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—important highlights
of the
Only two days more of the Anniversary’s One-Day Specials. Quantities in most cases are
limited—^and the prices are so much lower than usual that we can offer them only on the
one day for which the merchandise is advertised. These ten on sale Friday only.
Wood Bead Bags $2’28
Regularly in stock at $3 !
Smart two-tone and gay multicolor—also white, brown and navy
versions of these much liked bags. In pouch and envelope styles, with j
back strap or top handle and slide fastener. Fitted with mirror. j
Leather Goods, Aisle 8, First Floor.
Gloves of English Doeskin
Would, regularly be $2.25
| The white and chamois four-button length pull-ons that are so important j
with Spring suits. Full P. K. sewn and with Bolton thumbs.
Gloves, aisle 11, First Floor.
Printed Philippine Gowns 90c
Regularly in stock at $1.25
| Handmade gowns with engaging hand details. The styles are new and
I youthful—the prints on pink, blue or white backgrounds. Sizes 15 to 17.
Cotton Underwear, Third Floor.
"Good Mixer" Jackets, ^-4'75 Skirts, ^2*95
Regularly in stock at $6.50 Regularly in stock at $3.95
Men’s wear flannels and Shetland tweeds in outstanding Spring colors,
the group including gray, aqua, cherry, blue, brown and black. Some
of the.flannels are pencil striped. The jackets are in casual fitted styles,
! the skirts gored or pleated. Sizes 12 to 20.
Sportswear, Third Floor.
— ~ m a m M WV _
Games tor Uld and Young /j
Regularly in stock at $1
A selection of the games that were most popular on our Christmas lists.
They include Bingo, Pirate and Traveler, Senior Combination Board,
Sweepstakes, Magnetic Fish Pond, Lotto and Hokum.
The Toy Store, Fourth Floor.
W&L Special Hair Felt Rug Pads $4‘95
Would regularly be $6.95
A hair felt pad made especially for us by the makers of Ozite. Sizes
9x12 feet and 8x10 feet.
Rugs, Firm Floor.
mm. » ■ ■ . _ . Mr mm |—
Wallace Nutting Pictures j
Regularly in stock at $5
The delightful oil-tinted photographs for which Wallace Nutting is so
well known. Both Colonial interiors apd outdoor brook and garden
scenes. In gilt and ivory combination frames.
Pictures, Sixth Floor.
Ruffled Dotted Curtains Pair $|
Regularly in stock at $L35 pair
Cream, ecru or white in well made curtains of a good quality marqui
sette. With dots in two sizes. 2*4 yards long by 36 inches wide.
Curtains, Seventh Floor.
_ _ * 4 _
Rayon Gowns A5C
Regularly in slock at 68c
Lacy ones and softly tailored versions with effective color contrast, self
yoke or applique. In smooth, run-resistant and novelty rayons, they are
all full length and well cut. In blue or tearose, regular sizes.
Down Stairs Store. -
Boudoir Slippers 75c *
Regularly in stocjt at $1
The popular and comfortable quilted satin slipper with soft sole and j
pompon trim. In rose, blue or black. Sizes 4 to 9.
Down Stairs Store I
Woodward & Lothrop
Down Stairs Store
Friday—Remnant Day
Savings for Everyone
i Remnant Day Merchandise is not returnable or exchangeable; not
sent C. 0. D. or on approval; telephone or mail orders not accepted.
Silk Slips, $l35
Were $1.95
49 silk crepe and satin slips,
slightly soiled, in tailored and
lace-trimmed styles. Tearose, in
‘broken styles and sizes.
25 Silk Crepe Slips in broken sizes and
styles. Slightly soiled. Were *1.55
and *1.65. Now.*1.10
28 Slips in a group including silk
crepe, rayon crepe and cotton. Broken
sizes. Were $1 and (1.15, Now...75c
Down Stairs Store.
_ _ . I
boys Nmckers .
and Slacks
$|.25 Were $2.95
40 Tweeduroys, corduroys and
wool knickers included in the
group. Sizes 7, 8 and 12 to 17.
5 Boys’ Wool Mackinaws in sizes 8, 10
and 12. Were $8.95. Now.$3.95
4 Boys' Moleskin Coats in sizes 8 and
10 Were $6.95. Now_$3.95
13 Pairs Boys’ Wool Slacks. Sizes 12,
14, 16, 19 and 20. Were $2.95.
