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Mr. and Mrs. Town
send Entertain;
Other Hostesses.
The Italian Ambassador, Signor
Augusto Rosso, was the ranking guest
at the luncheon given yesterday at
the Mayflower by Mr. and Mrs. Law
rence Townsend in compliment to
Miss R06a Ponselle and Mr. Orlando
B&rera. Other guests at the luncheon
were the Belgian Ambassador, Comte
Robert van der Straten-Ponthoz; the
Minister of Greece, Mr. Demetrios
Sicilianos; Mrs. B. Sumner Welles,
Signor Bartolomeo Migone, Countess
Robert!, Mr. Luis H. Micheli, Mr.
Nicholas G. Lely, Baron Antoine
Beyens. Lady Lister Kaye, Princess
Boncompagni, Mr. and Mrs. David St.
Pierre Gaillard, Mr. 'and Mrs. William
Phelps Eno, Mme. van Kaathoven,
Mrs. John Philip Hill, Mrs. Truxton
Beale, Mrs. George Mesta, Mrs. Skir
vin Adams, Miss Mariana Dunn,
Mrs. Jeanne T» Smyth, Miss Rebecca
G. Wellington, Miss Edith Prilik, Mr.
Randolph Santini, Mr. E. Pendleton
Turner, Mr. Winant Johnston, Mr.
William K. Ryan, Mr. Guiseppi Russo
*nd Mr. Hellmut Baerwald.
The luncheon followed the last of
Mrs. Lawrence Townsend's morning
musicales for this season when the
program was given by Miss Ponselle
and Mr. Barera. Mr. and Mrs. Town
send will shortly celebrate their golden
wedding anniversary and the decora
tions of the table were in keeping with
tjiat event. A large cake, iced in
white and gold with bows of ribbon
of spun sugar and fitting inscriptions
for the occasion and tributes to Mrs.
Townsend all done in spun sugar
graced the table which also had a
center piece of gay Spring blossoms.
Mrs. Samuel Ralston, wife of the
late Gov. Ralston of Indiana, was the
guest of honor at a luncheon given
yesterday at the Mayflower by Mrs.
D. A. McDougal of Oklahoma and
Washington. The company included
Mrs. Joe Robinson, Mrs. Pat Harrison,
Mrs. Thomas P. Bore. Mrs. Elmer
Thomas. Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross,
Mrs. Carroll Miller, Judge Annabel
Matthews, Mrs. William Woodward
Cook, Mrs. John Garland Pollard, Mrs.
James Wolfe, Mrs. Robert Gates, Mrs.
Bam Connor. Mrs. G. C. Sherrad and
Mrs. Glen J. Gifford.
Mrs. Jacob Leander Loose enter
tained at luncheon yesterday follow
ing Mrs. Lawrence Townsend’s morn
ing musicale, when the guests were
Mrs. Charles R. Reynolds, Mrs. Mer
chant Mahoney, Mrs. Matthew A.
Delaney and Senora de Prieto.
Mrs. William Fitch Kelley was host
ess to a company of 22 at luncheon
yesterday at the Mayflower.
Miss Margaret Delano Gage enter
tained at luncheon at the Mayflower
after Mrs. Townsend’s concert when
her guests were asked to meet the
aecretary of the Yugoslavian Legation
and Mme. Nikola Perazic, the latter
the former Mrs. Irene Hubbell of New
York. The company included the
Minister of Finland and Mme. Jarne
felt, the military attache of the Ger
man Embassy, Lieut. Gen. Friederich
von Boetticher, and Frau von Boet
ticher, the Assistant Secretary of War
and Mrs. Harry H. Woodring, Col. and
Mrs. Charles Burnett, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred A. Britten, Mr. and Mrs. Louis
6. Owsley, Miss Katharine Brown,
Col. Frederick E. Johnston and Lieut.
Comdr. James J. Hughes.
