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I Anglo-lndustan RUGS I
' ^ Sellout ’ last week, but luck was with us and ^^ fe
we were able to get a new lot of these fine rugs to 5k A A /^m ft
seU at the same low price! It is an opportunity ^ /Ws gl
§§§ no home can afford to miss, for you’re not only ^V^A/ A
gettmg a beautiful rug, but one that will fast a A A -
lifetime! ’ Eleven fine patterns for your selection. JHL if
I Washed American Oriental RUGS I
—The patterns and colors have been copied * mm t§
from rare, old Oriental rugs—and every rug has ▼ ' 2 1^ |||
been washed to give it a rich luster. 9x12 ft. size. # J ft
Kann's—Third Floor. g
_ aw.m.swia—aasMaa 1—n'*rMrwi-w l**1' w< WTiii^
1,500 Pairs of Our 3 Best Selling
CURTAINS, Special At
Mexican Plaid Wide Mesh Net
* 72 inches wide to pair—21» yards long
New Snow Flake Tailored Style
72 inches wide to pair—2V* yards long
Cushion Dot Marquisette Priscillas
52 inches wide to pair-2'« yards long
—Why wait for Spring to have new curtains when you can buy them
at such a low price—and such fresh, pretty ones as these! Tailored styles
of wide mesh net in vivid Mexican colors, as well as in the new open
weave snow flake pattern. And Priscilla curtains of a cushion dot mar
quisette that look so sheer hanging at your windows.
Kann’s—Third Floor.
. i
' 81x99 and 72x108 FINE MUSLIN 1
Cannon Sheets I
. Regularly $1.19 |||
—Sold exclusively at Kann’s in %
Washington, made of a good
sturdy sheeting that counts 128 m
threads to the square inch and A mm W Cd* B
washes heavier. Ig
63x99 Sheets_89c if
Regularly SIM 11
81x108 Sheets_$1.09 8
Regularly 3129 S
90x108 Sheets_$1.19 »
Regularly 31.39 B
45x36 Piljow Coses—25c S
Regularly 29c ||5
Kami's—Street Floor. SH
V- G-i _
t 1
—4 Hr. Varnish Stains, eg
, Reg. 79c quart. i>'*C
—Kitchen Cabinet in d»| n gr
enameled finishes.... 9 u* * J
—29 Cakes Fel* Naptha OQ _
Laundry Soap. . C
—8-ft. Wooden
ZTnc rr°P" 3 for 29c
—9x12 White Enameled OQr
Frame Bathroom Mirrors..
' —46-in. Table Oilcloth. 0 9.
Reg. 35c yd.. ****'
—54x54 inch Oilcloth Table on
Covers. Reg. 59c_ ** C
—4 quart Alluminum Ket- 9Q.
tie*. Reg. 79c..
—Wire Dish Drainers. Reg. ‘J'Jj
—Electric Sandwich Toast- oo.
era. Reg. $1.29.. °°C
—2-Cup China Base Drip- 9Q_
olators. Reg. 50c__
—54 inch Ironing Pad and oq_
Cover. Reg. 59c.
—Small Cans Old English Liquid
or Paste Wax. 25c -| re
value ...
—Grape Fruit Juicers. AQ*
Reg. $1.00 ..
—Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. '9Q_
Reg 98c ..
—Quart 4-hour Enamel, rn.
aOr. OZfC
—26-inch Metal Un
der - the - Sink Closets, e | HQ
Reg. $1.98. V
—White Porcelain Drain oo.
Boerds. Reg. $1.39... 00l#
-Oval Enameled Metal 9^/.
Waste Baskets. Reg. 39c.. J
—Gallon Dry Cleaning 9Q.
Fluid. Reg. 69c.
—Porcelain Top Kitchen Tables
with drawer. Irregulars iso qo
of *5.98 grade. $O.VO
—24 rolls Waldorf Toi- fin
let Tissues. Reg. 5c each.
—Nibco Scrub Brushes, jqc
Reg. 19c. .
—Nibco All Hair Dust on
Brushes. Reg. 35c__
—6 Knitted Dish Cloths. OQ.,
—72x72 Shower Bath tn
Curtains. Reg. $1.98 .. ^ A* ±^
—B lack Japanned Gas OQ_
Range Flues. Reg. 59c....
srssn* f«r 75c
—5 Quart Aluminum Dutch 00
Ovens. Reg. $1.59. °°l
—1 quart Aluminum Saucepans
with measure marks. Reg. -1 q
35c. .
—Mirro Aluminum Cookie £. q
Makers. Reg. $1.00 .
—Mirro Aluminum 1’a qt.
Double Boilers. Reg. "g
—12 ounce bottles Old Eng- oq_
iuk D... n..M.r D.« O-eC,
—Nibco Radiator Brushes. 1 Q
Reg. 30c . A-yC
—6 ft. Approved Electric qa
Cord with switch. Reg. 49c
—Portable Baking Ovens, rq
Reg. *1.00 . U7C
—6 quart Ivory Enameled Porce
lain Tea Kettles. Irregu- rq
lars *1.25 grade.
—Landers (Universal made) Au
tomatic Electric Irons on qq
with cord. Reg. *149
—4-pc. Canister Sets, green OP„
or ivory. Reg. 59c. ° * C
—Five speed Electric op QR
Mixers. Reg. *7.98 ....
—4-cup Electric Perco- oi (in
lators. Reg *1 39.
—5-quart Aluminum Din- 4Q
ner KetUes. Reg. 79c_
—Aluminum Triplicate (iA
Saucepans. Reg. *1.49. ?1,wu
—12-cup Aluminum Perco- rq
lators. Reg *1.29—'._ U^C
—5-quart Enameled Mix- l p„
Ing Bowls. Reg. 39c. *,C
—Electric Heating Pads, oi nn
Reg. *1.98 . 91.4?
—2-cup Aluminum Coffee OQ
Dripolators. Reg. 49c_
—5-pc. Earthenware Bowl
Sets. Yellow, green, qq
—9<i inch Decorated Deep O’T
Ple Plates ..
—14-pc. Crystal Luncheon PA„
. Seta. Special... *
—M - pc. Square Dinner Sets
in La Rosa Pat- <jgrj qq
—14-pc. Green Glass Re- Q*7 _
frigerator Sets .. “ * c
—5-pc. Glass Bowl Sets, pn
Rose or green. ** ^
—After Dinner Coffee Cups and
« for *1.00
—Cast-Iron Griddle*
—59e value*.
■—$1.29 Foldinz Pad
ded Ireninz Table—
three-letted style.
—Quart of Old Eng
lish No Rubbing
Liquid Wax.
—&1.9S Outdoor
Steel Post Clothes
Dryers, with 100-ft.
clothes line and
Ground box.
—Bathroom Scale.—
weigh uo to 260 lbs.
Orit. S3.88.
—2-ft. Folding 8tep
ladders — steel
braced. Wert 79c.
—Roll Tod Bread
Box with Garden Girl
decoration. OtIi,
■—* 1.40 Wooden Cur
tain Stretcher* with
non-ruftable plna.

