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Father, Seven Children Die
When Lamp Explodes
in Girl’s Arms.
By the Associated Press.
Quebec. April 20.—An exploding lamp :
sprayed blazing oil over Alphonse
Renaud’s small Summer cottage here !
today and Renaud and seven of his
children burned to death. A servant
girl, who was trying to light the lamp,
was the only person to escape.
So swiftly did the little structure
bum that volunteer firefighters, though
quickly summoned, could do nothing.
The flames burned out in just an
hour. Charred bodies of the victims
were recovered from the mins.
Mrs. Renaud, ill in Quebec, and one
Renaud child, who was visiting his
grandparents there, are the only mem- j
bers of the family surviving.
Renaud, employed by a Quebec
contractor, rented the tiny cottage
for the Summer and moved in last
evening with his children, five boys
and two girls, the eldest of whom was
13. They were trapped in their beds.
The dead, Alphonse Renaud, Andre.
13; Jacqueline, Paul. Roger, Jean
Marie, Antoine and Gizelle.
Marriage Licenses.
Philip H Davis. 24. 1401* Monroe st. n.e
and Marjorie E Nicholson. IN. 1812 A
st. s.e.: Rev S. W. McCabe.
Charles D. Cheek. 25. Gray Court. S. C .
and La Verne Reinheinur. 22. Richmond.
Ind Rev J. H. Dunham.
Robert L Gilliam. 4o. and M E. Davidson.
24. both of Statesville. N. C.: Rev. W.
A. Smith
Craig G. Hall. 20 and Isabelle A Madison.
20. both of Richmond. Va.; Rev. L. I.
Gu'-rav R. Glindemann. 25. and Marie M.
Reisig. 22. both of Baltimore: Rev. H
. M H°nnig.
James C. Goodwin. 25. Clifton Forge. Va..
and Marjorie C Morris. 20. Lexington.
Va. Rev. S R. Allison.
Chester Overcash. 27. and Elsie Schaeffer.
22. both of Chambersburg. Pa.; Rev. S.
B Daugherty.
John C McLaughlin. 22. and M G. Meyer
20. both of Chester. Pa ; Rev. A. F
Harold R Grau. 22. and Bernice L. Tyson.
22. both of York. Pa Rev. H. M.
Francis E. Hildebrand. 28. 424 New Jersey
ave. s.e.. and Ruth Moorhead. 21. I!*ol
Columbia rd.- Rev. John Weidley.
Hel son W. Armentrout. 21. Alexandria, i
Va.. and Juanita E Makley. IN. Clifton
8tation. Va Rev. J Briges
Ravmond Henderson. 21. Hr: 15th st. ne .
and Lillian E. Hall. 10. Philippi. W. Va.;
Rev. F W. Johnson
Jerome F. Cobbe. 2H. 1820 N st and Har
riet M. Ryder. 22. !» 5th st. se.; Rev
T. C. Murphv.
Robert L. Speiden 25. Riverdale Md . and
Mary Howells 20. 121-A Bates st : Rev.
Harry Lee Drll.
Harold H Stahl. 27. Philadelphia, and
Margaret E. McDonald. 2H. 2800 14th
st.: Rev. Joseph R. Sizoo
Roosevelt Caldwell. 2*. and L°onora E
Johnson. 27. both of South Washington.
Va.: Rev J. T Harvey.
Francis D Robertcon. 21. 4007 D st. n.e..
and Julia A Scrivener °5 182* Lincoln
rd. n.e.; Rev S W McCabe
Charles L Hawkins. 22. and Pearl M.
Wiley 21. both of Roanoke. Va.; Rev
S. E. Pose
Richard Gre’n. *r. 21.52«»4 Sherrier p’ace.
and Harriett P Hai". 21. Bethesda. Md.
Rev. A G B. Bennett.
George W. Morris. 20. 1007 17th st.. and
H. S. Grae'ke. 2*. Hope Farm. N. Y.
Rev F B. Harris.
David L. Dedrick. 21. Alexandria. Va.. and
Vallie P G-'od. 24. Harrisonburg. Va
Rev. S. B Daugherty
Elmer E Barber. •’!. *21 Maryland ave.
n.e.. and Ebbie V. Brown. 20 2220 1st j
st.: Rev. W S. Abernethy.
John D. Croft. 2*. 1222 11th st and Mar
garet E Parks. 2H. 1201 N st.: Rev. S.
E Rose.
