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numbers that are Plumbers
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§g§.C O M P"A NY -te l
7l» Thirteenth St. N.W. I
.4 i
3-Month Record Includes
Educational and Informa
tive Broadcasts.
COLUMBIA statisticians have
just figured out that 661 pro
grams devoted to talks of an
educational, cultural and in
formative nature were broad
cast over Its network during the first
three months of this year. These In
cluded 180 5-mlnute periods devoted
a news reports of the Press Radio
In the field of current events there
were 143 individual programs broad
cast in addition to the Press Radio
Bureau periods. These included reg
ular programs by Boake Carter, H. V.
Kaltenborn and Edwin C. Hill and
the weekly dramatized news resume
of the March of Time. The figures
do not include special Press Radio
Bureau bulletins nor eye-witness
broadcasts of news events.
The next category in point of broad
cast periods was domestic affairs.
Eighty-three programs covered a wide
variety of national interest such as
the soldiers’ bonus, the gold question,
labor legislation, national defense and
a broad range of sociological subject!.
Home Economics.
Home economics was the third topic
In the three months’ schedule with 77
programs. Music discussion held
Fourth place in Columbia’s pro
gram make-up. There were 44 periods
devoted to this subject. These em
braced 18 periods for children with
Ernest Schelling conducting a Satur
day morning series from Carnegie
Hall, and Dorothy Gordon, present
ing a weekly program in the American
School of the Air. Adult music talks
included those given by Howard Bar
low In the “Understanding Music”
periods each week, and Lawrence Gil
lian’s commentaries during each Sun
day’s concert by the Philharmonic
Symphony Society of New York.
There were 23 talks on religious
mbjects, all of them delivered during
he Columbia Church of the Air
iroadcasts, and other general topics
were covered in the following order:
International affairs, 16; economics,
15; industry, 13; education, 12; child
welfare, 7: armaments, 4; student
bought, 4; general, 32. The 8 re
maining programs were accounted
lor by the White House. President
rloosevelt was heard once during the
Irst quarter of 1935 in an address to
he Boy Scouts of America, and Mrs.
Hoosevelt was on the air 7 times.
* * * *
Amateur Contestants.
FIVE entrants in Arthur Godfrey’s
weekly amateur show on WJSV
will compete in the second edi
tion of his program in the Washing
on Hotel studios tomorrow night at
S:45 o’clock. The contestants are:
Elizabeth Wilson, 19 Poplar avenue,
rakoma Park, Md.; Francis Sherlock
Cunningham. 1201 G street northeast;
John J. Connelly, 1775 California
itreet; Sidney J. Dwight, 1714
rwenty-flfth street southeast, and
Bakshian Arman, 1625 Connecticut
WJSV announces that the radio
ludience selected Mias Margaret E.
Hilt, 4319 Third street, as the win
ler of the first amateur show last Sat
irday. The judges picked Irving
Hackennan, as their choice.
* * * *
NB. C. has arranged a series of
• special programs tomorrow in j
observance of Army day. The !
jroadcasts will include a description !
>f the Army day parade on Constitu
ion avenue, and addresses by Senator
Steiwer of Oregon, Representative Mc
3wain of South Carolina, and Frank
*. Belgrano, jr., national commander
)f the American Legion.
Grandmother, Hear Death From
Poison, May Have Killed
Child Accidentally.
ly the Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 5.—Eleven
’ear-old Margaret Hill, found dead In
he home where her grandmother lay
rasping for life, waa a victim of
trangulation, Dr. Sherman Leland,
ounty autopsy surgeon, has reported.
Dr. Leland said the grandmother,
Hrs. Mark L. Cohn, 66, near death
n a hospital from poison, might
lave accidentally caused the child's
trangulation by a slap or clutch at
he throat.
The girl’s thymic gland, Dr. Leland
eported, was enlarged to such an
xtent that a moderate shock might
iave been fatal.
Police Inspector Edwin Maher, who
aid Mrs. Cohn whispered “I’m sorry”
iefore she lapsed into unconsciousness
it the hospital, expressed belief the
randmother may have unintentionally
njured the child and then in hyster
sal remorse attempted suicide.