Now .. $1.95
5 Boys’ Wool Knicker Suits, Were
$10.50. Now.....$5.95
5 Boys’ Tweeduroy Jackets in sizes 4
and 11. Were $3.95. Now.$1.95
22 Boys’ Model Shirts in sizes 5, 6, 8,
10. 13 and 14. Were 78c and $1.
Now _ 38c
15 Boys’ Caps in sizes 63g to 67*.
Were $1. Now_25c
17 Pairs Boys’ two-piece Pajamas.
Sizes 8. 10 and 14. Were $1.35. Now $1
Down Stairs Store.
blip-Un Sweaters
Were $1.95 and $2.95
45 all-wool sweaters with long
sleeves, in several styles of neck
! lines. Navy, rust, blue, green,
black, tan, white and gold. Sizes
34 to 40.
35 Sports Blouses in synthetic crepes
and satin in a good selection of sizes
and colors. Long and short sleeves
included in the group. Were $1.95
and $2.95. Now..._$1
18 Sports Jackets in pig grain and
suede, Cossack types, with button and
slide-fastened closings. Sizes 14 and
16. Rust, green, wine, and London
tan. Were $5.95 to $8.95. Now. ,12.45
14 Twin Sweater Sets in all-wool,
plain and two-tone combinations. Sizes
34 to 40. Were $2.95 and $3.95.
Now ....$1.45
Down Stairs Store, Sportswear.
^ Sc Were SSc to 78c
33 pieces in a group in
cluding pajamas, shirts,
flannelette wrappers and
IS Part-wool Blankets, satin
bound. Pink only. Were $1.85.
5 Velveteen Snow Suits, In broken
sizes, 1 to 4 years. Were $5.
Now -*2.95
37 Four-piece Lessinr Sets. In all
woo!. Broken sizes. 1 to 3 years.
Blue. pink, white and dark colors.
Were $3.95. Now_*2.95
73 Jersey Suits and Dresses, in
sizes 3 to 8 years. Were $1.15.
Down Stairs Store.
Dresses Greatly Reduced
80 Dresses for women and misses, in broken
sizes. Were $10.95 and $13.95. Now_$3.95 ;
24 Jackets in gold and silver finished sequins, f
Were $5.95 and $7.95. Now__$1.95 f
34 Metallic Blouses and Skirts. Broken sizes. <
Were $5.95. Now__$1.95 |
5 Dresses in broken sizes. Were $7.95. I
Now ....$1.95 I
Down Stairs Store, Dresses.
Boys' Hi-Cut Boots, $150
Were $3.95
18 pairs boys’ high laced shoes with Gro
cord soles. Broken sizes.
17 pairs Junior Misses’ Black and Brown Suede
Step-in Pumps, with buckle fastenings. Broken
sizes. Were $3.95. Now.__$1.50
Down Stairs Store.
Fur-Trimmed Coats,510
Were $23, and $29.75
10 dress coats for shorter women and misses,
in black, brown and dark green. Fur collars
of wolf, skunk, dyed rabbit, kit fox and squir
rel. Sizes 14 to 20, 371/4, 41*4 and 43J4.
Down Stairs Store, Coats.
Underwear, 45c
Was 58c to $1.50
289 pieces in a group including flannelette,
and Philippine gowns, tuckstitch, Balbrig
gan, and rayon pajamas, cotton union suits,
silk and acele vests, and bloomers, rayon
panties and vests. Broken sizes. Slightly
Down Stairs Store.
Girls' Wool Dresses
45 Were $1.95 to $3.95
144 dresses in green, rust, navy, brown and
blue wool. Sizes 7 to 16 years.
60 Hats and Hat and Scarf Sets. Were SI. Now. 25c
5 Twin Sweater Sets. Were $2.95. Now..$1.45
7 Plaid Wool Skirts. Were $2 95. Now ..$1.45
25 Girls’ Cotton Blouses in prints and plain colors.
Sizes 8 to 16. Were $1. Now.75c
Down Stairs Store.
Women s Galoshes
$| ,5° Were $2.50
31 pairs of rubber galoshes
in black and brown, with
slide fastenings. Broken
Down States Store.
S| '35 Were $1.95
52 one-piece garments
from a well known manu
facturer. Sizes 32 to 38.
42 Batiste Bandeaus and Bras
sieres in broken sizes and styles.
Were 58c. Now_45c
Down Stairs Store.
