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Sensational Beautifier
Refines the Skin
Thousands of women who formerly
were miserable over a skin beladen with
blackheads, whiteheads, large pores,
and other blemishes, now rave about
a new beautifier.
This remarkable preparation con
tains live oxygen that penetrates Into
the mouths of the pores, losens the
fatty blackheads, and prevents their
further formation.
When the oxygen frees the pores
from this disfiguring dirt and grease,
they return to normal size and the
skin resumes its natural, clean ap
pearance. It is soft and smoth to
the touch.
The name of this preparation is
Dioxogen Cream. It is the only prepa
ration in the world containing Dioxo
gen and is Approved by Good House
Prove to yourself beyond doubt that
you can have a skin forever free from
blackheads, whiteheads, open pores,
discoloration and other blemishes.
Dioxogen Cream brings benefit in any
skin to which it is applied. Regular
30c and $1 jars
For Snip l>v
25* for this
large bottle of Hollywood’s
favorite NAIL POLISH
Screen Stars know their cosmetics—
and when it comes to nail polish, many
of them say "Moon Glow for me."
Why? Because Moon Glow is a new,
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applies more smoothly and sets more
lustrously. And it WILL NOT streak,
fade, chip, crack or peel. Try a bottle,
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Moon Glow
Two Hours’ Debate Given
Measure Making Dionne
Girls Wards of King.

By the Associated Press.
TORONTO, March 15.—Five famous
little girls, indifferent to the serious
deliberations their existence has evoked,
were well on their way today to be
coming "special wards of his majesty
the King.”
A measure to place the babes, the
celebrated Dionne quintuplets, under
the guardianship of David A. Croll,
Ontario minister of welfare, was up
for its third reading today in the
provincial Legislature.
For two hours yesterday the legisla
tors debated the bill—“the Dionne
quintuplet guardianship act of 1935."
The Liberal government of Premier
Mitchell F. Hepburn jammed it
through committee without amend
ment, despite opposition from the con
servative minority.
Assailed as Drastic.
"I never saw such drastic legisla
tion," said Col. W. H. Price. Toronto
conservative. "Why. after a while you
won’t be able to do anything in this
country the way the government is
taking power."
Premier Mitchell retorted that the
measure "is going through in its
present form without dotting an i or
crossing a t."
While the legislative battle raged,
gray-haired Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, the
infants’ physician, sat on the side
lines, an interested but silent spec
Oliva Dionne, father of the quin
tuplets. and Leo Kerwin. his manager,
also visited the capital. It was re
ported he sought to have the govern
ment reconsider its intention of com
mitting the babies to such strict
Would Split Family.
Earlier in the week Dionne said his
family would be split in two if the
guardianship bill passed.
The welfare minister said once he
; is made guardian he will appoint as
I “active’’ guardians Dr. Dafoe and
“Papa" Dionne. More may be named
! later, he said.
They will replace W. H Alderson.
G. K. Morrison and Oliver Dionne,
the babies’ grandfather, who with Dr.
Dafoe were the original guardians.
The government's measure empowers
the welfare minister and the guardians
to enter into contracts, and voids any
previous contracts which are not au
thorized under the new guardianship.
Samson “Cure'* for Wife.
M. Grizunoff of Harbin, Manchuria,
thought his wife too flighty and evi
dently too “strong" for the men. So he
tried the cure that made Samson do
cile. He administered a sleeping
draught to her, and as she slept shaved
off her eyebrows and hair, then
trimmed her long eyelashes. The
shorn wife has brought a criminal ac
tion against Grizunoff charging him
with attempting to poison her. Grizu
noff’s defense in court was that he
could only keep his wife to “the
straight and narrow path" by limiting
her charms.
Boy, Shot in Left Lobe of Braim,
Learns Anew to Talk and Spell
By the Associated Press.
PORT CLINTON, Ohio. March 15.—
Jack Fleckner, 11, with six pieces ol
a bullet in his brain, is going through
the whole tedious, childish business
of learning to talk again.
Jack was accidentally shot in the
head last January while playing with
his brother Howard, 13, and a loaded
pistol. The bullet entered the brain
over the left eye and broke into six
pieces which lodged in the left frontal
When the boy showed signs of re
covering his doctors, H. Pool and J. H.
Wells, became concerned over his in
ability to speak and remember. They
decided to train the right side of his
mind to take over the functions previ
ously handled by the left side«
They taught him the A B C’s again.
The doctors said this required a re
adjustment of the reasoning faculties,
usually centered in the brain's left
frontal lobe.
Jack learned gradually to say words
and spell simple combinations. Some
times he spells a word without know
ing what it means. He is now able to
count to the twenties with a little as
sistance. Before the accident the boy
was at the head of his sixth grade
class. The doctors think he Is back
now to about the fourth grade level.
They say he is a victim of “word
aphasia.” Specialists have traveled
long distances to examine the boy.
The doctors, with the aid of a tutor,
hope to have him spelling and count
ing and back in the sixth grade within
a year.
* l
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Hair Rinse
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dorsed by hair beauticians
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it really does improve the
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It removes soap and sham- —v.
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