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Juniors' $12.95 Dresses
Pure Silk Prints! Alpacas Crepes!
Boleros and Redingote Effects!
Spring Sale! l10.75
. Spring frocks that make you forget winter as soon as you
! slip into them! Just 2 of the styles pictured: Left, pure
; silk print with pleated collar, pleated sleeves, pleated
flounce! Right, sheer crepe bolero frock.
Grey, navy, black, brown, blue, green and joyous prints.
11 to 17s.
Still another group—S19.7S Dresses—SIS, in the
Junior Deb Shop—Fourth Floor.
$10.95 Knit Fashions
for misses and women
Boucles! Cholkelles! Vicuna Knits!
Spring Sale! ^
Wear them in town or out—for anything from a skating
rink to a bridge party. The styles are simple, youthful,
; appealing—colors delectable! Coral, rust, aqua, aloha
blue, pottery green. Two styles sketched: Left, miss’;
right, woman's. Sizes 12 to 20—some styles up to 42.
Sports Shop—Third Floor.
Spring Suit Sale!
Misses', Women's
2-pc. Tailleurs! —2-pc. Furred Swaggers
—2-pc. Swaggers!
—3-pc. Swaggers! With Wolf or Mole
Really outstanding values and selections in waffle tweeds,
men’s wear fabrics, hairline stripes and herringbones.
Navy, brown, dawn blue, green, grey.
Sketched right: 2-pc. Waffle tweed with Yflength swagger. Grey,
blue, green, beige. For misses and women, $26.
Left: Two-piece tailored suit. Contrasting skirt. Navy and blue,
oxford and grey, brown and tan. Misses’ sixes, $26.
Suit Shop—Newly Located on Fifth Floor
\ K
g 111 1
- tliw< th€ ne>/_ ^ \
* EHMbeth Ar<»«"'*, w 1
•., „p««nu- ,«4.12*0 f S™ _ 1
irJSA *"d s*“" - • I
Spring *a ^
What a stir this will make!—
S _%
$2 and $3
Smooth and grain leathers — pouch and envelope
styles—most wonted colors in this extra special buy!
Yes—there IS a reason for this amazing low price—
very slight imperfections from factory handling
explains it! Good colors, black, brown, blue, green,
dubonnet. 750 bags will go in a jiffy—think of it—
majority are $3 handbags—tomorrow, one dollar!
1,200 UndiesIjF 9C
Pure Silk Milanese
Majority Pure-Silk Milanese
Also $1.25 and $1.50 Vanity Fair
Panties and runproof, pre-shrunk, Bemberg Tite
suits (discontinued numbers). You will find pure
silk, lace-trimmed bloomers, fitted briefs, wide or
bandee step-ins. And regular §1 tailored bloomers.
Sizes 32 to 38. It’t a Jelleff extra for week end
holiday thoppert! (Street Floor).
Just received! 500 prs. Double Woven Fabric Gloves
Pull-ons—smart—wearable and tbe low price and color range permit matching every costume! Navy
blue—luggage tan—silvertone grey—chickory brown—sun beige—toque blue—eggshell—white.
Pure-Dye Silk Satin or French Crepe Slips
The satins are laboratory tested pure silk (Better Fabrics Testing Bureau, test No. 24216),
the French crepes slightly weighted but durable quality. Lace-trimmed styles in tea rose or
white, sizes 32 to 44. (Grey Shops—2nd Floor).
$1.95 Bias-cut French Crepe Gowns—4 colors
Really lovely styles with new necklines, roun d. square and V shaped. Tiny lace sleeves or
sleeveless. Trimmed with creamy laces or tailored. Tea rose, blue, maize, dusty rose.
Sizes 15 to 17.
Cleansing Tissues, Yard ley and Nailtone Sets
Cleansing Tissues Yardley's Old English Nailtone Sets
600 sheets (3 boxes) Massage cream a’nd
soft quality—blue, or- 3 cakes lavender soap and nourishing cream —
chid flesh, peach, toilet water-complete... 35c each or the set for J \J
Skintex Talon-Closing Lastex Girdles—14 inch
You’ve been calling for them and here they are—a special purchase! Smooth fitting and
they stay down! With one-way stretch back panel, round pull-stretch side panels.
Lightly boned for abdominal support. Lastex garters. Sizes 25 to 32.
Negligees! Washable Prints and Rough Crepes
Ankle length, bias cut, frilled elbow sleeves, adjustable necklines, in 4 colorful prints on
light backgrounds. Tailored pullman model in' wild poppy. French rose, ceil or alice
blues. Sizes 16 to 44.