Raymond C. Williams 27. Silver Spring.
Md.. and Madeline L. Stuart -4. 1507
Trinidad ave. n.e.: Rev. H M. B. Jones
John M. Wrivht .IT. lvf:i Newton «t.. and
Kathryn J. Robertson 25. Oskalposa.
Iowa. Rev U. G B Pierce +■
Robert A. Mayer. 25. 204S 11th st.. and
Ruth E Patterson 21. 028 Quincy st.:
Rev. W S Abernethy.
Cloyd J. Br®wn. 2*. a'd Willie Mae Cas
sada. 1 !*. both of Richmond. Va : Rev.
J C F'1’
John M Hvdf 24. hi W si and Mary E
Outten. 22. Brandywine. Md Rev. P. E
Bennett Lewis. :io. New York Cjtv and
Elizabeth B Hall 2X. 2141 Wyomine i
ave.; Rev U. G. B Pierce
Ralph G Wray. 25. and Marcaret L.
Dent. 20. both of South Richmond. Va ;
Rev. J. H Dunham
Francis J. Casey. 47. and Margaret C ;
Kirby :t!i. hoth of Bainbridee. N Y ;
Rev. Z. B Phillips.
Joseph E. Childress. 45 Richmond. Va..
and Myrtle F Sharpe .lit. Fredericks ;
Hall. Va : Rev A F Poore
XjGiiis R Shelton 'Ll and Alice B John- I
son. ‘JO. boih of Kent Store. Va : Rev.
E. C. Smith
Robert D. Brooks 4:i and Anna C. Me- I
Daniel. 4.1. both of Martinsburg. W. Va.: !
Rev. J C Ball.
W L. Tiller. 4.!. Charlottesville. Va.. and
Bertha M. Stone .If. Martinsville. Va.;
Rev. L. I. McDougle.
Alfred M. Leitch 77. Philadelphia, and
Eleanor Hunter. 22. Darby. Pa ; Rev.
•I H. Dunham.
William E. Brown. 25. fi.Jfi 12th st.. and
Willie Mae Watson. 25. 14:»> G st. s.e.; I
Rev. R W. Rembret.
William L. Winston. 25. and Elsie M Car
roll. 22. both of Roanoke. Va.: Rev. A. |
E Barrows
Ira N. Walker. 22. and Isabel C Uzzle.
20. both of Richmond. Va ; Rev. J. H. i
wmHmms&mesmem * -"hk _ ■ _ . . . .s
Costly Nap
Copyright, A. P. Wirephoto.
Men grinned, women blushed
and Enoch Johnson, Leavenworth
carpenter, shivered as he hurried
along the street after wakening
from a sleep in the open at Kansas
City and finding he had been
robbed of his clothes. Picture made j
yesterday at police headquarters,
where Johnson found refuge.
Venom for Rheumatism.
An old-fashoined cure for rheu
matism and arthritis was to allow
the patient to be stung by bees. The
same principal has now been adapted
scientifically. In a German factory
scores of girls, protected by masks
and overalls, are employed to squeeze
the venom from the stingers of live
■ •
Deaths Reported.
William D. P. King. Hu 484 Mass ave.
Maine T Johnson. 77. 1*71 L st. n.e.
John T Holden. 78. Providence Hospital.
John H Nr lley. 74. 1323 D st. n.e.
Elizabeth Williams. 71. Sibley Hospital.
Rose Moreland. 70. Galllnger Hospital.
Mary Howard. 3H. Providence Hospital.
Theodore Mayer. 54. the Astoria Apts
George W. O Brien. 4o. Walter Reed Hos-’
Robert E. Hamilton. 34 Providence Hos
James H. McGulzon. 13. 1408 A st. s.e.
Benjamin Withers 2H. Providence Hospital.
Evelyn E Hibble. 28. 728 Upahur st.
Mary E Currin. 24. Tuberculosis Hospital.
Henry J. Gophart. 23. Walter Reed Hos
Robert E. Tippett. Hi. Gilllnger Hospital.
Florence Dancy. 85. 2131* I st.
James Monroe 82. St. Elizabeth's Hospital.
Elizabeth Jenkins. 82 3I'» L st. s.e.
Mamie Johnson. 55. Freedmen's Hospital.
George Gant. 52. Freedmen’s Hospital.
Lomax Fleminc. 47. Galllnger Hospital.
James T Brown. 41. o<>4!) Ayers pi. n.e.
