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1249 Wisconsin Are. N.W.
| WEST 0080 WALNUT 7891
(kdar Hill
cWa&hmqtto& mastBeautiful
• Where Perpetual Care Is
More Thao a Promise
400 Foreign and Other
Growths Examined to
Aid Farm Program.
By the Associated Press.
Four hundred foreign grasses and
other growths were being examined
today by soil conservation officials
on the trail of crops to tie down the
soil and give It a “tonic.”
Under the proposed new farm pro
gram soil conservation is the main
basic for cash benefit payments to
farmers co-operating with the Gov
In addition to foreign growths,
many native grasses were said to be
Included in the extensive Investiga
tions. They are tested for effective
ness In erosion control, suitability to
different soil types, climate and cul
tural conditions, drought-resistance
and handling characteristics.
Officials said the erosion control pro
gram. first of all, must allow the
farmer to grow the crops be desires
and do It with a minimum of Inter
Crops Proposed.
They suggested that for cover crops
land used for cotton or corn be seeded
In the Fall to hairy, woolly podded,
or monantha vetch, Austrian Winter
peas, crimson clover, rye, oats and
other such crops which can be grown
singly or In mixture for soil Improve
ment and grazing.
Various crotalaria species, they said
make excellent growth before frosl
when planted in corn at the last culti
vation in the extreme southern por
tions of the cotton belt. Velvet beans
beggarwood, soy beans, kudzu, Sudar
grass and pearl millet, in addition tc
crotalaria and other crops, offer a
wide variety of Summer cover.
It was pointed out that in all farm
areas there are many grasses and le
gumes adapted to permanent pasture
use and which are readily established
and easily maintained.
Soil Protection.
The first principle of the soil con
servation program was explained as
soil protection, means to save the
humus-carrying top layer by retain
ing vegetative covering. In so far as
possible crops to “tie down the soH"
should, as in the case of legumes, cap
ture nitrogen from the atmosphere
and build up the chemical content of
nitrates, phosphorus and potash.
The main idea behind a national
soil conservation program, officials
said, was to "keep the soil on the land
where it belongs and save it for him
who owns it." They estimated that
about 100,000,000 acres which, if split
up in 80-acre farms, would support 1,
250,000 rural families, have been lost
through erosion.
Funeral to Be Tomorrow, With
Burial in Arlington
Officer Carl Hestikind of the United
States Park Police died Tuesday of
pneumonia in Emergency Hospital. He
was 35 years old.
Funeral services will be held tomor
row at 1:30 p.m. from the S. H. Hines
Co. funeral home. Fourteenth and
Harvard streets, and burial will be in
Arlington National Cemetery.
Capt. P. J. Carroll, commanding the
park police, in keeping with the
widow’s request, has assigned these
six motor cycle officers to act as pall
bearers: J. B. Lawler, R. Howell, W.
J. Hammond, E. J. Beckman, A. L.
Blackburn and T. P. Fogarty.
Officer Hestikind was born October
14, 1900, in Steel County. N. Dak. He
served in the Army at Bolling Field
here, where his colleagues said he
had been a sergeant. His Army serv
ice extended from December, 1922, to
the Summer of 1926. He entered the
United States Park Police force on
April 6, 1927. He made his home here
at 6511 Sixth street.
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District of Columbia—Cloudy, prob
ably followed by snow late tonight and
tomorrow; slowly rising temperature;
minimum temperature tonight about
22 degrees; moderate east winds.
Maryland—Cloudy, probably followed
by snow tonight and tomorrow; slowly
rising temperature.
Virginia—Cloudy, probably followed
by snow in west and north and by rain
or snow in southeast portions tonight
and tomorrow; slowly rising tempera
West Virginia—Cloudy, probably fol
lowed by snow tonight and tomorrow;
not so cold.
Report for Lost 24 Hours.
Temperature. Barometer.
Yesterday— Degrees. Inches.
4 p.m._27 30.21
8 p.m. _ 23 30.24
Midnight _ 18 30.28
4 a m._ 17 30.29
8 a m._1« 30.35
Noon _ 23 30.30
Record for Last 24 Hours.
(From noon yesterday to noon today.)
Highest. 28. 4 pm. yesterday. Year
ago. 43.
Lowest. 14. 7:15 am. today. Year
ago. 28.
Record Temperatures This Year.
Highest 58. on January 13.
Lowest. 0. on January 23.
Humidity for Last 2t Hours.
(From noon yesterday to noon today.)
Highest 84 per cent, at 3 a m. today.
Lowest. 31, per cent, at 4 p.m. yesterday.
Tide Table.
(Furnished by United States Coast and
Geodetic Survey.)
Today. Tomorrow.
High ._-_ 5:54 a.m. 8:45 a.m.
Low __12:24 a.m. 1:13 a.m.
High __ 8:24 pm. 7:13 p.m.
Low _12:32 o.m 1:27 pm.
Tbe Sun and Moon.
