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84— 1.69 Glazed Pottery
Lamps and Shades.. —-SI
85— 49c Parchmentized
Shades for Floor, Bridge
or Table Lamps-3 f°r $1
22—1.29 Framed, 3-section,
42-in. Buffet Mirrors... 49c
19—1.95 Colonial Wrought
Iron Bridge Lamp and
and Shade . . -1.29
12—4.95 I. E. S. Table Lamp
and Shade .. -2.99
86— 1.50 Shade Covers for
Table and Bridge Lamps 19c
(Fourth Floor. The Hecht Co.)
140— $1 Ruffled Cushion-Dot
Curtains, 48 in. wide
each side _79c Pr*
40—49c to 1.50 soiled Ecru
Window Shades, 36 in.
wide and 3 ft. cut
length -- 19c ea*
600 yds.—65c Part-Linen 50
inch Cretonnes, sec
onds, part pieces, short
lengths __. -39c yd.
50 prs.—1.95 to 3.95 Odd
Lace Curtains_49c Pr
3—12.95 Velour Portieres,
50 in. wide. . -3.95 pr
7 prs.—7.94 to 12.95 Lined
Damask 50-in. Draper
ies, 1 of a kind- 5.95 Pr
30—2.99 Lined 40-in. Dam
ask Drapes, gold and
blue-2.29 Pr
80—5.95 to 6.95 Glazed
Chintz and Crash
Cretonne-lined Draper
ies -3.95 Pr
12—2.95 to 5.95 Odd Chair
and Sofa Slip Cov
ers -65c ea
(Sixth Ftoor, The Hecht Co.)
2—15.95 5-pc. Porcelain-tgp
Breakfast Sets __ -9.95
2—29.95 5-pc. Porcelain-top
Breakfast Sets .. -—19.95
1—22.50 Kitchen Cabinet. 14.95
1—44.95 Modernistic Kitch
en Cabinet-34.95
1—5.95 Kitchen Table.2.95
1—12.95 Extension Table 7.95
(Fifth Floor. The Hecht Co.)
11—3.95 to 8.95 Floor Sample
Velocipedes. _2.95 to 5.95
13—3.95 to 9.95 Doll Car
riages -2.95 t0 6.95
7—3.95 to $5 Tables and
Chairs and Desks and
Chairs -2.95
6—6.95 to 7.95 Tables and
Chairs and Welsh Cab
inets -4.95
(Third Floor, The Hecht Co.)
3— 138 9x12 Gulistan Rugs,
discontinued .. ■— 107.50
1—98.50 9x12 Wilton Orien
tal Pattern Rug-69.95
1—98.50 8.6x12 Amkara
American Oriental
4— $42 9x12 Broadloom Rugs,
1—104.50 9x12 Anglo-Per
sian Rug, soiled_69.95
1—49.95 9x12 Modern Ax
minster Rug, soiled ..24.95
1—$55 9x12 Modern Wilton
Rug, soiled-24.95
1—$54 9x12 Broadloom Rug,
as is-14.95
1—29.95 7.6x9 Axminster
4— 24.95 6x9 Axminster
Rugs .——10.95
1—12.95 4.6x6.6 Axminster
1—19.95 4.6x7.6 Wilton Rug,
5— 16.95 36x63 in. American
Oriental Rugs..9.95
12—12.95 27x54 in. American
Oriental Rugs..6.95
8—7.95 4x6 Cotton Imitation
Oriental Rugs.3.95
8—2.50 24x48 in. Cotton Imi
tation Oriental Rugs— - $1
8—1.25 27x54 in. Velvet
60 sq. yds.—1.39 Inlaid Lin
oleum .69c *9- yd.
(Sixth Floor, The Hecht Co.)
Very Special! 50c
Linen Initial Handkerchiefs
25c •
Sheer linen, hand-rolled handkerchiefs
with corded borders and hand-embroid
ered initials. Buy for yourself and for
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Sample Sale!
Costume Flowers
We nabbed a sample sale for you in the
biggest flower season in years. Every
thing from gay sport boutonnieres to im
portant evening flowers.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! $3 Leather
A special group of real leather bags in a
splendid assortment of styles and grains.
Mainly black or brown—a real value I
(Main Floor, The Hecht Co.)