$5 and $6.50 Spring Hats-Felts, Straws, Bandinqs! I
f^n^T^even evening hats! Fashion’s * m * - I
s??We brom'wbite an’d Lc°k”'! $^.65 I
S Neckwear' Scarf & Be,t Sets, Costume Belts
275 Pcs. $1 to $7.50 Costume Jewelry |
rings (forinerly $1), includes metal and catlin clips fobs nins ... ' I
to"!? sow??? jty e.* an,d feather hair ornaments. The $1 group (formerly’*??* 1
HnL Is !ffe Vweed ptnd”‘ “d Ml'" “ckta! nShed fita ’ .r ^ B( «<g |
ant?,ufmetfcpb,n cl,ps’ imported bead "ecklaees, hair ornaments and ^j|| and^l I
New Value! 3-thread GoIdSTripi; Silk Stockings
■ £p!c?eSt^ 3-thread stockings at this -t.
oppodte 5KS? EXClUSiVe at Jelle“'9 and °ur tw° c™”- Ave. Shops^T, £JJ SX and°340th ^ 1 I
S poirs, $2.85 I
h 4
Frankly, we’re not over-keen
about markdowns. But, in a store
like this that prides itself upon
its large assortments, broken lots
are inevitable. What to do with
them? Just what you see here.
RE-PRICE them for quick sell
ing! Real opportunities await
you who will but take the time
to scan this list. Note quantities
and time your coming accord
ingly! Remember, the rush be
gins at 9:15.
Coats 9
Misses (Third Floor)
1—$110 Green Swagger, with blue fox collar; size 16- $75
1—$145 Blue Dress Coat, with silver fox collar- $75
1—$125 Black Coat, with silver fox shawl- $75
1—$98.50 Wine Coat, caracul sleeves and collar_ $55
4—$79.50 Black, Brown Coats, with red or cross fox- $55
3—$79.75 SwaggSrs, black, grey; Persian Lamb- $55
1— $89.50 Brown Coat, detachable collar of Persian- $55
2— $89.75 Dress Coats, black or brown, with mink- $55
1— $79.75 Rust Coat, beaver shawl collar; sire 13- $55
3— $79.75 Coats, sleeves and scarfs of Jap mink- $55
3— $79.75 Oxford Coats, collars of grey Persian- $55
2— $39.75 Sports Coats, kit fox horseshoe collars_ $25
2— $39.75 Dress Coats, black; collars of kit fox_ $25
4— $49.75 Kolinsky Trimmed Coots, friese woolens_ $25
3— $39.75 Dress Coats, collars and muffs of skunk_ $25
1—$49.75 Dress Coat, brown, with beaver_ $25
1—$49.75 Black friese woolen, with block fox trim_ $25
3—$39.75 Sports Coats, swaggers; raccoon or wolf_ $25
1—$39.75 Green Coat, with collar of beaver; size 11_ $25
1— $69.75 Brown Coat, ripple chin collar of beaver_ $35
3—$59.75 Brown or Tan Coats, with collars of beaver_ $35
2— $59.75 Dress Coats, black with kolinsky collars_ $35
5— $49.75 Dress Coats, with kolinsky shawl collars_ $35
2—$59.75 Oxford or Brown Coats, skunk collars_ $35
1—$59.75 Black Coat, with shawl of pointed fox_ $35
20—$16.95 Furless Sports Coats__ $10
Classic and balmaccan styles, tweed mixtures,
Hams type checks and overplaids. Sizes 12 to 18.
Women s
10—$135 and $169.75 Coats with silver fox, Persian or
mink ---$95
8—$110 and $125 Coats with blue fox and mink_ $75
8—$110 Coats with Persian, mink and kolinsky collars $75
10—$79.75 and $98.75 Coats with black fox, mink, Per
sian, kit fo* __ —- $55 I
10—$69.75 and $79.75 Coots with silver fox, Persian lamb, $45
kolinsky and beaver collars. Sizes 36 to 44.
6—$59.75 Coats with fox, kolinsky and skunk collars __ $45
15—$49.75 and $59.75 Fur-trimmed Dress Coats with $35
collars of Persian lamb, kolinsky, black fox, kit fox, beaver,
and fisher fitch. Black and brown. 36 to 44 35 Vi to
39 Vi sizes.
8—$49.75 Coats with collars of Persian lamb, black $35
10—$39.75 and $49.75 Coats with Jap Mink, Kolinsky $25
skunk, kit fox and carocul. Black, brown and green.
25—$39.75 and $49.75 Casual and Dress Coats, in black, $25
brown and green with caracul, kit fox, kolinsky and black
lynx. Casuals in grey and brown mixtures with raccoon and
kit fox collars. Sizes 36 to 42 and 35Vi to 39Vi.