’ive Others Are Now Under Con
struction for Base-Ball Play
ers in Anacostia Park.
Seven new soft ball diamonds have
ust been completed in West Potomac
•ark, south of the Lincoln Memorial
Reflecting Pool, and five others are
nder construction in Anacostia Park,
; was announced yesterday by Albert
Rlyde-Burton, assistant superintend
nt of the National Capital Parks,
"his sport is becoming very popular
ere, with 18 teams organized at the
Washington Navy Yard alone, he said.
In addition, construction of two
ew horseshoe courts is being started
ear the First Division Memorial,
outh of the State, War and Navy
luilding. The clay tennis courts In
macostia and Montrose Parks are to
e reconditioned and regraded imme
iately so they may be opened about
he middle of the month. Croquet
laying at night will be made possible
his year In Meridian Hill Park, where
ight courts are being reconditioned,
ilyde-Burton said.
MILWAUKEE, April 5 (TP).—Failing
3 locate anything that looked like a
ire, crews and fire apparatus de
ar ted from an apartment building
An hour later they were recalled
’hen neighbors spotted flames leaping
irough the roof.
Today two firemen were nursing ta
llies and owners of the building fig
red damage of $1,800 from the blaze
ie firemen apparently missed on the
rat trip.
Capital's Radio Programs
1.- - - - ■ .- .. ■ -.- - -..... ■— ------- 1
Friday, April 5. (copyright, 1836) Eastern Standard Time.
| WRC 950k | ~ WMAL 630k | WJSV 1,460k | WOL 1,310k I
3:00 Vic and 8ade u. 8. Marine Band Benay Venuta Ruth Ettlng'a Songs 3:00
3:16 Ma Perkins *' * Minneapolis Symphony “ “ 3:18
3:80 Margaret Roberts “ “ « •« Seplan Syncopations 3:30
3:45 Dr. Joseph Jastrow " “ ■ " ...._3:45
4:00 Woman’s Radio Review Betty and Bob Minneapolis Symphony Today’s Winners 4:00
4:15 •• •• Rod and Stream “ * 4:15
4:80 South Sea Islanders Tea Time “ “ “ “ 4:30
4:45 “ _Women's Clubs_-_*_4:45
5:00 Sundown Revue Evening Star Flashes Evening Rhythms One Time Opportunities 6:00
5:15 Grandpa Burton Aunt Sue and Polly Dark K-Nights * “ 6:15
6:30 Chasin’ the Blues Singing Lady Jack Armstrong Radio Voices 6:30
5:45 Stamp Club Little Orphan Annie “Komedy Kapers” Quarter Hour 8:45
6:00 Sports Review—Music Evening' Album Carlton and Shaw Today In Sports 6:00
6:15 Jimmy Allen - - Arch McDonald Homer Rodeheaver 6:15
6:30 Arlene Jackson Sports Parade Makers of History Government Family 6:30
6:45 "The Desert Kid" Lowell Thomas Milton Charles Wonderland Boys_6:45
7:00 Music—News Amos V Andy Myrt and Marge Wonderland Boys 7:00
7:15 “The Black Chamber" Plantation Echoes Just Plain Bill News Spotlight 7:15
7:30 Sona of Pioneers Red Davis “The O’Neills” Spanish Quartet 7:30
7:45 Uncle Ezra _Dangerous Paradise Boake Carter__ “ __ 7:45
8:00 Jessica Dragonette Irene Rich Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt Dorothy Fredenhagen 8:00
8:15 “ “ Joseph Eschaniz, pianist Edwin C. Hill Lonely Jack 8:15
8:30 • •• Intimate Revue True Story Court Dance Music 8:JO
8:45 um uu u u u u 8:45
9:00 Walts Time Beatrice Lillie March of Time Amateur Show 9:00
9:15 mu u u uu « u 9:15
9:30 One-Night Stands Phil Baker "Hollywood Hotel* Ray Beck 9:30
9:45 -_"_“ »_ "Army Day”_9:45
10:00 First Nlghter Circus Night "Hollywood Hotel" Dance Parade 10:00