Mrs. Charles O. Maas of New York
had among her guests at luncheon
yesterday at the Mayflower, after the
musicale, Mrs. Walter R. Tuckerman,
Mrs. George H. Becker, Mrs. Joseph
Cecil and Mrs. Amyar Cater.
Mrs. James L. Guion, wife of Maj.
Guion, U. S. A., was hostess to a group
of members of the Friday Morning
Music Club at luncheon yesterday at
the Mayflower, following the concert.
Her guests were Mrs. Eugene Byrnes,
president of the club; Miss Lucy
Brickenstein, Mrs. Frank Howard,
Mrs. Frances Gutelius Smith, Mrs.
Ruby Smith Stahl, Mrs. Fanny Am
stutz Roberts, Mrs. Miriam Hilton,
Mrs. John M. Erwin, Mrs. A. J. Stuart,
Mrs. Henry J. Richardson and Mrs.
Howard Foley.
Mexican Atmosphere
To Prevail at Party
Senora de Castillo Najera, wife of
the Mexican Ambassador; her two
•isters, the Senoritas Davilla and Sen
ora de Quintanilla, wife of the coun
selor of the Mexican Embassy, will be
the honor guests at the luncheon on
tomorrow given by the World Fellow
ship Committee of the Young Women's
Christian Association. Miss Bagley,
sister-in-law of the United States
Ambassador to Mexico, will speak on
Mexico, and the Mexican soloist, Miss
Aurelia Colomo, will give a program of
Mexican songs. Miss Bagley will
have with her a collection of Mexican
costumes and souvenirs, and there
will be Mexican dishes on the menu.
Dr. McKinley Host
To Visitor at Lunch
Dr. Earl B. McKinley, dean of the
medical school of George Washing
ton University, entertained at mnch
eon Monday at the Cosmos Club In
honor of Dr. Esmond R. Long of the
Henry Phlpjw Institute of Philadel
phia. Others in the company were
Burg. Gen. Charles R. Reynolds,
U. 6. A.; Surg. Gen. Percial S. Rossi
ter, U. S. N.; the Public Health Offi
cer of the District of Columbia. Dr
George Ruhland; Capt. Harold Smith,
Dr. John Hanks, Dr. Walter A. Bloe
dorn. Dr. Leland W. Parr, Dr. J. G.
Townsend, Col. Joseph Siler and Dr.
JWarren F. Draper.
Gay Nineties Ball
Unusual and Interesting Costumes Worn
by Guests at Party.
Prominent characters of the decade
■ familiarly known as the Gay Nineties
paraded, danced and looked on at the
fun last evening when the President’s
Cup Regatta Association gave a ball
to raise funds for the regatta next
Summer. The party was given in the
ball rooms of the Willard, and the
judges had difficulty in making their
decisions, so many were the costumes
Mrs, Sam Houston was awarded the
first prize, which was for the most
beautiful, wearing a gown which was
in the trousseau of the late Mrs. Susie
Root Rhodes, first director of Public
Playgrounds of the District of Co
lumbia. The gown was black, pat
terned after the mode of that day, and
she wore a perky black hat with black
ostrich plumes, black mitts, and car
ried a round plaited fan which folded
into a small thin case which, when
open, made the handle.
Miss Margaret Hazen Davis, niece
of the Commissioner of the District,
Mr., Melvin C. Hazen, was the winner
of the second prize, which was award
ed for the most authentic costume of
the period She wore the wedding
dress of Miss Mary Jeanette Camp
when the latter became the bride of
Mr. William Gardner Smith. The
gown was of rich and heavy cream
color brocade made with long train.
Mr. C. Wesley Mahony, a member
of the Regatta Glee Club, whose mem
bers were dressed as policemen, outdid
himself in his part, with ruby nose,
carrying out in his demeanor through
the evening the part of an inebriate
policeman of the gay 90's.
The judges were Mrs. John Caswell,
jr.; Mr. John Clagett Proctor and Mr.
Ray Lyman Sexton.