20 $16.95 to 525 Furless Casual Coats, imported tweeds, $12.95
mixtures, camel's hair and fleece monotones. Swagger and
belted styles. Grey, tan, green and blue. 36 to 42, 35 Vi
to 39li.
pjjpg (Third Floor)
6—$225 Squirrel Coats and Swaggers-\3 off $150
1—$225 Leopard Cat Swagger-y3 off $150
1—$225 Grey Persian Lamb Swagger-y3 off $150
1—$225 Black Caracul Coat_y3 off $150
3—$395 Block Caracul Coats and Swaggers-y off $263.34
1—$395 Grey Kid Caracul Swagger_]/3 off $263.34
1— $395 Natural Grey Squirrel Coat_l/3 off $263.34
3—$125 Black Kid Caracul Swaggers_l/3 off $83.34
2— $125 Krimmer Caracul Swaggers_V3 off $83.34
1—$98.50 Russian Cat Swagger_y3 off $65.67
10—Fur Coats, specially priced for tomorrow_$125
1 black Persian lamb swagger, 7 muskrat coats, 2 grey
American Broadtail coats.
Suits (Fifth Floor)
15—$39.75 and $49.75 2-pc. Swagger Suits, with collars of $25
Jap mink, beaver and black fox. Black, brown, green;
16 to 42.
7—$39.75 3-pc. Swagger Suits, Tweed Topcoats, Velvet
een Suit ___a_ $25
6— $59.75 and $69.75 Coney, Dyed Lapin Swagger Suits $39.75
7— $16.95 2-pc. Swagger Suits, 3/4-length Coats- $10
Women's (Second Floor)
$110 to $179 Sonia Model Evening Gowns (exclusive)— $45
$85 to $95 Sonia Model Afternoon Dresses (exclusive)- $35
27—$25 and $29.75 Daytime, Afternoon, Evening Dresses $15
25—$29.75 and $39.75 Daytime and Evening Dresses- $19.75
10—$29.75 and $39.75 Daytime and Afternoon Dresses— $25
6— Daytime, Afternoon, Dinner and Evening Dresses $15
5— $25 and $29.75 Daytime, Afternoon Crepe Dresses . $19.75
7— $39.75 Daytime and Afternoon Crepe Dresses_ $25
30—$13.95 to $19.75 Daytime, Dinner and Evening
Dresses, Crepe, satin, metal thread in tailored end
dressy styles. Sizes 36 to 44, 16 Vi to 24Vi_ $10
50—$16.95 and $19.75 Afternoon, Sunday Night and Eve
ning Dresses. Crepes, metal combinations, velvet, lame $10
Larger Women (Second Floor)
7—$29.75 Sunday Night and Afternoon Crepe Dresses.- $19.75
13—$25 to $39.75 Afternoon and Street Dresses- $15
9—$19.75 Afternoon and Evening Dresses. Sizes to 50Vi $10
6— $13.95 tb $16.95 Matelasse and Crepe Dresses_ $7.95
SpOrtS Shop (Third Floor)
35—$8.95 to $22,75 Wool, Velveteen Jersey, Corduroy
Dresses -- _$4.95 to $16.95
80—$2.95 to $16.95 Blouses ond Tunics. Wools, jerseys,
corduroy, silk crepe, lame. Sizes 32 to 40. Now 50c to $7.95
28—$16.95 to $29.75 Boucle Suits, 16, 42_$12.95 to $22.75
25—$10.95 to $25 Chenille, Rabbit's Hair, Cash
mere and Boucle Dresses, 1, 2 and 3 pc. styles, $5.95 to $16.95
25—$13.95 to $39.75 Bradley and Glengyle
Dresses - _$10.95 to $25 i;
65—$16.95 and $19.75 Glen Bogies, 1 and 2 pc.
knits _*_- $10
70—$3.95 to $10.95 Skirts. Now_$2.95 to $7.95
Wools, checked velour, botany flannel, velvet and satin.
30—$4.95 to $6.95 Twin Sweater sets. Wool and
zephyr_____$2.95 to $4.95
16—$4.95 to $8.95 Jackets, suede, flannel and wooL$2.95 to $5.95
1—$19.75 Brown Tweed Riding Coat. Sire 14_$10.95
2 prs.—$5.95 Brown Riding Breeches. Sizes 16 and 20.. $2.95
Juniors (Fourth Floor)
50—$12.95 Crepe Dresses and4.ama Evening Dresses- $6.95
Junior Economy Dresses
40—$7.95 to $10.95 Crepe and Wool Crepe Dresses_ $3.95
10—$10.95 and $12.95 Afternoon and Evening Dresses.__ $5
Inexpensive Dresses (Fourth Floor)
50—$10.95 and $12.95 Women's and Misses' Crepe Dresses $5
75—$5.95 to $10.95 Women's and Misses' Alpaca Dresses $3.95
Street Floor—Sports
35—$3.95 and $5.95 2-pc. Knit, Chenille and Jersey
Dresses__ _ _ $2.95
15—$5.95 2-pc. Zephyr Knit Dresses. Sizes 14 to 20_ $3.95
20—$1.95 and $2.95 Sweaters, Jersey and Boucle Blouses._ $1

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