10:16 " “ .... “ - “ “ 10:15
10:30 Pause that Refreshes “ “ Stoopnagle and Budd “ * 10:30
10:45 “ “ News Bulletins “ “ WOL Haymakers 10:45
11:00 George R. Holmes Moments of Melody Moon Dial WOL Haymakers 11:00
11:15 Jesse Crawford Leo Zollo’s Orchestra “ “ Sports Flashes 11:15
11:30 La Paree Orchestra Slumber Music Freddie Berren’s Orch. John Slaughter’s Orch. 11:30
11:45 u u .... •< “ " “ 11:45
12:00 George Devron’s Orch. Tommy Tucker’s Orch. Midnight Revue 81gn off » 12:00
12:15 “ “ “ “ Romanelli’s Orchestra 12:15
12:30 Dick Fiddler’s Orch. Manny Laport’s Orch. Chas. Dornberger’s Orch. 12:30
12:45 " uu u u_12:45
1:00 Sign oflSign offSign off 1 *00
~6:30 Chapel Hour 8:30
6:45 “ “ _|_6:45
7:00 Your Timekeeper Morning Glories 8un Dial Mualcal Clock 7:00
7:15 “ « ~ h« “ " 7 * 15
7:30 “ “ The Getter Upper “ “ 7:30
7:45 "_The Grenadiers_“_* *_™5
5:00 Your Timekeeper Morning Devotions 8un Dial Musical Clock 8:00
8:15 M “ Don HaU Trio “ " " 8:15
8:30 - “ Cheerio “ “ 8:30
8:45 Group Singing _ ** **_** **_** "_8:45
9:00~ Your Timekeeper News Bulletins Sun Dial. Radio Canaries 9:00
9:15 Organ Recital Breakfast Club jJan Savitt's Orchestra “ “ 9:15
9:30 Junior Radio Journal - “ Boat Race Police Flashes 9:30
9:45 Caroline Baker “ “ “ Words and Music_9:45
10:00 Johnny Marvin Smackout Boat Race Radio Novelties 10:00
10:15 Morning Parade Edward MacHugh Bill and Ginger Varieties 10:15
10:30 " “ Marie De Vllle Let’s Pretend Boys’ Band • 10:30
10:45 “ “ Children’s Frolic “ ** _ "_
11:00 Capital Cadet Band iChildren’s Frolic Cincinnati Conservatory Varieties 11:00
11:15 Vass Family “ “ ... Radio Novelties 11:15
11:30 Down Lovers’ Lane “ “ “ “ Buddy Hughes 11:30
11:45 " •*International Week End * *Jimmy Rogers’ Hits11:45
12:00 Minute Men |International Week End Wells Glee Club Luncheon Concert 12:00
12:15 Honeyboy and Sassafras Listening Post Poetic Strings “ " 12:15
12:30 Merry-go-Round Farm and Home Hour Afternoon Rhythms “ " 12:30
12:45 Merry Madcaps “ “ Saturday Syncopators John Slaughter’s Orch. 12:45
Too" Rex Battle’s Ensemble Farm and Home~Hour~ Paul H. king John Slaughter’s Orch. 1:00
jij5 « - " " Concert Miniatures Radio Novelties 1:15
1- 30 Air Parade American Alumni Unity School Accordion Aces 1:30
1J45 •“ “ - “_“ *_Mills Brothers_1:45
2- 00 Jimmy Carrigan's Orch. Rice Brothers Louis Panico's Orch. Symphonic Gems 2:00
2:15 “ .... “ “ 2:15
2-30 Army Day Parade Miniature Theater Mickey of the Circus Raymond Paige's Hits 2:30
2:45 “_’’_“_" _ 2:45
"3i00" Week Bid Revue College Debate Dance Rhythms Peer Gynt Suite 3:00
3:15 uu uu hu 3:15
3:30 Music Guild “ " Variety Workshop Opera Gems 3 :30
3:45 “ “ Harry Kogen's Orch. “ “ _"_3:45
4:00 Music Guild Rep. McSwain Modern Minstrels Today’s Winners 4:00
4:15 Carol Dels Conrad L. Wirth “ “ 4:15
4:30 “Our Barn" " “ ‘ ?;30
4:45 “ “ Tea Time “ **__4:45
5:00 Sundown Revue Evening Star Flashes Evening Rhythms One Time Opportunities 5:00
5 15 Tommy Tucker’s Orch. Sunday School Lesson Little Jack Little “ “ 5:15
5 30 Parade of YouthOur American Schools Russian Bear Orchestra Nordlca Orchestra5|30
Joe E. Brown, screen comic, will be
the guest star on the “Hollywood Ho
tel” program, a WJSV attraction, at
9:30. He will take part in a preview
of his latest film, “Alibi Dee.”