87c ca.
—2-lb. Can Old
Knxllsh Paste Wax or
quart Liquid Wax.
20 for 79c
- -1.000-8heet Roll*
White Toilet Tissue*
in iterate carton.
$1.00 value.
—*1.00 Smiiro
Shaped Splint Wood
Clothes Hampers with
double hinged cover.
—Tdc Family Si?*
Food Grinders with
three adjustable steel
—l»r ferrusated
Galvanised Iron
Wash Tubs with steel
—$ 1 . n n Accordion
8tyle Folding Wooden
Clothes Dryers with
-5-ft. drying space.
—«0e Oval Woven
Willow Clothes Bas
y ir^T\
—SVi-Gal. Garbate
Can with tlrht cover.
Others 69c to 98c.
-66-inch Steel Clos*
•U for dishes, etc.
63-In. Site. $2.88.
\ 1 s
Regular $49.95
| “Detroit Star”
I *
Gas Range
—A limited quantity only! Beauti
ful all-porcelain ranges with in
sulated oven doors, sides and tops
l | numimy . . . porcelain coverall . . . full size
*m*Ch»rIeylnc ovens. Automatic lighting.
—Three - burner Gas
Stove with 16-inch
oven—white porcelain
panel drop door. $12.95
—Pearlwick Top En
ameled Clothes Ham
pers—with chromium
covered arms.
- a \
? ' *
3 \

—$4 95 M a n n i n
Bowman Chromium -
plated electric aaffie
irons with heat In
dicator and approved
~-4-Quart Wear-Ever
Aluminum Oook i n g
Kettles. $1.75 value.
—W h 11 e Enameled
Table Cabinets with
rasters — 16x20 top.
Height 27 inches.
—*1 98 Wear - Ever ,
Aluminum 3 - quart. <
Steamers that retaia.,
all food value*.
_ —] 1
Half Price Sale!
Cut Crystal Stemware
%■ 25°«.
—Polished cut crystal gob
i lets, high sherbets, low
sherbets, clarets, cordials
and footed tumblers in 3
I and 5 ounce sizes.
53-Pc. China
! Dinner Sets
| —A service for eight,
in a lovely new floral
pattern. An outstand
ing value in the sale.
Paints and Varnishes, Special, $1.00
• Gallon Clear Transparent Spar Varnish___...$1.00
• Gallon Bright Red Metallic Roof Paint_..........$1.00
• Gallon Kannsons House Paint—for inside or outside..-.-._$1.00
• Gallon Washable Flat Wall Paint—white and colors......_$1.09
• Y\ Gallon Porch or Step Enamel_00
MOPS and DUSTERS, Special at
• *9e *ibc,° Cei1- • 39c Self Wringing
ing Duster
• 50c O’Ced.r F,oor MoP
Floor Duster # 69e Nibeo noor
• 39e Wet Mop, Duster
50>in. handle
Kann'*—Third Floor.
. •
f *
4-Poster a
just SO S S Smap «
to sell at cP
lshes—in all sizes.
*8.88 ea.
_Built lor '%*&**&& 1‘wltr^A
ol-the-ordinary . . sizes* an oq
• tkss
Kann's-Third Tloor.

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