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Tells Coroner’s Jury She
Called “Good Night, Dar
ling” to Him.
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the husband replied in a Arm voice
“I had but one drink. My wife had
no more than that.”
“My wife said ‘I'll put the car in
the garage.’ I said: ’No I’ll do it.'
The guests went in. We argued about
It. and finally we both went in, leav
ing the car in the drive.
"When we got in the house. I took
off her coat and we went upstairs.
I asked if there was anything I could
do for her and she said no. Then
I kissed her good night and went to
my room.”
Tells of Finding Body.
“Have you and she always occupied
•eparate rooms?” Pruette asked.
“I should say about half and half.
Sometimes I slept in hers and again
■he would sleep tn mine,” Davidson
He called good night to his wife,
he said, and she replied: "Good night,
"What did you hear from her
"In the morning the butler came in
and shook me. ‘My God,’ he said,
•Mrs. Davidson’s dead.’ I threw on
some clothes and ran to the garage.
“The door was up when I got there.
Only the butler had been there be
fore me."
Davidson then described how the
doors of the three-car garage slid up
and down. He couldn't describe the
location of the window and said he
didn’t know whether the garage has
a second floor.
"My wife was lying on the running
board, her head on the floorboards,
as though she had tried to get out ]
of the car. The switch was on.”
He said he never thought of feeling
the motor to see if it was hot.
Couldn’t Feel Pulse.
“Her head and wrists were warm,
but I couldn't feel any pulse," he said.
Davidson said he didn't try to lift
her into the car. When the doctor
arrived, he added, the physician said
she must be taken to the hospital at
once. This was done, he said.
Pruette then switched the examina
tion and asked the husband about
their honeymoon.
He was told of an automobile acci
dent on the trip.
Davidson said he was married once
before, to Jessica Allwood. He said
they were divorced last year and that
she Is now living in Berryville, Va.,
with their three children.
He said he met Miss Statler shortly
after the divorce. He admitted giv
ing up his job. after his second i
marriage, but denied he ever said he |
intended to live on her income. He 1
said he gave up his job because she
wanted him to live in Pinehurst.
Wouldn't Read Will.
Davidson said he was in Pinehurst.
February 15, while his wife was in
Boston, Mass., making a will which
left him about half a million dollars.
When she came back, he said, she
handed him the will and asked him
to read it.
“But I didn't read it.” he said.
“I happened to be in love with my
wife and never thought of the idea of
her making a win. I wasn't interested
In her monetary affairs.”
He said he didn’t know the contents
of the will until a lawyer told him
about it. He said he understood it
gave him a yearly income, but did not
believe It left him any substantial
He denied his wife was unhappy at
the party preceding her death, bu
said she thought he was "cross” to wart
Davidson said his wife often receive!
bruises in athletics. She recelvM «
large one on her thigh, he added
when hit by a tennis ball a few dayi
before her death.
Davidson left the stand at 11: SO.
Emanuel Burch, colored butler wh<
discovered the body, was the next wit
He said he smelled a “strong odor ol
burned gas” when fie went to wait
the car, which had been driven intc
the garage by an unidentified person
after the Davidsons left It in the drive
Burch said he then discovered thi
body and ran into the house, when
he told the maid: "Mrs. Davidson ii
either sick or dead." The car motoi
was not running, he said, when hi
went to the garage.
The butler said Davidson's bed room
door was "pushed to" when he went
to call him.
Car Had Automatic Stop.
The butler said Mrs. Davidson’s cai
would stop automatically after run
ning halt an hour.
Burch was nervous on the stand and
his voice dropped to a whisper as he
assured Pruette he had not touched
the body.
He said he hasn't talked to anybody
about the case "except the men who
came to the house.”
Questioned by a member of the Jury,
Burch said Davidson did not place his
wife's body in his lap while he was
p-csent. Davidson said he did this
after the doctor arrived. It was not
brought out whether Burch was in the
garage after the physician arrived
When Pearl Watson, the dead wom
an's colored maid, took the stand she
was examined by J. M. Broughton, an
attorney for the Statler interests.
She said Mr. and Mrs. Davidson at
times occupied the same room, but
that so far as she knew Mrs. Davidson
never slept in her husband's room.
The maid did not live in the house.
She said "Mrs. Davidson didn't have
any definite place to put her clothes”
and that she picked them up every
Her slippers were by the bureau.”
the maid said, "the hose on the floor
and her gown in the bath room. Some
of the underwear was in the bed room
and some in the bath room. It looked
like she undressed all over the room.”