Regularly 69c! Rayon
Gowns and Pajamas
^ for
One-piece pajamas and smart nighties in
soft pastel colors. Full-cut regular sizes.
Unusually well made for this price.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co )
Special! Washable
Doeskin Gloves
The popular four-button-length pull
on, in fine quality white or natural
chamois doeskin. Guaranteed to wash
satisfactorily. Sizes 5-?i to ll2
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Hecht Co.
Cleansing Tissues
2 boxes 49C
Each box contains 500 sheets of soft, ab
sorbent, sanitary tissues. A special price.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Stylepak
Sanitary Napkins
50for 49c
Soft, soluble napkins at a great saving.
Packed in a compact box.
Less than lc each
(Main Floor, The Hecht Co.)
50—59c Scarfs in a variety of types and
fabrics ... ... -39c
25—$3 Lame and Metal-thread Neck
wear -$2
20 pcs.—$2 Lame Neckwear_ .1.59
8—$3 and $5 Velvet Blouses and
Skirts _ -1.59
38—$2 Jersey Blouses -59c
20—$2 Jersey Blouses (damaged, as Is) 39c
18—$1 Lame Ascot Scarfs.. ... -.39c
22—$1 Belt and Scarf Sets _ 49c
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
36—$1 Kiddie Muff Bags_ 59c
60—$1 Keratol and Leather Bags.39c
36—$2 Leather Bags_1.50
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
45—$2 Lace-trimmed 4-gore Slips in
tearose or white_ -1.49
25—1.19 Chalbatross Gowns, warm, but
not heavy . ---89c
100—49c Rayon Panties, Bloomers or
Vests, broken sizes_3 *or $1
20—$3 Famous Make Pajamas in 2-pc.
styles, regular sizes .. . -2.49
20—$3 Lace-trimmed or Tailored Silk
Pajamas ... -2.49
100—69c Silk Panties, Dancettes and
Chemises___2 for $1
20—$2 Hand-made Satin Chemises and
Panties, broken sizes_ ... - - - -2.79
50—79c Lace-trimmed or Tailored
Rayon Slips__59c
(Main Floor, The Hecht Co.)
45 prs.—79c Suede-finished Fabric
Gloves, in black, brown_ .39c
60 prs.—$1 and 1.50 Novelty Bengaline
Gloves .. 69c
30 prs.—1.79 Capeskin Gloves, in novel
ty and plain styles, broken sizes.. 139
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
186—1.65 Margy Full-fashioned 2-thread
Chiffons __95g
102 prs.—1.15 and 1.35 Famous Make
3-thread Chiffon Stockings_59c
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! 2.95 Fit-Rite
Shoes for Boys
200 pairs of black or brown kip leather
oxfords with Goodyear welt heavy leather
soles. Corded wing tips, blucher style.
Sizes 1 to 6, B, C and D widths. »
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Girls’ Monogrammed
Cotton nub shantung blouses, mono
grammed with two or three initials at
no extra charge. In white, aqua, dusty
pink, yellow, copen, bali rust. 10 to 16.
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Reduced! 1.95 Wash-Top
Wool Shorts Suits
Reduced because they are slightly soiled.
Tweed or flannel shorts with long-sleeved
blouses. Also 15 suits that were 2.95,
now 1.95.
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
tsuia uuri.