Rises. Sets.
Sun. today _ 8:65 5:4!l
Sun. tomorrow_ 8:54 5:50
Moon, today_5:17 am. 3:38 p.m.
Automobile lights must be turned on
one-half hour after sunset.
Monthly precipitation In inches in the
Capital (current month to date):
Month. 1938. Average. Record.
January _ 5.87 3.55 7.09 ’82
February _ 3.05 3.27 H.84 ’84
March _ 3.75 8.84 ’91
April _ 3.27 9.13 '89
May _ 3.7(1 10.09 ’81)
June_ 4.13 10.94 ’00
July _ 4.71 10,63 ’80
August _ ... 4.01 14 41 ’28
September_ ... 3.24 17.45 '34
October _ ... 2.84 8.57 ’85
November. ... 2.37 8 89 '80
December_ ... 3.32 7.56 '01
Weather Prophets.
The little green tree frogs have a
reputat,on as weather prophets in
■ Lost and Found advertisements
for the daily Star will be accepted
Mondays to Fridays, inclusive, up
to noon day of issue Saturdays
and legal holidays up to 10 a m.
day o) Issue. For The Sunday Star
up to 11 p m Saturday.
BAG. week-end. brown Initials "E. M 6."
m gold letters, valuable, personal contents.
Reward, Adams 8710._
BAG. small, black silk, lost in kenesaw
Acts, lobby: contained monev and valu
ablea. Reward. Columbia 0712. Apt. 301.
CASE, small, black, containing red evening
dress, on 14th at. carline. Georgia 2301.
from 3246 8 st. n.w. Telephone West 0676.
DOG, Samoyede. male, white, no mark
ings- strayed from 108 Oxford st.. Chevy
Chase Saturday. Suitable reward. Call
W lscotisin_5018._
GLASSES—Nose glasses. Edmonds case;
reward_Call Columbia 8806 Apt. 6<>9.
GLASSES, child’s, gold-rimmed. Reward.
Return to 5425 39th st. n.w. Phone
j Cleveland 3684.
HANDBAG—Lady's black leather handbag;
watch In face of bag name stamped.
'Artemis Papachrist." Keep money Re
turn contents and bag. Reward. Phone
Linco!n_6856._ _
HOUND, large male black, white and tan
spotted. Reward. Phone Lincoln 41 85-w,
llOJOth st. n.e_ _ 22* _
David Lodge No. 28. Lost in downtown
section Saturday. February 15; reward.
Telephone North 1951.
OXFORD GLASSES iri brown case about
a week ago. Phone Potomac 5486. Re
ward. ____ _ _
POCKETBOOK. containing keys end
money, in front of 1840 Mlntwood d1 Re
turn to Janitor at this address. Reward.
POCKETBOOK. lady's. black patent
leather, on 14th between F and K Re
ward. Call North 1783._22’ _
RING, yellow gold, zircon stone. Union
Station or street car to 8th and F. Call
Mr Little. Adams 4313-W._
RING—Yellow gold, red agate stone. Re
ward at Apt. 23. 1725 Lanier Dl. W. R
Tracy.____ _ 20*
WATCH, lady’s, white gold lost on Ogden
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WRIST WATCH, man’s, gold, square, Bul
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Lyon Village Man Formerly
Headed Legion Post and
Masonic Lodge.
By a Staff Correspondent of The Star.
LYON VILLAGE, Va„ February 30.
—J. Rupley Emelgh, 43, World War
veteran, formerly of Washington, died
at his home here yesterday after a
brief Illness. He was a native of
Huntingdon, Pa. Emelgh was em
ployed as a rate examiner in the
freight transportation section of the
General Accounting Office. He was
also past commander of the Kenneth
H. Nash Post, American Legion, and
past master of the Warren G. Hard
ing Masonic Lodge, both of Wash
He Is survived by his widow, Mrs.
Osie Adrian Emeigh; two sisters, Miss
Eva Emeigh of Huntingdon, Pa., and
Mrs. Harry Crain of Phillipsburg, Pa.,
and two brothers. Edgar Cloyd Emeigh
of Washington and George Clarence
Emeigh of Chicago.
Services will be held at the home
Friday at 2 p.m. by the Rev. Garner
Butt of Herndon and members of
the Warren G. Harding Masonic
Lodge. Burial will be in Arlington
Pneumonia Fatal to Calvert Coun
ty Resident—Services To
I 8pecial Dispatch to The Star.
ary 20,—Charles Thomas Howes. 60,
one of the best known citizens of the
third district of Calvert County, died
at his home near Dunkirk yesterday,
! following an illness of double pneu
! monia. Besides his widow, he is sur
| vived by two sons. Charles T. Howes,
| jr., and Rollo Howes, and four broth
i ers. E. B. Howes, former judge of the
Orphans’ Court; James Z. Howes and
George W. Howes of Dunkirk com
munity, and Daniel Howes of Balti
The funeral will be held tomorrow
morning at 11 o’clock at Smithville
Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev.