There were two beds in the room,
and both looked like they had been
slept In as though the tragedy hadn't
She denied Davidson told her not to
talk about the case.
Questioned by Davidson's attorney,
she said she saw nothing "out of the
ordinary” in the condition of Mrs.
Davidson's bed room on the morning
of ihe tragedy.
She said the dead woman'* blue silk
nightgown apparently had been worn.
Colored Man Grins as Noose Is
Put Over Head—Mississippi
Troops Guard Prisoner.
By the Associated Press.
CLEVELAND, Miss. March 5.—
Grinning broadly as the black hood
and noose were pulled over hi* head,
Alonza Robinson, alias James H.
Coyner, huge colored grave robber and
confessed slayer, went to his death
on the gallows early today.
He died for the slaying and mutila
tion of Mrs. Aurelius B. Turner, who
with her husband was hacked to
death in their home near here last
Between 200 and 300 National
Guardsmen with fixed bayonets stood
guard outside the JaU as Sheriff E. R.
McLean sprang the trap that plunged
the 40-year-old professed fatalist' to
his death on the scaffold atop the
four-story Bolivar County JaU.
U. S. Appeals Tribunal Says
Baltimore Corporation
Ruling Valid.
the Associated Press.
RICHMOND, Va.. March 5.
Claude M. Dean, clerk of United Slate*
Circuit Court of Appeals for the
fourth circuit, announced last night
that at a special session of the court
held at Charlotte. N. C., Saturday
an opinion was handed down by
Circuit Judges Parker and Soper up
holding the constitutionality of the
Federal bankruptcy act.
The decision upheld the ruling ol
the United States District Court of
Baltimore which denied the petition
of minority bondholders of the Alle
ghany Corp. to set aside reorganiza
tion plans for that corporation under
section 77B of the bankruptcy act.
The decision stated that "we enter
tain no doubt of the constitutionality
of the statute. It Is an exercise of
the power conferred on Congress by
the Constitution ‘to establish * • •
uniform laws on the subject of bank
ruptcies throughout the United
State*,' adapted to the conditions pre
sented by modern Industrial legisla
The effect of the decision was to
affirm an earlier decision of the
United States District Court at Balti
more when It denied the petition ol
Thomas Campbell, representing a
group of minority bondholders, who
contested the reorganization ,of the
Alleghany Corp. on the ground that
there was an insufficient acceptance
of the plan on the part of bond
The court held that since 77 per
cent of the bondholders agreed to ihe
original plan and empowered the
corporation to "do all things necessary
or appropriate to carry it out,” and
that they subsequently did not after
this approval when changes were pro
posed to accommodate the Federal
bankruptcy act, that a sufficient ac
ceptance of the plan had been evi
denced to meet the requirements of
the act.
Jurist Holds Under Advisement
Demurrer and Motion to Dis
miss Gaming Indictments.
Justice James M. Proctor of Dis
trict Supreme Court took under ad
visement today a demurrer and a mo
tion to dismiss a gambling Indictment
against Sam Beard and 13 other de
fendants, arrested some time ago in
a raid on an office in the Mather
Building where there was a telephone
set-up allegedly used for horse-racing
Through Attorneys John J. Sirica
and Martin F. ODonoghue. jr„ the
defense attempted to prove there was
nothing to show betting was trans
acted on the premises
Representing the Government was
Assistant United States Attorney
Roger Robb.
Takoma Group Against
Board of Two Physicians
and Lawyer. •
Opposition to legislation In Con
gress providing a special board of
two physicians and one lawyer In
lieu of a Jury for trial In insanity
cases was voiced last night at a
meeting of the Citizens’ Association
of Takoma. D. C.
George E. Sullivan, chairman of
the Laws and Legislation Committee,
stated that no radical changes were
necessary in the present law. Under
the proposed legislation the only way
a Jury trial could be secured would
be on demand of the family, friends
or the patient himself. Jesse C. Suter
thought that there was a demand
for some change in the present law
and a reform in the handling of
Favors Small Loan Bill.
The association went on record as
favoring the passage of the Senate
bill to regulate the small loan busi
ness In the District, with the excep
tion of that part of the bill authoriz
ing the superintendent of insurance
to Increase the allowable rate of In- j
terest beyond 2 per cent per month, !
whereas It should be limited to de
creasing the rate of interest charged.
