yesterday afternoon in honor
of Miss Doris Gale of Nebraska, .who
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hender
son. The engagement of Miss Gale to
Mr. Paul Henderson, jr., was recently
Miss Gale and Mr. Henderson will
be entertained at dinner this evening
by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bertlett in
their new home in the Colonial Vil
lage, and earlier in the week they
were honor guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John Gilbert Nettleton at a buflet sup
per party.
The special assistant to the Secre
tary of State and Mrs. James Clement
Dunn will be hosts at luncheon today,
entertaining in honor of former Rep
resentative and Mrs. Richard S. Aid
rich, who are guests for a few days
of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wilkins.
Last evening Mr. and Kirs. Aldrich
were entertained at dinner by Senator
and Mrs. W. Warren Barbour, who,
with their fueat», went later to the
(Continued on Page 4, CWnmn 6.)
Mrs. Philip Owen Coffin, president of the Children's Country
Home Board, who is one of the active members of the Ticket
Committee of the President's birthday ball, to be held at the
Shoreham January 30. —star stau Phote.
English Ambassador
To Give Dinner Feb. 4
French Envoy and Mme. De Laboulaye Will
Entertain at Musicale, Pre
senting Pianists.
The dean of the diplomatic corps
his Brittanic majesty's Ambassador,
Sir Ronald Lindsay, has issued invita
tions for dinner Saturday evening,
February 2.
The Ambassador of Prance and Mme.
de Laboulaye *111 entertain a company
at a musicale Wednesday evening.
The program will be given by M.
Robert Casadesus and Mme. Casadesus
pianists. M. Casadesus *111 appear at
Mrs. Lawrence Townsend's morning
musicale Wednesday, but Mme.
Casadesus has never played in public.
The Ambassador of the Union of
Sonet Socialist Republics, M. Alex
ander Antonovich Troyanovsky, ar
rived in Sam Francisco Thursday from
the Orient, where he went after several
months' vacation in his native country.
The Ambassador was met by Mme.
Troyanovsky. who went West several
weeks ago. They will come to Wash
ington later in the month.
The newly appointed Ambassador of
Cuba. Senor Guillermo Patterson y
Jauregui, accompanied by his two
daughters, Senorita Zoe Patterson and
Senorita Olga Patterson, will sail
Tuesday aboard the Manhattan from
England, where the Ambassador has
represented Cuba at the Court of St
The Minister of Austria and Mme
Prochnik will be hosts at a buffet
supper this evening following the con
cert of the Vienna Choir in the Na
tional Theater. The guests at the
legation will include only the members
of the choir and those who accom
panied the members on their American
The Minister and Mme. Prochnik
will entertain at dinner Saturday
evening in honor of the Chief Justice
and Mrs. Hughes, and Tuesday Mme.
Prochnik will give a lunch party for
her daughter, Mile. Valerie Prochnik.
The Minister of Sweden and Mme
Bostrom will be hosts at a musicale
Saturday evening, when Mme. Greta
Lgungburg, Swedish soprano, will give
a short program. Mme. Lgungburg.
who is a member of the Metropolitan
Opera, will give a concert Sunday
evening, January 27, in the National
The Chinese Minister and Mrs. Sze
will be guests this afternoon of a
group of Chinese students at Catholic
The Minister of Norway. Mr. W.
Munthe de Morgenstierne. will leave
the Capital tonwuTow for New York to
speak at the banquet given In honor
of Herman Wildenvey, Norwegian poet.
An English translation of his poems
will be published next week by Dodd,
Mead Sc Co., under the title, "Owls
tù Athens.
The counselor of. the Rumanian
Legation and Mme. Florescu will be
hosts at dinner tomorrow evening.
Last evening they entertained a com
.pany of 12 . at dinner.
The military attache of the Chinese
Legation, Col. T. M. Chow, and Mrs.
Chow were hosts informally at dinner
in the ball room at the Shoreham last
evening for a group of American
Army officers and their wives, various
members of the Chinese Legation
staff and visiting Chinese officials.
Brig. Oen. Perry L. Miles and Mrs.
Miles were among the guests and
others included Col. Charles Burnett
and Mrs. Burnett, Col. Oeorge L. -By
road e and Mrs. Byroade, Col. Henry
T. Burgin and Mrs. Burgln, Col. Rol
land W. Case and Mrs. Case, Col.