O. C. Mitchell will officiate.
(Earb of ehanka.
TOY. ELIZABETH The family of the
late ELIZABETH TOY acknowledge with
graceful appreciation the kindness and
beautiful floral tributes of relatives and
friends during her Illness and at her
death. •
3 paths
AMBI.ER. PATRICK H. On Monday. Feb
ruary 17. 1936. at his residence. 2356
Champlain at n.w. PATRICK H AM
BLER. beloved husband of Louise Am
bler and father of Clinton Ambler. Re
mains resting at the W. Ernest Jarvis
funeral church. 1432 You st. n.w.. until
11:30 a.m. Friday thereafter at his
late residence. Funeral Saturday. Feb
ruary 22. at 1 p.m . from the IJberty
Baptist Church. Interment Harmony
Cemetery. 21
AMBLER, PATRICK H. The Eldermen’s
«*lief Association announces the death
of PATRICK H AMBLER on Monday.
February 17. 1936, at his residence.
...lob ChamDlam st. n.w. Funeral Sat
urday. February 22. at 1 o.m., from the
Liberty Baptist Church,
t r- TtTim H NAYLOR. President.
J. C. BURLLS. Secretaiy.
BIKER. JOHN B. On Thursday. February
•-«». 1936. at his residence. 1114 Park
Cl. n.w JOHN B BAKER, beloved hus
band of Ella B'ker and father of Ray
mond Baker Remains resting at the
W. W. Chambers Co Southeast funeral
home. 617 11th st. s.e. Notice of fu
neral later.
BATTLES. CHARLIE. On Monday. Febru
ary. 1936. at G.Ultnger Hospital.
CHARLIE BATTLES He is survived by
his wife, father and a host of friends
Remains resting at Richardson & Co.’s
funeral home. 1700 Vermont ave. n w.
Funeral Thursday. February 20. at 8
P.m. Interment Rosemont Cemetery.
BELL. JOHNNIE E. Departed this life on
Thursday. February 20. 1936 at her
residence. 1017 Swann st. n w JOHNNIE
E, BELL, beloved mother of Mrs. Carrie
M. Brooks and widow of the late Hud
son Bell Remains at Frazier's funeral
home. 389 R. I. ave. n.w. Notice of
funeral later.
February 19. 1936. at his residence
SSXl North *7th st.. Cherrydale Va..
band of Phebe Best *r.ee Thompson! and
father of John S. B» t of Washington.
D C. and Mrs. Stella Tavenner of
Cherrvdale. Remains restme a* the
Ives funeral hone, -'sj: Wilson Ijivd
Clarendon. Va. Notice of funeral later.
BIGGS. NORA El.LEV. On Wednesday.
February 19, 193b at the residence of
her nephew. James Earl Haden. 640 G
st. n.e.. NORA ELLEN BIGGS Fineral
from the Perry A Wa'sh funeral home.
29 H st. n.w Saturday, February 22.
at 2 p.m. Interment Mount Olivet
Cemetery. 21
day. February 19. 19.36. at 4:30 p.m..
at his home. 4019 Chesapeake st. n.w..
husband of the late Minnie S. Boroughs
and father of Mrs. Elsie L. Edwards.
Mrs. Edward Watts. Mrs. R. L. Shoe
maker and Miss Minnie M. Boroughs:
80 years of age. Remains resting at
the colonial funeral home of Wm. Reu
ben Pumphrey. Rockville. Md. Funeral
services at the Methodist Episcopal
Church. Potomac. Md.. on Saturday.
February 22. at 2 p.m. Interment at
church cemetery. tl
BROWN. WILLIAM C. On Tuesday. Feb
ruary 18. 19.36. at his residence. 1378
C st. n.e.. WILLIAM C BROWN, be
loved father of Sadie M. Scrtmger. Fu
neral services at the above residence on
Friday. February 21. at 8’30 a.m. Serv
ices and Interment at 1 p.m. at Beulah
Baptist Church. Lyells. Va. 20
CAMBRIC. THOMAS E. On Tuesday. Feb
ruary 18. 19.36. at his residence, 152
Washington st.. Clarksburg. W. Va .
THOMAS E. CAMBRIC beloved husband
of Sarah Cambric, devoted father of
Estella Jones and Mrs. Edward Henry
Of PhilArt»1nh<o Pa •
COLLINS. CARL S. On Tuesday. February
18. 1036. at Children’s Hospital. CARL
S. COLLINS, beloved son of Pattie C.
and Thelma Collins. Funeral from the
W. W: Chambers Co. funeral home. 1400
Chapin st. n.w., on Friday. February 21.
at 2 p.m. Relatives and friends invited.
Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery.
ary 20. 1936. at 1 :.'I0 a m., at George
town University Hospital. BEATRICE M.
CUNNINGHAM, beloved wife of Gilbert
F. Cunningham. She also is survived by
a daughter. Patricia a mother. Mrs.