The Public Utilities Commission
and the Capital Transit Co. were com
mended for the establishment of spe
cial express bus service from Takoma
Park to the center of the city in a
resolution presented by President
Wallace C. Magathan. He also pre
sented resolutions opposing the re
moval of the tracks on Kennedy
street between Georgia avenue and
fourteenth street and Colorado ave
nue, but approved the rerouting of
the major part of the Takoma cars on
Third street and Kennedy street via
Georgia avenue during rush hours
and continuance of the service on
Kennedy street west of Georgia ave
1 nue during both the rush and non
rush period.
Did Not Approve Line.
The association did not approve of
the non-rush bus service, which has
been ordered by the Public Utilities
Commlslon for the purpose of con
; necting Takoma Park with the Four
! teenth street line at Colorado avenue
and Kennedy street.
Mr Sullivan gave a brief review
of the proposed reorganization of the
District government by retaining the
present commission form of govern
, ment, but with the addition of a
i council. The association voted that
the Executive Committee of the asso
ciation consider the matter.
Elimination of obsolete street cars
in the interest of the public was ad
vocated in a resolution adopted, fol
lowing a statement by Mr. Sullivan.
President Magathan was renomi
i nated for a fourth term in office, with
j the following to be voted on at the
! April meeting: For first vice president,
I W. H. Youngman; second vice presi
dent. L. A. Jones: secretary, WllUam
IH. Parsons: treasurer. Norman E.
Mclndoo: delegates to the Federation
of Citizens' Associations, Mr. Sullivan
i and Mr. Magathan.
Library Gets Modern History Book
Herbert Putnam, librarian or Congress (left), receives from Wilfred W. Pry, president of N. W. Ayer & Son,
the huge history book, containing first pages of 1,314 daily newspapers on March 4, 1933, date of President Roose
velt’s Inauguration. Martin A. Roberts, superintendent of library reading room, looks on The book was given
Library of Congress yesterday, the anniversary of the Inauguration. Pages of the book teU the story as It was
reported in the newspapers, of the inauguration. _star staff Photo
Two Men Are Serving Prison
Sentences for Slaying Arthur
By the Associated Press.
POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.. March 5 —
Arthur Robinson, for whose supposed
murder two men are serving prison
sentences, was reported "alive and
well” today.
Belmont Ham. 14-year-old orphan,
told Sheriff Lester Massingham he
recently talked with Robinson. Rob
inson was supposedly slain In Feb
ruary. 1934.
Sheriff Massingham said further he
had learned another person, a neigh
bor of Robinson, had talked with him
In Poplar Bluff only two weeks ago.
An Investigation was started In
Stoddard County, where the crime
allegedly was committed.
Earl Wiseman pleaded guilty to
charges of Implication. He said George
Shanks killed Robinson over a girl
while he waited outside the victim’*
home. Shanks denied the charge, but
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a Jury gave him 20 years. Wiseman
received 10 years.
Shanks and Wiseman were arrested
after parts of a body, identified as
that of a human being, were found
in a fire near Robinson's one-room
Pastor of North Andover Church
Leaves Brother Who Serves
in Cambridge
By the Associated Press.
5.—One of two brothers, believed to
be the only twin Roman Catholic
priests In the country, died here last
He was Rev. Michael J. Buckley.
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jastor of St. Michael's Church here
'or the past seven years.
The surviving twin is Rev. Patrick
J. Buckley, pastor of St. Patrick’s
Church, Cambridge.
Christendom Antidote for
Impending Debacle, Says
Hilaire Belloc.
Flanked by dignitaries of the Cath
olic Church, Hilaire Belloc, historian
and biographer, stood on a rostrum In
the ba.l room of the Willard Hotel last
night and predicted the doom of the
world unless there Is united Christen
dom or a new system of thought
springing up to take the place of in
tense nationalism.
Belloc traced the origins of Euro
pean nationalities from Carthage and
Rome, showed how three separate and
distinct cultures Influence the acts of
the continental nations, and described
the whole set-up as a powder keg.
"If Europe tomorrow were to fall
Into a suicidal conflict," the eminent
writer said, "America would escape—
but England would not escape. Europe
is in danger of falling Into chaos.
Everybody knows It, and therefore no
body takes steps to prevent it.
Throughout history youH find that
The crisis in Europe has come about.
Belloc said, because of the various
conflicts pitted against each other—
the rich against the poor, capitalist
against the proletariat, and religionist
against religionist. He lined the va
rious European nations up as true and
false units—Italy. France. England,
Spain on the one hand, and Germany
and Russia on the other—"the last two
not being true units.”
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