Edwin O. Saunders and Mrs. Saunders,
Col. Walter D. Smith and Mrs. Smith,
Col. George R. Grunert and Mrs.
Grunert, Col. Norman P. Ramsey and
Mrs. Ramsey, the counselor of the
Chinese Legation and Mrs. Tung
Kwal, Mr. E. 8. Wei, member of the
Chinese Communication* Department;
Lieut. Col. Frederick M. Barrows and
Mrs. Barrows, Mrs Garl F. Baldwin,
Lieut. Col. Louis P. Ford and Mrs.
Ford, Lieut. Col. Ray L. Avery and
I Mrs Avery, Lieut. Col. G. H. Dondero
and Mrs. Dondero, Maj. Clarence R.
Huebner and Mrs. Huebner, Maj. Wil
liam F. Freehoff and Mrs. Freeholl,
Maj. Earl Landreth and Mrs. Lan
dreth. Maj. Ralph C. Smith and Mrs.
Smith. Maj. Raymond Barton and
Mrs. Barton. Maj. William E. Cham
bers and Mrs. Chambers, Maj. Charles
H. Corlett and Mrs. Corlett, Maj.
William H. Wilbur and Mrs. Wilbur.
Maj. Raymond Marsh and Mrs. Marsh,
Maj. Edward S. Johnston and Mrs.
Johnston; Maj. Stuart R. Carswell and
Mrs. Carswell, Mrs. Harry D. Tong,
the first secretary of the Chinese Lega
tion, Mr. W. S. Lao; Capt. Malcolm
F. Lindsey and Mrs. Lindsey, Dr. and
Mrs. Y. S. Leong, Mr. C. H. Loh, Mr.
and Mrs J. Y. Yee, the second secre
tary of the Chinese Legation. Mr. P.
C. Huang; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shieh,
the attache of the Chinese Legation,
Mr. T. U. Ku; Capt. Τ M. Yi, Capt.
and Mrs. P. U. Hsiao. Capt. and Mrs.
P. Y. Ho. Mrs. I. B. Story and Sir.
H. S. Luk.
The first secretary of the Italian
Embassy, Signor Bartolomeo Migone.
will sail Wednesday for the United
States after several months' vacation
in his Italian home. Sailing on the
same steamer will be Mr. Leone
Fumasoni Biondi. Washington corre
spondent for Italian news service, who
also has been in Italy on vacation.
The first secretary of the Mexican
Embassy and Senora de Fuentes left
I yesterday for New York. They will
return to the Capital Tuesday.
Demonstration of "Talking
Books" for the Blind
Mrs. George Maurice Morris of the
Junior League, which is sponsoring
the "talking boots" for the blind,
will be the guest of Mrs. Georgette
Ross Howard at her weekly current
topic talk at the Sulgrave Club
Tuesday morning at 11:30 o'clock.
Mrs. Morris is bringing a blind
woman who will demonstrate the
books for the guests. These books
are being sent out by the American
Foundation for the Blind, of which
Miss Helen Keller Is president.
In addition to this feature of the
morning. Mrs. Howard will discuss
our foreign trade policy, and also
give a brief review of the history of
the Supreme Court, going back to the
early days In our history when there
were but six members.
Norway's Diplomate
Guests of Miss de Sayn
The Minister of Κ or way and Mme.
Munthe de Morgenstierne, · Mme.
OfTerdahl and Mr. Oyvand Scott
Hansen. attache, were the ranking
guests at the reception given by Elena
de Sayn. president of the Slavic
American Society of Music and Fine
Arts Thursday afternoon at her resi
dence, 1705 Κ street, in honor o!
Mme. Maia Bang, the famous peda
gogue and composer. Mme. Bang was
decorated by the King of Norway for
her services performed along educa
tional lines. She is on a lecture tour
throughout the United States, and
will speak In more than SO cities.
Miss Perkins to Observe
Wednesday at Home
The Secretary of Labor, Miss Fran·
ces Perkins, will observe her day at
home Wednesday afternoon, January
30, receiving in her home in George·
Mrs. Wilbur J. Carr. wife of the
Assistant Secretary of State, will not
receive until the first Sunday In

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