Anna Wilson, and a sister Mrs. Audrey
Sartor. Notice of funeral services later.
DAVIS. JOSEPH. Suddenly, on Sunday.
February ]«. 1030. at Brandywine. Md.,
JOSEPH DAVIS, beloved father of Al
freds Davis of Atlanta. Ga : brother-in
law of Lillian D. Ware. He also leaves
a nephew. C. Berkeley Ware, and a de
voted friend. Charles Johnson, and other
relatives and friends. Remains rest
ing at S. P. Morrow's funeral home.
1326 V st. n.w. Funeral Friday. Feb
ruary 21. at 2 p.m.. from the above
named funeral home. Rev. J. S. Miller
officiating Interment Lincoln Memorial
DE CARTIER. MARIE. Wife of Baron Emil
de Cartier de Marchienne. at the Belgian
Embassy in London. England, on Tues
day. February IS. 1036. Funeral services
Friday. February 21. at St. Columba’s
Presbyterian Church. London.
DUDLEY. JOSEPH. On Wednesday. Feb
ruary 10. 1936. at Alexandria Hospital.
JOSEPH DUDLEY, loving husband of
Rosa Dudley, devoted brother of Mrs.
Sarah Jones and Miss Nellie Dudley.
He also leaves other relatives and msny
friends. Remains resting at the John
T. Rhines funeral home. 221 N. Patrick
ft.. Alexandria, Va., where funeral serv
ices will be held Saturday. February
22, at 1 p.m. Relatives and friends in
vited. Interment in Douglass Cemetery.
EDLAVITCH. J. MOSES Suddenly, on
Wednesday. February 19. 1936. J.
MOSES EDLAVITCH. aged 34 years, be
loved husband of Lola R. and devoted
father of 8vlvai. Robert and Charles
Edlavitch. Remains resting at his late
residence. 119 Garfield st.. Hyattsvllle.
Md.. until n a.m. Friday. Interment
Baltimore. Md. Please omit flowers.
EGAN, PEARL V. Suddenly, on Wednes
day. February 19. 1936. at her residence.
125 D st. n.w.. PEARL V. EGAN, be
loved wife of David Egan, daughter of
Kate B. Graves and sister of Maurice
E Weeks. Funeral from the W. W.
Chambers Co. Southeast funeral home.
517 11th st. £.e„ Saturday. February
22. at 2 p.m. Relatives and friends In
vited. Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery.
day February 19, 1938. at his resi
dence. 3137 North Key blvd.. Lyon Vil
lage Clarendon. Va.. JACOB RUPLEY
EMEIGH. beloved husband of Osie Ad
rian Emeigh. He also Is survived bv
two brothers. George Clarence Emeigh
of Chicago. 111., and E. Cloyd Emeigh of
Washington. D. C.. and two sisters. Mrs.
Harry Crain of Pittsburgh. Pa., and
Misa Eva Emeigh of Huntingdon. Pa.
Remains resting at his late residence,
where funeral services will be held Fri
day. February 21. at 2 p.m. Interment
Arlington National Cemetery. 20
EMEIGH. JACOB R. A special communi
cation of Warren O. Harding Lodge. No.
39. F. A. A. M.. is called lor Friday.
February 21. 1936. at 1 p.m.. for the
purpose ol conducting the Masonic fu
neral services for our late brother,
JACOB R. EMEIGH past master
J. C. McKILLEN Secy. •
ENDSLEY. LULU J. On Wednesday Feb
ruary 19 1936 at her daughter s resi
dence. 4956 Eskridge terrace n.w . LULU
J. ENDSLEY beloved wife of the late
George W. Endsley and mother of Mrs.
H. H Vernon of Nobiesville In<t: Mrs.
Rachel A. Billings of Washington. D C..
and Robert B. Endsley of Indianapolis.'
Ind. Remains resting at the W W.
Chambers Co. funeral home. 1400
Chapin st. n.w. until 5 p.m Thursday.
February 20. Interment Indianapolis.
ENGLISH. SUSAN R. On Monday. Febru
ary 17, 1936. SUSAN R. ENGLISH,
beloved mother of William Hvnson. Re
mains resting at the W. W. Chambers
Co. Southeast funeral home 517 lith
st. s e. Notice of funeral later.
FORNESS. MARY A. On Tuesday. Febru
ary 18. 1936. at Homeopathic Hospital
MARY A. FORNESS of Peabodv. Mass.
Funeral services at the S H. Hines Co.
funeral home 2901 14th st. n.w.. on
Saturday February 22. at 11 a m In
terment private. 20
GILLIS. THOMAS A. On Wednesday. Feb
ruary 10. 19.36. at 'nls residence. 407
East Leland st.. Chevy Chase. Md..
THOMAS A. GILLIS. beloved husband
of Louise A. Gillis Funeral services
at the above address on Saturday.