The Ambassador of Mexico and
Senora de Castillo Najera attended
the ball, going .here from the dinner
which the Secietary of State and Mrs.
Hull gave at the Carlton. Among
others entertaining in their boxes
were Dr. G. Bache Gill, whose guests
included Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Burns,
Col. and Mrs. J. A. Reddy, Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse L. Smith, all of New York
City; Mr. and Mrs. Kingman Brewster,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Shelton, Mr. and
Mrs. James Schrider ant. Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Crutchfield of Richmond, Va.
Mr. Andrew Crawford’s guests were
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Glenn, Mr. and
Mrs. Earle Herbert, Mr. and Mrs.
Everett Ansley and Mr. Stanley Gor
Mr. Raymond C. Thompson had
with him Mr. and Mrs. John Mesh
koff, Miss Velma Rowe and Mr. H. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Anadale were
hosts to Mr. and Mrs. George Del
linger and Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mr. Prank S. Whitman’s guests were
Mrs. Joseph P. McKane, Mrs. Colby
Dodge, Miss Cornelia M. Bowie, Mrs.
Webster M. Dawley, Mr. J. P. Brat
ney and Mr. A. B. Davis.
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar B. Hunter had
with them Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Le
Compte, Dr. and Mrs. Burton Glenn
and Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shanks’ guests
were Mr. and Mrs. J. Burton Phil
lips and Mr. and Mrs. William Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Miller enter
tained Lieut, and Mrs. Densford, Dr.
and Mrs. Forsythe and Miss Dorothy
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Burch had as
their guests Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lodge
had as guests Mrs. James Donohue
of Lynn, Mass.; Mrs. Margaret Hazen
Davis and Mr. P. Joseph Donohue.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Conger were hosts
in their box to Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Conger, jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lamb
and Mr. and Mrs. David Haddock.
Mrs. Hicks Here for
National Symphony
Mrs. Frederick C. Hicks of Port
Washington, N. Y.. who was a promi
nent member of Washington society
during her residence here, will occupy
her box at the concert of the Na
tional Symphony Orcnestra in Consti
tution Hall this afternoon. Even
though she has not been living in
Washington she has been one of the
orchestra's boxholders for the last sev
eral seasons.
Mr. Efrem Zimbalist, noted violinist,
will be the soloist and Dr. Hans Kind
ler will conduct.
Congress Group
Sponsors Benefit
Members of both nouses of Congress
and their wives head the group of
patrons and patronesses for the lec
ture to be given tomorrow night by Dor
othy Thompson (Mrs. Sinclair Lewis)
at the Carlton Hotel at 8:15 o’clock.
| The talk, which, incidentally, is Mrs
j Lewis’ first platform appearance in
Washington, is given under auspices
of and for the benefit of the National
Woman’s Party and that group’s ar
dent work in the interest of the equal
rights amendment.
Senator John J. Townsend, jr„ of
Delaware heads the list of patrons,
which also includes Senator and Mrs.
Royal R. Copeland of New York, Sen
ator and Mrs. Homer T. Bone of
Washington, Senator and Mrs. O’Ma
honey of Wyoming, Senator and Mrs.
j Warren Austin of Vermont. Senator
and Mrs. Carl A. Hatch of New Mex
I ico. Senator Rush Holt of West Vir
1 ginia and his sister. Miss Holt.
From the Lower House, patrons in- '
elude: Representative and Mrs. Maury
Maverick of Texas, Representative and
Mrs. Louis Ludlow of Indiana, Repre
sentative and Mrs. Ekwall of Oregon
and Representative and Mrs. Ernest
Lundeen of Minnesota.
Additional sponsors are Mrs. Wil
liam Phelps iSno, Mrs. Eugene Meyer,
Mrs. Emile Berliner, Mrs. Emma Guf
fey Miller, sister to Senator Guffey;
Dr. Mary Beard, Miss Doris Stevens,
Mrs. Harvey Wiley, and Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Gram Swing.