A dramatized version of "Little Red
Riding Hood” will be presented by
Beatrice Lillie during her program on
WMAL at 9.
Jessica Dragonette, soprano, will
ling Grieg’s “Breath of April” as the
ligh light of her recital on WRC at 8.
Her program also Includes “I’ll See
ifou Again” and “While You Love
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt will give
he eighth of her series of radio talks
>n WJSV at 8. She Is expected to
iiscuss some phase of her official life
it the White House.
“Simon Bolivar the Liberator,’’
to Be in Observance of Fan*
American Day.
The Community Center Department
will present the pageant drama, “Si
mon Bolivar the Liberator,” on the
evenings of April 11 and 12 in the
Roosevelt High School Auditorium,
rhe program will be in observance of
pan-American day.
Members of the Latin American
diplomatic corps will be Invited to
ittend the opening performance.
Quests the second night are to Include
■ducators and students from the
ichools, colleges and universities in
ind around Washington.
Mrs. Marie Moore Forrest of the
Community Center Department will
ilrect the presentation.
Admission cards may be obtained
jy the public by applying next week
it the offices of the Community Cen
ser Department.
Timely Jingles Reveal Them Un
der His Coat in Store.
Sentence. 60 Days.
By the Associated Press. i
CHICAGO, April 5.—Charles Co- \
bum was speaking to Municipal;
Judge Green.
"Your honor,” said he, "those
alarm clocks went off and I awoke
to find myself a thief.”
The clocks in question were under |
Cobum’s coat, the police said, as he !
walked from a store. It was then
that they rang.
The judge decided to have Cobum,
67, locked up in the house of cor
rection for 60 days.
Wales Honors Town.
Bervt ick-on-Tweed, England, has re
ceived a vellum, signed by the Prince
of Wales, honoring the town for hav
ing maintained* a lifeboat station for
100 years.
Amazing New Bread Will Help Break Laxative Habit Quickly
If You Are Troubled With Constipation
and Bowel Troubles.
Cases of constipation and bowel
trouble of long standing can now
be relieved Nature’s own way by
simply eating Rice's Honey Krushed
Wheat Bread. This corrective
bread made by a new secret process
endorsed by leading physicians
keeps the body regular by supply
ing your diet with the necessary
roughage plus a liberal supply of
pure honey, which Doctors agree,
has a stimulating action upon the
Bice’s Honey Krushed Wheat
Bread is now baked daily and sold
at all leading food stores for those
people who have been forced to take
harsh purges and other laxatives—
many of which are habit-forming
and which sometimes cause serious
A new taste thrill awaits you
when you try Rice’s Honey Krushed
Wheat Bread! It Is a creamy,
crunchy, loaf so delicious you cafe
almost do without butter when you
eat It If you will eat a slice with
your eyes closed you will almost
swear it is chock full of delicious
nut meats. No fiat taste like you
find in ordinary whole wheat bread.
Toasted it simply cannot be beaten.
If you are constipated, feel tired
and rundown and lack your old
time zip and pep, change over now
to the new Rice’s Honey Krushed
Wheat Bread. It relieves bowel dis
orders in a natural way without the
use of harmful purges which compel
you to take more and more.
Make This Ten-Day Test.