Men's Shirts
Special 88c
800 good quality shirts
in collar - attached and
neckband styles. Fancy
and plain white. Sizes
_ 14 to 17.
225 Flannelette Pajamas
and Night Shirts. Sizes A,
B and C. Special_78c
18 Pairs Men’s Brown Buck
Shoes, in sizes 6Vz to 10V2.
Were $4.95. Now_$2.75
21 Pairs Boys’ Brown Calf
Shoes. Broken sizes. Were
$3.95 and $4.95. Now..$2.75
20 Pairs Men’s House Slip
pers. Sizes IV2 to 11. Were
$1.95 and $2.95. Now. $1.35
6 Men’s Lounging Suits.
Sizes small, medium and
large. Were $10. Now S6.50
12 Pairs Men’s Fine Sus
penders. Were $1. Now 50c
187 Pairs Men’s Broadcloth
Pajamas, in sizes A, B, C
- and D. Were $1.55.
Now _ $1.15
429 Men’s Handmade Ties
of resilient construction.
Were 50c and 65c. Now 25c
25 Men’s Collars, slightly
soiled. Sizes 14 to 16 in the
group. Were 25c and 35c.
6 Men’s Wool Sweaters, in
sizes 42 and 44. Were $2.95.
Now _S1.95
32 Men’s Wool Plaid Scarfs.
Were $1. Now_25c
13 Novelty Cigarette Boxes.
Special_ —15c
15 Men’s Initialed Buckles.
Were $1. Now_75c
Down Stairs Store.
Casuella Frocks
Were $5.95
30 printed dresses for misses. Broken
56 Crash Smocks for misses in plain color,
open-front model. Were $1.95. Now_$1
Down Stairs Store, Inexpensive Dresses.
Junior Misses'
Fur-Trimmed Coats
MO Werq $16.95
9 Winter coats in black, brown
and green. Sizes 11 to 17,
54 Wool Dresses for the junior
miss in brown, green, rust, black
and blue. Sizes 11 to 17. Were
$3.95 to $7.95. Now_$2.95
Down Stairs Store.
Sweaters, $155
A variety of styles in sizes
28 to 38.
: Down Stairs Store.
New Spring
Dresses, $635
Novelty sheers and prints
for women, misses and lit
tle women. Sizes 14 to 20;
38 to 44; 16% to 24%.
Down Stairs Store,
; Dresses.
Sweaters, $155
Slip-on sweaters in zephyrs,
chenilles and boucles. Sizes
34 to 40. Regularly $1.95.
Down Stairs Store,
Slips, M «
2 for $3. Silk satin and
Minute silk crepe in sev
eral styles. Sizes 32 to 44.
Regularly $1.95.
Down Stairs Store.
Sweaters, $195
Plain colored sweaters in
sizes 36 to 46. Regularly
Down Stairs Store,
Hats, M 55
A variety of styles in straws
.and fabrics. Head sizes
211/2 to 24.
Down Stairs Store.
Womens Arch
Shoes, $295
Oxfords, step-ins, T-straps
and white nurses’ oxfords.
Down Stairs Store.
Boys' Oxfords
Boys’ brown and black kip
oxfords in blucher-cut
styles. Sizes 1 to 6, B to D
widths. s
Down Stairs Store.
Misses', Women's
Suits, $875
Tailored jacket styles and
fitted and swagger models.
Down Stairs Store,
Boys' Wash
Suits, 45c
Boys’ suits in sizes 1 to 6
years. Regularly 58c.
Down Stairs Store.
Junior Misses'
Dresses, $3 95
Acetate prints and plain
colors in sizes 11 to 17. Reg*
ularly $5.95.
Down Stairs Store,
Junior Misses.
Dresses, 78c
Wash frocks in a variety of
materials and styles. Sizes
14 to 52. Regularly $1.
Down Stairs Store,
Inexpensive Dresses.
Girls' Cotton
Blouses, 78c
Button-on and belted styles
in sizes 7 to 16. Regular
ly $1.
Down Stairs Store.
Gowns, *155
2 for $3. A wide variety of
styles in sizes 15, 16 and
17. Regularly $1.95.
Down Stairs _£tore.
Handbags, 78c
Simulated leather bags in
a variety of grains and
Down Stairs Store.
Socks, 15c
New Spring shades and
styles in sizes 6 to 10Vi.
Down Stairs Stou.

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