February 32 at 8:30 a m., thence to
the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacra
ment Church. 5839 Chevy Chas£ park
way. where mass will be offered at 9
a m. Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery
GILLIS. THOMAS A. The members of
Washington Council. No. 224.
Knights of Columbus, are ad
vised of the death, on Wed
nesday. February 19. 1936. of
and reauested to attend his
funeral services at the Bles.sea
Sacrament Church. Chevy
Chase, on Saturday. February 22. at 9
a m. The members are asked to meet
at the Sate residence of Brother Gillis.
407 East Leland st. Chevy Chase. Md
Friday. February 21. at 8 p.m. for
recitation of prayers for the deceased.
GILLIS. THOMAS A. Sir Knights of the
Washington General Assembly
^R Fourth Degree. Knights of Colum
bus. are notified of the death of Sir
Yjgjr Knight THOMAS A GILLIS. and
are reouested to assemble at his
w w late residence. 407 East. Leland st..
Chevy Chase. Md.. Thursday. February
30. 1936, at 8 p.m.. lor recit?J of the
TPaitVifnl TNJauiaatnr
Faithful Comptroller.
GLASCOE. HENRY D. On Wednesday
February 19. 1936. at his residence.
1331 K st. s.e.. HENRY D GLASCOE.
the beloved father of Henry A.. Ray E.
Glascoe. Mrs. Seiby. Mrs. Bertha
Thompson and Adrian Davis Funeral
services at the above residence on Sat
urday. February 22. at 1:45 p.m.: thence
to the Bradburn Memorial Church,
where sei vices will be held at 2 p.m.
Relatives and friends are invited. In
terment at Congressional Cemetery. 21
nesday, February 19. 19.36. at Fort
Lauderdale. Fla,. HARRIET McK.
GRAMMER. widow of William S. Gram
mer. Remains resting at Hysone's par
lors. 1300 N st. n.w. Funeral services
Saturday. February 22. at 12 noon, at
Epiphany Church. 1317 G st. n.w. In
terment Loudon Park Cemetery. Balti
more. Md. 21
GRAYBAEL. FANNIE M. Suddenly, on
Thursday. February 20. 1036. at her
residence. 3525 Davenport st. n.w..
FANNIE M. GRAYBAEL. beloved wife
of the late Theodore H. Graybael.
mother of F. Everett Grabael of Wash
ington. D C, and Carl E. Graybael of
Cedar Fails Wash.; sister of Carrie
W’ard of Washington. D. C. and Ellen
Padkins of Pittsfield. 111. Funeral serv
ices at the W W. Chambers Co. fu
neral home 1400 Chapin st. n.w . on
Satuiday. February 22. at 2 p.m. In
terment Seattle. Wash. 21
ruary IS. 1936. at Providence Hospital.
ROSELLA HACKLEY. aged 71 years, be
loved wife of Georee W. Hackley. Re- '
mains resting at Gasch’s Sons' funeral |
home. 46 Maryland ave.. Hyattsville.
Md. Funeral from the above funeral
home on Friday February 21. at 2 p m.
Relatives and friends invited. Inter
ment Evergreen Cemetery, near Bladens
burg. Md 20
HALUNAN. Sl'SAN A. On Wednesday.
February 19. 19.36. SUSAN A. HAL
LINAN. beloved mother of Gilbert R
Hallman aged 71 years. Funeral from
the Deal funeral home. RIO H st. n.e..
on Saturday February 22. at 2 p.m.
Interment Glenv ood Cemetery. 21
HERRICK. NETTE L. On Wednesday
February 19. 1930. at 2:30 p.m.. at
Sibley Memorial Hospital. NETTE L.
HERRICK of 621 Mass. ave. Remains
resting at the Nevius funeral home. 024
N. Y. ave. n.w. Funeral services at the
above funeral home Friday. February
21. at 2 p.m. Interment in Knoxville.
ruary IS. 1936. at Emergency Hospital
CARL HESTIKIND. beloved husband of
Theresa S Kestikind inee Alexander >.
Funeral services at the S. H Hines Co
funeral home 2901 14th st. n.w.. on
Friday. February 21. at 1:30 p.m. In
terment Arlington National Cemetery. 20
HESTIKIND. CARL. Members of Oak
Camp. No. 4. W. O W.. are notified to
attend the funeral of the late sovereign.
CARL HESTIKIND. from the S. H Hines
Co. funeral parlors 2901 14th st. n.w..
Friday. February 21. 1936. ai 1:30 p.m.
W. J. KERNS. Fin. Secy.
HILL. BELLE. Departed this life W'ednes- ;
day. February 10. 1936. BELLE HILL of
613 N st. n wr. Remains resting at the
Mclvun 6 Schev funeral home. New Jer
sey ave and R st. n.w. Notice of fu
neral later.
HOBAN. BETTIE. On Wednesday. Febru
ary 19. 1939, at her residence- 1333
Wailach pi. n.w.. BETTIE HOBAN. the
beloved mother of Warren and Walter
Carter. Bob. John end Nacy Hoban.