Carrie Austin 41. Casualty Hospital.
Jessie Marion. 31). 2010 loth st
Ossie Hammond. 34. Freedmen's Hospital.
Ray Hoblnson ialias Marie Mosley). 28.
Emergency Hospital.
Elizabeth N. Bowman. 20, 325 Division
ave. n.e.
James W Martin 2. Casualty Hospital.
Infant William and Mary Johnson. Chil
dren's Hospital.
-* -
Births Reported.
William B. and Beulah Olive, boy.
Julian R and Catherine V. Murray, boy.
Eugene D. and Dorothy T Petroy. boy.
Ralph P and Bertha V. Hackelton. boy.
Warren A. and Myrtle L. Hitt. boy.
John L. and Ivy I. Bill girl.
Guy F. and Lena M Windsor, girl.
Thomas V. and Margaret E Griffith, boy.
Bruce W. and Ruth Warring, bey.
Thomas S. and Eliz. W. Somerville. girL
Benton G. and Violet Potter, girl.
William and Mary Johnson, bov
James E. and Alma E Lloyd, boy.
- ► " «- /s tot _ r' S3
1 • f'
I——mmm——BRING YOUR — /
Air-Tite Cedarized Easter Pictures ' j
Garment Bags ZZZZZ t«» b™i*. !
27 by 60 by 4 Inches j n • -• style* to nt every
^ * and Printing mouth; ooodqu.i
Ity bristles, secure- _
y**f. 49c Yo» «im. can b. fim.iop-a Melvem Cherry
correctly but once . . . and they and
Get your clothes Into *re developed correctly at Peoples, f .HTlP»PinPflnnlp
an “Alr-Tlte” bag before Our professional photographers __ rr
the moths get Into your have perfected the art so that the I I I*A9VT1
clothes. They’re cedar- picture, Just as you snap it, will *vC Vl CcUIl
lzed . . . white-lined ... be the finished product. Waal Tnnfli Pacfa Accepted by the Committee
and in the convenient IUCdI 1 Will a dSIC on Food, of the American
side-opening style. Holds M^W, MC Clean*, whiten*. * ,ea **»ciation.
several garments. M^F/ ?™[h brH1tfpb*£*£ Pint
38 Convenient Store. ___| ^QWALITONE ”°“h * I Package..
|^^B ^B ^B pP M iIBBf^^Ha ^1B*"B| ^^B ^p ^P pE BPB BBifl ^p
Balm gOc Er.o Effervescent Salts. . 43c
29c 35c D. D. D., single strength.29c
75c Baume Ben-Gay, tube. 50c
25c Cascarets, tin of 16. . .19c
50c Listerine Antiseptic . . . 39c
50c Midol Tablets, tin of 10.35c
60c Pazo Pile Ointment, box. 40c
$1.25 S. S. S. Tonic.99c
50c Unguentine Ointment. .. 42c
soc 60c Zonite.42c
Fasteeth $1.00 Nujol Oil, pint..67c
F°t 50c Lysol, 7 ounces.43c
/a 75c Anacin Tablets,
bottle of 50 .69c
$1.20 Father Johns Medicine. 84c
85c Kruschen Salts.72c
?a”0 50c Dr. Lyons Mouth Wash.. 45c
Rrushei 25c Natures Remedy Tablets. 2lc
oc 50c Phillips Milk Magnesia. . 34c
25c 50c Tyrees Antiseptic
Powder ..40c
$I00 35c Alcorub, pint.25c
Lucky 60c California Syrup of Figs. 40c
Tiger 50c De Witts Pills,
Heir Tunic bottje 0f 40 .39c
75c 40c Fletchers Castoria . . . .28c
75c Magnesia Oxoids,
bottle of 50 .69c
Ponds 50c Noxzema Cream.39c
Face 60c Sal Hepatica, 5 ounces. . 49c
Creams 50c S. T. 37 Antiseptic_45c
TQr _
mmw Lady Esther Cream
2Sc '
Dr. Lyons SOc OQ_
Tooth Size Jar. . U«7v
Pow,ltr 69c
Tennis Racquets
Correctly balanced ... mm
properly proportioned fll
... fast as a whip / He
. . . and skillfully § %J \
strung with cat
S^l Pennsylvania Pressure
'W/J Packed
m 40c 3 for $1.15
• Always Tired?
• No Appetite?
• Nervous?
• Can’t Sleep?