Start today eating Rice’s Honey
Krushed Wheat Bread regularly
for just ten days. Make sure to
chew it well at every meal. Before
you know It your old-time vigor
will begin to return and the sooth
ing action of Rice’s Honey Krushed’s
secret ingredients will remove the
poisons that have accumulated in
your intestines and your elimination
will be vastly improved.
Be sure to get genuine Rice’s
Honey Krushed Wheat Bread, all
ready sliced and wrapped in a new
moisture proof cellophane wrapper.
It is easy to identify because the
outer crust has a liberal extra coat
ing of crushed wheat. Get YOUR
loaf today at your grocer!
(Oopwlsht 1936. ail rights nmwi)
Three Detroit Hen Charged With
Concealing Loan Used
for Speculation.
By the Associated Frees.
DETROIT, April 5.—The Govern
ment’s prosecution of the three senior
officers of the defunct First National
Bank, Detroit, drew near its end in
Federal Court today, and by tonight
or tomorrow morning a jury will be
asked to decide whether they are
guilty of concealing a loan used for
stock speculation to recoup a bank
John L. Hart, Herbert L. Chitten
den and John Ballantyne, the latter
dean of Detroit’s bankers, are charged
with concealing the loan in an alleg
edly false report to the controller of
the currency.
The trial Is the first Federal prose
cution growing out of the 1933 col
lapse of Detroit’s huge banking struc
tures, and a score of other financial
figures, Indicted on similar charges,
waited today for the jury verdict on
the first court test.
Vote Winner Found Ineligible.
Price, his name written in on the
ballots, received pluralities for both
mayor and city recorder. Then he
realized he did not hold a poll tax
receipt and was ineligible for either
post. The city's personnel problem
still is unsolved.
■■ II■ II —.. ■■ ... ■ II
Long-Distance Mover*
Ag*. Mayflower Tran*. Co.
Rap Cleaned or Shampooed
Crate and Pack by Experts
1313 U St Phone North 3343
L——J ;
Church Moved 16 Miles.
A church has been moved 16 miles
In the Durham district of England.
Finland Shows Surplus.
Finland shows a surplus In Its 193ft '?
..Men and women; salary. $1,800 to
Lh'12.7' r *2*? , <t?vU. Service Preparatory
Ahh at. n!w!*pSone*Met.’
Civil Service Exam.
Statistical Clark
8»eelal low rate tuition t. thM. wh.
enroll Ibis week. Both men and women.
Every day and every nlsbt. All la
■tructlon materials free.
The Civil Service
Preparatory School
L Adolph Richards, M. A., M. S.,
529 12th St. N.W. Met. 6337 *
All Fares are Round Trip
Bscipt Where Noted
$3*50 New York
Newark—Eliza bath—Plainfield
Sunday April 7, Lv. 12.01 a.a. and 8.00 e.«.
$1.25 Saturdays and Sundays
$1.50 Daily—Good for 3 days
$3*00 Cumberland
$1X0 Harpers Ferry $2X0 Martinsburg
Sunday, April 7, Lr. 8.25 a.m.
$5#65 New York
Each Way Every Night
Philadelphia $3.40 Wilmington $2.72
Air Conditioned Reclining Seat Coaches
•pen Union Station 10 p.a. Lv. 12.30 a.m.
Easter Holidays
Round trip faras te all points
Leave anytime from noon Thursday, April
18 up to and including noon Sunday, April 21.
Returning, leave anytime until midnight.
Monday, April 22.
Far Details Ask Agents or
Phene Dist. 3300-Ar«7.7370
r. i
Sonia A SPY |
... or just a clever actress
playing a joke on the cruel

Small, sly, secretive, with dark seductive eyes, Sonia Mani*
ewska had long been the favorite of the cruel and greatly feared
Vassili Somenef, Commissar of the People. For two years, she
had reigned as a sort of Red tzarina in his home. Now he was
accusing her of being a spy, a traitress! ... Could she outwit
him by claiming that she was only acting—only playing a little
joke on the great Commissar?. . . Read "Sonia” in Sunday’s
magazine and learn what happened to this Soviet Mata Hari.
Ifflflttlj fox
A ‘ *

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