Cia-lorie Jovre ana Elmira Sr: b.
She is also survived by twenty-two grand- ;
rhi'dren and five great grandchildren ;
Remains resting at the W. Ernest Jervis :
funeral chur-h 1431 You st. n.w.. until
6:3f> p.m. Friday, thereafter at her late
residence. Funeral Sunday February
13 at 1 p.m.. from Little Zior Baptist
Church. Westmoreland County. Va. 23
HO' TMAS. WILLIAM J. On Wfdnesd y.
February lit 1939 at 8:39 a.m . WIL
LIAM J HOLTMAN aged 74 rears, be
loved husband of Isabel Holtman <nee
Talbert t. Funeral from his late resi
dence. 517 Florida ave. n.e.. Frioay. ,
February 21. at 2 P.m. Services at
Memorial United Brethren Church. North
Capitol and R sts . at 2:30 p.m. Rela
tives and friends invited to attend In
terment at Rock Creek Cemetery. 20
HOLTMAN. WILLIAM J. A special com
munication of Lebanon Lodge. No. 7.
will be held Friday. February 2’. 1030.
at 1:30 p.m.. for the purpose of con
ducting the funeral services of the late
brother. WILLIAM J. HOLTMAN. Mem
bers please take notice.
HEFTY. MABEL J. On Wednesdav. Feb
ruary 19. 1930. at Garfield Hospital.
MABEL J.. wife of the late Malcolm
Hufty and mother of Royal M. Tinker.
Services at the S. H. Hines Co. funeral
home. 2901 14th st n.w.. on Saturday.
February 22. at 1 P.m. Interment Glen
wood Cemetery. 21
INGRAM. nENR'ETTA. On Monday. Feb
ruary 17. 1938. at Pennington. N. J..
HENRIETTA INGRAM, beloved sister of
Mrs. Jennie Harrington. Herndon. Henry
and Weslev Ingram: adopted daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Blackwell of
New Brunswick N. J.: niece of Henry
and Wesley Ingram and Mrs. Henrietta
Armstead. Funeral Saturday. February
22. at 1 p.m.. from the W. Ernest Jarvis
funeral church. 1432 You st. n.w. In
terment Hatmony Cemetery. 21
JIGGETS. ARTHUR. On Tuesday. Feb
ruary 18. 1938. at Walter Reed Hosnital.
ARTHUR JIGGETS. Remains resting
at Frazier's funeral home. 389 R. I
ave. n.w Remains will be shipped to
Baltimore. Md Funeral arrangements j
will be made later. 20
this life on Wednesday. February 19.
1938. at her residence. 302 F st. s.w..
after a brief illness. WILLIE BELLE
KITCHENS She leaves to mourn a loving
mother. Leola West: a devoted husband.
Walter Kitchens; six children and a host
of friends. Remains resting at Barnes
& Matthews' funeral home. 814 4th st.
s.w. Notice of funeral later.
LEACH MARY F. Suddenly, on Wednes
day. February 10. 1938. at Emergency
Hospital, in the 51st year of her age.
MARY F LEACH inee Lyons), beloved
wife of Herbert C. Leach, daughter of
the late James and Nellie Lvons and sis
ter of Mrs. Nellie G. Smith and Mrs.
Eileen L Keyworth. Funeral from the
chapel of P. A. Taltavull. 438 7th st.
s.w.. on Saturday. February 22. at 9
a m.: thence to St Dominic’s Church,
where requiem mass will be said at 0:30
a m. for the repose of her soul. Rela
tives and friends are invited. Inter
ment Congressional Cemetery. 21
LEE, PAULINE H. Suddenly, on Wednes
day. February 10. 1938. at 2935 Upton
st. n.w. PAULINE H. LEE. beloved
daughter of the late Louis H. and Susan
Howard Lee. Funeral from W. Warren
Taltavull’s funeral home. 14th st. and
Spring rd n.w.. on Friday. February 21.
at 9:30 am. Requiem mass at St.
Paul's Church at 10 a.m. Relatives
and friends are invited to attend. In
terment Mount Olivet Cemetery.
LUCAS. GEORGE W. On Tuesday. Feb
ruary 18. 1930. at 8:50 pm., at his
residence. 1428 R st. n.w.. GEORGE W .
LUCAS, beloved husband of Loretta Mc
Kenna Lucas and the son of the late ,
George W. and Rosetta Kerr Lucas. Fu- |
neral from his late residence Friday.
February 21. at 8:30 am. Requiem
mass at St. Paul’s Church at 9 o'clock.
Relatives and friends invited. Inter
ment Mount Olivet Cemetery. 20
MAGRUDER. MARY J. On Wednesday
February 19. 1938. MARY J. MA
GRUDER of 2519 University pi. n.w.,
wife of the late Robert L. Magruder and
beloved mother of George H Magruder
of this city. Mary Augusta Magruder of
New York City and Mrs. Anna J. Jen
kins of Alexandria. Va. Remains rest
ing at the S. H. Hines Co. funeral home,
2901 14th st. n.w. Notice of funeral
February 18, 1930. at Emergency Hos
pital. Washington. D. C . WILLIAM M.