75c Pound Tf)tn yoa
iww« TANLAC Tonic
45c BoMefor‘_84c
15c Tin 4 A_ 25e Bottle
of 12 . . ^ of 24
75c Bottle
of 100 Tablets.»••«••••
\ For the prompt relief of
pain, colds, sore throat, head
aches, rheumatism, neuralgia,
j neuritis, etc. Dissolves quickly
—therefore works quickly.
* ts
With Shade
and Glass
These quaint little lamps
might very well have come
straight from a New England
cottage. . so authentically are
they styled, from the milk
stool maple base to the
glass chimney and charm
ingly decorated parchment
! paper shade. 151** inches
S high.
* ..limn.. *
Mickey Mouse Sand Lot
3 Jc
• Two Sizes of
• Watering Can
• Long Shovel
• Fish Mold
• Turtle Mold
• Two Other Molds
• Sieve
• Small Shovel
Gayly decorated with
Mickey Mouse and his pals.
Mickey Mouse Sand Pail and Shovel I
Minnie, Mickey. Annabelle Cow, flatf E
Horace Horsecollar, Dippy, and ^t
Pluto are having a picnic on this Z aP I
big pail and shovel. ^ MI
..... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiii^^
Ideal or Quelque* Fleure
SK-iES: Cleansing Tissues
ible. You'll like D .
a dash of either BOX ^^B
on,. «Hh your 0f 200 I ;
33L?P * .w... 1 c|C
■ Try the razor and separate blade... if you are not satisfied with I
a either one, return the razor and full package of blades, and we B
■ will refund .your money. But we know you will like the clean, quick B
■ smooth shaves you get with Swee-Do. B
A a *
— — ■ ■■■ ■■ Lod Liver
50c Glostora Hair Dressing. .37c 0,1
25c Mercks Zinc Stearate . I Ounce*79C I I
50c Marchands Golden.**
Hair Wash.30c H
25c Mavis Talcum Powder. . 19c Saline I
30c Spiro Deodorant Powder.23c Laxative
60c Wildroot Hair Tonic. . . 44c 49c j
50c Barbasol Brushless -
Shave Cream.39c
35c Cutex Nail Polish or
75c Fitchs Dandruff-Remover
50c lodent Tooth Paste.... 39c
50c Lady Esther Face Powder.37c
50c Molle Shaving Cream. . . 36c
60c Neet Depilatory.40c
25c Phillips Dental Magnesia. 19c
50c Venida Wave Set.39c
50c Admiracion Olive Oil
50c Ingrams Milkweed Cream.39c
55c Luxor Face Powder with Antiseptic
Perfume.45c Solution
25c Mennen Talcum Powder. 17c
$1.10 Tangee Lipstick.74c
60c Hoppers Youth Cleansing
10c Lux Toilet Soap.6c; 5 for 29c
60c Mum Deodorant.49c
40c Bost Tooth Powder.... 32c
25c Glazo Nail Polish or
Remover.23c -
__ _ _mm Carters
5c ralma villa »
17 c | i
<Manufacturer*< CIosp-OuO ~~~
Long-fliler cigars, of 25% imported tobaccos, 60e
with imported Sumatra wrapper . . . mild. Murine
fragrant, and enjoyable. £ye
10c Cuts 5c Cuts Wash
Chewing Chewing
Tobaccos Tobaccos
Choice of Corn Choice of Brown's
Bread, Apple. Mule. Blood Hound.
Schnapps. Star, and Spark Plug and
others. others.
3 ,or 25c 6 for 25c
15c Drummond’s Natural Leaf
13c, 2 <°r 25c c™..
_ Laxative
10c Scrap 10c Snuffs Quinine I
Tobaccos Choice of Copen- 24c I
Beechnut, Mail h?*en- Ralphs, and
Pouch, and others. others. ^
3 for 25c 3 ,or 25c
Renuzit Cleaner
Two QQc
Gallons. . . VV
Cleans everything, from
the most delicate frock
to the heaviest draperies
—safely and quickly.
Leaves no unpleasant
Farr’s for Gray Hair
Up-to-date women are
touching up graying hair $1.35
with no thought of deception r;
...and they are using this “,,ze
modem, perfected prepara
tion for women with modem
ideas. Easily and economically
applied In the privacy of your
A special representative will be at our
store No. 13—Southwest, corner of
10th and F Streets, N.W., all this waek.

* r

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