3— $17 4-pc. Prep Suits, in sizes 17, 19
and 22_99
15—2.95 Tan Corduroy Slacks, sizes 16
to 22 _2.49
4— 6.95 Californian Shoot Sport
Jackets, sizes 18 to 21_ -2.49
2— 12.95 School Coats, sizes 11 and 12 6.99
3— 17.95 Prep Coats, sizes 20, 21 and
1— 8.95 Tan Sport Coat, size 22_2.99
2— 7.95 Oxford Grey Sport-back
Coats, size 20 only_ -3.99
2— 7.95 Blue Sport-back Coats, sizes 14
and 22_3,99
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
40—1.95 Girls’ Wash Dresses in prints,
sizes 10 to 16 . _ 59C
7—3.95 Girls’ Silk Dresses, sizes
7 to 12_2.49
5— 5.95 Jr. Hi. Girls’ Silk Dresses, sizes ’
12 to 16-3.95
4— 7.95 Plaid Wool Jackets, sizes 8
and 10 i---—3.95
3— 3.95 All-wool Plaid Jackets, sizes 8
and 10---1.95
1—3.95 Jr. Girls’ All-wool Dress, size
is 1.95
(Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
3— 7.95 Knit 4-pc. Legging Outfits,
size 4-3.95
5— 6.95 Knit 3-pc. Snow Suits, with
Hat and Mittens; sizes 1 and 2 ... 3.75
1—2.95 Red Moire Bath Robe, size 4 1.59
4— 3.50 Nursery Cut-outs for Decorat
ing Child’s Room _ 75c
6— 1.15 Corduroy*Overalls, in sizes 3
and 4 _75c
15— 50c Wool Socks for Infants.— .25c
1—3.95 Boys’ 3-pc. Suit, size 5— —1.95
16— 1.59 and 1.95 Tots’ Wash Dresses .. 74c '
36—1.15 Tots’ Wash Dresses, sizes 3 to 6 64c
28—1.39 and 1.95 Sample Boys’ Wash
suits, sizes 1 to 3_ —.-88c
6—1.95 Wool-fiilled Comforts_$1
(Second Floor The Hecht Co.)
50 prs.—3.50 Jr. Girls’ Brown Bucko Ox
fords and Grained Oxfords. 2.95
55 prs.—3.75 Simplex Flexies, in patent
High Shoe Style; S\'2 to 12-1.95
50 prs.—$3 Children's Oxfords and High
Shoes, different colors . . -79c
30 prs.—4.25 Simplex Flexies, in black,
brown calf; si*es 121/2 to 3...2.95
(Second Floor, The Hecht Co.)
Woodbury Preparations
Less Than *4 Price
50c Woodbury’s After Shave
Lotion _ ~.-21c
50c Woodbury’s Brilliantine-21c
50c Woodbury’s Castile
Shampoo_ _21c |
50c Woodbury’s Almond and
Rose Lotion _21c
• (Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Assorted Toiletries
Very Specially Priced
69c De Vilbiss Atomizer-49c
• $1 Razor, with 5 Blades-49c
$1 Tre-Jur Double Compact-49c
(Main Floor, The Hecht Co.)
Special! Hair Nets
29c dozen
Perfect quality hair nets, regularly much
higher priced. All colors except white
and grey at 29c doz. White or grey nets,
39c doz. _ „ '.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Special! Boxed Stationery
100 large single sheets and 50 envelopes
or 72 short sheets and 50 envelopes. Pine
quality vellum-flnished writing paper.
(Main Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Corset Department Clearance!
200—$1 and $2 famous make Model and Fan brassieres and bandettes. Long brassieres
with or without garters. Plain or brocaded, sizes 36 to 46. Bandettes in lace and batiste
in uplift styles, sizes 32 to 38_
100—2.50 pantie girdles, step-in girdles with garters
attached. For street or evening. In small, medium
or large sizes__ J_
hiiu «piu &aun ana Dausie giruies.
Some with talon fasteners and some side
hook styles in sizes 26 to 32. Corsets in plain O \ \
or brocaded batiste with lace uplift bras- m j LM.lL
sieres. Sizes 35 to 42_ UB J
(Third Floor. The Hecht Co.) to®®
Just 75
Better Man
Tailored Silk
To wear with your tailored suit—
long sleeved blouses with club or
Peter Pan collars. Made just like
a man’s shirt. In white, yellow,
beige, powder blue—not all sizes
in all styles and colors.
100—1.79 Zephyr Pull-ons with
Long Sleeves __ -$1
(Third Floor, Sports Shop. The Hecht Co.)
r i~. -
$3 and 7.5U
Felt and
Fabric Hats
Brims, turbans and off-the
face hats in black, brown or
white. Good assox-tment of
30 Better Hats in fabric
and felt reduced for a !"/>p
quick clearance_
(Third Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Negligee Department
12—7.95 to 12.95 satin and f qq
crepe negligees and pajamas. Vts J
3—12.95 Flannel Robes *■
reduced to_
1 Negligee and 1 Corduroy Pa
jama, were 5.95 and 3.95_ vi
1 Robe, 2 Negligees, 1 Pajama,
were 8.95_
30—100% all-wool flannel or
quilted robes, were 3.95_ |3Kv:
4 Imported Bed Jackets, 1
were 2.95_ 1.<V 5®!®
2 Imported Bed Jackets, ‘7 0"
were 4.95_ 7 RgS
(Third Fioor. The Hecht Co.) ®S&
45—10.95 to 16.95 misses’ and women’s
street crepes in black, brown, fcrey or carrot. /T
Also misses’ arepe and taffeta evening dresses ■§-■§■§
in black, white or red..