McCARTY. aged 42 years, beloved hus
band of Mary L. McCarty (nee Walker)
of Pender. Fairfax. Va. He also is sur
vived by three sons and four daughters. I
Remains resting at the Ives funeral
home; 2847 Wilson Blvd.. Clarendon.
Va.. where funeral services will take
place Thursday. February 20. at 1:30
p.m. Relatives and friends Invited.
Interment Arlington National Cemetery.
0I* Wednesday. February 19.
JlMti, at Doctors’ Hospital. New York
£){?•_ * short Illness. Brig. Gen.
MITCHELL <res.). beloved
husband of Elizabeth T Mitchell and
•5Sfr °f Lucy and William. 1r. Funeral
5*rvi?eSwra^ur<^ay morning. February 22,
at St. Paul’s Church. Milwaukee. Wl/.
JOHN E. Departed this lif#
Tues^y Februar^ '*■ m-'iH. at nil®
Swann st. n.w.. JOHN E. MOORE He
Carri. l? I??urn the|r loss a wife. Mrs*
Mfinre- C Moore: daughter. Susie Mae
hnJTnf ?JStber', Mary McCroey and a
b^°= other relatives and friends Re.
r?’2*VntStiPe at « funeral home,
riiarv op 1. niw' P;Jn',-i*1 Friday, Feb
„“rL > ■ atol1.0 m fr°ui the above
nmTi'lii *uneJal hone Rev. L. G Biown
I,™rnLent Linc°'n Memorial
r nS„ 'Winsboro and Columbia. S.
ve.. napers Dlcase copy.)
M<rui!ryR"o Thursday. Feb
vri^yJlc^V’ 1 ****** at hPr residence, l«i G
olSSt V- EL,L?N moriarty
^ Funpral from the above
residence on Saturday February 22 at
rh taha m, :,.KlhenSe „t0 st- Theresa s
Church. Mth and V sts se where
naa.is SHI be sa!d a' n a m. for'the re
P®Jf![°J her soul. Relatives and friends
invited Interment Mount Olivet Ceme
tery. *>i
R<svh3:Y' FiV, jAMES. On Wednesday,
February 1 ft. lii.iu at Charlotte. N. C..
F. JAMES ROONEY. Notice of funerai
Tuesday. February 18. lti.'it) at her
daughter s residence. Ron Princeton pi
n.w. CONCETTA ROTUNDO. beloved
wife of Michele Rotundo. Also surviv
ing are four daughters. Mrs Frank
Basso. Mrs. Martin Pennella. Mrs. Nick
Ruggieri and Mrs. Frank Andrews, and
one son. Anerlco Rotundo. Funeral
from her late residence Friday. Feb
ruary 31. at 8:15 a.m.: thence to Holy
Rosary Catholic Church, where high
mass will be sung at ft a.m Relatives
and friends invited. Interment at st
Mary s Cemetery 20
Thursday February 2(1. 1 ft;o;, at St.
Cecelia's Academy. 001 East Capitol si...
mass at St. Peter's Church at 10 a.m.
Saturday. February 22. Interment
Mount Olivet Cemetery. 21
Thursday, February 20. ]ft:i«. at Sibley
Hospital MARY ELIZABETH, the be
loved wife of James F, Stewart. Fu
neral from her late residence. 10 Evarts
st. n.e., on Saturday. February 22. at
i »::»(( a.m.: thence to St. Martins
j Church. North Capitol and T sts.. where
mass will be offered at in a.m. Rela
tives and friends invited. Interment
Mount Olivet Cemetery. 21
STEWART. WILLIE. JR. On February ]ft
lft.'iH WILLIE STEWART. Jr., of 6.(8
Acker st. n.e. He leaves to mourn their
loss a mother. Dorothy Stewart: a fa
ther. Willie Stewart; one sister. Barbara
Stewart, and many other relatives and
friends. Remains resting at the Mai
van & Schey funeral home. New Jersey
ave. and R st. n.w. Notice of funeral
■ t n. uepariea mis
life _on_ Wednesday February 10. lO.'Oi.
at- aLm- at Soldiers’ Home Hos
pital. WILLIAM H. STEWARD, retired.
Company K 24th U S. Infantry. Co
lumbus. N. Mex. He leaves to mourn
their loss a devoted si*ter. Mrs. Aurelia
Robnett of Cheyenne. Wyo.i two nephev *
and a host of friends Funeral Friday.
February Cl at 2 pm at Soldiers*
Home Cemetery All friends invited.
'Baltimore papers please copy.)
STRAWTHER. JULIA. Departed this life
after a brief illness at High Bridge. Mri .