Reservations for the talk can be
made at National Woman's Party
headquarters, 144 B street northeast,
or at Mrs. Swing’s apartment, 1725 H
Of Interest
Jones-Quinn Engage
ment—Miss Slade to
Marry Mr. Jansen.
Lieut. Comdr. and Mrs. Needham
Lee Jones announce the engagement
of their daughter, Constance Crom
well, to Mr. Arthur Hobson Quinn, Jr.,
of Philadelphia, son of Dr. and Mrs.
Arthur Hobson Quinn of that city.
Miss Jones is a graduate of Miss
Madeira’s School in Washington and
of Bryn Mawr College. Mr. Quinn
is a graduate of the College of the
University of Pennsylvania and is a
member of the Beta Theta Pi and
the Phi Beta Kappa.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett N. Slade of
Fall River, Mass., announce the en
gagement of their daughter Hope to
Mr. Thomas E. Jansen, jr., of Boston,
son of Lieut. Col. Thomas E. Jansen,
United States Army, retired, and Mrs.
Jansen of Washington.
Miss Slade attended the Baldwin
School and graduated from Vassar
College in 1930, and is a graduate of
the Cambridge School of Architecture
and Landscape Architecture. She is
a member of the Junior League of
Fall River.
Mr. Jansen graduated from Harvard
College in 1926 and from Harvard
Law School in 1929 and is a member
of the Boston law firm of Robbins,
Fullerton, Noyes & Jansen. He is
a member of the Harvard Club and
of the Longwood Cricket Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Rouse. Jr.,
of Baltimore announced the engage
ment of their daughter Christine to
Mr. Edwin L. Hotchkiss of Troy, N. Y.,
at a cocktail party yesterday in the
south room of the Hotel Commodore.
Mr. Hotchkiss is the son of Dr. W. O.
Hotchkiss, president of Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute, and Mrs. Hotch
kiss. The party preceded the banquet
of the American Institute of Mining
and Metallurgical Engineers, of which
Dr. Hotchkiss and Mr. Rouse are
Miss Rouse, through her father, is a
descendant of one of the early set
tlers of the Eastern Shore of Mary
land. She was graduated from the
Girls’ Latin School in altimore and
received the bachelor of arts degree
from New Jersey College for Women
, in 1933. She obtained the master of
arts degree at Columbia University in
; 1935 and is now studying for the doc
] tor's degree. Since May. 1935, she
has been assistant to the dean of
admissions in Teachers' College at
Columbia University.
Mr. Hotchkiss attended the Univer
sity of Wisconsin and George Wash
ington University School of Law, and
received the degree of bachelor of
science and engineer of metallurgy
with honors from Michigan College of
Mining and Technology in 1928. He
is a member of the Phi Gamma Delta
Fraternity, and is second lieutenant
in the United States Marine Corps
Reserve. He is associated with the
New York Telephone Co. as traffic
No date has been set for the wed
ding. which will take place this
Mr. and Mrs. Gustave William Fors
berg announce the engagement of
their daughter, Dorothy Mary, to Mr.
Paul Everett Blocher. Miss Forsberg
is a graduate of National Park Semi
nary and Mr. Blocher graduated from
Southeastern University.
The wedding will take place early
In March.
Dance of Foreign
Service School
The annual supper dance of the
School of Foreign Service of George
town University will be given tonight
in the continental room of the Ward
man Park Hotel, with honor guests
Including many members of the diplo
matic corps and Government officials
dealuig with foreign relations.
The committee in charge of the
prom consists of Mr. Paul Verner
Lindhard of New York, Mr. John
Griffiths Shields of Miami Beach, Mr,
James Winston Nalls of Washington,
Mr Thomas O’Connell of West Ches
ter, Pa.; Mr. Henry Anthony Staw
nlak of Brockton, Mass., and Mr.
Burton Robert Thorman of New York.
Dean and Mrs. Thomas H. Healy
will head the faculty members and
their wives attending the prom.
The Netherlands government has
been conducting studies in the "indus
trialization” policy.
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