35—13.95 to 19.75 misses’ and women’s
street crepes in black, brown, grey or aqua. C) Q ft
Also misses’ crepe and net evening dresses || (if)
in black, blue or white
CXlilrd Floor. Better Dres* Shop, Th* Hedu Co ' Wgg
Sale! Fine Fur Coats
and Swaggers
Seal-dyed coney coats in misses’ styles, sizes 14,16
and 18. Lapin-dyed coney swaggers in black or
brown with smart ripple collars. Sizes 14 to 20.
1 black pony coat, non 2 moleskin swaggers,
size 18 - __ sizes 16 and 18
1 seal-dyed coney 1 brown lapin-dyed QOO
coat, size 16 __.-• coney coat, size 16--- V"1*
1 beaver-dved coney
coat, size 16_
(Third Floor. Fur Shop. The Hecht Co.)
Thrift Shop Special! |j
7.95 to 10.95 Advance |j
Spring Dresses 1
3,88 1
Jacket dresses, daytime crepes, navy-and
white and black-and-white dresses! Sizes for
misses, women and little women! Get here early
•—quantities are limited.
21 jacket dresses and daytime crepes in broken sizes. "| QO SKS
Were originally 3.95__ _ -1 .OO
(Third Floor. Thrift Shoo. The Hecht Co.)
Final Clearance
Thrift Shop
Winter Coats
20 fur-trimmed dress coats with col
lars of caracul, kit fox and wolf.
Mostly all black. Sizes for misses,
women and little women.
Sports coats in plaids, checks and
plaid backs in swagger and fitted
styles. In grey, brown, green or rust.
Sizes 14 to 20 and 37 Vs to 481*.
(Third Floor. Thrift Coat Shop.
The Hecht Co.)
Jr. Miss Dresses
1/3 to l/2 off
25—7.95 pastel crepes, black and
white and brown and white one
piece dresses. Broken sizes, 11
to 17.
30—10.95 to 16.95 crepe jacket
dresses and a group of crepe and
satin evening dresses. Broken
sizes, 11 to 17.
25 Only! Women’s $10 jig
Leather-Bound M
Week-End Cases M
6,94 1
Priced for a sell-out! 18, 21
and 24 inch sizes. Striped tweed, Sgc
leather bound, silk moire lin
ings. Shirred pockets all around Kgs
and in lid. egg
(Luggage Shop. Second Floor. The Hecht Co.)
, * (Third rioor. Young Washingtonian Shop. The Hecht Co.) ■ 5
Reduced to 3 Very Special Prices
I ' ♦ >
Originally 39.76 to 59.76. Trimmed
with skunk, cross fox, black fox, blue
(rod dyed) fox, caracul or Persian.
Fine frieses and nubby woolens In
rises for misses, women, little women
and larger women.
Originally 59.75 to 79.75. Trimmed
with kolmsky, Persian, black fox,
blue <red dyed) fox, beaver or akonk.
Pine frieze and nubby fabrics. Plenty -
of black edata. Sizes for misses and
women. ■ *
M< Flow. Better Coot Shoe. The Hecht Co.)
Originally 79,75 to $110. Persian
iamb, silver fox, kolinsky, black fox
or cross fox collars on coats of fine
Forstrnann fabrics. Plenty of all*
black coats. Sizes for misses and
40—1.95 Plaid Gingham Servicettes.
Sizes 16 to 42 ,__1X9
75—1.39 Broadcloth Syl-O-Frocks in
• sizes 44_I-77c
(Third Floor. The Hecht Co.)
Dh 1 1 CK L.UA 1 JJCr 1.
3—$25 Chesterfield Coats, in brown or oxford;
sizes 18 and 20 . -.— — 16.95
10—16.95 to 19.75 Swagger or Fitted Sport Coats,
misses’ and women’s sizes _ .—- $8 ■
(Third Floor. The Hecht Co.)
* 1. ' k

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