JLLIA STRAWTHER. She leaves to
mourn her a loving son. Noble Strawther
a daughter-in-law. Gertrude St raw ’her!
a sister. Annie Snowden of Pittsburgh.
Pa.: a brother. Robert N Simms of
Washington. D. C ten grandchildren,
foui nieces, four nephews, besides a ho*t
of relatives snd friend*. Funeral services
will be held Saturday. February CC p
1:;{0 p.m . at G’er.n Dalp Method: *
Church. Glenn Dale. Md. Friends In
vited. •
THOMPSON. BERTHA. Departed this life on
Tuesday. February 18 103d. after a
brief illness, at her residence. 323 Vir
ginia ave s.e. BERTHA THOMPSON,
devoted wife of Henry K Thompson,
loving sister of Walter C. Stewart. John.
Mary and Robert Harris: she also leases
five niece* four nephew* and other rela
tives and friends. Remains resting at
Barbour Bros, funeral home 48 K st.
li e. Funeral Sar,,rd--'. February CC. ?t
1 n.m.. from Mount Jezreel Baptist
Church. 5th and E sts s.e.. Rev. L. T.
Hushes officiating. Interment Wood
lawn Cemetery. Cl
TRESCOTT. JOHN. On Tuesdav. Feb
ruary 18. i03»; at Gallinser Hospital,
JOHN TRESCOTT Funeral Friday.
February Cl. at 3 p.m.. from Lomax
chapel. 1400 S st. n w. Friends in
vxted interment Payne’s Cemetery. •
WILLIAMS. EDITH H. On Monday eve
ning. February 11. lf»::a* the home cf
her si*ter. Mr- C W D* *on in Alt-’ -
dena. Calif.. Mrs. EDITH H WILLIAMS,
widow of Horace G Williams The in
tern* ?:t w " take p’acc ?t a later d*’e
?t O’d St. David’s Church Radnor Pa.
AOLLEY 4GNES H Or. Wednesday
February ]j» at her home. AGNE
H WOOLIEY. wife cf Herbert C.
Woolley, colonel U S. Army, retire:.
Hod-- re.-tin. o: the Tabler finer?,
home 421? nth st. n.w until Friday.
February 2i. when services wii: be held
m the chare] Fort Mver. Va at 3
ocock. followed bv interment in Ar
Iir.gion National Cemetery. Re)?tires
and friends invited to attend. 20*
in iUrmnrtam.
BAGGOTT. MINNIE. In lovinf remem
brance cf our dear wife and mother.
MINME BAGGOTT who departed this
life thirteen years ago today. February
20. 1023.
Often cur thought? go wandering
Tc th? grave not far away,
where lie? the sweetest memory
That wi I no* fade awav.
BAGGOTT MINME. In sad and lov. e
remembrance of my dpar mo'her. w in
departed this life fourteen years ago to
A wonderful mother in every way.
Ore who w*s better God n°ver mrdp.
A worrerf’-l worker so lovai and tr ie.
O",o -n a niiII;or that »r>nth •• was you
PROWS. FDIVAWD ROO\f a triblV'’ r'
lT"e to fn" nv"^cry of mv dear Iris’''*"
EDWARD B~ONF Rpown n ho ]ef»
two years ago today. February 20. io::«
Tn memory vou are ever near me and
In my heart yo*’ w;n kwav- live
DONN. MARY E. In sad and lovinc re
membrance of our dear wife and m’h
er. MARY E. DONN who passed awa^
one year ago today. Februarv 20. 1031.
When days are dark and friends are
Dear mother, how I miss you:
There may be friends who may be trup.
But I lost my best friend when I lost
DORSEY. CHARLES H. In sad but loving
memory of our father and son. CHARLES
H. DORSEY, who departed this life Feb
ruary 20. 1033.
Till memory fades ard life depart*
He will live forever in our hearts:
. Time taKes away the edge of grief.
But memory turn? back every leaf
KENNEY. EWING W. In loving remem
brance of nv devoted dad. EWING
KENNEY, who passed on to eternitv
seven years ago today. February 2*>.
Surrounded by friends I am lonesome.
In the midst of all I am blue:
A smile on my face, but a heartache.
Dad. we often Ions for you.
MANNIX, EDWARD T. In loving remem
brance of my beloved son. EDWARD T
MANNIX. wh^ ’eparted this life slxu«
years ago U !a ' bruary 20. 1920.
Remembrant * golden chain
Death tiles to 1 a. but all in vain;
To have, to love .aid then to Dart
Is the greatest sorrow of the heart.
MILLS. ELIZABETH. In loving m^mv
of our dear devoted mother. ELIZA
BETH MILLS, who departed this lif'
one year ago today. February 20 1931
WHITE. ELIZABETH J. In sad but lovinc
remembrance of our dear mother.
ELIZABETH J WHITE, who departed
this life one year ago todav. February
20. 19:?5.
Every day our hearts go wandering
To the grave not far away
Where lies the sweetest memory
That will not fade away.
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